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Protest in Adelaide Against Kuchi Invasion of Behsud

About a thousand protesters in Adelaide city of Australia protested against the Behsud invasion by Kuchi. The protesters rallied from Victoria Square and marched through King William Road to the Parliament house of South Australia. Protesters were carrying placards with slogans such as “Hazara Rights are Human Rights”, “Stop the systematic Genocide of Hazaras”.

The speaker Mr. Ahmad Amani and others talked about the situation in Behsud and condemned the Government of Afghanistan for taking no serious steps to resolve this issue forever. Other speakers included Besmellah Rezai, Hussain Rezait and others. They strongly demanded the international community in Afghanistan to take notice of the Hazara killings in Behsud.

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Video Report of Protest in Australia

World News Australia reports about the protest demonstrations by Australian Hazaras.

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Protest in Sydney Against Kuchi Invasion of Behsud

"Why UN is Silent?"

Thousands of Australian Hazaras took out a protest rally in Sydney on May 30, against the Kuchi invasion of Behsud. The rally started from York Street with protesters holding banners and placards with slogans against Karzai and demanding security for Hazaras in Behsud. The large protest rallied was also participated by children, mothers and old. They staged a sit-in on Martin Place, where speakers condemned the corrupt and fascist Government of Afghanistan for keeping a silence on the massacre of Hazaras in Behsud. They demanded of the international community and UN to intervene and stop systematic genocide of Hazaras.  The speakers asked human rights organizations in New York and around the world to take notice of the genocide of Hazaras in Afghanistan.

Below is what a young speaker, Farida said to the protesters;

“Annihilation of us in each generation

Today Behsood, Tomorrow Bamiyan

Their scheme is only domination

Sticks and stones may break our bones

But listen, you can’t kick us out of our homes;

Since the last couple of years, spring which brings a sense of life for the rest of the world, is a death warrant for the people of Hazarajat by the well-armed pro-Taliban kochis or nomads. The concern arise about the negligence of the Afghan government in resolving the problem of Kochis, and re occurrence of the armed conflict between kochis and native inhabitants of Hazarajat that has resulted in the deaths, injuries and displacements of thousands of inhabitants and looting. Although the Article 14 of the Constitution of Afghanistan stipulates that the government “shall design and implement effective programs for the settlements and living of the nomads”. THIS is much clear about the settlement of Kochis to avoid the suffering of the locals in the various part of country but still it remains of the burning issues, Unfortunately, rather than social community, they have been converted into a political and armed pressure, their last hardcore duty is to fight in the lines of Taliban and promote terrorism. Considering the need for maintaining the security and peace which are the pre condition for the realization of justice, ensuring democracy and guarantee the human rights.

The Afghan Government is not taking the Behsood crises serious, its time for the peace keeper NATO to take urgent and effective measures to stop conflict and violence, ethnic enmity, bloodshed, genocide and prevent human tragic events, seek legal and fair ways for a fundamental and permanent resolution of this problem otherwise again the communities will engage in re-weaponing to protect their homes and children and its government that is making them to take up arms. Therefore, We, The Hazara people, want an end to this unjust act.”

Photos by Farida Hazara

"Systematic Genocide of Hazara Must Stop"

Thousands of Australian Hazaras living in Melbourne staged a protest demonstration on May 30 against the Kuchi invasion of Behsud.

Photos by Farkhonda

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Protest in Norway Against Kuchi Invasion of Behsud

Hundreds of Hazara protested in Norway.

Hundreds of Norwegian Hazaras held a protest rally on May 29 in Oslo against the Kuchi invasion of Behsud. Children and mothers also participated holding banners and placards demanding the Govt. of Afghanistan to stop Kuchis killing vulnerable Hazaras in Behsud.

Below is the speech of one of the speakers, Jamila.

“Today we are here to protest against fascists and terrorist group of Afghanistan the “KOCHIES”, who have recently invaded  Behsood, a Hazara territory in Afghanistan killing 13 innocent people. For more than a century, every year, the blood of hundreds of Hazaras in general and Hazaras of Behsood in particular have been shed by armed KOCHIS. They have been invading and occupying the lands of Hazaras in Afghanistan, burning the houses and the farms of Hazaras every year. This is not the practice of few years, but over a hundred years. KOCHIS are armed with sophisticated weapons. The disarmament programs implemented by the Govt. of Afghanistan and NATO is not implemented on Kuchis. These KOCHIS are supported by the TALIBAN and probably AL-Qaida. Why is the international community and NATO silent on KOCHI attacks against Hazaras? We, todays protesters, request the international community and specially the United Nations to force the Afghan Govt. to stop KOCHI terrorism and find a permanent solution to the grazing issue.”

Photos by Manji

People donating to the Solidarity Box in West Kabul for refugees of Behsud.

Kabul: All the humanity loving people of Afghanistan and the Hazara diaspora around the world are requested to donate for the families of martyrs and displaced people of Behsud and Daimirdad. Emergency funds are needed for the orphans, widows of a dozen martyrs and thousands of displaced people of Behsud living in worst condition as refugees in Kabul and Behsud.

A Solidarity Box has been put in Marefat School, West Kabul. Students, teachers, women and children donated about 2000$ on the first day of the campaign on May 24. Please make a difference and help the orphans and families of martyrs of Behsud. Thousands of people have been displaced and their homes burnt. This is a call to humanity around the world. People in Kabul can donate to the Solidarity Box in Marefat School, West Kabul. Those from abraod can send their donations through Western Union to the name of organizers of this campaign

Western Union, Kabul

1- Bilal Nowrozie
2- Azizullah Royesh
3- Reza Kateb
4- Muhammad Hussain Hazara

A child student donating his pocket-money.

Collecting donations.

Afghanistan Analyst Network has posted an analysis about the Kuchi invasion of Hazarajat.

As every year around this time, violent clashes have erupted between local Hazaras and incoming Pashtun Kuchis in the pastures of the Eastern Hazararat. Houses were burnt down, people and animals killed, many fled the area. Hazara MPs boycott the parliament’s sessions. But the level of violence seems to be higher than ever. Fabrizio Foschini. Junior Researcher at AAN’s Kabul office, reports on the events and patterns of this annual conflict.

Read more here.

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Worldwide Protest Against Kuchi Invasion of Behsud

While a huge protest demonstration is going on in Kabul today (Friday), Hazara diaspora around the world are organizing peaceful protest rallies against the brutality of Kuchi invasion of Behsud and Govt.’s failure to stop it.

Program of the protest demonstrations;

Oslo, Norway

May 29, 2010 from 2pm to 4pm

Malmo, Sweden

May 28, 14:00

Australian cities;

Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane
May 30, 2010 2 pm

Further demonstrations will be held in other European countries soon. HTimes will keep you updated with photos and reports.

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I Am Ready to Die: Khalili

Vice President Karim Khalili, who is in Behsud nowadays, has said he is ready to die for the rights of people until Kuchis do not leave Hazarajat. Mr. Khalili left from Kabul to Behsud on Friday saying he will not return back until Kuchis do not leave the area and displaced Hazaras are rehabilitated. He said he is ready for martyrdom.

Here is the video report of Khalili’s speech to the people of Behsud.

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US Stays Out of Kuchi-Hazara Conflict

In a statement, the US Embassy in Kabul on its Facebook page has said;

Dear Facebook friends,

We have seen your many postings concerning the ongoing dispute between the Kuchi and Hazara peoples. This is an internal Afghan matter and the United States supports the efforts being made by the Government of Afghanistan to mediate an end to these conflicts.

We thank you for your comments,

U.S. Embassy Kabul

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AIHCR Warns Ethnic Clash

Chairperson of Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission Dr. Sima Samar has warned of ethnic clash if Kuchi dispute was not resolved soon. While talking to Tolo TV she criticized the Government for the failure to resolve the conflict in Behsud. She said those who use the conflict as a political card should be punished. AIHCR said 6 people including a 3-year old child have been killed in 3 districts of Maidan Wardak Province. 1800 families displaced, 68 houses burnt and 28 schools closed down including some burnt causing 10000 students out of school.

Tolo Report of AIHCR Chairperson

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AIHCR’s Grave Concern on Kuchi Armed Conflict

Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission

Press Release

Kabul, May 18, 2010

The AIHRC expresses its grave concern about the negligence of the government inresolving the problem of Kochies, and reoccurrence of the armed conflict betweenKochies and native inhabitants of Behsood district of Maidan Wardak province that hasresulted in the killing, injury and displacement of a number of inhabitants of the saiddistrict.Considering the need for maintaining of security, peace and legality which are theprecondition for the realization of justice, ensuring of democracy and guarantee forhuman rights, unfortunately the reoccurrence and continuation of this problem has adetrimental impact on the enjoyment of human rights by the people including the right tolife, security, education, political participation and enjoyment of sound environment.Highlighting the importance of the issue the AIHRC has constantly emphasized the needfor and urgent, fundamental and fair solution of the issue of Kochies through its pressreleases and annual reports to Afghanistan government and international societies.Urgent, fundamental and fair solution of Kochies problem based on the laws effective inthe country particularly Article 14 of the Afghan Constitution is both a social need and agovernment obligation. The relevant state organs and entities should not neglect ensuringsecurity, safety of people’s life and property, addressing of disputes and legal resolutionof the incidents that are the components of the government’s major obligation and duties.The AIHRC while expressing its deepest regret and concern over the reoccurrence of theconflict that resulted in the casualties, injuries and displacement of inhabitants ofBehsood district, calls on the government of Afghanistan to take urgent and effectivemeasures to stop conflict and violence, prevent human tragic events, address the situationof IDPS, verify the losses and insure restitution and seek legal and fair ways for afundamental and permanent resolution of this problem and insure the rights of nativeinhabitants and Kocheis based on the Afghan Constitution.

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Kuchis Loot Behsud

This is a video recorded near Behsud on May 16. It shows Afghan police laughing with Kuchis who are carrying looted household items from Behsud. A Taliban white flag is seen on the Kuchi vehicle. The police officer is asking the looter who he is, a Kuchi or Taliban. He asks elders to identify.

Kuchi invaders of Behsud are allied with Taliban. They have killed about a dozen innocent Hazaras of Behsud during the last two weeks. Thousands of houses have been looted and hundreds burnt.

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Protest in London Against Kuchi Invasion of Behsud

A protester chanting against Karzai.

BBC Persian report of the protest in London.

Hundreds of British Hazaras protested in front of the Embassy of Afghanistan in London on May 23 against the Kuchi invasion of Behsud. Protesters staged a sit-in in front of the Afghanistan Embassy holding banners and placards with slogans against Karzai.

The speakers expressed condolence to the bereaved families of a dozen martyrs of Behsud. They strongly condemned the Karzai Government’s failure to stop Kuchi attack and taking no serious steps to resolve the issue permanently. They said nomadism has been used as a political tactic by different governments, dating from Abdul Rahman till the Karzai administration. Protesters were also critical of Hazara leaders including Vice President Khalili and Muhaqiq. They said these leaders have time and again cooperated with Karzai but no positive outcome. They were saying some fascist elements in the Government and Cabinet are backing Kuchi invaders who are actually camouflaged Taliban fighters.

Meanwhile, other protest demonstrations are to be held in different European countries and Australia soon.

Speakers condemned Karzai for failure to stop Kuchi attack in Behsud.

"Protest until the fall of Karzai Government"

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Press Release of Hazara Organization UK

Press Statement

“An emergency meeting of Hazara Organization UK, was called by the Secretary General of Hazara Organizaion UK, Mr. Javed Hussain Hazara in Oxford, where the members of central council from all cities attended to discuss the burning issue of Behsud; where the Pushtun nomads (kochis) have once again repeated their ancestral act of plundering and looting the historically oppressed Hazaras . The members of CC showed their deep concern on the role of so- called democratic government of Afghanistan for applying the delay tactics to shun this exploitative and racial discrimination against the oppressed Hazaras. And warned the government of Hamid Karzai, that this delay tactics in taking firm political and administrative decision may put adverse political and geographical implications as he is facing the Hazaras of 21st century who are very well aware of the political situation. The members of the H.O.UK unanimously supported the distinguished members of parliament, for boycotting the session of the national assembly and political agitation out side the parliament house.

The meeting was concluded the fallowing resolution.

  1. Hazara Organization UK urge the parliament and the government of Afghanistan to take immediate political and administrative measures to stop this act of racial discrimination against the Hazaras of Behsud.
  2. Hazara Organization UK demanded the other oppressed nationalities and progressive and democratic forces to stand by Hazaras; as this act of Kuchis will threaten the entire peace and stability of Afghanistan. And will put far reaching political implication in eradicating all exploitative political convention of previous Afghanistan
  3. Hazara Organization UK demanded the Hazaras to extend hands of brotherhood to each other and come under one political platform to ensure our survival and to help to establish democratic norms especially in Afghanistan and world at large in general.
  4. Hazara Organization requested the World Hazaras to donate as much as they can to help the displaced  Hazaras of Behsud who have been looted , killed and plundered to fight this battle of survival.

At the end of the meeting, H.O.UK paid great tribute to the resistance struggle of Hazaras of Behud and offered condolences to all those Hazaras who have lost their loved ones in this resistance struggle against the imposition of the historical enslavement of Hazaras.”

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