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Hazaristan Times aims to bring to the rest of the world reports form Hazaristan with analysis and in-depth coverage of the issues and events that happen in Hazaristan.

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  2. salam!!!!! i am really impressed by the new logo. it gives very great sense of uniting the 3 hostile nations and is as well very well designed. i love the backgroud…. and specially the message in the bracket.. its an awesome logo.

    wel done!!


  3. Wow! what a wonderful title picture. Really nice. It show the real Aazragi. The color maching is great. Best of all is the increase in saying of Baba including Sunni and Ismaili Hazaras which was the real aim of Baba at that time. Let not allow religion to fragment and create huge distance between us that we should not know our BLOOD.

  4. Dear Admin and other Members of Hazaristan time we all really appreciate your effords and hard working.. it is a good start of awarning the world of our homeland “hazaristan”, yet we had no source of news about this areas.
    i have nothing more to say but thanks thanks & thanks to you all. may god bless you all!
    RR Adine

  5. Salam
    Salutations to all members of the mentioned websites or blogs, i personally appreciate you all from the core of my heart, all the blogs and sites that you have launched i have visited and all are really nice and courage able specially the Hazaristan time which is really efficient and informative for all Hazaras around the world, may God bless you all for your escalate improvement and updates. thanks alot

  6. It’s appreciative. Being students with limited resources your dedication is promising. Please keep the activities on.

  7. Zinda Bashi Bache QAWM e Gul… omid warim ki hamesha amitor kamyab bashi.,., tashakur azi norban website shoma… az norban paigham ki dadin.
    keep it up :X

  8. salam our dear,

    I found ur site thorugh yahoo search engine. ur slogen gives a msg of unity n strength. very impressable 4 all of us. like this slogan. Ofcourse all appriciate u 4 launching this web site n should. v hope u keep it up n will better. But i storngly request launhch a section or part of this web site in azargi language 4 those who dont read english. well done our great sons of nation v really proud u.

  9. Congratulations Rohullah Nikpai! You are son of great Hazara mongolians. You are son of great Chinggis khaan. You know mongolians only 2.5 million people in Mongolia but we won 4 medals in 2008 beijing olimpic.(2 gold, 2 silver) We are great nations. You are part of great nations in history. You are our descendants.

    Huraa huraa huraa

  10. Thanks for the TANGRI 🙂 Manlai, I had the same thoughts about achievements. But about the population you mentioned I have some objections. For me especially there is no difference between all Mongolian nations. It includes Mongols, Tatars, Turks, Ozbeks, Hazara-Mongols, Hazara-Aimaks, Turkmans, Kyrghiz, Uygars, Kazakhs and so on.
    The only difference is their location. Chines Named it TURK to a group of Mongolian population who travelled a lot here and there. And named Mongol to ones who stayed inside Mongolia. So, we are all the same with different names and identities. Am I wrong? Please share any information you have with us. Thank you.

  11. French-Afghan team unearths Buddha’s head
    Written by Noorullah Rahmani Thursday, 28 August 2008
    Archaeologists discover statue and precious coin dating back to Alexander
    FRENCH and Afghan archaeologists have unearthed the head of a Buddha statue and a precious coin in the province of Bamiyan.
    The statue’s head belongs to the period when Buddhism thrived in the central province and the coin dates back to the time of Alexander and the Greek empire, the director of the information and culture department in the province, Najeebullah Ahrar, said.
    The team of Afghan and French archaeologists is working under the supervision of Professor Zemaryalai Tarzi, an Afghan archaeologist.
    Bamiyan hit world headlines in 2001 when the Taliban destroyed the enormous Buddha statues that for centuries stood in carved niches in the cliff faces around the main town.
    The town of Bamiyan is situated on the old Silk Road and became a meeting point of eastern and western cultures.
    Buddhism arrived in Bamiyan in the third century with the spread of the Kushan Empire.

  12. I really did not get about this site but I can say this that Hazara should be together and must be.
    So all the Hazara who lives in Afghanistan are from Afghanistan and Afghanistan is our country we belong to this country.
    Pashtoon were Arab ,Tajiks are from Tajikistan and Uzbek are from Uzbekistan.
    This are all I heard from others.
    What do you think about this Topic.
    Ibrahim 16 from Sweden
    Answere any one who knows more about

  13. salam to all hazaras and turk-mangolis my message from quetta pakistan is for all hazaras in the world is ” to be one and united where ever you are ” give attention to education and try to support the poor hazaras in afghanistan specially in education ……wish u best of luck

  14. Hello, Hazara lovers. i am posting this massage from Kabul and i would recommend that Hazara boys/girls must learn and use from the current situation in AFG. Hazara people must be united do not think about Mohsini what he says just think about their future to have their legal rights in AFG.

    Hafizullah Mohammadi 25

    All the best.

  15. there is room to thank you guys for the website and the material here, there is serious lack of commentary on the issues raised. i would like to suggest that there is a need for weekly blog either by the admin of this website or someone else that could be very attractive to the visitors to the site to explore and discuss. i think this would lead towards a new era of mental understanding amongst our young minds to reach a COMMON AGENDA. many issues could be stressed upon to inspire and raise awareness.

  16. Shall we commemorate the 1893 Hazara Massacre in Orazgan?
    A Hazara class 12 student, Sakhi, recently asked my opinion regarding his ‘history assignment’ for a high school exam. He is studying in Canada. He raised a specific question about the battles of the Crusaders –the European Christian fighters who intended to capture Jerusalem. I advised him that this particular stale and boring subject-matter might not be appropriate for him as a young Hazara boy. He asked me, “then, what is a better option to write on a great battle of historical significance?”. “Well,” I said, “you can probably initiate and develop an article on the 1893 Hazara massacre in Orazgan”. He asked, “what was the percentage of the Hazara population’s casualties there?” I answered, “it has been roughly estimated that about 60% of the Hazara people were killed by the Pashtun-led government. And Amir Abdur Rahman, the blood-thirsty tyrant, showered doom, death and destruction on the Hazara men, women and children. It took the proportion of genocide”. Sakhi took few notes, shook his head; and I wished him a good luck to accomplish that massive task!
    I was also talking to a couple of Hazara friends here. The majority of the Hazara people did not have access to regular education. They were kept systematically deprived of equal opportunities. So, they might miss some vital occasions which are very valid from the perspective of Hazara ethnicity. While an excessive attention is annually paid to the “Karbala Massacre”, no one holds a memorial ceremony for the countless Hazara martyrs. It is hard not to blame this sort of passive and irresponsible conscience! Who else would care for the political storms that have occurred in our native calendar?
    Of course, the slavish attitude that we have developed is our biggest enemy, perhaps more dangerous than the bloody Taleban. Our existing short-term memory has blurred our vision affecting our goals and aspirations. We have obviously been killed in large numbers in Orazgan, Poligoon at Puli-Charkhi, Kand-i Pusht, Yakawlang, Afshar, and other places. Our lands have been taken by force, our wives were enslaved, our human rights have been usurped; and we were discriminated against and humiliated in our own homeland. But we have always put all those tragic events and issues on the shelves of oblivion and negligence. If we (as a victimised category of people) do not have pain, then we will have ultimately no purpose or motive in life. This will affect adversely our growth, capability, unity and political sensibility as an independent ethnic group. Can we evolve an awareness and hopefully consensus on commemorating possibly our biggest human loss in Orazgan each year? I think it is very necessary to get together on a specific day per annum, and pay tribute to those martyrs, slaves and IDPs (internally displaced people).
    Let us put this serious question on public notice board here. Expression of comments and interests from all Hazara people of different age-groups and both genders are eagerly requested and appreciated. Any Hazara , whether Akhbari, Hanafi, Ismaili or Usuli, etc, can equally participate in the process of exchange of views. Those Sayyids who have been brought up in Hazara living environments and do not suffer from racial hegemony can take part, too.
    Many thanks for applying your collective mind on nurturing and consolidating the native culture of self-respect, consciousness and political identity among the Hazara nation. The future is ours. Your contributions are very useful and important.
    Saheb Agha

  17. I am very proud of Hazaristan Times web page; and thank you for doing this great job for our people in order to inform about recent news relating to the Hazara of Afghanistan.

  18. Brilliatn!

    The only heritage of Hazara people from the great Mazaari was freedom, and every body knows that it was Mazzari who taught us the way of getting freedom. It is not possbile to conclude the honesty, and loyality of Mazzari in one or two paragraphs or it is not possible for me to say about the holy speech of Mazzari. Just I can say that Mazzari was the only hero, loyal, honest leader of our people, besides, he had the idea of living together, respecting each other in Afghanistan. This is our responsibility which the way of Mazzari should be continued by us and I hope every body will do it.


  19. Hello everybody,
    Actually it is my first time to visit this web i mean Hazaristan i am really impressed by that and i appreciate the people who create such web to collect all Hazara people over the world. It is sign of unity .
    i wish more successes and always to be one step forward than others.

  20. 12 July 2009

    Dear Hazara people! As an Editor of EAST EUROPE Magazine during the Cold War effort against atheistic Communism and an opponent of all kinds of religious extremism and believer in the right of self-determination of all natural nations, each being a facet of divine intention with its own distinct brilliance and flaws, I would like to express my great interest in the Hazara nation. Even if the Dari language is shared by Tajiks in Afghanistan, the Hazaras are indisputably a unique and distinct natural nation of very old lineage and continuities. Although I support the democratic parliamentary monarchy in Afghanistan – despite King Nadir Shah’s horrid persecution of the Hazara – if the Pushtun establishment does not keep its word for a genuine power-sharing with the Hazara people through meaningful dialogue and compromise, then anyone who believes in a peaceful and just world must consider the ultimate possibility of a sovereign and independent democratic Hazara nation state within the world’s comity of nations. The Pushtun atrocities against the Hazara people in 1893 certainly appears to have been genocidal in both intent and implementation. Who was the Hazara monarch deposed by the Pushtun Amir of Afghanistan’s aggression in 1893? The Uyghur natural nation of the Kingdom of Kashgaria had its monarch deposed in 1878, so the Hazara Kingdom apparently outlasted it by fifteen years! May God bless Hazaristan and the Hazara nation.

    Jon Speller, New York, New York

  21. Where does one find information regarding volunteering to teach Hazara children in Afghanistan or Pakistan or Iran ?

    • Volunteering is needed in Afghanistan. There are facilities in Pakistan and Iran. You can come and start with a very small language center in any far-flung district of Hazaristan to teach the Hazara children.

      If you need any specific help, contact us at Hazaristan.times@gmail.com


  22. Hello I love Hazaras very much.
    Hazaras are Turks.
    Cengiz Khan is a Turk.
    Mongols of Cengiz Khan are Turk.
    there is no difference between Hazara Turks and Uzbek-Turkmen Turks.
    Hazaristan belongs to South Turkistan.
    Ozbek-Turkmen and Hazara Turks must unite and form the South Turkistan state.
    Thank you.

  23. Australian Hazara University Students Union is commencing the first Australian Hazara Youth Conference in Sydney, Australia during 5-to-6 December, 2009.

    The Hazara University Students Union in Sydney are hosting the Australian Hazara Youth Conference this year. Hazara university and school students from Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, and other Australian cities are expected to attend this Youth Conference. Hazara community leaders and professionals/ experts from every state are invited to be part of this Youth Conference. It is expected that representatives from Federal Government, NSW Government, Immigration Department and other organisations will also be part of Australian Hazara Youth Conference.

    Main purposes of Australian Hazara Youth Conference are;

    1.Educational Awareness.
    2. Support for Hazara Male/Female International Students in Australia.
    3. Support for new arrivals in Australia in the area of English Language and schooling.
    4. Settlement of Refugees in Australia.
    5. Political awareness “Target killing of Hazara in Quetta’ & “Kuchi Attack on Hazaraistan”.
    6. Unity of university Students, and building bridge between Hazara university Student in every state of Australia.
    7. Promotion of Australian Hazara University Students Union at the national level in Australia.

    Those who are willing to attend Australian Hazara Youth Conference, but cannot do so, due to transport issues are requested to send their ideas and suggestions to be discussed during AHYC.

    For any suggestions/issues to be discussed during 2009 AHYC, please email us at ahusu@live.com.au

    Leader of each student union from different states of Australia will discuss which Australian city is to host the 2010 Australian Hazara Youth Conference during 2009 AHYC.

  24. Hi Qauma !

    Nice job with great resposiblity. Keep it continue with out thinking of PADAASH as future history will give you the right score.

    Ishaq Mohammadi.

    • My dear friends
      Good people like Ishaq Mohammadi
      and Hazaristan Times editor
      All Hazara qauma both male and female
      our sister and brothers

      Special salams to all

      I wish you a very happy and prosperous new year. Let us pray for “peace on earth” in 2010 and onwards.

      May the Hazara people achieve further success, safety, well-being and prosperity for many years to come. Education for our young generation is very important. So all of you (especially the youths) should make maximum effort to make most out of academic studies and learning opportunities. The Hazaras are very hardworking and intelligent race.

      Abbas Nazari, a young boy, originally from Jaghouri, entered New Zealand in late 2001 with no English. Last year, he won the third national spelling competition award. This was a high profile contest between all high school students in the country. It was an incredible achievement by all standards. And Abbas made all of us very proud.

      This is only a single example which indicates that the Hazaras can make huge progress in the time of peace when equal and fair opportunities are available to them.

      Some persecuted groups of people are normally escapist (as we had noticed this in the 1970s in Kabul). At that time, cultural tyranny was overwhelming. And some Hazara people showed moral weakness by preferring to distance themselves from their Hazara origin. It was disgusting. However, it has now changed. I appreciate our young generation’s common approach in sicking strongly to our fundamental identity as the “real Hazara”. In this, we are all happily together.

      All the best for feeling proud of being a Hazara.


      Saheb Agha Hazara

  25. as we live thousends of miles away from home,but hazarastantimes keep us close to hazarastan,my allah give you strenth to keep it up.we realey proud of you.

  26. Dear blogger,

    You have probably heard by now about the conference on Afghanistan being hosted by the British government in London on 28 January. Afghanistan: The London Conference is major event that is already beginning to attract headlines. It is anticipated that a large number of international delegations will attend, including an Afghan delegation led by President Karzai.

    You can find out more about the conference on the official conference website here: http://afghanistan.hmg.gov.uk/en/conference/

    On the conference website you can:
    • Sign up for updates on the latest information about the conference.
    • Ask questions directly to British government ministers using Yoosk. All you have to do is click the ‘ask’ button below the relevant Minister’s name. Questions will be answered promptly on the same page. The first batch of replies have already been posted.
    • Log on to watch conference proceedings live as they happen.

    I will be happy to answer any further questions you may have about the conference.

    Also, please let me know if you are interested in writing articles/blogs in the lead upto the conference. I will be happy to help or provide further information.

    With best wishes,


    Fouzia Younis- Suleman| Digital Campaigns Manager, Afghanistan and Pakistan policy | Digital Diplomacy Group | Communications Directorate | http://www.fco.gov.uk | Visit our blogs at http://blogs.fco.gov.uk

  27. با عرض سلام و مانده نباشی.فقط می خواستم بگویم که اگر ممکن باشد سایت و گزارشها به دری هم ترجمه شود خیلی خوب و مفیدتر خواهد بود تشکر و ارزوی موفقیت

  28. salam qaumayee gul.
    can any body give me some information about the battle in shahristan? the conflict between Afkari and Muntaziri during the war in 2000. or if you can give me a website or any thing to help me find information about them.
    thanks qauma

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