Posted by: Editor | June 2, 2009

Thousands of Books Thrown in River: BBC

Kabul June 02–Officials of Nimrooz Province have thrown thousands of books in river. According to BBC Persian reports, the books exported from Iran by some Afghan exporters have been thrown in a river of Nimrooz Province under the directions of Ministry of Information and Culture. The 2500 books include “The Hazaras” by Hasan Foladi, a late US citizen and some other books about the history of Hazaras. Nehj al Balagha, the sermons and speeches of Shiite Imam, Hazarat Ali also includes among the thousands of books.

Governor of Nimrooz, Ghulam Dastagir Azad, while talking to BBC said “some of these books were about sectarian and ethnic issues”.

Information and Culture Minister while talking to BBC has said “the books thrown in the river do not include the religious Shiite book, Nehj al Balagha,” he added “the books were unauthorized.” Local officials of Nimrooz have confirmed the books included the named religious books and some other about history of Hazaras. Exporter and Afghan publisher of the books says they were more than 2500 books, but officials in Nimrooz say it was about 500 books.

Such acts are totally against the freedom of expression and basic human right to knowledge. How could the officials simply throw books in water, without any judicial process, if they were unauthorized or about sectarian and ethnic issues? It will provoke sectarian and ethnic conflicts. In a statement, more than 20 organizations of Afghanistan writers, journalists, students and intellectuals have strongly condemned the act of ignorance by concerned quarters.


  1. I think its the work of ignorance(jahiliyat) to throw books in the river. so the Ministry of Information and Culture needs to be welleducated. who must understand that books are written to be read not to throw, even it has critics or some kind of other inforamtion which he thinks not suitable for other people of afghanistan.

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