Posted by: Editor | May 22, 2010

Press Release of Hazara Organization UK

Press Statement

“An emergency meeting of Hazara Organization UK, was called by the Secretary General of Hazara Organizaion UK, Mr. Javed Hussain Hazara in Oxford, where the members of central council from all cities attended to discuss the burning issue of Behsud; where the Pushtun nomads (kochis) have once again repeated their ancestral act of plundering and looting the historically oppressed Hazaras . The members of CC showed their deep concern on the role of so- called democratic government of Afghanistan for applying the delay tactics to shun this exploitative and racial discrimination against the oppressed Hazaras. And warned the government of Hamid Karzai, that this delay tactics in taking firm political and administrative decision may put adverse political and geographical implications as he is facing the Hazaras of 21st century who are very well aware of the political situation. The members of the H.O.UK unanimously supported the distinguished members of parliament, for boycotting the session of the national assembly and political agitation out side the parliament house.

The meeting was concluded the fallowing resolution.

  1. Hazara Organization UK urge the parliament and the government of Afghanistan to take immediate political and administrative measures to stop this act of racial discrimination against the Hazaras of Behsud.
  2. Hazara Organization UK demanded the other oppressed nationalities and progressive and democratic forces to stand by Hazaras; as this act of Kuchis will threaten the entire peace and stability of Afghanistan. And will put far reaching political implication in eradicating all exploitative political convention of previous Afghanistan
  3. Hazara Organization UK demanded the Hazaras to extend hands of brotherhood to each other and come under one political platform to ensure our survival and to help to establish democratic norms especially in Afghanistan and world at large in general.
  4. Hazara Organization requested the World Hazaras to donate as much as they can to help the displaced  Hazaras of Behsud who have been looted , killed and plundered to fight this battle of survival.

At the end of the meeting, H.O.UK paid great tribute to the resistance struggle of Hazaras of Behud and offered condolences to all those Hazaras who have lost their loved ones in this resistance struggle against the imposition of the historical enslavement of Hazaras.”

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