Posted by: Editor | June 2, 2009

Wahdat-Junbish Alliance Supports Karzai

Wahdat and Junbish Alliance will support Karzai in the Presidential Elections 2009.

Wahdat and Junbish Alliance will support Karzai in the Presidential Elections 2009.

Kabul 30 May–Wahdat and Junbish Alliance of Haji Muhammad Muhaqiq and General Abdul Rashid Dostum have announced to support Karzai.

The Alliance claiming to represent ethnic Hazaras and Uzbeks announced thier support to Karzai for the Presidential Race 2009 after two months of negotiations and deal. Hizb e Wahdat (Unity Party) and Junbish e Milli (National Movement) had announced their alliance prior to the nomination deadline of the elections. Haji Muhammad Muhaqiq of Wahdat leading the alliance now, had score third position in the Presidential Elections of 2004 while General Rashid Dostum remained 4th scoring 10 percent votes. The Hazara-Uzbek representative Alliance is likely to pull majority ethnic votes.

Haji Muhaqiq while talking to media in the Presidential Palace on May 30 said their alliance came to conclusion seeing Karzai as the “best” candidate among all the contenders.

After the support of Wahdat-Junbish Alliance, Karzai is much likely the next President of Afghanistan. The opposition National Front is still divided while Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai still remains a strong rival to Karzai, but now with less chancing to give Karzai tough times in polling booths.


  1. It is practical decision but with terrible risks. it seems that Hazaras and uzbeks have decided to put all their eggs in one basket. the real question is:

    What about if Ashraf Ghani or any one else can be the winner??????

    It also shows that that Khalili and Mohaqiq and Dostom and Fahim are suitable for tribal leadership ( Arbabi ) than political leadership for their none-tribal or semi-tribal nations. that is why Mohaqiq and Dostom did not support Bashardost.

    but in Afghanistan this was the practical and wise decision available to them.

    I hope that they have not given up just to become two useless minister !!

  2. […] Hazaristan Times has a few details in English. […]

  3. […] People of the central provinces including Bamyan, Daikundi, Ghor and Herat have been demanding of the Government to plan construction of a highway from Kabul to Herat through Hazarajat. According to strategic experts, if the Highway is constructed, it will not only bring revolutionary economic prosperity, but also reduces 400kilometer distance of Kabul-Herat through Kandahar. Karzai in 2006 had ordered the Planning and Economy Ministries to conduct a survey about the highway. But the reluctant Administration in Kabul has taken no interest to even conduct a feasibility report. It was therefore, Mr. Muhaqiq, a Hazara politician, included construction of Hazarajat Highway on the top list of his demands in current negotiation deal with Karzai for supporting him in the Presidential elections 2009. […]

  4. Don’t worry guys, mohaqiq is our leader and he remain in politics alot heknow better then us, so its just politics that Mohaqiq says we vote to Karzai,
    All hazaras are going to vote just for hazara and that is Great Ramazan Bashardost.

  5. […] reinstatement is likely part of the deal between Wahdat-Junbish Alliance and Karza for the Presidential race 2009. General Dostum is accused of human rights violation, but he enjoys […]

  6. What a joke!
    What a shame!

    All the support and will of the Hazaras and the Uzbeks, millions of them, can now be used and bartered by two unelected warlords with grossly inadequate qualifications.

    … dark days for democracy …

  7. […] with Karzai June 14–Mr. Muhaqiq of the  Wahdat-Junbish Alliance, that announced to support Karzai in the Presidential Race 2009 , on Friday in a public gathering in West Kabul highlighted some of the major points of the deal […]

  8. I think this is a thoughtful and practical decision by both the leaders of Wahdat and Jumbish. No doubt with the support of Fahim, Khalili, Mohaqiq and Dostum, Karzai will certainly win the election 2009. And in this way, Hazaras will get a fair share in the future elected government of Afghanistan. I just wish best of luck for the alliance and the people of Afghanistan.

  9. […] of both parties said they would support a joint candidate for the presidency. Later they made an understanding with Karzai for their demands. Leaders of the parties, Haji Mohaqiq of Wahdat secured 11.7% of total votes in […]

  10. -How is Muhaqqiq your leader? who elected him and what has he done really?

    -Dr.Bashardoost rose above ethnic pride or loyalty and he deserved to win. Please have respect and don’t keep tying him to “Hazara”. He is an honest Afghan who just happens to be Hazara. If you want someone who is more loyal to his tribe than country, then Muhaqqiq it is. At least he pays lip service to those causes.

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