Posted by: Editor | August 13, 2010

18 Hazaras Dead in Kuchi-Hazara Dispute and Police Firing in West Kabul

A Hazara youth killed by Kuchis.

Kabul: According to latest reports, 18 Hazaras have been killed in todays bloody dispute between Kuchi and Hazara and later the police firing in West Kabul. According to people at the scene, Police firing caused most of casualties. HTimes contacts on ground said 5 have been shot dead by Kuchis, while other casualties were caused by indiscriminate firing of Police. Angry mob has burnt down the 6th Police Station in Kabul, while protesters are chanting against police and the Government in different Hazara-residing parts of Kabul. Firing could be heard till late evening. The anti-mob police has been deployed in the area, while angry people were marching towards 13th Police Station.

According to BBC Persian, the dispute erupted on land issues. Kuchis were claiming land of the graveyard of West Kabul and local people resisted Kuchi construction.

The Kuchi-Hazara dispute is with a long historical background, getting bloody in recent years. There have been worldwide protests against the Kuchi invasion of Behsud in 2008 and 2010, but the Government of Afghanistan has made no efforts to resole the issue.

Here is archive of HTimes reports on Kuchi-Hazara dispute.

Many casualties were caused by Police firing.

Police firing on Hazara protesters.


  1. If It Is Confirmed That 18 People Were Killed In The Recent Tragic Incident … I Would, Without any Hesitation Say That Most Of Them Were Killed Just Because The Candidates Of the Upcoming Elections Worsened the Situation.

  2. I think that the base of all this disputes and clashes are the bloody politics of America (USA), and the weakness of the afghan government and illiteracy of Afghans. The politicians use the illiterates to burn Afghanistan and watch it, using different ethnical bases. There is no doubt that this has political roots, but we are all the players of this game, our illiteracy and inability of the government to differentiate between the national interest and international interest (politics and benefits of other countries) is fueling these incidents that ruin our nation. Kochis are the most illiterate moving tribe between Pakistan and Afghanistan. They could be very easily used for any evil objectives of the neighboring counties. The weak and corrupt government of Karzai, which again is consisted of warlords and illiterates permits all these incidents to take place every now and then. In nut shields, Afghans are not fully aware of what is going on around them, the politics is so dirty game, it is up to the government to enhance its capacity to address such essential matters and prevent these from being repeated. History has shown all of us that no one ethnic can govern Afghanistan by itself, we have to work together to contribute to make a difference by working together. Karzai is one of those illiterate puppets, who does what the CIA, ISI or some Iranian intelligence services ask. This is very unfortunate that the blame goes on Hazaras or other ethnics in Afghanistan. The whole blame is on the government; Afghanistan needs a man to govern it not a puppet, like Karzia and his corrupt government. Lets unite for removal of Karzai from his power, and work together for a better and united Afghanistan. All should be reminded that Hazara should not be ignored in any political involvements in Afghanistan. Hazaras can make a party “win or lose”

  3. Salam Dostan Aziz

    First of all we are deeply sad and offer our condolence and pray to the Martyres in Dast Barchi and West Kabul.

    Unfortunately, we all voted for Karzi and Pashtons and that what we get in return. It is completely shame and politically lost for our leader who can not secure their peoples lives. Now we reached to the point to take revolutionary actions to stop these atrocities and conspiracy against our peace loving and brave people.

    Western and the Kabul government should not neglect any more if Hazara lost their trust and temper then it will not good for them and Afghanistan once again will be bath in bloodshed like before. Lets say No one can win wars on Hazaras and their is no winner in war like before.

    Allah blees you all

  4. Hazara’s should get up and arm themself against these Infidel Pushtuns….
    You can only live in Afghanistan if you have enough Power to defend yourself…

    Coalition Forces aren’t doing anyone Good…

    We need a leader Just like Mazari…
    Fearless and Uncompromising person…

    Only Great Leader like him could save our Generation…..

  5. i think astad baba mazari was right, tho said, Zindagi satsaal agar bashad ba namardi che sood, fel masal yakrooz agar bashi ba dunya, mard bashi.

    im fucking ready to do anything for watan and qawmaie aziz any sacrify my life, khaliq e shahid……..


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