Posted by: Editor | June 10, 2009

General Dostum Reinstated as Chief of Army Staff

General Dostum is currently in Ankara, Turkey for medical treatment.

General Dostum is currently in Turkey for medical treatment. Flickr Photo

Kabul 10 June--General Abdur Rashid Dostum, the renowned anti-Taliban Uzbek Turk leader has been reinstated as Chief of the Army Staff. According to sources from Presidential Palace, the decision came today Wednesday.  General Dostum was suspended by former attorney  general on the issue of Akbar Bai’s abduction. The General  is currently in Ankara, Turkey for medical treatement.

The reinstatement is likely part of the deal between Wahdat-Junbish Alliance and Karza for the Presidential race 2009. General Dostum is accused of human rights violation, but he enjoys majority support from his Uzbek and other Turko ethnic groups including Hazaras. He scored 4th position in the Presidential Elections 2004 by securing about 10 percent of the total votes. Having military training in USSR, the General has served as Defense Advisor to the interim Government. His vast experience in war against militants can be an asset in the war on terror against Taliban. Sidelining of the General by US decision-makers is not fair enough as there are many others accused of human rights violation serving on high-profiles in Karzai’s Govt. He should be given a real chance for his capabilities in military affairs of the campaign against Taliban insurgency.


  1. Shame for the Karzai Management. Dostom had fleed the country because of several war crime charges against him. All the charges were made by Karzai Government. Karzai Management calls the Hazara leader Muhaqiq and Dostom as the criminals of civil war and warlords but in the mean time because of his requirement and he has offered them important goverment positions to win the election and rule over the country for another 5 years. This is a clear fact that in upcoming election the alience of both leaders will play important role for the win of Karzai. This is a big mistak of hazara and wozbak leaders that they have done again friendship with karzai. In his next government Karzai will officially bring them to court and punish them for being brave leaders of their nations and popular in the outer world for fighting for the right of his nations.
    The offer of Karzai for Dostom is completely temporary basis. Wozbak, Tajik and Hazaras have to kill Karzai otherwise Karzai will once again revise the history on them. All the people of Afghanistan observes the existing Karzai set up which is 100% baisaed.


  2. I partially agree with Adis.

    The fact that Hazara-Uzbeks alliance is trusting Karzai with his words is a very dicey move.

    Dostum is back ad the Chief of Army Staff – the million dollar question is:

    What is the guarantee that after winning Karzai will keep his part of the bargain?

    In diplomacy and politics; negotiations are a key tool and this should never be ruled out. But having said that, negotiations are only successful if they are a win-win situation for both parties.

    In this situation – the gain for Karzai is the electoral support by the Junbush-Wahdat camp which essentially cements his victory.

    The gain for the Hazara-Uzbek vote bank is currently unclear. This will depend on the sincerety of the leadership of both the communities meaning whether they have agreed on this for personal gains or will they truly strive for the betterment of their respective nations.

    Dostum taking over as Army Chief is clearly an outcome of the understanding – the real test is how will they ensure that Dostum stays in this position with real powers even after Karzai wins and no longer needs the Junbush-Wahdat votes.

    Hazaras in the Junbush-Wahdat alliance are on a weaker wicket as Hazara areas are under-developed, neglected and the population is teetering on the brink of poverty. Hazara areas are in desperate need of focus and attention by the center.

    Even after decades of treachery and deception; how can we still trust the Pushtun dominated administration? but the counter argument to this is that what choice did the Junbish-Wahdat alliance have? The second in race (ghani) is also a pushtun…so bottom line is that we cannot avoid Pushtuns and have to find a method through which we can engage them and get to a mutually beneficial relationship.


  3. Dostum has never commited a war crime. nor has mohaqiq. this was fabricated by the Pashtun fascists who had returned from America. they were thinking to grab the power, elbow out others and enjoy their dream of old days monarchy. the problem is that Afghanistan is a very different country than US and life is much more tougher over there. so these guys including Karzai learnt in a hard way that it is much more cheaper and safer to have the none-pashtuns with them as the majority of pashtuns are running after Bin Laden and the Taliban.

    Well done Dostum and Mohaqiq. this is our country. we can live here as we like. we deal, we expect, we come together and change things for the better.


  4. […] worth mentioning, General Dostum’s reinstatement as Chief of Army Staff was the first move by Karzai after the Wahdat-Junbish Alliance announced its support to him. […]

  5. Dear freinds

    Dostum and Hazara people always have the right to self -defence against anyone internally or internationally. No one can stop people from their basic rights like self defence. We Uzbek and Hazara never attacked Kandahar or Pashton Areas.

    They attacked Mazar and Shamal and Central Hazarajat in order to establish Pashton dynasty& holy Islamic Norcotic Emarates of Afghanistan under the name of Islam by massacring people.

    They had no rights to attack Uzbecks and Hazara or Tajiks… They attacked to get land, marry by force peoples wives and dougthers and getting land and horsess. We did not invite them to Mazar or Sheberghan to fight. When they are killed it is their fault not Dostum or anyone else. War crimes should start from Abdul Rahaman Khayen who killed %62 Hazaras not from Dostum.

    Pashton westerners and dog faces raciest wants to make trouble for Dostum to distract from their crimes and atrocities.

    Ahmad Australia

  6. محکمه را باید از عبدالرحمن خاین شروع کرد بابای پشتونها که 62% مردم هزاره و… دیگران را قتل عام کرد نه دوستم و دیگران که از خود دفاع کردند.آیا مقاومت،دفاع،یا کشتن سگهای زنجیری طالبان به رهبری ملا عمر پشتون و اسامه بن لادن عرب قاچاقبر که بالای مال جان و ناموس و سرزمین مردم شمال اعم از ازبک،ترکمن ،هزاره تاجک ،ایماق… و دیگران حمله کردند حرام است.

    آیا افغان ملتی ها و طالبهای پشکون اگر دیگر کشت حلال و قانونی بوده و اگر دیگران از خود مردانه وار دفاع کردند جنایت جنگی است. طالبها تا آخر مقاومت خود را منفجر می کردند و حالا هم می کنند. مردم با ید چه میکردند. افغان ملتی ها و کسانی که دوستم به مزاق شان خوش نمی خورد چرا محاکمه را از عبدالرحمن که دیورند را امضا کرده افغانستان را از آبهای بین الملل محروم ساخته و کشور را محاط به خشکه کرد.پنجده را به روسها داد تا توانست هزاره واقوام دیگر به شمول پشتونها را کشت. وحدت ملی را برای بار اول از بین برد…… جنگهای مذهبی را شروع کرد. حفیظ الله امین،ملا عمر جلاد وطن فروش نوکر خاص پاکستان و سعودی اسامه بن لادن خارجی عرب که هیچ حق ندارد حتی بدون اجازه برای سیاحت داخل شود…. و دیگران جلادان و آدمکشان شروع نمی کنید که از دوستم و دشت لیلی شروع میشه.

    آیا مردم شمال هزاره اوزبک ترکمن و تاجک برای طلبهای پاکستانی و پشتون به سردکردگی اعراب و دیگران و فرمان خاص پاکستان و سعودی دعوتنامه روان کرده بود که لطفاٌ شمال بیایید به ناموس مردم تجاوز کنید،اسپ بگیرید،دختران مردم را به زور و به نام اسلام نکاح کنید. و حتی زنان مردم را و تا میتوانید هزاره ها را بکشید که چون ملاهای وهابی و دیوبندی فتوا داده اند که اینها کافر اند. تمام مردم هزاره کلمه می خوانند روزه می گیرند…از کجا کافر شد.معلوم است چرا که پشتون و طالب نیستند!!!!!! اگر هزاره کافر و ناروا بود ازبکها که سنی بودند. تاجکها که سنی بودند. حتی مسعود جدای از جنگهای داخلی یک مجاهد بود.چرا شما با او جنگیدید و او را توسط اعراب و به همکاری سیاف و شرکای سیاسی و فرصت طلب اش او را کشتید؟؟؟؟؟

    شما پشتونهای کور دل و افغان ملتی های فاشیست بهتر و خوبتر همه چیز را می دانید ولی خود تان را به خری و حماقت که میراث نیاکان با غیرت مملو از جهل و مکاری آمیخته است خواب تان را سر دیگران می پرانید. دوستان قصه دشت لیلی فرار پشتونها و طالبها از جنایات جنگی است و می خواهند با این داستان سازی جنایات نیاکان و سران دغه ها را در نظر مردم افغانستان و بخصوص جهانیان بپوشانند و بس……

    مرگ ابدی بر فاشیست های کوردل ومکار که در طول سیصد سال اخیر افغانستان را از یک مخروبه بالاتر نبرده اند چه بسا وحدت ملی و….. آیا وحدت ملی بدون اقوام دیگر عملی است شما بیشتر دنبال وحدت پشتونیزم هستید تا وحدت ملی!!!!!


  7. Where this ” renowned anti-Taliban Uzbek Turk leader” now and where is the office of this newly reinstated ” Chief of the Army Staff ” ??

    This “gholding” was brought by Karzai, one of the founding fathers of the Taliban to use him for getting the votes of the Uzbek peoploe and after the election was kicked out like a …..

    Similar things will hapen to other sold out ” gholdings” like Fahim and Mohaqiq. Luckily the Tajiks and the Hazaras were cever enough to cast their votes for Abullahand Bashardost rather than to Talib Karzai.

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