Posted by: Editor | June 13, 2009

Wahdat-Junbish Alliance Deal with Karzai

June 14–Mr. Muhaqiq of the  Wahdat-Junbish Alliance, that announced to support Karzai in the Presidential Race 2009 , on Friday in a public gathering in West Kabul highlighted some of the major points of the deal with Karzai. Though he did not discuss all, here HTimes is publishing some major points;

  • Jaghoori and Behsood be Declared Provinces (two Hazara-residing districts in Ghazni and Maidan provinces). Hazaras have been demanding these districts be declared provinces since long ago. For this, the parliament needs to approve as per the Local Governance Rules, where Province or District Administration Setup is declared as per population and other criteria
  • Second Vice President Be a Hazara Karzai has already selected Mr. Khalili, a Hazara, as his Vice President
  • Hazara Representation Be Declared 25%  and Uzbek 15% Officially
  • Five Cabinet Ministries on Wahdat’s Recommendation
  • Four Cabinet Ministries on Junbish’s Recommendation
  • Balanced Development, Reconstruction and Distribution of Funds to all Provinces
  • The Highway from Kabul to Herat through Bamyan and Daikundi be Constructed
  • Governors of some Provinces, Heads of some Districts be Appointed on Wahdat-Junbish Alliance’s Recommendation
  • Kuchi Issue Be Resolved Perminently as Per the Constitution
  • State Promotion of Turko-Mongol Languages and Culture

The above are some of the major points of the deal between Karzai and Wahdat-Junbish Alliance.

The Alliance will campaign for Karzai, use their media sources for Karzai’s reelection. Wahdat and Junbish MPs in parliament will support the Government.

Leader of Hizb-e-Wahdat, Mr. Muhaqiq in the previous Presidential elections of 2004 could score 11% out of total votes while Junbish leader, General Dostum could secure about 10 % of total votes. Its the Alliance will pour 20-25% of total votes in ballots for Karzai.

Addressing the gathering in West Kabul, Mr. Muhaqiq said their Alliance took the demands to all presidential candidates and finally came to an understanding with Karzai. He added, if Karzai reelected with their votes, the Alliance will keep reminding him of his committment to Hazara and Uzbek rights that have been opressed throughout centuries in this country.

Its worth mentioning, General Dostum’s reinstatement as Chief of Army Staff was the first move by Karzai after the Wahdat-Junbish Alliance announced its support to him.



  1. آفرین بر این دو مرد بزرگ محقق و دوستم. این سیاست ملی است نه اینکه جمهوری اسلامی جمهوری اسلامی کرده خود و مردم را به خون بدهند. این بهترین راه تامین منافع ملی ما است. البته طول می کشد اما کم کم بهتر از هزگز است. این خلیلی چه کار می کند؟ به خیالم که فقط لنگی اش را گرفته است و خلاص

  2. Apriciating decision about the identification of Hazara Nation in Afghanistan which is the language. We have TV channels but no hazaragi (Turco-Mangol) language is spoken their and almost educated and professional are feeling embaraced to speek hazaragi among themseleves. It is the most important and vital initiative of Great Mohaqiq that asked the governemtn to promote the language and culture as state level.

  3. I think it is very wise and mature for wahdat-junbish alliance to reveal the bargain they have done with Karzai.

    This will help reduce suspicion and also the people will be able to judgde whether Karzai keeps his word or not.

    I have to admit that if Karzai fulfills his part of the deal – Hazaras and Uzbeks will be in an unprecedented position of advantage! Jist hoping that Karzai has not hidden anything up his sleeves!

  4. i am not so sure if Karzai will meet the demands that these two allience making, we know all that karzai made a lot of promesses and never met in the past and will never meet in the future. it would have been good that they back someone credible. the Karzai that we know is the same person who said nothing when the unidetified and coutryless nomads attacked Bihsoud and he is the same person who went to Bamiyan and clearly promissed the people that he construct the high ways and road in the region, did he do it ? no the good people of Bmiyan started to do Kagil the road. the deal with him is no worth of losing yourself among the people. its just now that he needs once the election passed he will remember nothing but ignoring

  5. […] a joint candidate for the presidency. Later they made an understanding with Karzai for their demands. Leaders of the parties, Haji Mohaqiq of Wahdat secured 11.7% of total votes in the last […]

  6. The list is so wisely made! Thanks for the brains behind them. Especially the correct population count and the Turko-Mongol language and culture promotion.
    There is something very wrong in Afghanistan. The world community is reconstruting areas where those can be the first target if the Taliban come back. But the areas which are peaceful no obvious construction work happenning? Like governer Sorabi said once, lets blow some bombs in Hazarajat so that the world community pay some attention!! Funny but ugly reality. It means peace has no more value in this world!
    When will the constructive work start in PEACEFUL and deserving HAZARAJAT????

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