Posted by: Editor | May 20, 2010

Kuchi Attack; 6 Killed, Homes Burnt, Thousands Displaced in Behsud

Grave of 12-year Habiba killed by Kuchis in Behsud.

Kabul: Six innocent people have been killed and thousands displaced in Behsud during the one-week of Kuchi attack. A Government delegation including Vice President Karim Khalili, Interior Minister Hanif Atmar and Defense Ministry official, Bismallah Muhammadi went to the area on May 19. Officials say there is a seize-fire by Kuchis now, but local people say they are still burning homes in Dai Mirdad and Behsud districts of Maidan Wardak Province. Forces of National Army have been sent to the area. MP Sarwar Jawadi told 8am News that Kuchis are now firing on National Army and Police personnel.

Hazara MPs are on strike. They walked out of the Parliament previous day in protest against the shameful behavior of Government on Kuchi attack in Behsud. Alam Gul Kuchi, a representative of Kuchis in parliament said “We will fight, even if it costs thousands lives, for our rights.” Hazara MPs told media that Interior Minister Atmar has said about a thousand armed Kuchis linked to Taliban have attacked the area.

President of Wahdat Party, Mr. Muhaqiq has warned the Government, if attack not stopped, it would bring catastrophic consequences for the country.

Video Report in Hazaragi.

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