Posted by: Editor | June 20, 2009

Marefat Celebrates Mother’s Day

Marefat High School celebrated Mother's Day on Saturday June 20.

Marefat High School celebrated Mother's Day on Saturday June 20.

West Kabul June 20 June–Marefat High School celebrated Mother’s Day on Saturday, June 20 in Dasht e Barchi, West Kabul. The audience of over 2000 participants included parents, teachers students and people from different walks of life.

Its worth mentioning that Marefat is one of the famous top high schools in Afghanistan currently enrolling over 3000 students with 56% boys and 44% girls. The school was attacked a month back by the supporters of Sheikh Asif Qandhari for criticizing the “Rape Law” that outraged civil society and right groups in Afghanistan and across the world.

The significant gathering to honor mothers and express gratitude to them was held in the school building marked with tributes and songs related to this day. . The program was formally started with a tribute song for mothers. It was followed by a play showing hardships of a mother in bringing up her children, particularly a mother in the war-torn Afghanistan.

The speakers including MP from Faryab, Mr. Oghli and Dean of Katib Institute of Higher Education, Dr. Amin Ahmadi talked about the importance of education and role of a mother. They said mother is the first teacher of mankind.

Besides the groups songs and tributes, audience most enjoyed the play Democracy. With background music, the play was aimed at the current election fervor in a humorous way. Precisely, the message of the play was that democracy has yet to flourish in the tribal-Afghanistan where majority population is illiterate. In a humorous way, the play highlighted the problems of democracy in Afghanistan and the current situation. Different presidential candidates, election commission and political parties were role-played.

Head of the school, Mr. Aziz Royesh concluded the session thanking the audience.

Marefat High School website

Photos: Abbas



  1. it was a lovely Mothers’ Day Celebration with good music, play acting and humour. I feel offended being pictured and labelled “some foreigners”. During the last 2 years working with students at Marefat I have often said thank you for being my family in Kabul. I came to the celebration as one of the honored Mothers, I did not realize I was a “foreigner” in the audience. I thought the humanistic approach to education included breaking down racial and gender barriers and accepting one another as fellow humans attempting to make life better for everyone, not a particular group. United we stand, divided we fall.

  2. Dear Janet,
    Please accept apologies, if it has offended your feelings. By “foreigners” HTimes never meant to discriminate racially. We appreciate your sincere efforts for the community. The caption is edited now.

  3. Dear Janet I as a Hazara fully understand your feeling, and I really appreciate your feeling towards our people, Due to editor’s poor english, he may have used the word foreigner but he didnt mean the way you think, Please forgive him. We The marefat Students Respect people the way they are not the way they look like or where they came from, As you said, we are all human being and we should deal with others in a humanity way. Thank you for joining the Marefat’s mother day



  4. hi how are you?my name is zahra im from australia i opened the sitee.
    i saw the pic of mothers day in mearafat high school it was nice ihope that you can progress and in future make the afghanistan i have one idea that why you do not put the videos can you put the videos bcz we wanna to see how they sung a song put the videos of two girls wearing red cloth thanks if you do this bye

  5. I think Janet is being way too sensitive, especially for a foreigner.

  6. Salam Dostan

    Nothing is important than academic education. Modern days need modern eduction. Traditional and religiouse education did a little for us. Look to other nation from West to the East. North to the South. Muslim and non- muslim.

    Bodhist China or Japan none of them reached to the current glory and acheivment by following traditional way of thinking or goverment system.
    I believe we have to go the same way as they did.

    Maleem Aziz is a great intelectual and preciouse treasury for our nation. He is very committed to modern education. We must support Marefat High School and Maleem Aziz Royesh the best leader for Hazara education. I wish him to be one day the Education Minister or Higher Education Minister for the whole Afghanistan. He can provide the best and up to date education for all citizen of Afghanistan and especillay Hazaras.

    I know personaly this great and well- educated personality and encourage all Hazara and education lover to support his school in West Kabul.

    Ahmad Australia

  7. salam to all,
    thank you janet for your feeling we all love you.
    I really do not know how to thank Ustad Aziz Royesh and i really appreciate his feelings. i have always said kash our people are all educated and followed the way of leaders like Ustad aziz,sema samar(mother of the nation),dai foladi….but unfortunately today mulla’s who are from us are trying to kill us using the relegion. the day that i heard that they attacked marefat i couldnt go to uninversity i went to barchi as soon as i arrived i asked about the health of great Royesh then i saw people(all jowali from sari chowk) who do not know anything about Mohseni Harami ( i dont insult his wife because she is hazara) is killing us using the relegion. i want to write thousands of pages all my people pain. Thanks Ustad Royesh
    Hundu Bashi Hazra Bashi
    i attended three years in marefat class 4th and 5th and 6th salam ba ustad hafiz wa najib too
    Noorullah Jamal Dehqabel,Kabul

  8. The most important thing is to secure your educating youths!!! Why we forget that there are zombies all around us. Who just want to kill the humanity. They follow the orders without knowing the commanding person’s character!!! The Command is in the hand of those who think they are kings of paradise and untouchable! They are cruel so be careful. Put guards 3 times more deadly than the zombie force. Not jocking. The human brain is dangerous. So be careful. One it fixes, it fulfills it regardless of right or wrong. Unfortunately. So never hesitate to put crushing forces outside all your activities. It will take some time for the killers to understand right from wrong!!!! We must remember the nobles that’s all. Never forget Khaliqo the freedom Fighter. ONE is enough!!!

  9. Hindu Bashi HAZARA bashi. Means be Hindu but be Hazara. Ah, Hazara hearts are full of sorrow. The mullahs have hurt us more than our real enemies!!
    I want to write here someting. Today Hazara educatted are killed but none of the Mullahs ahve been targetted so far?? Why is that?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? A Mullah has no courage to go out 🙂 Hazara non Mullah is the real Hazara. Khaliqo is the real Hazara. Mazari is the real Man. Mullahs are the most mother fucker creatures of the world. kill the all and the world will be a better place. Those frustrated Mullahs take revange from those who practice and learn. But the Mullah is a slave and prisoner who is deprived of many living abilities!!! I am sorry for Mullahs. Alas Hazaras !!!!
    Mullah is the real Devil. He is deprived so he hates. Know this. On the other hand nature is so simple. Can be learnt from an innocent:)

  10. Dear Shaman,

    It is a reality that idea is respected and therefore, I would like to mention my view points in your response. As I think Mullahs are different so it is not a good justification as you defame all Mullahs.
    I am disagree with you. Sorry for mention such! Please expend your comprehension power in order to think as logically as possible.

    Abdul Wahid Forozan
    Kabul, Afghanistan

  11. salam,ustad aziz wa haviz man batoul shakird shoma bodam da maktab marefat man batoul az libnan

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