Posted by: Editor | May 26, 2010

US Stays Out of Kuchi-Hazara Conflict

In a statement, the US Embassy in Kabul on its Facebook page has said;

Dear Facebook friends,

We have seen your many postings concerning the ongoing dispute between the Kuchi and Hazara peoples. This is an internal Afghan matter and the United States supports the efforts being made by the Government of Afghanistan to mediate an end to these conflicts.

We thank you for your comments,

U.S. Embassy Kabul


  1. To US Ambassy Kabul:
    How can you stay out of the matter? Didn’t international forces disarm the Afghans? Why kuchis still hold weapons with them? WHY???? IF you can not jump in the Afghan matter, you can jump in to a broken rule!!! Don’t be blind for humanity’s sake please!
    Today Hazaras think different. Today half of the Afghanistan is peaceful. You can still win Afghan war against international terrorists. So be thankful to Hazaras today. We don’t want Pashtuns die. We want equal rights. We want educated Pashtuns. We want to kick all selfish hungry animals out of Afghanistan. So help sincerely.
    Keep the rule you have made. Other wise every one will suffer. Let the wrong learn the right path!!!!

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