Posted by: Editor | May 21, 2010

Protest in Daikundi Against Kuchi Attack in Behsud

Thousands of people protested against Kuchi attack in Behsud.

Daikundi: Thousands of people held a protest demonstration in Daikundi province on May 20 against the Kuchi attack in Behsud killing 6 Hazaras.

The protesters were chanting against Karzai saying the Government is supporting armed Kuchis. They also condemned the failure of Govt. to stop incursion of heavily armed Kuchis. They demanded of the Government to solve the Kuchi issue permanently.

People were chanting slogans against Karzai.

People demanded permanent solution to Kuchi issue.


  1. This is the time we should show our soliderity with our brothers in Behsud and reahc for their help against the Kuchis–the donkeys and ignorant people on earth. They will understand the same language they know to speak. Long live Hazara.

  2. we will against until successes.we will not let the other people come to our land and fight them for the sake of our land,we love our land and we die for our land.this is our slogan,,,,,,,,,,, loooooooooong live HAZARA.

  3. History teaches that Unity is strength. We can survive as long as we are united. A healthy body (Nation) feels the pain in its any part, therefore, we should show the world that we are a Healthy Body (Nation). I am proud of the people of Behsud for defending the Motherland.

    Long Live Hazarajat.

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