Posted by: Editor | February 22, 2010

32 Hazaras Killed in the US Airstrike

32 Hazaras were killed in the US airstrike on Feb 21. (File Photo)

Nilli: As a result of the blind US airstrike, 32 Hazaras were killed and two injured in Dai Kundi province  yesterday. The victims were from Kijran district on their way to Uruzgan for treatment to hospital. Representatives of their families said their road [in Dai Kundi] is blocked by heavy snowfall so Uruzgan is the only way left for them.

The actual location of this incident is Chow Zar village of Charchinya district, Uruzgan province. Victims include women and children. All of them were from peaceful district of Kijran which is one of 9 districts of Dai Kundi Province. All the three vehicles carrying the families to hospital were destroyed by the US bombardment.

BBC  reports the incident in Uruzgan Province. These people were from Kijran District of Daikundi, on their way to hospital in Uruzgan. Kijran borders the insurgency-hit Uruzgan.

Hazarajat is the most peaceful part of Afghanistan, where people are supportive of the US efforts. There was not a single incident of bomb blast or attack on Kewi troops in Bamyan or PRTs in other districts of Hazarajat–Central Afghanistan. But this air-strike has already fueled extreme public anger across Hazarajat against the US troops.

General McChrystal, the top US commander in Afghanistan has apologized for the tragic incident saying he has ordered an immediate investigation. Initially ISAF had said these people were a group of insurgents on their way to attack. Mostly such reports are tipped off to NATO by local people, trying to give false information to get their rivals killed. But this incident is not a case of tribal rivalry. Maybe the insurgents, or people related to them, passed false information to NATO for an airstrike on peaceful Hazaras to generate hatred against the international troops among the people from this particular ethnic group, that has been supportive to international efforts in Afghanistan.

NOTE: There is also a mistake in BBC report. Sultan Ali, The Governor that BBC has quoted, is governor of Dai Kundi, not Uruzgan.



  1. This incident proved once again that there is no nation by name of Afghans. The pashtoons misinformed the NATO to casue Hazaras get killed. It proves once again that the real intentions and attitude of Pashtoons towards Hazaras. It is a historical divide of centuries that can’t be healed in a few decades.
    It it the foolery of the Western world that they struggle to make Afghanistan a nation state. It is a total failure. This country is an unnatural federation. Soon or later she has to be divided.
    It is also the foolery of Hazaras and Hazara leadership to try to reconcile in Afghanistan. A few years of peace under NATO and US soon will end and the massacres will occur again.
    It is not a solution. If you want to reach this conclusions after more series of civil wars and maybe annihilation of nation by name of Hazaras so try it. Time will decide that Afghanistan is four countries enforeced to be one under false concept of Afghan nationality.
    It is more practical to divide this country and make its nations capable of defending themselves.

  2. This is a very sad incident. Whoever miss-informed NATO wants Hazaras to uprise against the government. We have been very peaceful and instrumental in the rebuilding of Afghanistan and clearly some people dont wanna see that happen. But i am sure we are smarter than that and we will deal with this issue in a peaceful manner yet with a firm stance to bring justice to the civilians who lost their lives and their families. Rest In Peace dear brothers and sisters. May the ‘Lion of God’ have mercy on your souls.

    Toronto, Canada

  3. Our people were in a tough situation for hundred years, however, after getting our freedom, we thought that we should cooperate international troops in order to overcome the issue of terrorist. Though it is very secure Hazarajat, international army made a big mistake that many people became disappointed because of this tragedy which wont be forgetten forever. I am as Afghan, to express my sorrow to all who have lost their beloved ones in the incident.

  4. قوماندان عمومي ناتو از رئيس جمهور و مردم افغانستان معذرت خواست
    جنرال ستانلي مک کريستال قوماندان عمومي ناتو در افغانستان شام روزگذشته به ارگ رياست جمهوري رفت و بخاطر تلفات ملکي در ولسوالي گجران ولايت دايکندي از حامدکرزي و مردم افغانستان معذرت خواست.
    به گزارش دفتر مطبوعاتي رياست جمهوري، نيروهاي هوايي ناتو صبح روز يکشنبه 2 حوت در ولسوالي گجران ولايت دايکندي بالاي سه عراده واسطه نقليه که به سمت کندهار در حرکت بودند، حمله کردند که در نتيجه آن بيست و هفت تن از مسافرين به شمول چهار زن و يک کودک کشته و دوازده تن ديگر زخمي شدند.
    جنرال ستانلي مک کريستال در حاليکه موصوف را کارل آيکن بري سفير امريکا همراهي مي کرد، از چگونه گي وقوع حادثه و عواملي که منجر به اين اشتباه شد، به رئيس جمهور معلومات داد و پذيرفت که در اثر عدم دقت و مشکلات تخنيکي اين حادثه متاثر کننده به قوع پيوسته است. وي يکبار ديگر از خانواده هاي قربانيان، رئيس جمهور، مردم افغانستان و ساکنان محلي معذرت خواست.
    او همچنان گفت که بعنوان قوماندان عمومي ناتو، تمامي تلاش هاي خود را بخرج خواهد داد، تا از تکرار چنين اشتباهي جلوگيري گردد.
    رئيس جمهوري اسلامي افغانستان با تقبيح شديد اين حمله هوايي به جنرال ستانلي مک کريستال خاطرنشان ساخت که کشتار مردم ملکي يک مانع بزرگ در مبارزه موثر با تروريزم است و اين سلسله بايد خاتمه يابد.
    رئيس جمهور يکبار ديگر به هماهنگي ميان نيروهاي ناتو و افغانستان تاکيد کرد و اين امر را براي جلوگيري از تلفات ملکي و مبارزه موثر با تروريزم ضروري و مهم خوان

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