Posted by: Editor | May 21, 2010

UNAMA Silent on Kuchi Attack in Behsud

The United Nations’ Assistance Mission for Afghanistan (UNAMA) that has provincial offices all across Afghanistan has not reported about the Behsud crisis. The silence of UN Mission in Afghanistan on Behsud issue was strongly criticized by Hazara MPs speaking to thousands of protesters in Kabul on May 20. In July 2008 also about 300,000 people had marched towards UNAMA office in Kabul in protest against its silence on Behsud killings by armed Kuchis.

MPs including prominent Hazara politician Muhammad Mohaqiq said UNAMA is being told “other words” by the Government. But the fact is that UNAMA has offices in all provinces of Afghanistan, how come it is unaware of the happenings in Behsud? An MP criticizing the international community in Afghanistan said UNAMA is just a watch-figure in Afghanistan influenced by President Karzai.

MPs expressed disappointment towards human rights organizations, international media and the UN for not taking any serious notice of the Kuchi invasion of Behsud. Theystrongly appealed the UN, international community and human rights organizations to intervene and avoid Kuchi nomads massacring the people of Behsud and Daimirdad.

UNAMA has to answer bitter questions by people that why the DDR and DIAG (disarmament programs) are not implemented on Kuchis? Speakers of the protest in Kabul on Thursday said the international community, NATO led coalition forces, United Nations and human rights’ organizations are needed to take notice of Behsud attack by Kuchis, otherwise the peaceful parts of Afghanistan will turn violent and people who have been supportive to the international efforts in Afghanistan would turn violent for justice!



  1. My friend who works for UNAMA told me that UNAMA get accurate information about this concflict but they never react or issue any statement. Probably UNAMA is under great influence of Karzai, or national staff based in Kabul mostly Pashtoons who negatively guide key international staffs. Or most probably some of the staffs are offering fully support to Pashtoons.

  2. Why Kuchis are still armed? Simple question!

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