Posted by: Editor | July 14, 2009

Hazara Ismailis Celebrate Imamat Day

Hazara girls presenting a traditional song on 52nd Imamat Day.

Hazara girls presenting a traditional song on 52nd Imamat Day.

Kabul 11 July 09: The Hazara Ismailis celebrated the 52nd Imamat Day of Hazir Imam with religious festivity. The event in Kabul was held in the Central Jamatkhana, Taimani attended by thousands. Different traditional items were organized.

The other major celebration event was held in Central Hazaristan–Bamyan.

Male and females of all ages were wearing traditional clothes. Hazara elders and women participated in large number. Speakers, religious leaders highlighted life of His Highness the Agha Khan.

The Imamat Day is the 52nd anniversary of Hazar Imam’s accession to the Ismaili Imamat. Hazaristan Times warmly wishes Mubarak Imamat Day to its Hazara readers of Ismaili faith.

Approximately 95% of Afghanistan’s Ismaili population consists of Hazaras. The Aga Khan Foundation, the global humanitarian organization is the most active non-government organization in Hazaristan working to improve quality of life.

Hazara Ismailis celebrating the 52nd Imamat Day.

Hazara Ismailis celebrating the 52nd Imamat Day in Kabul and Central Hazaristan.

Approximately 5,000 men and women of all ages, wearing festive clothes, attended the celebrations held at the Ismaili Jama’at Khana in Taimani.

Other attendees included Ismaili elders and spiritual leaders. A number of high-ranking government officials and members of Parliament from various ethnic groups were also in attendance.

Participants gave speeches about Prince Karim Agha Khan and the Ismaili faith.

Approximately 90% of Afghanistan’s Ismaili population consists of Hazaras. Prince Karim Aga Khan, the 49th Ismaili Imam, is the current spiritual leader of the Ismaili Shias.

The Aga Khan Foundation, the global Ismaili humanitarian organization, actively works in Hazaristan and other areas in Afghanistan to improve the people’s quality of life.



  1. My wholehearted congratulations for my Hazara Ismaili brothers and sisters and to His Highness the Agha Khan whose blessing has been brightly visible.

    • I am very impressed by the fact that we Hazaras (Ashnahasar+Ismaili+sunni) can stress on our commonalities instead of minor differences in faith and believes. We are one blood and that everyone else sees us as one people with no distinction. Finally, we are able to put aside all our differences of opinion and appreciate the fact that we are so alike and we have so much in common. We are the descendants of great warriors and inshallah will soon be ancestors of the future of Afghanistan’s most bright, educated, hard working, talented, and zealous generation. Together we stand strong and only together we can achieve this. We are the future of our country and in my opinion this country’s only hope. Soon, we will be the most modern, educated, and innovative pioneers of building a pluralistic civilization in a country which has long suffered all sorts of atrocities and genocides. As a Hazara and a member of the Ismaili faith, I want to send my most sincere greetings to all my Hazaras of all faiths. I appreciate this website and I welcome our unity above all things. I love you all. May the ‘Lion of God’ be always with us in every step and give us strength.

      I also want to thank everyone for congratulating the Ismailis on this Imammat Day!

      Zinda bad Hazaras!

  2. Dear Dostan

    I respect their faith and congratulate them from my bottom of my heart. Being a Hazara is not a shame anymore instead people are proud to be Hazara. Any one who discriminate Hazara in fact they are in fight with Allah and the mother nature who created Hazaras as they are.
    Well done our Ismaieli Hazara be proud of being Hazara and ismalie.

    Long life Hazara along other human being forever

    Ahmad Australia

  3. Hazara is one nation and religion should not be a hurdle for being one because at the end of the day we have one blood and one fore father.

    Long live hazaras and peace lovers..

    D Azad UK

  4. Dear Hazara Brothers and Sisters (with Ismaili faith)
    I like to congratulate all of you from core of my heart on 52nd Imamat day of Hazir Imam. Hope we can promote among hazaras a culture of coexistence to tolerate each other regardless of their faith. Being Hazara we have a conman opponents and opportunities. We have to respect the individual freedom of each other and to know the historical reasons why the Hazaras has been the backward yet.
    I am very thankful of Imam Hazir that during the previous years he really did lots in Hazarajat where government and other Donors ignored. Finally I would like to bring in the notice of all Hazaras that before they think on any other National or Global issues first need to think were we Hazaras are and how are we living in the Caves of Bamyan. So we are still the generation of Caves and need to work day and night to stand on the level of respectable community of the world. I am sure we can.
    Hazarahi Jahan Motahid shaweid

    Kublai Khan

  5. Really love these.
    May Maula shower his choicest blessing on us.
    Murtaza. karachi pakistan.

  6. it gives me immense pleasure and I am really proud of my beloved ismaili brothers and sisters of Hazara, that they decently calibrated the Golden Jubilee of our beloved Hazir Imam Shah karim Alhussaini, I really appreciate their generosity and cooperation with the ismaili community and its councils , and hope the hazaraistani Jamat will keep on such divine activities in future also. I pray for the jamat that Movla bestow all of you good health, prosperity, long life, success, unity in your families, and strength to stand on siratal Mustaqeem…Ameen

    With best wishes and kind regards

    Shehzada Behram (Chitrali)

  7. it gives me an immense pleasure, I am really proud of my beloved ismaili brothers and sisters of Hazara, that they decently calibrated the Golden Jubilee of our beloved Hazir Imam Shah karim Alhussaini, I really appreciate their generosity and cooperation with the ismaili community and its councils , and hope the hazaraistani Jamat will keep on such divine activities in future also. I pray for the jamat that Movla bestow all of you good health, prosperity, long life, success, unity in your families, and strength to stand on siratal Mustaqeem…Ameen

    With best wishes and kind regards

    Shehzada Behram (Chitrali)


  9. The comments in support of the Ismaili Hazara heritage group of the ancient Hazara nation are heartwarming and a good example for sectarian
    and branch unity in diversity in Islam and all other faiths under the One God above us all.
    People of the Christian faith such as myself, and ethical and moral people of all faiths, must give moral support to the long neglected Hazara natural nation to seek a better world for all through dialogue, democracy, reasonable compromises, non-violence, and prudent evolution while maintaining dedication to tradition and universal human rights.
    May Allah bless the Hazara people in that noble spiritual and temporal task!
    Jon Speller, New York, New York

    • Thank you for the nice words, Jon. I couldn’t agree with you more. Sectarian strife has divided the Hazaras and peoples of other faiths. It is high time we all focused on our common grounds. As a Hazara I am happy Hazaras are not dividing themselves based on faith.

  10. Congratulation to all my Ismalie Hazaras, I am a shia jafari and I cant find any reason to see the defference between hazaras, wether you are shia,suni and ismlie, you are my beloved hazara, all of us are sons and daughters of Baba Mazari, who he always called on hazaras unity.

    Long life Hazaras.

  11. Hi,

    Feel immense please to see the ismailie of Afghanistan in peace..

    Fida Ali
    Chitral Pakistan.


  13. Ma az Thaye Dil khu tamam Ismalie Hazara ra Tabrik Mogom.

    God Blass Hazara’s

  14. Congratulations.,. May All Hazara live in peace and unity.

    We are hazara no matter which way we follow !

  15. Dear Hazari Ismaili brothers and sisters.

    Congratulations & lots of Mubarakis from Canada.

    We may be far in distance but we are close in spirit.

    We love you all, Inshallah the Jamats in Canada will have more inter-action with Afghani/Tajiki Ismailis.

    Mohamed Lalani
    Richmond Hill, Canada

  16. Congratulation!!!! Faith is someone believe and we all should respect that. It is always great to celebrate those fastivaties! but being one Hazara keeps us strongand encourage us to be coorpoorative with other tribes. we are the nation of love, peace and harmony, we don’t hate others, but we accept others! peace be with you all

  17. we are all one hazara. I have many friends from ismaeli hazaras. i love them. nothing devides hazaras. one nation, one culture, one background, different beliefs, accents and places of living. proud to be a hazara.

  18. Dear All Imam Says ! that everyone is in my heart in my prayers
    it gives me an immense pleasure, I am really proud of my beloved ismaili brothers and sisters of Hazara, that they decently calibrated the Golden Jubilee of our beloved Hazir Imam Shah karim Alhussaini Hazir Imam I Love Such People

  19. بحمدالله امشـــو سرمو سحـــــرشد به زحمت جان موبورازخطرشد
    بریـــدم طول رای قول برف گیـــر نمـــایان خانهء آن پـــرهنر شـد
    شـــده پیــــدا امو مقصــود ازمـــــو چــــولعل ازسینه کوه هابــدرشد
    زمیــنم شـــدخلا ص ازقرصـداری دوباره اُقریمو درجــوی جرشــد
    باچه اوماغ۱ برآمـــد عسکری شی به میهـن پاســــدار باهــــنرشـــد
    امـــو پشتارهء خاره کـــــه بــــردم به بازار شرف قمت شی زرشـد
    برمـــل انـــداز د یــدم طــالعی خود بگفتا نان تودرشیرروغو۲ ترشد
    نهال شانی به خـــون دل نمود یــــم خــداره شکر باغ مو پرثمر شد
    قیـــامت گــشته این دنیـــا به ظالـــم تودانی چه رقـــم زیرو زبرشد
    {نظری}عشقری ره باخبرکو
    کــــه هزره نامـور موتبر شد

  20. شعراز صوفی عشقری به لهجه هزاره گی
    امشو سرمو سحر موشه نموشه ازی کوتل گذر موشه نموشه
    درین قول اربیگیرد برف کوچم زحالم کس خبر موشه نموشه
    خـــــدا وندا که پیـد ا مقـصد مو ازی کوه کمر موشه نمــــوشه
    زمینم شد گــرو د رقـرصــداری خلاصی اش دیگرموشه نموشه
    بـــرآمد پشک فـــرزند جوانــــم سپاه باهـــنر موشــــه نــموشه
    زدشت آورده ام پشتا ره خــــار درین بازار زر موشــه نموشه
    به رمل انــداز گـفـتم بنگـر آکــو که نان خشک موترموشه نموشه
    به فــردای قــیامت روز محشــر جهــان زیـرو زبرموشه نموشه
    حیاتم صرف شـــد درآب یاری نهــالم پر ثمـــر موشه نموشــه
    بپرس ای{عشقری} ازشاه مردو
    هــــزاره موءتبرمـــوشه نموشه

  21. نخـــورده نان نامردی هـــزاره گــراز بیچاره گی زیرو زبر شد
    نبــــوده پش کس دست هـــزاره بــه همت درکف مو خاک زرشد
    مـــزاری زنــدهء تاریخ گردیـــد بـه قوم خو، رهبرو جای پـدرشد
    به ناکس دست دوستی داد مزاری ببــین آخیر برایشی درد سر شد
    به هر فــــرد هزاره هرکجــــایه وقـــاروآبـــرو، و تــاج سرشــد
    آلئ قــوما بــــــیا وحدت کـنی مو کــه وحدت کامیاب کارگــرشــد
    بیاکه درس وحدت رابــخوانــــیم که وحدت زیب وزینت دربشرشد
    اگر ازدل شــوی یک دل ده آغیل هــــزاره ازغمی گیــتی بــدرشد
    اگــــر دوری کنی ازرای وحــدت یقـین بینی که کار ازبــد بتر شد
    مکـــن فرق سیاه، سرخ، زرد را که جنکل خوش نموازخشک ترشد
    بیاکــه سردهیم در راه وحــــدت گــراز بهسود غــزنی یا شبــرشد
    حقـــیقت رابه نظم آورده ام مـــن کسی خوش و کسی خون جگرشد
    بسوز آمد( نظری) گفـــت حق را
    ندارد ترس جان شی در خطرشد

  22. سروده از نور محمد “نظری” شاعر زبان دری وهزاره گی این سروده پرنواقص بنده را هر فرد با احساس از نگاه قضایای تاریخی مطالعه نموده آزادانه میتواند انتقاد ویا تصحیح نماید.
    الیگــوبیـــدبــوری بــامیــون قــومـو زدل بسته کنی پــیمـون قــــومو
    رمه ره پگشی گرگ خانه گی خورد کجــایه بیخبـــرچــوپون قـــومو
    تـــی تیـــاغ کـــو دِه سنگ پــلخمـــو خـطر پــیدا کــــده برگون قومو
    نکـردی گوش گـبه تأثیرشِـی دیــدی جـورمیـده ای ده گـرد ون قومو
    تو که ا حسـا س همـدردی نه د َری قــرت قــو سری پلوون قـــومو
    کــمـره بــستــه کــو بلـــدی دیانـــت کنو کیش زاغ از خرمون قومو
    هــمو روزشــوی یـک د ل ده آغــیل ده ا ولهـــزه سـرم قربون قـومو
    نـــفاقه دِه چـپات اوقــره شی کورشه دویی ره گُـم کنه دوشمون قومو
    تمـــام مـــو یک رقـــم هـــر کجــایی کـوتـه دراز نیـه دامـــون قـومو
    بیه بلــدار مـــویه ازجــنس خالـــص نیه جوب جان کس چاپون قومو
    هــزار چــشمه زیک گــیـرو و پـیـتو دوتــقسـیــم فایـده وتاوون قومو
    نَصب یک نطفه یک، یک دین وایمو یکی درچهـره وچشموون قومو
    تــوا زبــلــلومــن ازتـَیلــومیــآ یُــوم بــوبافیم ریشمه وریسپون قومو
    نمونی ماخ دیــگه د ســـتایی غــیـره ولوبیگره ده دست آسمون قومو
    ده جان مو نیش زده خون کده چوش شپــش ماننـــد تی پیـرون قومو
    بَـلی اوقـــره مو بوده جـایشی اگــرو قـد ردو از خـودو مهمون قومو
    حلوای سرخ وقبرغه داغ خوراکشی نه مـوخـورد لقمه ازتلخون قومو
    کـــاسهء ســـرنــگون کبــرتــوغ کو ده خاک زد کِبرشیرروغون قومو
    کــــده شـــــرمنــده ورســـوای عالم به والله زورد ست ارخــوان قومو
    بچی از خود ده خود دارغه نگیری بیـــگا نه کی مـوشه درمون قومو
    زمـان جــا د و خـانی گــشتــه تـامو ده سنگ تأثیرمونه فرموون قومو
    بخــواهـــی یانخواهــی شــــد نی یه خــاره بـوره تی بـــا رون قـــومو
    درگـه گـفـت وشنود هر سو شده باز بـه راستی رسیده دورون قـــومو
    نـیـت وقصد کوتو هرسو که موری رسیـده ده خُـنک اسپون قــــومو
    جــوا ل دوزه زدی مو آخ نگـــفـتی نزوچیـغ مردی از سوزون قومو
    لیازوپاس دیـــگه جایشی نه منـــده کـــون توغی مونه مرد ون قومو
    خوده کج کج نه کو ده راه راســتی نگـیـره پای توره قـبقــون قــومو
    صــدای دلـخراش تـو گـوش کنه کر زپشــت پـنجـرهِ زنــد ون قــومو
    دل رنجــیــده شــد تـیار شـی سخـته رفــو کی شـه د ل بیــرون قـومو
    ده سال بیست سال نیه اِی راه ناقـی زچـنـد صـد باله یه در دون قومو
    زمار آسـتی خـو مو زخـم خـوردیم مـونه جمله جهان پرســون قومو
    عجـب تاریخ د ری بد پی نه موفتی ا زی خـاطرموگــوم اربون قومو
    شهامت رستم وغیرت چــوسهـراب ز کـه کـم تـوره وگـفتــون قــومو
    قــد یمــــه از هــمه هـــرسازوآ واز غیـچگ ود نبــوره پشپون قــومو
    معــــطر لخ لخیه قول وقشــــــلاق زبــــــوی کمی وغیغـــــون قومو
    حقیقت ره “نظری”تلخ وتند گفت
    که تا هوشیار شوه نادون قومـــو

  23. اختلاف مسجد وبتخانه ازغــوغای ماست ورنه خا ک هــردواول جنبهء توحــید داشت
    رشد فطرت عامل تو فیق مرواریــد گشت قطره با خوداین صفت آندم که میغلطید داشت

  24. Islam is divided into two sects Ahli sunat (devided in to four) and Shia is devided in to 72 parts including Jafari,Ismaila…. (who believes in up to seven imam then to his brother Ismail and up to now the respected Aga Khan. i am not ismailia but i am hazara once i was watching pictures in the city someone came and used bad words against Aga Khan and bought Masood’s pix i asked him that why he is insulting?he is a better any other leader posted here? do u know about his,hospital…?then he became serious but he was mujahid so i left him sth the same happened in university with my friend this time we fought(i can tell you if you want information). what i mean is during many years some people have used bad words about ismaila to seperate them from us but they dont know that we are unseperable.only educated people know it.once again i congratulate to all my hazara brothers. as u know hazara can be shia(from any part)suni, and today we even have christians and hindu hazara’s in India. WE ARE ALL UNITED

  25. Dear Friends

    It nice to have religious celebration I really appreciate. However, Hazara must find their roots and background as well.

    Any nation who are not proud of themselves and do not respect them self. They never will be respected by others!!!! Hazara must discover their race,history,and unique glory as well beside their religion and way of thinking.

    It is not acceptable we just limit ourselves to some few hundred years. Hazaras were not para shot from the sky or come out the dry land!!! We have a history of thousands and millions years on this lonely planet.. Lets think who we were , who we are finally who will be in future.

    I have nothing other than love and respect for you and all human-being.


  26. Salam brai tamam quama!

    Ma az tehi dill kho biradarai Ismaili Hazaraha ra tabrik mugom. Wa da khoshi azwa khoshi mikshum.

    Birarai Gull awal AZRA(HAZARA) aztem bekhi mo, baad azo Ismaili, Shia, sunny, wa digar.

    Zinda Bad Hazaraha,
    Zinda Bad Baba Mazari Shaheed,
    Zinda Bad Yousafi Shaheed.

  27. I invite from those people that they have bright mine of proggressive in the world and thinking how to rescue the pour people from darkness and bring unity among the society specially among Azaraha. We should think that the world is moving forward and we are still in the dream of hundred years befor, we should weakup and see what is going on. Forme there is no defrent between the Ismalies Sheya and Hasnasheries Sheya they devided from one father and two brothers.

    • i wish you will be find so please send your mail to me

  28. yah the view which i read was really for benifit of afghan people for reducing the ethnocentorism.

  29. ya ali madad, i very happy to go through your hazara news & photos, i hope you will send me regulerly, thanks. MIRZA HUSSAIN LADAK, KARACHI, PAKISTAN.

  30. So proud of all brave Hazaras no matter Shia, Sunni, Ismaili, Christian, Jew, Budhist, Shamanist. Secterian differences are like poison. Hate this tool of hatered!!!!!FEDUP of it. Take all the AK-47s, Firearms out:) There won’t be any one with secterian differences!!!!
    All Hazaras read read and read as much as you can educate yourselves while you are alive. We are here to learn.
    May the oil lovers and gas lovers burn in their greed of oil and gas flames!!!! Why I say like this? Because I value PEACEFUL and Hardworking Human Life.

  31. I’m a Hazara Shia Ismaili from Afghanistan. Seeing such positive comments in this beautiful site makes me extremely happy. Finally … some of my Hazara Shia Twelver brothers and sisters have come to their senses. True Islam is all about the [essence] not the [rituals] or wearing ‘neqab’ or ‘hejab’. The latter is not even part our Hazara culture. We’ve inherited from those who’ve cowardly used and abused us in the past century. Now, that’s my personal belief and don’t you get all pissed off. Just listen to Baba Mazari’s speeches and then you’ll know what I mean. He was a learned man, wasn’t he?

    The sad reality is that the Hazara Shia Ismailis are STILL being mistreated in rural areas of Hazarajat and mostly by our Hazara Shia Twelvers. You folks, who’ve now seen how the world operates, must take some responsibility in spreading the words of ‘unity’ amongst your Shia Hazara Twelvers. Every encounter is important! If someone currently within you, tell you negative things about the Hazara Shia Ismailis, he/she is neither educated nor your leader. He/She is simply after your attention and ultimately your $. Do not waste your time with such folks and just keep educating your young; girls first then boys.

    If you would like to learn more about the Shia Ismaili Muslims visit the following sites. Only links within these sites take you to other official Ismaili sites. Learn about the Aga Khan’s vision and his philanthropic and humanitarian work across the globe – then – judge for yourselves. – Institute of Ismaili Studies – Aga Khan Development Network – the Official Shia Ismaili website.

    Haider: a Hazara, a Shia Muslim, and an Ismaili
    I love you all and wish you all the best.
    Special thanks to the Admins of this site. Keep up the great work.

  32. Hazara
    Sister and Bother,
    Asalam o Alikum,
    I would like to write that all the hazara are one nation , in the hazaragi customs their are no sectism and we should accept all the Hazara ,
    because we are first hazara . Then we are suni , shia and isamili and all hazara is one hazara , either he is from Bamiya or Shaki Ali

  33. salam to all hazara peopel of the world ,we are all hazara first 2nd what ever we belive in good luck to all of us ..
    we must pray almightey allah to give us unitey .

  34. Happy Salgirah Mubarak of our beloved Hazir Imam to all my ismaili brothers and sisters of hazaristan and abroad. I am delighted to wish and to be with you through this network for which I would wish to thank the administration and pray for all that May Movla bestow you/ us his choicest blessings, may we be guided by his noore-e-imamat till the day of judgment. May movla protect us from harm and bed eyes, may we be granted good health, success and long happy and prosperous life amen

    With kindest regards, best wishes ad Y.A.M

    Your brother in islam (ismailism)

    Shehzada Behram
    A devoted Schalor of Chitral Pakistan.

  35. dear: brother and sisters
    we want peace of course we want peace our people in every country they have brother hood they are working now a days hazara want a peaceful life beacuse now they dont want gun ,fighting,killing hazaras they never want this and afghanistan will have a bright future by hazara people

  36. Hazaras either u r ismaili, shia or hanfi v r same and v should gather as we direly need a separate watan in the name of hazaraistan. V should have to plan hazaras of Badghis and Ghour to come on the plateform of united hazara instead to support and fight for taliban in qala nau (badghis), bala murghab and ghour.

  37. asalum alakum , dear . im very impress of ur site . its an amezingg and nice . best of luck

  38. My Ismaili and other Hazara brothers. I am so proudfull that I am a Hazara, it is not a shame anymore. My dears I want to share with you all that nowadays there are more and more Hazaras which get to universities in Afghanistan. It shows it is not the time of Zahir shah, Nadir Shah and Abdurahman anymore. WE ARE UNITED & AND THE FUTURE IS OURS.

    Best of luck humanity

  39. لکم دینکم ولی دین
    خداراسپاسگذاراستم که هزاره ما امروز به ان پختگی عقلانی خود رسیده. حالابعد ازین هزاره حکمروایی خواهد. کرد. درحالیکه دیگران درین کشوربه عقب برمیگردد هزاره درتلاش یافتن راه خود است. جوینده یابنده است.

  40. i am proudfulllllllllllllllllllllllll of hazara jama-at

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