Posted by: Editor | March 18, 2010

Shaheed Mazari Anniversary in Kabul

15th Anniversary of Shaheed Mazari in Kabul on March 12, 2010. Photo by Taj

Photos by Raza Taj and Besmillah Khuram

Kabul: The 15th anniversary of Abdul Ali Mazari, the martyred Hazara leader of Afghanistan was commemorated on Friday March 12 in Dashte Barchi of Western Kabul. The ceremony was organized by a committe of Dasht Barchi elders attended by thousands of people, MPs from both houses, cabinet members, representatives of political parties and civil society, intellectuals and scholars. The message of the Afghan president Hamid Karzai was presented by Dr. Sadiq Mudabir. Karzai had said “Mazari has been one of the greatest personalities in Afghanistan. And thus, his vision for Afghanistan is a guideline for today.” The First Vice President, Mohammad Qasim Fahim said on the occasion “We would never stop commemorating the martyrdom from our society but rather we would fight against injustice, brutality to finish the discrimination from our beloved country.” Mohammad Karim Khalili, the second Vice President emphasized on distinctive thoughts of Mazari, and told that he raised voice for justice and social prosperity and fought against the bias and prejudices. Haji Mohammad Mohaqiq, leader of Hizb-e-Wahdat emphasized on revisiting the thoughts of Mazari. He said “Shaheed Mazari introduced new concepts in Afghanistan’s political literature. The concept of social justice and power sharing among all ethnic groups entered in Afghan political dictionary by Mazari, he added. The massage of General Dostam, the founder of National Islamic Movement of Afghanistan (NIMA) and the Chief of Staff of the General Commander of Armed forces of Afghanistan, was read by Syed Noorullah. In his message General Dostum said “Mazari fought to abolish the concept of second class citizens in Afghanistan. In 1990s, Shaheed Mazari was the one who raised voice for democratic system in Afghanistan.

Hundreds of Thousands attended Shaheed Mazari's Anniversary in Kabul. Photo by Khuram

Abdul Ali Mazari, the charismatic Hazara leader was killed by Taliban on March 12, 1995. He sacrificed his life for civil and political rights, justice, equality and elimination of discrimination from the socio-political arena of Afghanistan. His death anniversary is annually marked by thousands of people across the country and abroad.



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  2. this is a good site for any person any hazara
    i’m a hazara man i’m happy

  3. mazari is the best leader in afghanistan

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