Posted by: Editor | June 13, 2010

Protest in Italy Against Kuchi Attacks in Hazarajat

Hundreds protested in Italy against Kuchi attacks in Hazarajat

Hundreds of people from Afghanistan in Italy staged a protest demonstration on Sunday June 6th at Duca D’Aosta Square, near central station of Milan in Italy to condemn the fierce Taliban nomadic attacks on Hazara villagers of Behsud, Daimirdad and Nahur.

Condemning the genocide of the Hazaras in Afghanistan, the protestors expressed their solidarity and communion with the victims of recent Taliban attacks on Behsud, Nahur and Daimirdad districts. Protesters also included Italians in solidarity against the ethnic genocide of Hazaras in Afghanistan. They asked the Italian government not to support a government that applies genocide on its citizens.

The protesters also condemned the peace jirga calling it a “game show” by President Karzai to bring the Taliban back to power. The speakers said a return of Taliban would put a big question mark on the international efforts in the last 9 years in Afghanistan. Speakers talked in Italian, Dari and English. Protesters were holding banners and placards with slogans against Karzai and Kuchi.  They were chanting;

“Stop targeting Hazaras!”

“Stop killing Hazaras!”

“We want peace!”

“We want justice!”

“Behsud is burning in fire! Save Behsud, Save Humanity!”

“US, NATO and ISAF in Afghanistan break your silence!”

“Kuchis attack, Taliban support, Karzai watches.”

“The Kuchi nomads should be disarmed the same as all other citizens.”

“The dialogue with the Taliban means ignoring their crimes against humanity!”


  1. i realy appriciate the efferot of our all ,, may God be Bless u all ,,

  2. I salute to all protestors who being a voice of the poor Hazaras telling the world about cruilty of Kuchees in various parts of Hazaristan. May Allah help all of u. Be a Hazara, Speak Hazargi. Hazaristan zindabad.

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