Posted by: Editor | May 25, 2010

Kuchis Loot Behsud

This is a video recorded near Behsud on May 16. It shows Afghan police laughing with Kuchis who are carrying looted household items from Behsud. A Taliban white flag is seen on the Kuchi vehicle. The police officer is asking the looter who he is, a Kuchi or Taliban. He asks elders to identify.

Kuchi invaders of Behsud are allied with Taliban. They have killed about a dozen innocent Hazaras of Behsud during the last two weeks. Thousands of houses have been looted and hundreds burnt.


  1. They alway laugh for their actions against Hazaras! Hazaras are KAFIRS. Their belongings must be snatched. And they must be killed! So simple rule and reason to make them laugh!!!!!

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