Posted by: Editor | May 26, 2010

I Am Ready to Die: Khalili

Vice President Karim Khalili, who is in Behsud nowadays, has said he is ready to die for the rights of people until Kuchis do not leave Hazarajat. Mr. Khalili left from Kabul to Behsud on Friday saying he will not return back until Kuchis do not leave the area and displaced Hazaras are rehabilitated. He said he is ready for martyrdom.

Here is the video report of Khalili’s speech to the people of Behsud.


  1. Dear Mr Khalili

    I am very happy the way you stood for your people despite your some of your neglect or mistakes in the past. One thing I should mention if the leaders of Hazaras are honest the brave and loyal Hazaras always will stand to their lost breath.

    Hazaras are historically brave and loyal. No ethnicity is like Hazara loyal and brave fighter. If there was a need then we all will fight with Pashton monopoly like before despite anything. Because our hon our and dignity should not be compromised in any way.

    Pashtons and other ethnics should be convince to their limit. Once again we will prove the world yes we can defeat you in anyway or anywhere soon or late. They are nothing more than a taboo and proxy of different agencies. We will organize lots of ways to reach our voice to the UN and civilized nations.

    Ahmad Amani


  2. he statement of H.E. Mohammad Karim Khalili regarding Behsud Tragedy

    In the name of God, the most merciful, the most compassionate

    Noble people of Afghanistan, lovers of freedom, security, justice and national unity!

    Let me begin this statement by expressing deep grief .Grief and sadness because, in spite of all efforts to ensure justice, security, and healing of the historical injuries, still horrible storms like waves breaking, are destroying and devouring the possessions of our people. Still every, moment of the lives of our people is accompanied with bloodshed and violence. In any corner of Afghanistan, war and tyranny, explosions and suicides create tragedy and take the lives of the people of this land.
    While I am expressing deep grief and sadness over continuation of this trend, I would like to express my deep sympathy and condolence to those who have lost their loved ones without any crime or fault of their own, as a result of different incidents in the name of conflict between Kuchies and natives in Behsud or as a result of explosion and suicide or air bombardments and other incidents as a consequence of war in Kabul and other provinces.
    My dear fellow citizens,
    I have followed some principles in my political life. In my opinion, national unity and positive interaction with Afghanistan’s ethnic groups is an unchangeable principle. Also, ensuring social justice and defending the rights of deprived ethnic groups is another principle which cannot be ignored in line with my political belief. Of course, these two principles are not contrary to each other but are complementary. We may have national unity and reach positive interaction with each other when we recognize each other’s rights. Peaceful and wise actions have been a fixed principle in my political life. I avoid instigating ethnic and religious emotions because I am afraid, it will ignite a fire in the life of the nation of Afghanistan. In fact, I am neither racist nor aggressive towards other ethnic groups. But, how is a conscientious person to judge as a fair person, to understand these facts and speak up about them. I know the problems of people more than others, but I always try to solve them through logic and wise approaches far from usual political rhetoric. I know the difficulties of the state better than anyone else and I have too much agony and words to say, but I am afraid that no one can bear them. That’s why many of the pains and words may remain untold in my chest and be buried with me. Positive interactions with all ethnic groups and, at the same time, defending the rights of deprived ethnicity, on the one hand, grants me peace and, on the other hand, paves the way for malicious people and opportunists to attack me like two sides of scissors. Some people attack me because they think I am not racist and some others because they think I am racist. Nowadays, you are witnessing clear signs of both, even in the house of nation (parliament).
    Sisters and brothers,
    During 35 years of political activities, all of my actions have revolved around aforementioned principles. I went to fight during Jihad and resistance. I joined the state after the fall of Taliban. As the beautiful saying of Imam Hussain “a thorn in my eye and a bone in my throat”, I have been quiet about waves of pressure and the accusation of cowards. I only thought about fulfilling my responsibility. And now that I am trying to solve the crisis of Kuchies and native inhabitants as a human, Islamic and patriotic duty, my sole motive is to ensure social justice, peace and stability.
    Of course, the fact is that the crisis of kuchies attack is the result of clear neglect of relevant state organs and this is a matter of increasing regret. But another fact is, while Kuchies attacked, prompt and effective measures were taken. The issue was seriously raised in the cabinet meeting and my trip to Behsud , leading a high level state delegation led to agreements which were made during the visit, was an important step to control this crisis. Now, it is a pleasure that the second step, based on the decisions of the delegation, was taken by the President. The new Presidential decree is the beginning of a fundamental solution to this old impasse.
    Dear countrymen,
    Considering the concerns, due to the slow pace of the implementation of the presidential decree, I have decided to travel to the center of crisis, Behsud, again. My main objective of this trip is to actively follow the second stage of state decisions and the implementation of the presidential decree. In this trip, I will remain with the people until I am fully assured that the crisis is resolved, but, as experience has proved, in a very difficult time that we live in, there is a possibility that each action will be misinterpreted by some malicious people, that is why I am publishing this statement. This statement aims at enlightening the public opinion to make aware the current and future generations and, finally, this message is for history. I am going to the center of the crisis but not to intensify the crisis, not for war, not for bloodshed, not because of ethnic leanings, not to follow self-interest, not for fame, not to violate the rights of any side of the conflict. I am going there to take a small step towards adjustment or, at least, to engage with people’s difficulties and this is the lesson of our religious school to us. Fascinating speeches of Imam Hussain, while he left Medina for Mecca, now are the light for me to go in the right direction “I did not leave for wickedness, bloodshed, breaking the law and cruelty”.
    Noble people of Afghanistan,
    Another point that I would like to declare clearly is that of supporting the new chapter and presence of the international community. To institutionalize this new chapter, this is the fundamental part of our policy. My trip to Behsud can be defined in consistency with this policy. I believe that the Behsud crisis and other similar crises destroy the lives of people as well as damaging the new chapter and if this new chapter is damaged, none of the new values which were laid down will remain credible.
    I appreciate the President for his efforts to solve the problem of the kuchies and the native inhabitants fundamentally. I also ask him to pay serious attention to the implementation of his decree recently issued. Also, I expect the noble people of Afghanistan, political personalities, leaders of parties and people’s representatives in the house of nation (parliament), in addition to their logical demands, to consider and support the implementation of the Presidential decree and, as a principle, to support this new chapter.
    Finally, once again, I would like to emphasize that, at this stage, nothing will convince me but implementation of the state decision and Presidential decree stating Kuchies must withdraw from all controversial areas without any conditions. Displaced people must return to their homes decently , the losses of both sides must be paid, and, if contrary to the Presidential decree and state decisions, the crisis continues and, God forbid , any blood sheds on the ground, I prefer the first drop of blood which is shed on the ground be my blood as Vice President of Afghanistan.

    Mohammad Karim Khalili
    Vice President of Afghanistan
    And leader of the Islamic Unity Party of Afghanistan
    Kabul , 23 May 201

  3. I welcome the step he has taken to standing for his people, but that is not enough he must follow his word with action, othewise people have lost hope in him and are in search of new and fresh devoted leadership.


  5. – از نظر ما کوچي هاي اصلي، مانند مردم ده نشين در طول تاريخ، ستم ديده اند و از سوي حکومت هاي وقت، به حيث ابزار مورد استفاده قرار گرفته اند. همچنين از اين نکته نيز به درستي واقفيم که کوچي هاي واقعي، نه به دنبال خونريزي و کوچ نشيني؛ بلکه خواهان اسکان و رسيدن به زندگي مدني مي باشند. بنا براين، از نظر ما کوچي ها حق دارند مانند ساير شهروندان زندگي کنند و ما از اين حق و خواست آنها حمايت مي کنيم

    • you supporting them coz ur one of them. there r lots of places in Afghanistan u tell them to go somewhre else. they still havent learnt this not to enter others home with out permission. pitty for this ignorant, uneducated people. they r the real taliban. if u say no! just tell me whre they got all those kinds of weapon they used to force the innocent hazaras to leave thier homeland.

  6. Yap we stand with our honest and brave leaders(who just simply follow the path BABA gives them and us)till our last breath. Our leader simply should follow the path we all now know and that’s what BABA gives us.
    Abroad living brothers and families from any where in countries they belong must take an action, we need action not only words. Sitting in front of computers and right down the good english note.
    We need to be follow the path of BABA, stand together as he said and be practical.

  7. mr khalili is rght his blood is not thicker than the blood of other hazaras but hit butt is getting large that only fits in seat of vice presidency the man which his wisdom went to his lenght instead of his brain is good for nothing he is happy to be the third hazara to became vice president in the history of hazara which Kishtmand was the first of them not so good company. and can anyone imagin if BABA was alife he will hang him like dirty laundry to dry . What will happens if he resign or at least threaten to resign from his beloved vice presidency the only thing he could lose would be the shame of being a mouthpeice for kharzai and from the ther side t he will gain back some of his washed out reputation among the hazara people .we hazaras should’nt become too sweet that other might try to eat us and sould’nt become to bitter to being thrown away by others the balance is need to be kept and balance is need to kept on every aspect of our life. right now MR khalili is a candy jn the mouth mr kharzai and waiting to be swallowed by sip of green tea in one very unpleasant afternoon.

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