Posted by: Editor | May 21, 2010

Hazara MPs on Strike Against Kuchi Attack in Behsud

"Who are behind armed-Kuchi attack? Who has ordered attack on peaceful Hazarajat"?: Hazara MPs

Kabul: Hazara MPs in parliament are on 4th Day of their strike against Kuchi attack in Behsud. They also spoke to thousands of protesters on Thursday in West Kabul. Hazara MPs including Ahmad Behzad from Herat warned the Government if it continued behind-the-door support to Kuchis, they will lead a countrywide protest till the Government of Karzai is down.

Tens of Hazara MPs walked out of the Parliament on Monday in protest against the Kuchi attack in Behsud killing several Hazaras. They are on a sit-in inside the Parliament and said till Karzai do not call back Kuchis from Behsud and rehabilitate thousands of displaced Hazaras, they will boycott the parliament sessions and probably the coming Peace Jirga. If serious steps are not taken, they would go back among people and start a movement across the country against Karzai Govt’s support to Kuchis.

Tens of Hazara MPs warned to boycott Peace Jirga.

Muhaqiq, a prominent Hazara politician, also joined the MPs.

Hazara MPs discussing further steps against Kuchi attacks in Behsud.



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