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A Lecture By Air Marshal Sharbat Changazi

Air Marshal (R) Sharbat Changazi

Air Marshal (R) Sharbat Changazi

Air Marshal (Retired) Sharbat Ali Changazi has served in Pakistan Air Force and made it to the highest military rank. His father left Afghanistan in 1880s due to ethnic subjugation of Hazaras, and joined the British Army in then India. Sharbat Changazi joined Pakistan Air Force after completing his education. He now spends his retirement years with his family in Karachi.

In 2007, Sharbat Changazi delivered a lecture in Quetta about the history of Hazaras. Here we are publishing, courtesy of Tanzeem-e-Nasle Nau Hazara Mughal, a part of his lecture about his memories as Air Attache in the Embassy of Pakistan, Kabul, during the 1970s. Later on we will publish the other part of his lecture about the origin and history of Hazara.

“I had heard about the inhumane treatment meted out to our people by the rulers in Afghanistan. Most of it I learnt from my parents. My father left Afghanistan at the age of 18 and came to Peshawar, then British India. He had spent about 10 years in Kabul before leaving Afghanistan for good around the end of the nineteenth century, and, joined the British Indian Army in 1903 or so. My mother had left Afghanistan in the middle of winters, when she was seven years of age. By my reckoning she was born in 1892 and left Afghanistan around 1900. Their family settled in Fariman near Mashhad, Iran. My maternal first cousins still live in Farimen and Mashhad. Both my parents, though young, had seen firsthand some of the atrocities committed by the rulers of Afghanistan against the Hazara tribe. Similarly, I had heard harrowing stories from other Hazara people. Naturally the stories of atrocities committed against our people had left a major impact on my mind, like it did, I think, on every Hazara’s mind. The difference however, was that I was born and brought up at Quetta, in British India. My thinking was not subdued like hazaras under Durrani rule. Thus I could easily let out my frustration, which, I think, I did.

King Zahir Shah of Afghanistan had landed at Mauripur Base and was being entertained in the Officers Mess. Thus, in 1955, when as young Flying Officer (23 years old or so) in the Officers Mess Mauripur, the Station Commander Group Captain Steven Joseph, an Armenian Christian and Pakistani national, said to me that he would like to introduce me to the visiting King Zahir Shah of Afghanistan, I politely told the Station Commander that I did not want to meet the visiting King. When questioned why, I said that his ancestors had been extremely cruel to our people in Hazarajath of Afghanistan during the last 60-70 years. He chuckled at my reply and said that you must be a true Mongol to harbour a grudge for so long and that too about something their ancestors did to you ancestors! Group Captain Steven Joseph was a scholarly man and was well informed about the history of this region. He, as an Armenian, no doubt, knew about the treatment Armenians received at the hands of Turkish people. Having being persecuted in their history he could appreciate my state of mind so he did not insist. Little did I know that some 17 years later I would be posted as an Air Attache in Pakistan’s Embassy at Kabul, Afghanistan, when Zahir Shah would still be the King.

I was to arrive in Kabul in early 1972 to take over as the Air Attache in the Embassy of Pakistan, but due to exigencies of service my departure was delayed by ten months. I, along with my family, arrived at Kabul in January, 1973. After settling down we decided to go shopping. We were surprised to discover that most Hazara shopkeepers in Kabul not only welcomed us very warmly but also knew who we were and that they apparently were anticipating our arrival. Their warmth towards us was a very good feeling indeed.

During the period (1973-1976) while I was serving as Air Attache in our Embassy at Kabul, at a social gathering, Brigadier General Suleman Rokhai, a Mohamadzai, and married to the sister of the Queen of Afghanistan, thus, making him the brother in law (Hamzulf) of King Zahir Shah, asked me as to how come you call yourself Changezi. I asked him how come most Mohamadzai call themselves Durrani. He did not ask any more questions. He was a very good man, and as a Mohamadzai was connected to the ruling clique of Afghanistan. For nearly 100 years by then, they had been rulers. He may have, as an arrogant royalty, thought how can a Hazara dare call himself Changezi, when the Hazara tribe in Afghanistan had been brought down to serfdom, by Rakaie’s own ancestors.

We soon discovered that I was constantly followed by Afghan intelligence agencies. My residence was also under surveillance. The surveillance intensified after Daud took over in early 1973. Pakistan – Afghanistan relations were not good. Afghanistan indulged in propaganda against Pakistan through radio Kabul incessantly.

Then suddenly, on radio Pakistan, anti-Afghan propaganda started with equal or more vehemence, in Hazaragi and Dari. One night after a dinner at the residence of the Indian military Attache, as my wife and I came out of the house, General Rokhai Suleman and his wife, the sister of the Queen, bid farewell to the Indian Colonel and came out. It was bitterly cold and, and had in the earlier part of the day, snowed. General Suleman asked me as to why Pakistan continues to indulge in such intense propaganda against the ruling family and the Government of Afghanistan. In the Hazargi programmes you people even curse our ancestors like King Abdul Rehman and others. It is not a good thing. After all Afghanistan is your country as well. Why don’t you get these propaganda programmes stopped? I asked him how could I stop propaganda campaigns between two countries. He said all these progranmmes started after your arrival in Afghanistan. I was taken aback at such a direct accusation. I said that you are a very important person in Afghanistan. You are the Chief of Protocol in the Ministry of Defence. You are a general, besides being the brother in law (Humzulf) of the King. Could you get the Afghan radio propaganda against Pakistan stopped? He said that such things were beyond his authority. I told him if a general of such outstanding credentials like him cannot stop Afghan propaganda then how can a Group Captain of Pakistan Air Force have any influence in getting the Pakistani government’s policies changed? He smiled and his wife took a sigh of relief as she wanted to go home. It was bitterly cold. My wife also was impatiently waiting to go home, thus we quickly left for our cars after normal friendly salutations, etc.

After arrival at Kabul in January 1973, I, accompanied by my brief family, called on senator Nadir Ali Khan Jaghori, the leading Hazara of Kabul . He lived in the outskirts of Kabul near Silo. Silo was a grain storage facility. His daughter was married to Doctor Zamin who was the son of retired honorary Captain Ali Dost of Hazara Pioneers (British Indian Army) of Quetta. Nadir Ali Khan was an appointed senator in Zahir Shah’s political setup. Hazaras of Kabul did not trust the senator. He continued to remain a senator after Zahir Shah was overthrown by his cousin Sardar Daud. It was well known that immediately after Daud’s coup Mr. Nadir Ali Khan had gone to Sardar Daud to swear allegiance to the new regime. Thus he was allowed to continue as Senator. After Daud’s takeover, political tension between Pakistan and Afghanistan heightened dramatically, mainly , perhaps because of the very enhanced visible Russian influence in Afghanistan. During the uncomfortable political atmosphere, the verbal war through radio broadcasts between Pakistan and Afghanistan had immensely intensified.

One day, most unexpectedly, I received a message from Senator Nadir Ali that he wished to see me. This message was conveyed through the owner of a shop from where we used to purchase our groceries. The shop owner was a well known Hazara tribal loyalist. I was to meet the senator at night in a vacant plot of land at a certain place in Share Nau, Kabul. The messenger and I visited the specified location during daylight hours. The messenger told me not to trust Senator Nadir Ali as he is most untrustworthy. A message like this suggesting that I should meet a foreign senator (although a Hazara of Afghanistan), surruptiously, in the darkness of night, would naturally arouse suspicion in anyone’s mind. I was curious to find out what the senator had in mind. That could only be gauged after meeting him. I therefore decided to see him at the appointed place. I arrived at the appointed time at the vacant plot of land. The area was totally dark. A few minutes later the senator approached me. After usual pleasantries the Senator said that Daud regime was deadly against the Hazaras and the time has come for the Hazaras to rise. Government of Pakistan should give us weapons so that we can start a war of resistance against Daud regime. Such a dangerous suggestion coming from a person like Senator Nadir Ali obviously pointed to a more sinister plan. A man who would not travel from Kabul to Herat where his son was posted, without the permission of the ministry of Interior, was talking about a war of resistance against his own and his ancestor’s benefactors. That too, for the sake of Hazaras, was, to say the least, unbelievable. No doubt , he was the grandson of Sardar Sher Ali. I told the Senator the following:-

a) That, in the last ninety years or so the Durrani Kings have destroyed the very fabric of Hazara society in Afghanistan. In a monarchy, Hazaras had no voice. That, for the first time, the monarchy has been overthrown by the armed forces. Afghanistan has been declared a republic with Sardar Daud as the President. And, on taking over power the President of Afghanistan promised to introduce true democracy (Democracy- e- Haqiqi) in his very first address to the nation. That, Hazaras should ask President Daud for their rights and declare their allegiance to the new born republic.

b) That the job of Air Attaché is to cement brotherly relations between two Air Forces and the two countries. Air Attachés do not get involved in political intrigues.

The Senator was not satisfied. He asked me to think about it and let him know about my decision. We departed after usual pleasantries.

Air Marshal Sharbat Changazi lecturing about Hazara origin and history in Quetta, Pakistan.

Air Marshal Sharbat Changazi lecturing about Hazara origins and history.

I had no doubt in my mind that he was doing all this on behalf of the Afghan government. The purpose was to trap me and get me declared as persona–non-grata. That would have created a huge diplomatic crises between the two governments, with Afghanistan having an upperhand . This also would have once again proved Senator Nadir Ali’s loyalty to Afghanistan at the cost of an innocent Pakistani Hazara Air Force officer’s future career. By the grace of the Almighty, senator Nadir Ali remained unsuccessful.

The shopkeeper met me soon thereafter and was extremely anxious to know about the Senator’s desire for the meeting, especially when the political tension between Pakistan and Afghanistan had become intense after Daud’s coup. I apprised him about what the senator had requested for, and, my response. He was relieved to hear about my response to the senator.

On my arrival in Afghanistan I had noticed that Hazaras were really downtrodden. They had suffered inhuman treatment at the hands of Abdul Rehman. Abdul Rehman wanted to subjugate all of Afghanistan. His natural allies were the British in India. British being wary of the expanding Russians Empire, wanted a buffer zone between the British Empire boundaries and Russian Empire limits. Abdul Rehman was helped by the British in every possible way to consolidate his power in Afghanistan. Abdul Rehman used excessive force even against his own people of Pashtun descent to subjugate them. He did not spare anyone, the Uzbeks, the Tajiks, the Turkomans and the Hazaras. He was extremely cruel and treacherous in dealing with his opponents.

Besides the consolidation of his hold on entire Afghanistan he had another agenda of his own. He wanted the entire Afghanistan to be populated by the Pashtun people, therefore, de-population of other established tribal areas was absolutely necessary for his scheme of things to be achieved.

Hazarajat was not easily accessible, and independent Khans were ruling their own areas. They were powerful and they therefore resisted. Abdul Rehman levied extremely heavy taxes. People revolted. By various methods consisting of deceit, bribery, cajoling, honouring some Khans, treachery and extreme cruelty, he managed to eventually subdue the Hazaras. Then by a Fithwa, Hazaras were declared Kafirs. They were enslaved, their women and children were sold. Naturally the process of depopulation started. Following two maps will indicate how the Hazara territories were reduced to 1/3rd of its original size [Maps were displayed at the lecture, and are currently not available with Hazaristan Times].

However Amanullah Khan abolished slavery but by then Hazaras had been reduced to do only menial work and were looked down upon. Their status had become that of second class citizens. Hazaras had lost everything. The flow of migration continued to Russia, India, Iran and Central Asian countries. The resilience and deep rooted anger however remained as a part of the psyche of every Hazara.

No wonder, that as a young Flying Officer I had in 1955, refused to be presented to King Zahir Shah, who was at that moment present in the PAF Officer’s Mess Mauripur Karachi. No wonder that I wanted Changazi to be added to my name as my family name. I think the reason for both my decisions was the desire to be proud of being Moghol. I Suppose subconsciously I wanted to tell everyone that I am not ashamed of being a Hazara Moghol, irrespective of the degradation my people may have suffered at the hands of Pashtun kings and his tribesmen for 120 years or so.

No wonder that the most subdued Hazaras of Kabul were so warm and friendly towards me. They were proud to see a Hazara in that position. I, however, did not know that I was in fact witnessing the last few years of Hazara sufferings in Afghanistan. I did not know that after only three years i.e, in 1979, the cycle of Hazara resurgence will commence.

In my private thoughts I hoped that there should be communist takeover in Afghanistan. I was sure communist rule, as per its philosophy, had to treat the Hazaras as equal citizens. This seemed inevitable as Russain advisors were posted in all the ministries after Daud’s take over.

In 1979 the arrival of Soviets in Afghanistan was the beginning of Hazara revival. Monarchy had been abolished in 1973. Dictatorship of Daud was, in fact, a step further away for Hazaras from atrocities of Durrani monarchy. Since 1979 Hazaras have gone through many phases of revival. There were major upheavals. Rapid Changes kept most things out of focus. These rapid changes brought forward a Hazara to be Prime Minister of Afghanistan. This would have been impossible under Durrani Monarchy in Afghanistan.

The result of all those cycles, has been the revival of Hazara pride.

The persecution that started in the end of 19th Century lasted till 1990s. After the departure of Soviets, once the civil war started amongst the various tribes and tribal warlords, Hazaras started to reemerge. As expected, a misjudgment and a misplaced trust cost the Hazaras a tremendous loss. How could Abdul Ali Mazari trust his historically known enemies, is beyond my comprehension. Rise of Taliban once again made Hazaras faced with persecution and genocide. It is sad that the United Nations never took notice of this genocide. One lesson, however, must never be forgotten by the next generations of Hazaras. Never trust the treacherous people that have always failed you in your past history, even if they are Hazaras.

In Afghanistan of post 9/11, status of the Hazara people is totally different from the one they had to suffer under the Durrani rule for 120 horrible years. Today Hazaras are found in every walk of life. They hold their head high with pride. I hope and pray that Hazaras elsewhere learn a lesson from the long sufferings of our forefathers in Afghanistan.

Special thanks to Mirza Azad, General Secretary of Tanzeem-e-Nasle Nau Hazara Mughal, for providing exclusive photos to Hazaristan Times.



  1. Thanks Ed for bringning this excellent of AM Sharbat Changezi. I hope people will take it positively and learn the lesson given in this….Never Trust your ENIMIES.

  2. In the name of Bamiyan ……
    Thanks for such focused article where the word PASHTUN is that clear …..I have never imigined that such articles can be uploaded …But i have few more buts…….

    1……why it is necessary to remind us of mashhad and Ian by our High ranked Officers …. eg. Gen musa khan ….????

    2…..If british was at the back of Abdurehman why our hazara pioneers were at the back of british …..???

    3….The radio propaganda was to shift pashtun focus towards hazarajat than to pakistan …and pakistanis used hazaras and hazaragi for their own benefits and it was why a hazara was made attache their to remind pashtun of their presecnce and their posssible use ……

    4….One thing else is mentioned here that before ammanullah it was legal to buy and sell hazara men ,women and children in Afghanistan the great ……

  3. 5….We had a prime minister Sultan kishtmand (a great son of hazarajat ) but still we were to far from our destiny means a true hazara like Great Baba Mazari should ask for Hazargi land and resources authority than to demand ministries and protocols …..

    At last we should remind our sleves that we have not bought hazaragi from chahar rayee seh rouz mashahad or have rented from surai nimak Quetta but we belong to a great culture and nation of the world and have history with glory and heros ….we have more heros in our recent and old history than the most publicised and propegated Arab and persian Afsana goyee….
    Ba amman e Bamiyan ….

  4. Well Mashhad and Iran is center of inspiration and religious well being for majority of Hazaras because of their faith. It has nothing to do with Iranians per se. If you have chosen some other faith or belief and like to inspire yourself similarly majority hazaras have faith in one Allah and His Messanger. We love Muhammad (Alia Salam) and His Family for being the source of inspiration for mankind. It si not ethical to play with peoples sentiments. This has been a message and request for you by almost all viewers. I was hoping that you will not create another controversy here in the name of our heros. They have done their best and gone to the peak of their career agiants all odds. Its easy to sit back with a set computer and vomit the waste but still there should be some Mongolian ethics which should rule. Before commenting and questioning on people like Musa Khan and like…see what you have achieved for yourself and have done anything good for others.

  5. Just a factual correction in the article –

    The highest rank rank in the Air Force is that of the Air Chief Marshal who is Cheif of the Air Staff where as an Air Marshall is the 2nd tier in the hierarchy.

    It goes without doubt that even the rank of Air Marshal is a big achievement.


  6. In the name of Bamiyan ……
    Ahl e Bait was not Irani or persian ….if inspiration and faith is concerned than why not Karbala and land of Iraq as well Saudi ….I have persoanally experieced iraqi shias more sympathetic and friendly to hazaras than Iranis whom 48% of hazaras not only share faith and language but are neighbours as well …. Centre of inspiration can be the idealogy not a belonging(land) of some one else ….
    And i have put 4 more points …which i think my friends dont like read or talk on …..
    Musa khan was a good General it is ok ….but if u say he was a good hazara too there i will oppose the destinyless hazara …who born in Afghanistan …Served British the indirect enemy of Hazara ……As well the punjabi pakistan …who had very bad experience with the people of our lands GHazni (Mehmoud Ghaznavi) Ghor (Shahabuddin Muhammad Ghori ) Mughals …Tughlaqs and even beofre them to Huns and boyound ….. and after all of it he was burried in iran to whom pakistan as well Hazaras as a nation has no friendly ties …..but the policy for hazaras of pakistan and Iran are the same to suppress hazaras as much as possible…..
    I hope my friends wil debate on my 4 other points as well ….and wont oppose me for the will of good ….Barai rezai e khuda mukhalifat nakin yag reason kho bediin ….
    Ba amman E Bamiyan ….

  7. Well I mentioned that these hazaras have achieved these ranks against all odds, which is not an easy job and i you did not mentioned your achievement in this regards. They have served the people who gave them the dignity and recognition. And it was Gen Musa choice to be buried in mashaad. By the same argument you are pointing finger to all Hazaras serving in Pakistani Government. I would say you simple love to oppose and enjoy torturing others…..people like you has never done good for our nation…you sarcastic

  8. our inspiration is with all the places you mentioned plus the hazarajat.

  9. In the name of Bamiyan ……
    Wallah chapli ,,chapli astha …ki da payee yag nafar basha ya da dist shi ya bus da sar shi ………dogs had no diginity …..ask any pakistani …and specially Pakistani ….on Jan ali changazi’s post about musharraf some one has put some poetry plz do read that …and in modern civilizations the servings are not valued .. but the rulings ………i dont know why this generation loves to serve ….seems they are born servents and slaves ….
    Ba amman e Bamiyan ………

  10. In the name of Bamiyan ….
    In every debate there are 4 stages in hierarchy ….
    2…..Non Issues…….
    3…..Personal ……….
    4…..Vulgur ….
    we should try to keep our discussion on issues only ……..and realted to issues only ….

  11. Ras Gufthi, thou az rowayan kho sabith kadi ki thou mukhthalif asthi. You never answered the question that ”’thou thabali chi theer zaday da carreer kho’ khod thou kho awe quetta ra auchi moni thabali aur gab az watan mezni.

  12. it depends who raises the issues and in what sense.

  13. In then name of Bamiyan ……….
    this is level 3 of the discussion …….as i m not the air marshal ……… and i also have not been posted …. and does Gebrial (Hazrat Jibrael ) came to tell u where i m and ma theer na zadoum ….and is this really necessary to tell u what i have achieved ….tu astin kho chara da jaan azma bal kaday ….m i that important ….and why should i be a leader i m doing what i m supposed to do …..
    Ba amman e Bamiyan ………

  14. Well this was a simple question. How easy it is to question and undermine others achievement and create controversy particularly those who have lot of respect among qauma. For me no matter how intelligent you are and how good is your suggestion, you and your suggestion has no value, if you continued to say bad our religion, our heroes. You can never be an air marshal this is sure in your mind as well. You are sarcastic. You find this blog your safe outlet and poisoning the future minds of hazaras. How can I leave you to do so. If you are a real intellectual than you should come up with the review of current prevailing situation and with possible solution.
    The real issue of hazara is poverity, hazaras from hazarajat has always migrated for the safety of their children to different parts of the world and also to have a better life for their children. You are pointing finger towards Musa khan as destinyless hazara, why your father migrated to quetta and how he has earned bread for you and your family. From where you got your education. You are saying bad Pakistan…where you are raised… should be thank full to Pakistan and to Musa khan as it was his effort that Hazars were given indeginous state in Pakistan…..see a 1958 notification from west Pakistan Govt in this regard.
    Man you are sick you should see Dr. Ghulam Rasool

  15. Nice article.
    and very nice discation, why only u two are goin on and on and on… and i agreed wid lots of piont of bamiyan.
    this genration is so sleepy, come on and have a nice conversations and discussions.
    as above.

  16. In the name of Bamiyan ……
    Notification is of 1958 and i have talked about those after 1978 there in that nitification it is not mentioned that after today every hazara who crosses the Durand lines will be considered Pakistani … is untrue that my father had come for picnic here ….it is very very personal i dont think it would result …. Mazari was a leader say him prophet it is ok …khaliqo was a hero it is ok.
    but one has not speak for hazaragi a word a british soldier how can he be hero …. whom u want me to thank they have been playing with us …. we are not more than a keep to them … we (hazaras of quetta )are simply a card in the game being played in Afghanistan …we are a refference to afghani politics and Afghani divide ….. i think we have wasted alot of time sleeping …. now we should awake up …..and ur questions keep changing …… economy of livings are considered today not those who are sleeping or dead ….we have to first prove our existance as a different nation ….still we are under Irani or Pakistani Umberalla …… kaan e koula and dheiadi will not make our economy better …only learning shorthand and simple computer operaing doesnot make any change …..we have to consider Agriculture as a base as it bases every where is a nation ..plz dont argue where in quetta …..this hazaras of quetta are not my point of focus … they can do nothing than to be used against their own land ….dalai zameen e hazarajat mostly the heros …… and not the masses as they are always running after a gonhi aard …. hazarajat has one of the largest coal ,iron mines and a number of other undiscovered …..have u ever seen the beauty of Bamiyan …. and about the mentioned hazara heros masses can have respect i dont …. y\they are not hazaras even they generals and air marshals …serving retired officers and still are considered as …..they spend most of their life out of hazara muhallas …..i can call my self hazara coz i live among them …share their goods and bads …I owe every hazara …..i really think u hero who really is catiuos for his people i care u and so u may be doing …although it seems we are almost fighting but still we have a same agenda …i may have choosed the shortest run and u may have be going from other run …i think i have progressed and even placed in ur blood u may be thinking and perhaps using my words or reffereing me to ur friends ….cursing me wishing to take me to doctor …..
    Ba amman e Bamiyan ….

  17. In the Name of Bamiyan …..
    I rellay have a very benefiting shiagi and irani authorised as well tausili practicing source of income in my mind if it didn’t create any more controversy …….idea is very simple …feasible …bolay tu mast …needs no investment ……….simply lets make few hundred OK dezens Seegha khana ….and as in our mullahs are acha khasa jobless now adays and the payment they recieve as less it would be great….

  18. they too will benefit and pakistanis too will enjoy our seegha package may be the authorities pass a new notification 2009 ensuring our nationality and being indeginouty …… for our services they may be giving us medal of honour….
    Ba amman e Bamiyan …..

  19. This truely speaks your mentality. Man your disease is getting worse, see a psychiatrist beofre you start biting people on Aalmdar road.

  20. Gentlemen:

    Let me interrupt at this point to remind you to please stop this chain of comments from spiraling into indecency. Let us stay united despite our ideological differences.

    Thank you.


  21. Thanks man I thought you are ignoring us…lol

  22. sahme on you too brothers.. i think its very good to see successful man like Sharbat Changazi is showing their true fellings about the sututation of hazaras.

  23. In the name of Bamiyan ……
    haqiqat talkh astha …….wa maqam e lol niyaa ….
    maqam fikr wa nazar astha …..shame on me OK but why shame on him ….shame on one of us …
    these are our social norms …which have to be addressed …..if it is that ugly … is not my fault …..cursing one and stoping one from telling the reallity will not benefit at all ….. we people only know how to fix a rebel ( baghi )…but dont know how to fix a problam …..
    Ba amman e Bamiyan ……

  24. Well Haqiqat is truely haqiqat. You don’t realize that your comments have created controversies rather than concensus. You suggested Hazaras should changed to suni sect in order to have connection with Tajiks and Uzbaks without thinking this fact that this will make us even more unfaithfull and unreliable as we know tajiks and uzbeks are very religious and won’t rely on our unity as if we are not faithful to our religion how can we stay faithfull to them…..this suggestion is merely a bad and impossible suggestion.
    I don’t know why you are discriminating hazars of quetta from hazaras of hazarajat knowing this fact that both have eternal links….no matter how far they are living from each other….this is again a fazol and insane discussion.
    You always love to say bad words about majoritys religion without thinking that this is not acceptable…..even you are afriad of being labeled as kafir…you time and again repeat your comments…look like you have read alot about religion….Mullahs deeds is not a testimony against islam. Hazaras are proud muslim. Muslims are either sunni or shia …what if we are shia. I don’t think this is a problem for hazaras. However hazaras are not fanatic….as you rae living among such hazaras….
    You think you are discussing reality or issues…..I think you are creating new issues for hazaras. You said you are eye opener for balochs by giivng your numbers. what if hazaras are asked to leave pakistan today based on your numbers…do you know the extant of humanatarian crises. never say this again. Hazaras living in Pakistan are proud Pakistani….u don’t like its your choice. We are still hazara even if we stay outside hazarajat.
    You should know by now why your comments are not liked by many….you are also afraid of your comments…as you can not say those on alamdar road or even in bamyan….why don’t you try those idea in any mathaqai hazarajat….this might be an intresting study….you might be surprised by the results…there should be some application of your suggestion…

  25. Ali you did not give the reason for your curse….is it not a shame that you guys are reading these comments and not saying yes or no….at least you should come with your comments……

  26. In the name of bamiyan …..
    Yea ali u should …….and as far as converting to sunni is concerned i have never said if said plz show me ….let me know where have i said that …pakistni Govt cant and wont expel hazaras in coming 10 years but after that i cant garuntee anything may be yes may be no …politics has no mother no father ….anyhting can happen anytime …..
    creating controversies and being disliked is better than praising like a darbari ……yea eternal links exist but inerests differ …u cant deny …..every pakistani hazara in Hazarajat is considered ISI spy ….and they curse them ….i only want to remove the sticker and label of Iran or Pakistan from hazaras anywhere …..I m a kafir as shiagi defination ….. defining this will make new controversies …..plz dont ask else i will comment ……as far as mullahs are concerned they should be talked on ….coz they are paid for doing all that stuff from the saan e imam and zakath and mufth khor syeds get khums and the poors get only hatred …… we have to talk now …
    on controversial issues else we will waste another millinuem ….100 years after today where will we be standing ….lets be processed ….lets understand things ……
    Ba amman e Bamiyan …..

  27. In the name of Bamiyan
    Consensis will come only when we will talk and listen eachother with full attention not by calling a psycho…even psychatrists listens whom they really know are psychos …coz it is the method ….. and prophets and philosophers were psychos at their era ….. but people understood and felt their thoughts after wards …plz now dont make point that i m considering my self prophet or philosopher… debate on me …..
    Ba ammane e bamiyan ….

  28. in the ame of Bamiyan….
    i have never said to join hazaras to tajiks they are not turks but perisian class as they call tem selves …plz tuhmat na zan ..also the sunni wala story tu …..i dont speak or talk to majority as i really believe every one is not able to understand …. not because they cant but as they they are not educated to eveluate …. only a mochi can make shoe not the darzi ….thats why every one here is not commenting many only read …and every dog has his day ….
    Ba amman e Bamiyan …..

  29. How about putting these question to those likely to have the understanding….like people in the higher rank of wahdat, HSF, HDP

  30. In the name of Bamiyan …..
    Yes why not ……….but if they could solve the dilema …… they have made nationalism an abuse …..a trade …….. not all of them but most of them ……among them i dont know one who could talk as Air marshel has even did …..although Air marshel should not had to talk this way …but may be he took this inspiration from Hamid Gul ..who remained as DG ISI but now adays is a cutter passhtun facist ….Air marshel seems too young infront of his facism lets say it extreme nationalism ….. and such forums are for such parties to express teir views but they have no views ..if they have or had how we could discuss this issues ..these are totally related to them ……
    Ba amman e Bamiyan …

  31. see this is the dilemma, one who speaks is bad, one who do not is also not good. Where we are heading? Whom should we look at? is this not a disaster?
    I still have hope, where and in whom, in the normal hazara.

  32. salam ba hama. bamyan bachesh kheli asabai mara kharab kade. ma amyali bekhi da hazara boodan tu shak kadem. ki tu chitor yak diga hazara ra bad moogi. general musa wa diga hazara hai quetta az masti da quetta narafta wa az masti da quetta service na moona. agar amo sharaita da afghanistan moobod ki da pakistan asta shayad da quetta hech kas namoobod. wa yag gab diga jangle tar khushk dara agar yag doo dana bad asta baz ham az khod asta namoosha ki ooo ra ela kani.

  33. salam
    thanks to editor and the presenter/author.
    ma tamam kamiyab adama ra az tahe dil kho salam pesh monom dar haqiqat great personalites astan ki da bad tareen wa na masaid halat, behtareen achivements hasil kadan.

  34. In the name of bamiyan…..
    khob gab astha ki dega nafara ham comment mouna….hazaragi azma bayad shak shouna …. chara ki ma hazara ra azi kada bisyar ziyad peshraftha dedoum …… hazara bisyaar ziyad capicity dara ..wa azi dummy heros kada balatar da har koucha wa gali mou astha bazz mougom kas ki qabar kho intihab na tana ..dega wo tamam zindagi ho chi khahad kada basha ….general musa ra har kas gap shi mizna awaal da babat e family wa background e family shi ham khabbar dashtha bashad wa amo ra zarab taqseem kada general sahib ra hissab shi bizna ….things are not as simple as our normal hazaras think or consider ….. in modern history first of all Mazari (ki mardoum az qabar shi la tars dara ki ami nau zinda na shouna )and after him Doctor che gouvara ,subash chander bhos and few others were original and genuine leaders whom to be followed else all of them were engineered by foriegn hands including the respected khominie , hassan nasrullah ,yasir arafat ,jinnah ,Gandhi,hogo chavez and alot more …..
    Ba amman e bamiyan ….

  35. and Bamiyan………..

  36. Thou Kabar kho inthikhab maithani? Gen Musa kho wasiath shi poura shoud.

  37. In the name of bamiyan ….
    when Rome was burning nero (the prince of Rome) was engaged with his pipe (bansuri) …
    tu andaza ko dega yag nafar ki eqas blundered wasiath kanah amo da tamam e zindagi kho chi khahad kada bashad …..
    Mazari is not great coz he wore chapan and had hazaragi face or he had fought or he was very educated but because he gave an idealogy …. in his last speech he said ” ma mekhastoum ki waz (halat ) thaan ra tagheer bedoum …..” is not only hope but the rebirth of new great hazara nation ” …. his every word is more than a complete book …but my friends cant relate a single special or hazargi line of Genral saaab for hazaras ….. so we should be proud of such ballons … he is made hero really he is not …. once personal achievment always remains personal …. and his wasiath depicts his mentality that how scared he was of dieing ….
    Ba amman e Bamiyan …..

  38. Hi to all birara,
    try to get every post softly, read it twice and 5 mint for relax thinking. Dont argue but ya, we can ask Qustions.
    If all birara says tht we are doin da same, then why alot of us is onfire.

    I think its diffirent angle of one Personality.
    But fact is fact.

  39. By personality i mean, (BaBa Mazari, Gen Musa Khan etc)

  40. Mubarak thanks for mentioning me one among gandhi and hassan nasrullah and specially khomenie ……………lols

  41. man you deserve to be among the che govera group too…………..only difference is you don’t have a clear and straight path to follow……….though you seem to be very purist in your comments about hazaras……….but you tend to comment by eating onions or naswar….try Ilaichi or badian…..i am sure it will affect your thought………we have to love our Mazari’s ……khaliqos…..muhaqiqs and off course bamiyans, nisar alis and even tawasolis………than we can progress………its not possible to move alone…..we have to be together……in the name of one hazara……….this is what i believe….

  42. In the name of Bamiyan …..
    Here u did a mistake ….my path is straight and defined when i say how can i be good when tausilli too is good ..i know and even u know what my path and who i oppose and whom i honour ….. these heavens and hells do not exist and even if it do …than i will walk with the honour of my being hazara to hell than to beg for heaven from tausilli …. it really would be disrespecting Mazari and khaliqo to name them with the currupt and dalal tausilli ….the chief executive of seegha technolgies of Quetta …. and it is ideas that progress and move on Mazari is not physically available now but his ideas are creating ,narishing new mazarians .. it is schools of thought that move on and proogress
    a man lives only 80 years averege and in pakistan and afghanistan averege is below 50 years ……
    Ba amman e bamiyan ….

  43. this is only when we see the situation with your eyes……in fact everybody has eyes and look at things/people with their own mind behind their eyes.

  44. ya mubarak you mentioned the main point.
    i agree with you and i have the thinking that we are not ready now for those extreamism.
    we are even not ready to claim us as a nation
    you know even our supreme leader mentioned him as MAZARI not hazara.
    i have witnessed some top leaders, who even do not have any thinking about hazara.
    so i think that we have to work work and work for this cause.
    the germs of hazara and hazaragi starts from Quetta and it certainly takes a very long time to come to a conclussion.

  45. aan sadar sahib

  46. well Mazari was hazara, no doubt. One has to understand the idea behind putting Mazari as family or surname. He did not have to put hazara after his name which sometimes few of us do. You don’t have to put hazara after, or before u r name. You are hazara. Mazari or Jaghori simply gives idea about ur native area. U have nasir with ur name which again is not hazara….u r SHAEER or its u r family name….otherwise nasir is a pashtoon tribe….u know………the germs of hazara or hazaragi did not/ does not sstart from quetta……..we are overestimating over hazaragi…..a chapoo of hazarajat has probably more hazaragi germs than us. Lets not divide hazara into quettagi…….and watani…….hazara is hazara…whereever they live.

  47. In the name of Bamiyan ….
    I agree ………………

    Bamiyan zameen ma Bamiyan khudai ma ….
    Ba amman e Bamiyan …..

  48. you didn,t get my point, i know mazar is area and nasir is my family name. and the pashtun tribe is nasar not nasir.
    i was mentioning about the toughts of some of our leaders and i again mention, not dividing the hazaras from any city or country that there is a rare thinking about hazaragi, most of illetrate common man just have a thinking of him, his family and the utmost taifa not the whole HAZARA.
    you can observe this arround you very eassily, just have a look.
    and again i want to mention that we have to do a very hard work to be a nation HAZARA………….

  49. SALAM

  50. Hi to all birara,
    Very nice, love it “Lets not divide hazara into quettagi…….and watani…….hazara is hazara…whereever they live” & “we have to do a very hard work to be a nation HAZARA…………”.

  51. Well thats the question…….what that hard work means……..the one Bamiyan is doing…or something else. He is doing the BEST according to his own thought process. Will it have any impact in order to have our nation hazara……..i am not sure…….what I beleive in hard working is this…….try to excell in education….every type of education……both girls and boys…..go whereever you can…….and come back with your own education. If wwe strive in this way…….we will have a great numbers of intellectuals who will guide and than will lead to our destiny……..we can start from our own home…….focus on your own and your childrens education……..don’t descriminate between girls and boys…….and we will see the result……InshaAllah



  54. yes this hard work means

    intellactuals in every field of life weather male or female…….

    so for this cause i am going to start a


    If any one has any ideas plz mail me or contact me personly.


  55. I would suggest few names for this nice initiative
    1. Hazara school scholarship
    2. Hazara college scholarship
    3. Hazara University scholarship

    Reason I prefer scholarship over wazifa…..scholarship has the same meaning in quetta….it will have more acceptance locally and internationally…
    One more suggestion…it should be from a plateform which should be either well known or registered body….as it would last longer than many other such scholarships which were anounced but are no more available as were solely dependent on single person……..I appreciate the initiative

  56. Looks like mr. Bamyan is anti Hazara element

    All has to realize

  57. Guys come with nice hazaragi names………like Ewaz, Qadir, Qowat, etc… will give a flavor of hazaragi to the discussion…….

  58. well its not clear whether Bamiyan is mr. or mrs. ……….

  59. it is good but kernal bhandi had also started one wazifa ……

  60. salam tamam QAUMA

    Thank you Mubarak for your comment.

    I really want to start something like QARZ, which will be given back in easy installments, not a help to some one which will not be given back. That is I want to make a FUND which will continue, not end after some time.
    So if some one have some ideas or experiance for creating of such a FUND.
    Please let me know.


    Nisar Ali Nasir

  61. tallemi Wazifa project end shod ….da takmeel raseed da khiyal ma ……bain e hazara dega kudam nakhuwanda na manda ….halan gharib mitao project shror shoudni astha …..
    THANK YOU MR >>Nasir Ali nisar

  62. در خلال شرح جنگهای هشتادان می آورد که، از هزاره ها عده يی بسيار مقتول گرديد؛ چهار صد تن از مردان و زنان و پسران و دختران ايشان اسير و دستگير شدند. سپهسالار غلام حيدر خان در جنگهای شاه علی و اقوام سعيد درويش، عده يی را به قتل رسانيد. آنانی که در چهار قلعه داخل، محصور بودن، همه گلوله باران شدند. قلعه ها بخاک برابر گرديد. سپهسالار تمام قلعه های آنان را آتش زد و سوختاند. همان سپهسالار هزار و يکصد نفر از اسيران هزاره را از ارزگان با خود برداشت و جانب ترکستان رفت.
    This article was taken from or Kateb Hazara

  63. سيصدو پنجاه تن مرد و زن و پسر و دختری که فرهاد خان کرنيل، از مردم طغايی بوغا، وغيره مردم جاغوری اسير و دستگير کرده در غزنين فرستاده بود، حکمران آنجا بکابل فرستاد. مردان شان همه بقتل رسيدند و زنان و دختران و پسران شان از بيست تا بيست و يک روپيه بنام کنيزی و غلامی به امر امير عبدالرحمان خان فروخته شدند. پول حاصله از فروش آنها و اسرای بعدی به مصرف دولت رسيد
    This article was taken from or Kateb Hazara
    history section

  64. My dear nation Hazara Academics

    Let start like this. What is formal language and what is informal? What is spoken language and what is reading and writing language? What is the alphabet of Hazaragi and is coming from Dari,Farsi or Urdu? How many words we borrowed from Arabic,Turkic and Mongolian and cetral asian? What is the meaning of Urdu and comes from what language and made by who and when? Urdu mean in Turkish mixed mongolian Arm<Sepah wa Lashkar. Even now in Afghanistan and Hazaristan we use Urduy Milliاردوی ملی یا فوای مسلح به زبان عربی But the old Dari and Persian version is Urdu the language of Army or Fawj which. Fawj means in Arabic Army. Urdu is the old Dari Hazaragi….

    Don’t worry how you pronouce.It is important what is the source and the main language it took from. Unfortunatly because of illitracy,second language and neglect everything changed the way it is now. Nemkela Dari Fari like worse Gulabi Urdu which you never heard. Dari and Farsi mix with Turkic , Mongolian and Arabic is the real and common language that we can call Hazaragi dialect but not the completly independent language or mostly independent. We we should exxlude our generation Hazaras from Dari,Farsi along their beatiful and historic Hazaragi Dialect. Beacuse in modern word Dari and Persian has the highest volue for many civilasation and Urdu comes from Dari,Farsi and Sansecret.
    Speaking,Reading and Writting is important not the minor dialect diffrences.Every languge has less or more few diffrences includingEnglish,German and Dutch,Frenchs are not all speaking same dialect nor do the Persian and Dari. Even English has many dialect and way of pronounciation and dialects like Walesh,Scotland,Irish,Canadian US…. and so on.
    And we are not special to be perfect in that linguestic regards and differences. Even Farsi Dari has many diffrent dialects in Iran,Afghanistan,Tajekestan and Pakistan.Even the time of Afghani Mogols and Turks who were more related to Hazaras and other minorities ruled the Sub_ Continant India had many famouse poet and scholars including Merza Abdul Qadir Bedel Dehlavi.Nasir Khesraw who spent time there and the most important the recent great poeter and philosopher Alama Iqbal Lahori and other great kings and Queens,Scholars and poet and singers. Lets look to the issue in a broad,historic,linguestic and academic manner rather than bassless bias and self created imaginations. Thanks for reading my comments.

    Khodawand Jahan pusht wa panah tan wa donya wa iqbal boland hamrahtan bashad

  65. Dear Sharbat Changazi!

    My name is Ulzutuy I nationality Buryats-Mongol.
    I live in the city of Ulan-Ude,
    I want to learn the history of the Hazara Mongols.
    If it is possible, can specify references to materials about hazara-Mongols.
    I on a nationality the Buryat-Mongol. I live in Russia, about lake Baikal. Our ancestors from a tribe hori-tumatov, a part empires of the Chingiz-khan have been sent on administrative service in “Najan-Navan” (modern Iraq) and have lived there about 200 years. They returned home through your countries, probably someone remained among hazara-Mongols.

    Yours faithfully Ulzutuj

  66. Dear Mr. Bamiyan May i know who you are, whats your back ground and education? where do you belong from?

  67. “Group Captain Steven Joseph was a scholarly man and was well informed about the history of this region. He, as an Armenian, no doubt, knew about the treatment Armenians received at the hands of Turkish people.”

    My dear Hazara brothers,

    Please dont believe these Armenian lies. Armenian Genocide is a lie which is created by Western Imperialist Powers against Turkish People and Turkey.

    In contrast, Armenisans massacred many Turks of Eastern Turkey and Azerbaijan btwn WWI and Turkish Independence War.

    For seeing Armenian lies and propagandas. Look at these web sites and resources:

    Not much time I mean the begining of 90’s. They massacred Azerbaijan Turks in Karabagh include old man, women, children and unborned babies.

  68. Salam to all Hazara brother and sisters from Montreal Canada

  69. […] این نوشته از وبسایت هزارستان تایم ترجمه شده است. متن انگلیسی اش در همان آدرس قابل مطالعه […]

  70. excellent performance by hazaristan times. I personally appreciate this act of information which is very positive repercussions. You people should boost these kind of lectures in future too.

  71. i mayb late 2 comment but i almost read all the comments
    BAMIYAN considering ur 4 points i try my best 2 answer them.
    1……why it is necessary to remind us of mashhad and Ian by our High ranked Officers …. eg. Gen musa khan ….????
    i think simply it is da way u think dat u were reminded but never mind da fact is dat he(sharbat ali changezi) was only mentioning da immigration of hazaras n adressing his family da way they get 2 pakistan.
    2…..If british was at the back of Abdurehman why our hazara pioneers were at the back of british …..???
    well i think being an official u cant deny ur services 2 da state u r working 4.dat(state) might oppose ur ppl on da other side of da world.but wat would b ur alternatives….?n at da time hw would u knw dat it is true….?
    3….The radio propaganda was to shift pashtun focus towards hazarajat than to pakistan …and pakistanis used hazaras and hazaragi for their own benefits and it was why a hazara was made attache their to remind pashtun of their presecnce and their posssible use ……
    well i think pashtuns were already focused on hazarajat from 120 years as it is said in dis article n u can read history.
    onething i dont get is dat wat is da benefit of ur point BAMIYAN JAN…..?
    4….One thing else is mentioned here that before ammanullah it was legal to buy and sell hazara men ,women and children in Afghanistan the great
    the rise of a nation starts from da day they dont accept slavery.

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