Posted by: Editor | July 3, 2009

Grand Rally of Wahdat-Junbish in Mazar City

Around 70,000 supporters of Hizb-e-Wahdat and Junbish-e-Milli held a rally in Mazar city.

Around 70,000 supporters of Hizb Wahdat and Junbish Milli held the largest political rally in the history of Mazar city.

Mazar–A grand public gathering of around 70,000 supporters of Hizb-e-Wahdat and Junbish e Milli was held in Ali’s Shrine (Blue Mosque) of Mazar-e-Sharif on Friday. Hazara and Uzbek supporters pledged to vote for Karzai. The rally—the largest in the history of Mazar city–was attended by the members of parliament and leaders of Wahdat and Junbish, Haji Muhammad Mohaqiq, a Hazara politician and Noorullah Sadaat, a Uzbek leader of Junbish. The enthusiastic participation of people in the electoral rally was historic.

Haji Mohaqiq urged the masses to vote for Karzai saying he is the most suitable candidate among other contenders for the office of Presidency. Noorullah Sadaat also urged the people of Mazar city to cast their votes to Karzai. He said, “comparing all the presidential candidates, Karzai is the best.”

Just minutes before the leaders of the said parties come for address, police arrested two suicide bombers from near the rally. Two others reportedly escaped. Tight security was chalked out with heavy police deployment in and around the Shrine.  Police sources say security measures have been steered up as the election campaigns are gaining momentum.

Wahdat and Junbish parties had announced an alliance last month. Majority supporters of both the parties are Hazaras and Uzbeks, two of the largest ethnic groups of Afghanistan.

In a joint press conference in April 2009, leaders of both parties said they would support a joint candidate for the presidency. Later they made an understanding with Karzai for their demands. Leaders of the parties, Haji Mohaqiq of Wahdat secured 11.7% of total votes in the last presidential election when he was a candidate. While, General Dostum got 10% of the total votes in 2004 presidential elections.



  1. This is a good step toward uniting the people of Afghanistan and specially the “turk ethnics”.
    I am very happy that Uzbeks and Hazaras are now come into understanding that they are one”the only one”. they can’t defeat thier enemies without the helpe of each other.
    Long life to the Turks!!!

  2. Salam Dostan

    It is nice to see Hazaras and Uzbeks finally are politically united in one plat for. I am not in favoure of Karzai nor against. However, it is a diffrent subject. I am more intereted in history and the relationship and connection exis between Hazaras and Uzbeks. Racially and historically we belong to each other along other ethnic in Afghanistan and specially Central Asia.Yes, brothers and sisters we are Turk Mongolian decendent regardless of some people if like or don’t like.
    If we put a side minor diffrencess such as religion and the language which is more from the same source and origin. Then there is no diffrence between Suni Hazara and Shia Hazara including Ismaeli and it is the same with Uzbeks,Turkmen,Aimaq,Turkestani,Tatar….. Then we are one and united. If we put a side the shia,sunni then no one is closer to Uzbeks other than Hazaras and it is the same with Uzbeks ,Turkman and Aimaq….

    Pashtons and Tajiks are just close because of religion.But we Hazara and Uzbecks have many thing together. For example race,ethnic,tribal relationship.languge,history….
    Even if we go back to history. Koshanyan,Ghanavid,Ghorid,Baburis,Timoris….all of them belong to us. They don’t belong to others. None of them were Pashtoons or Tajiks at all. They all belong to Uzbeks,Hazaras,Turkmen,aimaq,tatar and Truk Mongolian as we know.

    I beleive it is a very wise decision Hazaras and Uzbeks including our relative ethnics should be united and get along each other to know each other more and more. We should not discriminate ourselves!!! enough is enough. No more Shia sunni propaganda. no more Shia Ismaeli propaganda to help our enemies!!!!!

    Finally Hazara and Uzbeks including their relative ethnic must establish themselve strong like Ghaznavid Empire,like Ghorids. Like Timuris and Baburis. Even like Changiz Khan. Why people are proud of Abdul Rahman Zalem Khayeen who signed the Durand Line. They are calling him Amir and Khan.Unfortunatly when it reaches to Changiz Khan then they cry. He was Zaleem.

    You become Adeel and we become Zaleem.
    People should stop discriminating and killing us….


    No one can keep us apart any more under the name of religion and minor diffrences. We are not against other ethnics. Just we want our rights not more not less than that.
    Why, we should not establish ourselves rather than making Pastoons as our president again and again.


  3. Rahbar Quran
    Hadaf Turan
    its called HAZRAT ALI shrine not Ali shrine

  4. Salam dears!

    This is the matter of great joy and success to see the Two historically close ethnic groups in Afghanistan joining hands to enhance their socio-political ties. The rally arranged in the sacred city of Mazaar-e-Shareef in the shrine of Hazarat Ali (a.s) is of a tremendous significance in the history of both indegenious ethnic groups.

    However, questions arise in mind, ‘what are the ground realities on which both parties have declared their support to Karzai?’ ‘Haji Mohaqiq, the opposition leader in the whole tenure of Karzai’s presidency, consistantly and persistantly blaming Karzai for being prejudiced, biased and partial in distribution of resources to Pashtoon areas neglecting Hazara lands, how have leaned toward Karzai and pledged support?’ ‘Mohaqiq who led the Hazara ethnic group in Afghanistan under the slogan of condemning Pashtoons for their curelty and atrocity either “Taliban or Siyyaf” after the coward assasination of BABA MAZARI establishing his own fraction as ‘Hizb-e-Wahadat Murdom-e-Afghanitan’ how first streached hands to Sayyaf and now to Karzai, What Are the Underlying Causal Factors?’

    These are the questions which may be in many other people’s mind to get the answers. Mohaqiq’s politics and interest in coming close to Pashtoons is raising question about the past atrocity and massacre of Hazaras by Pastoons and literally saying will cause a gaint gap between Hazaras and Dari specking Tajiks. Tajiks who are very close to hazaras in terms of their culture, traditions, languge, and their joint venture to fight TALIBANS in Afghanistan will no doubt be in jeopardy.

    Thus, the need for justification of the support to Karzai and Sayyaf must be provided by Hizb-e-Wadat leadership to the people of Hazaras. Otherwise, another chapter of enimity will be opened with centuries based culturally closed Tajiks in the history of Hazaras and the collapse of Northren Alliance (Hazaras, Uzbaks, and Tajiks) will be sabutaged, and their future alliance in case of any war in the country will cause them defeat and human casualities.


    Rasool Hosseini

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  6. To Ahmed Jan!

    I’m very pleased to get through your comments about the alliance of “Wahdat & Jumbish” to support KARZAI. Your appreciation on the matter of alliance is encouraging and your reference to the past in order to integrate both Ethnic groups ‘Hazara & Uzbak” is also praiseworthy. However, bringing Tajiks & Pastoons together to each other based only upon their religious ties is unfair and narrow in its scope and analysis. You must not forget that if you deny the importance of religion in case of bringing all Hazaras (shia-sunni, Aimaq, Turkman, Tatar, Turk Mongolid but missing Qazalbash) to gather, you must not constitute narrow view to give more importance to SUNNISM as a common and strong reason for developing the relationship of Tajiks and Pashtoons.

    The alliance between “Wahdat & Jumbish is no doubt splendid in its significance, yet their pledge to support KARZAI may cause inevitalble damage to the conceptual formation of Northren Alliance and the cultural bondage between Tajik and Hazara – the hazara’s rich history and ties with Central Asian Countries. There should be tremendous respect for Wahdat & Junmbish alliance; however, their pledge to support KARZAI must be questioned by every Hazara.

    Ramazan Bashir Dost – though having huminatrian apprach and philosophy rather than Hazaragi Idealogy – is much more better than KARZAI who had been prejudiced, biased, and partial in distribution of resources. Bashir Dost, at least, did not have history of cruelty, atrocity, hypocracy, and massacre against HAZARAS.

    The leadership of “Hizb-e-Wahdat” must review their pledge to support KARZAI. The support of KARZAI by Mohaqiq may communitcate and depict an opening of a new chapter of clash, division, and conflict among HAZARAS. KARZAI by no means can be an alternate to any other Hazara, Uzbak or Tajik candidate. The atrocity by Pashtoons – which massacred 61 % of Hazaras and forced many to change their languge and identy – must not be understimated by Wahdat leadership. It must be the governing agenda of the Wahdat Political Claim because the recent massacre of Hazaras by Kuchi was the project of KARZAI government hatched under KARZAI’S own intention.

    Hope the bitter facts will be considered as a positive critique.


    Rasoon Hosseini

  7. Dear all readers Salam,

    Hope you all fine there, actually I’m in support of this that Wahdath & Junbish are helping & supporting Mr. Karzai in upcoming Elections. All Hazara is supporting Mr. Karzai? No, because Mr. Karzai didn’t full fill his promises etc in his government. If Mr. Karzai is willing to win the upcoming Election so why didn’t he work honestly regarding general issue which is still witness here like the great problem in Behsud. Now Mr. Mohaqig is supporting him due to upcoming chances in his government. I’m not really feeling pleasure to hear that these two parties are supporting one candidate.
    Let’s see what will happen tomorrow with Mr. Karzai I’m waiting to see it with you all there.

    S. Asmatullah Abid
    Central High-lands
    Central Daikundi Province

    NOTE: Vote prosperity of Afghanistan

  8. I am personally feeling the pride of Hazara-Uzbak Alliance, but not impressed with their support for Karzai. Karzai has proved in the last 8-9 years of his presidency that he has done no significant contribution for Afghanistan. He has not been impartial regarding the distribution of resources in our country. He has done nothing for Hazaras and Uzbaks and even Tajiks. I believe he deserves no more chance to win another election. If he wins the next four years of his term, there would be little progress in Afghanistan. Ethnic differences and discriminations would rise exponentially like the BEHSOOD’s example.

    Hazara and Uzbak should either choose to support one of their own or better to support a Tajik candidate.

    Ramadhan Bashardost is a suitable condidate who is honest and knows the political process very well. Abdulah Abdullah, the Tajik candidate has been involved in the Hazara-uzbak genocides, but he still deserves more than Karzai. I believe he would do more for Hazaras and Uzbaks than Karzai would.

    I sugest WJ Alliance to take more time to consider supporting a Tajik candidate or one of their own rather than the Pushtoon Karzai.

    Regards, Kaliq Zullal, New Zealand

  9. Dear Rasool Hosseini

    Thanks for your valueble comment . I am sure our community need educated personaligy like you. I read your comments it is great and academic. I do not support Karzai at all if you read my lines.(I am not in favoure of Karzai nor against. However, it is a diffrent subject. I am more intereted in history and the relationship and connection exis between Hazaras and Uzbeks. Racially and historically we belong to each other along other ethnic in Afghanistan and specially Central Asia.Yes, brothers and sisters we are Turk Mongolian decendent regardless of some people if like or don’t like.)

    I agree with your stress and concerns. In regard to the Qezilbash or decendants of Nadir Afshar or Nadir Quli Beg . Qezilbash they are also Turk. Not only Turk a very famouse tribe of Turkmen tribe who speaks Farsi Dari.
    However, unfortunatly becuase some people would like to speak more ( Ba Nerkh Rooz) which makes thing complicated for them and for us. The Taboo of Arian or Pashtonism were common and official in Afghanistan in past 300 years so far. The majority of Qezilbash now call themselves Tajiks or Arian which is a fake identity rather than the original one. Ahmad Khan or Ahmad Shah Abdali or Duranni was a cheiftan in Nadir’s kingdom not a king over the head of Nadir! All Qezilbashs and Afsharis they are pure Turk or Turk nor Pashtoons as Mohsini claims or nor Tajiks. These are the fact and reality regardless of daily basis or fake identity…

    In one word Qezilbashs are closer to us rather than Pashtons and Tajiks. I also confused myself why Mohaqiq and Hazara leaders are supporting our historic enemy pashtons. Yes offcourse we have alot common with Tajiks like language … However, the Charikar Treaty was the first step towards freindship with our Tajiks brother and sisters, But the Afshar,Chandawol and West Kabul destroeyd the trust amongst us badly.

    regards to all readers


  10. Dear Ahmed,

    Thanks for your historical reference about Qezilbash. Like Hazaras, Qezilbash are Shia, speaking Dari, have been persistant victim of persecution due to their language, religion, and identity. Now they are on ‘Taqqiya’ as recommended in Shia school of thought which means to hide one’s identity when their life becomes in danger – Behlul Dana is an example. Anyways, Qezilbash is not subject of our focus.

    On one hand, the alliance of Hazara-Uzbak ethnic groups are convaying peace and friendship message, while on the other hand, their pledge to support KARZAI will open the chapter of clash among NORTHREN ALLIANCE even may cause conflict among HAZARAS. I appreciate your committment to strengthened the alliance of Hazara-Uzbak.


  11. hello Dear Hazaras all over the world!
    this is the first time i have visited this informative website and i like it ,through this i want to send my regards to all thoes friends who come togather in this virtual world to share thier views on deferent topics ,,that is promising, it encourages me to see our youths are soo interested in thier political and social affairs. sorry guys i nearly sounded like a grand dad . lol , but i want to thank the webmaster for providing such an apportunity for us to come togather,,,,,i read the story about the allience between Mohaqiq and Dustom,,i wanted to add my thoughts ,i can see some of my friends are not happy if Hazaras vote for Karzai ,,they have the right to feel so and some have suggested that Abdullah Abdullah would have been a better candidate and in general nobody has any interest in Karzai,,I also think Karzai hasent done enough for Hazaras to deserve thier vote,, he is a hypocrate,, and only works for his pashtoons. but i would like to ask my friends to remember one think ,,there is no such think as an emotional bond between politicians or thier followres,, as much as i am happy about Hazaras and Uzbecks getting united for thier political future , i also like to add that we shouldednt get carried away by this unity,, we do not want enemity with any nationa in Afghanistan as our great Leader baba mazari once said ,,today thier is no other candidate who can promise us a better future and is still able to win the election ,,Abdullah Abdullah doesnt have as much international support as Karzai,,so he has a very small chance of winning the election and for us to supprt him would be wasting our valuable votes which we can use to determaine our future ,,Karzai has alot of support from United states and will win the election ,,by getting Uzbeck to his side Mohaqiq has an ally in the north and by voting Karzai, mohaqiq has secured a better political status for hazaras.. Tajicks are a minority like us they cannot promise us anything plus thier political leaders have a long bloody history against our nation and they will never stay by our side we have expereinced this in the past ,,Karzai on the other hand is at least more neutral than thoes Tajik leaders and those tajiks will not win .nobody will allow them to win in afghanistan. and outside afghanistan because thoes they forward for the post are not trusted by the international community ,,i agree that Karzai didnt do enough in the past but this time Mohaqiq will make a deal ,,his support comes at a price for Karzai he will not get it for granted ,, i know some of you might know <Mohaqiq he is not a very experienced politicain ,,but he has some advisors who are good and give him good advice ,,if it was for Mohaqiq himself i personally wouldent give him that much cridet but thanks god thier are people who can give him advice and recently he has been listening to them and hence he is so good at his deals with others…i think if beside Uzbecks we want to have a good relation Pashtooons should be in priority than tajiks ,,it would be in our interest,,i agree about the fact that we suffered from them in the past,,but in politics it is the interest of your nation which says the final word, you will deal with your enemies to secure your goals ,,as we say in persain politics doesnt have father or mother,, thank you guys,,please do not consider this as a criticism it is just a personal openion ,, thank you guys take care

  12. salam hamwatan,its the time to elect some one as ur president who is able to ful fill peoples wish, come on Dr.Ramazan Bashar Dost is that man who is able to do all these thing.leave what muhaqiq says,he don’t think about hazara’s ,well about muhaqiq i should say that he don’t know any thing about politics as he apears in politics at onces,well dear ali i m agree with you,politics has no father or mother,there was a program in Baba Mazari’s (R.A) time so what he did he want to that program late,when the people asked Baba that why You have came to program late as You respect time much then Baba said that i come late bks I want that another nation should stand in respect of in short i think that Hazaras are the bast nation of the world,we should continue the way of Baba Mazari, uzbak, tajiks and pashton can never be our friend.dear hamwatan do not waste ur value able vote.being a hazara u all have that much feeling and emotion don’t vote karzai…. its up to you people now what ever u think it criticism or a love for nation…. thanks take care

  13. dear Ahsan thanks for your comments ! i fully apreciat your concern about the great Hazaras. i absolutely agree that we should have confidence in our own abality, relying on others is the first step towards failure for a nation. but what i mentioned above was not meant to suggest that we should rely on others . the God doesnt change the disiny of a nation unless they stand up and make that change occure . you mentioned Dr Ramazan Bashardoost as a good candidate. thier is no doubt that he is a honest educated Hazara who thinks about the whole nation rather than a particular group of people ,that quality doesnt exist in any other candidate.but what is disapointing is the fact that he, in order to prove his neutrality, is condemning all the struggle that our great nation has comitted to in the past years during the war which was imposed on us by Masoud and Sayaff and many others ,,he calls Baba Mazari a war criminal ,,that is exactly what the enemy want,,calling the only leader who fought for justice and equality for all in Afghanistan a war criminal, infact undermines our efforts in the past, we were a deprived and opressed nation and we fought for our rights we gave alot of sacrifice and if some one cames and says that we comitted a crime for defending ourself that infact is a crime by itself we dont only need a Hazara in the governement . we need a Hazara who represents the the suffereing of our nation in the past -who underestands the reason behind our resistance,,second ,our vote should solve our problems ,,as i said we give our vote for thoes who is ready to make a deal with us and is still very likely to win the election ,,Mr Ramazan Bashardoost cant win, and the reason is that he is opposing any foriegn intervention in Afghan politics including USA .that is not possible. where do u get all thoes professional bodies to help you run the country without any foriegn aid? and his plan for the future government is very unrealistic. therefore even if we do vote Bashardoost he cannot win and we will waste our vote, and wont get anything out of it . at least when we vote for Karzai first he is very likely to win and has all the support he needs inside and outside the country and when we make a deal with Karzai we secure some commitment for the future of our nation…and second we can have our fair share in the government ,,, thank you very much

  14. salam Ahmad and Rasool jan,

    wow, great exchange of thoughts, opinions, and idias!

  15. Ataullah Jan!

    Inshallah degar HAZARA bodan JIRUM na mebasha.

    Thanks for your regard.


  16. Dear Dostan

    Here is awebsite for Ghore Province . Many Hazaras and their relative ethnic live there. Historically also it is importan for Hazara the Ghore Province which wa once the centre of a great empire and civilisation. We should find our roots and the extended relationship inside and outside Afghanistan ( Hazaristan).



  17. Greetings to our Hazara, Uzbek and Turkman brothers from Turkey.

    United We stand, Divided We’ll fall.

    So that Hazara-Uzbek-Turkman Union is the best choice for our brothers in Afghanistan. Keep it like that, my dear brothers.

    Hazara Zendabad ! Uzbek Zendabad !
    Turkman Zendabad !



  18. Recent alliance between the Uzbeks and Hazaraz hızbı-wahdet towards the next Afghanistan election is historically wonderful.We shouldnot forget that all the tajiks are also ethnically turkic.History has observed during the previous 300 years that the Pashtoons have reigned to Afghanistan with out being the only majority in the country.Now,the time has come that the state power has to be distributed rightly among the other etnik groups mainly the turkic people who served the nation and especially fought against the previous occupiers of our land.
    The western powers especially the USA,made agreat mistake by forging a pashton like Karzai to choose as president of Afghanistan.USA was cheated, being persuaded by certain political circles believing that Afghanistan could only be calmed under the pashtos leadership.Todays Afghanistan’s political seen and atmospher has largely changed for the last 30 years or so.All the powers entering the political arena of present Afghanistan have to take these factores into consideration.Thamk you

  19. Dear Dostan

    If we go back to history Pashtons has no history before 300 year ago. They had nothing during the whole history of Afghanistan called Khorasan & Aryana before. It starting by Mirwaise Khan Pashton on 1709.
    Before that time Safavid was on power. Before that Burids since 1504. Timoryan from 1405 till 1507. Malok Kurt. 1221 the great Changiz Khan the real Khan . Let me tell you Khan is not the title of Pashton it is the title of Mongol and it related ethnics not Pashtons at all other than those with mix blood of Moghol and other ethnic.

    Khowarzmshahyan, Ghorid 960 till 1220. Saljoghyan. Ghaznavid 1055 till1157. Sasanid, Arbas Invation, Kabuli Kings, again Sasanid. Yaftalis, Kaydaryan, Koshanid of Bamyan, and it goes to the begining of this land which is unfortunatly called Afghanistan which mean Pashtonistan in reality!!!!!!!!!????

    They had no kings no civilization no roots nothing at all everything belonged to Turks and related ethnics and civilization who spoke Dari Farsi as well in parallel to their own native language even Mawlana Jalaludin Balkhi is a Turk ethnic with adapted beautiful Dari Farsi language. Abu Ali Sina is Turk too! the father of Medicine !

    Why the American or Western nations have a wrong illusion of Pashton Domination Afghanistan???!!
    Some one should explain the history to them. This is not fair for other ethnics in Awghositan (Pashtonistan) . How this historic country belong to them and nothing will run without them or Afghanistan will be more stabilize with Pashkun Domanation and monopoly!!!!???

    Wake up Turk Mongolian the true champion of this historic country and put aside your fack and man made differences. Turk Mongolian and Aryan are the true owner and indigenous people of Aryana, Great Khorasan which is now called Afghanistan ( Pashtonistan).

    History will repeat itself if you like it or don’t like.

    Ahmad Australia

  20. Sorry Buburid sixth line

  21. در ارتباط به محکمه دوستم و جنایات جنگی:

    محکمه را باید از عبدالرحمن خاین شروع کرد بابای پشتونها که 62% مردم هزاره و… دیگران را قتل عام کرد نه دوستم و دیگران که از خود دفاع کردند.آیا مقاومت،دفاع،یا کشتن سگهای زنجیری طالبان به رهبری ملا عمر پشتون و اسامه بن لادن عرب قاچاقبر که بالای مال جان و ناموس و سرزمین مردم شمال اعم از ازبک،ترکمن ،هزاره تاجک ،ایماق… و دیگران حمله کردند حرام اس؟.

    آیا افغان ملتی ها و طالبهای پشکون اگر دیگران را کشت حلال و قانونی بوده و اگر دیگران از خود مردانه وار دفاع کردند جنایت جنگی اس؟ طالبها تا آخر مقاومت خود را منفجر می کردند و حالا هم می کنند. مردم با ید چه میکردند؟ افغان ملتی ها و کسانی که دوستم به مزاق شان خوش نمی خورد چرا محاکمه را از عبدالرحمن که دیورند را امضا کرده افغانستان را از آبهای بین الملل محروم ساخته و کشور را محاط به خشکه کرد.پنجده را به روسها داد تا توانست هزاره واقوام دیگر به شمول پشتونها را کشت. وحدت ملی را برای بار اول از بین برد…… جنگهای مذهبی را شروع کرد. حفیظ الله امین،ملا عمر جلاد وطن فروش نوکر خاص پاکستان و سعودی اسامه بن لادن خارجی عرب که هیچ حق ندارد حتی بدون اجازه برای سیاحت داخل شود…. و دیگر جلادان و آدمکشان شروع نمی کنید که از دوستم و دشت لیلی شروع میشه!.

    آیا مردم شمال هزاره اوزبک ترکمن و تاجک برای طا لب های پاکستانی و پشتون به سردکردگی اعراب و دیگران ، فرمان خاص پاکستان و سعودی دعوتنامه روان کرده بود؟ که لطفاٌ شمال بیایید به ناموس مردم تجاوز کنید،اسپ بگیرید،دختران مردم را به زور و به نام اسلام نکاح کنید. و حتی زنان مردم را و تا میتوانید هزاره ها را بکشید که چون ملاهای وهابی و دیوبندی فتوا داده اند که اینها کافر اند. تمام مردم هزاره کلمه می خوانند روزه می گیرند…از کجا کافر شد.معلوم است چرا که پشتون و طالب نیستند!!!!!! اگر هزاره کافر و ناروا بود ازبکها که سنی بودند. تاجکها که سنی بودند. حتی مسعود جدای از جنگهای داخلی و جنایت در حق هزاره ها و شیعه ها یک مجاهد بود.چرا شما با او جنگیدید و او را توسط اعراب و به همکاری سیاف و شرکای سیاسی و فرصت طلب اش او را کشتید؟؟؟؟؟

    شما پشتونهای کور دل و افغان ملتی های فاشیست بهتر و خوبتر همه چیز را می دانید ولی خود تان را به خری و حماقت که میراث نیاکان با غیرت مملو از جهل و مکاری آمیخته است خواب تان را سر دیگران می پرانید. دوستان قصه دشت لیلی فرار پشتونها و طالبها از جنایات جنگی است و می خواهند با این داستان سازی جنایات نیاکان و سران دغه ها را در نظر مردم افغانستان و بخصوص جهانیان بپوشانند و بس……

    مرگ ابدی بر فاشیست های کوردل ومکار که در طول سیصد سال اخیر افغانستان را از یک مخروبه بالاتر نبرده اند چه بسا وحدت ملی و….. آیا وحدت ملی بدون اقوام دیگر عملی است شما بیشتر دنبال وحدت پشتونیزم هستید تا وحدت ملی!!!!!


  22. Salam all Hazara

    Here is the website for Hezb-e- Wahdat . It might help you in some ways to get information from this website. I am not in favor of Khalili or supporting him. I just believe in exchanging information.


  23. عبدالله فکر رءیس جمهور شدن را دارده!!!!!!!!!!!!

    جنایات مسعود ، سیاف ربانی و دیگران در افشار ،چنداول که بیشتر قزلباشها که خود را فارسی زبان میگیرند و توسط فرمان آمر صاحب قهرمان جنگهای داخلی و هزاره کشی را چگونه توجیح می کنید؟؟؟ آیا آنقدر حقایق را کتمان می کنید که دیگر کاملاٌ تعصب و قوم گرایی شما و منطق تانرا کور کرده است. مسعود به اندازه یک آدم ساده هم ملی نمی اندیشید آنچه می اندیشد از لوله تفنگ و خود خواهی بروز می داد. تمام اقوام را دشمن خود و مردم خود ساخت و برای شما بیچارگان که دیگه قهرمان ندارید قهرمان شد!!

    عبدالخاق شهید یک نو جوان هزاره انتقام تاریخی تمام مردم هزاره و سردار مردم تاجک حبیب الله کلکانی را از نادر شاه گرفت آیا شما مردم قدر دوستی و همزبانی ما را دانیستید؟ شما که خود مرد انتقام خود از نادرشاه نبودید و ظاهر شاه نیمه مرده را کشال کشال آورده بابای ملت درست کردید! این قهرمان هموطن کشی و مسلمان کشی که بیشتر به یک قوماندان بچه می ماند تا یک رهبر چه کاری را انجام داد. کابل را به طالبها داد و زمینه سقوط ولایت دیگر را فراهم کرد . در اواخر عمر در بین مردم افغانستان جای نداشت و ده یک غار خوده گرفته بود تا به همکاری سیاف و فهیم خان و شرکای سیاسی اش کشته شد. حالا همه دوستان اش از او استفاده کرده چوکی میگیرند و یک تو بیچاره از او دفاع میکنی!!!! مسعود بیشتر هموطنانش را کشت تا روسها و خارجی ها.با روسها آتش بس کرده صلح کرد اما با هموطنانش نه !!! اینست قهرمان دروغین شما شورای نصواری !! که من نام ملت بزرگ دانش پرور و شریف تاجک را با آن یکجا نمی کنم. تاجک ها شریفتر از آن است که به گناه مسعود و جنایتکاران شورای نظار وسیاف مقیاسه شوند.

    احمد خان

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