Posted by: Editor | June 17, 2009

Bamyan and Buddha Statues–Series 5



  1. این کشور شکسته اگر بامیان نداشت
    حقا که یک ستاره در این کهکشان نداشت

  2. […] Bamyan Series 4 —                      Bamyan Series 5 […]

  3. Salam Dostan

    We the people of Afghanistan especially Hazara should be very proud to had this great civilisation which uniqe simillar to Egyptian Phyramid and Rome and Greek or China and India.

    We should work to reestablish our treasurey and show it to the region and world yes we were civilised and we will establish another one as we did it before. We should not limit ourselve to just readig or writing commets. Each one of us have responsibility to acheive our target.

    Bamyan must establish again through the help of Hazaras all around the world starting from inside the country,people from Quetta,Karachi,Iran and all around the world by encouraging International Communities .Because this great civilisation belong to us and we must establish it again if we leave it to the others then the only thing they can is destraction!!

    Hazara should work and preserve their cultural heritage regardless of the location where they leave. Thinking about empty slogans of Mulla from Iran or ISI of Pakistan will never bring fortne for us nor it could bring in the past other than disasters and misery.

    Long live Hazara civilisation

    Ahmad Australia

  4. My proud Hazara Nation

    We must establish Bamyan as de-facto capital of Hazaristan as it was before. It is the duty and responsibility of every single Hazara woman and man wherever they live or any nationality they hold. Just focuse a take practical steps to achieve this important and historic goal to establish our glory and identity.

    Long live Hazara


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