Posted by: Editor | May 28, 2010

Call to Humanity! HELP Martyrs, Displaced Families of Behsud and Daimirdad

People donating to the Solidarity Box in West Kabul for refugees of Behsud.

Kabul: All the humanity loving people of Afghanistan and the Hazara diaspora around the world are requested to donate for the families of martyrs and displaced people of Behsud and Daimirdad. Emergency funds are needed for the orphans, widows of a dozen martyrs and thousands of displaced people of Behsud living in worst condition as refugees in Kabul and Behsud.

A Solidarity Box has been put in Marefat School, West Kabul. Students, teachers, women and children donated about 2000$ on the first day of the campaign on May 24. Please make a difference and help the orphans and families of martyrs of Behsud. Thousands of people have been displaced and their homes burnt. This is a call to humanity around the world. People in Kabul can donate to the Solidarity Box in Marefat School, West Kabul. Those from abraod can send their donations through Western Union to the name of organizers of this campaign

Western Union, Kabul

1- Bilal Nowrozie
2- Azizullah Royesh
3- Reza Kateb
4- Muhammad Hussain Hazara

A child student donating his pocket-money.

Collecting donations.

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