Posted by: Editor | May 21, 2010

Protest in Kabul Against Kuchi Attack in Behsud

Thousands protested in Kabul on May 20 against Kuchi attack in Behsud.

Kabul: Thousands of people staged a protest demonstration on Shaheed Mazari Square in West Kabul on May 20 against the Kuchi attack in Behsud. Angry protesters chanted slogans and displayed placards criticizing Karzai for keeping silence and supporting armed Kuchis. MPs and other speakers condemned Karzai for his ethnocentrism. They demanded the international community in Afghanistan to take notice of Kuchi attack. The placards read “Kuchi Murders, Karzai Supports”, “stop Hazara massacre”, “We want justice”.

Video report of protest by Tolo TV.

The speakers further said Kuchi have invaded Behsud with heavy sophisticated arms, and they are burning down homes of thousands of families. The MPs strongly demanded the international community to take notice of Hazara killings in Behsud by armed Kuchis. They asked why the disarmament program is not being implemented on Kuchis?

Haji Muhammad Mohaqiq, Member of Parliament, leader of Wahdat Party and a Hazara politician also spoke to the protesters and strongly condemned the Government for murder of innocent villagers in Behsud by Kuchis. He said “Kuchis have burnt down homes and looted livestock of the people destroying their pastures.” He warned the President to immediately call back Kuchis and rehabilitate the displaced families, otherwise protest would extend across the country. Mohaqiq said the UN should take serious notice of the invasion and appealed the international community and United Nations to intervene and avoid Kuchi nomads massacring the people of Behsud District.

Protesters chanted slogans against Karzai.

"Stop Kuchi Attack in Behsud"

Muhaqiq addressing the protesters.

Ahmed Behzad, MP from Herat condemned Govt. for failure to stop Behsud attack by Kuchis.


  1. History teaches that Unity is strength. We can survive as long as we are united. A healthy body (Nation) feels the pain in its any part, therefore, we should show the world that we are a Healthy Body (Nation). I am proud of the people of Behsud for defending the Motherland.

    Long Live Hazarajat.

    • SALAM

      thnx 4 ur opinion, well and truely said

  2. this protest can show that in a corner of Afghanistan is some things happening by force and killing but unfortunately the government covers the oppression to be seen by international community to take the range of the attackers not to kill people and burn their homes. it showed that Afghanistan is still in many different risks we seriously need international supports to bring stability in Afghanistan and we do what they have done in Afghanistan

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