Posted by: Editor | May 28, 2009

Sakhizada Performs Live in Australia

Sakhizada peforming in Australia.

Sakhizada peforming in Australia.

The young star Hameed Sakhizada is giving live concert shows in Australia. His first concert was held in Adelaide on 23rd May. Huge crowd of Australian Hazaras participated in the live show. On 24 May Sakhizada performed live in Perth city of Australia where more than a thousand people enjoyed the show. The 20 burnt victims of Boat Tradegy were also present in Perth Concert.

Sakhizada will perform live in Melbourne on 30 May, Brisbane on 30 May and Sydney on 6 June.

Note: Thanks to Hazara Voice for photos.

Hameed Sakhizada playing Dambura

Hameed Sakhizada playing Dambura



  1. So good to see Sakhizada singing for Qouma.

    Can I ask this Website to write something about the incident in which 25 tons of books were thrown into the Hirmand river in Nimrooz, Afghanistan. the books belonged to a Hazara businessman who has a printing house in Mashhad, Iran.


    • Salam! Hazara people. I hope every Hazara is fine.Well glad to see Sakhizada singing for hazara Nation in Australia. There should be like this kind of Hazara musical concerts in overseas to show that we have a great culture and it shows a big reputation among world wide.Best of luck for your musical future.

      Mr Batoor congragulations for your Broken heart photo exhibition. Sorry for not coming to your Exhibition but my prayers are with you (AMEEN).

      I can see that Hazaras have a great potenial and keep it high forever.
      KHUDA HAFIZ, DEAR hazaras.

    • Sahib roui siya ghoo moushaa ……
      chochayii e Sheikh Qandhari tahhammool na metanaa ……

  2. sallam dosta aziz,
    I just wana give a brief news about Hazara Young Star Hamid Sakhizada’s live performance in Melbourne. Last night Hamid’s performance was one of the best performances ever we had in Melbourne, it was amazing amongst huge crowd, more then thousand of people attended the live show. I would Thanks Zia for his fantastic job that he has done (Responsering Hamid In Australia). I hope to see more Hazara stars in Australia.
    Warm regard

  3. salamefrawan ba tamam bratheran aziz.

    im from perth and i was in concert that night it was the best, i never had such a beutifull night n i wannt you guys to put more pi cture of the concert pleaz.

    bye and i hop u guys having fuun.

  4. Latest News

    Hizb-i-wahdat e islami and Junbish-i-milli declared their support for Hamid Karzai instead of Abdullah Abdullah in the upcoming election …

    A wise but debatable decision …

  5. Respected Sakhizad!

    I, from a sort the Buryat-Mongol and Russia have very much become interested in Ulzutuj in your creativity and it would be desirable to communicate with you since our people have the general historical links.
    We live in Ula-Ude, the Republic Burjati where is well-known for the whole world lake Baikal. Моржет to be your ancestors were in our corner of the world.

    With the big respect, Ulzutuj

    I look forward to hearing

  6. Hello Dear Brother/Sister:
    How are u? I hop you are fine and feeling well,

    is there any one to have the sakhi zada’s Email Address?? if yes then plz send it to me ( ))

    Bye bye see u

  7. It is very good to litein that Hazaras are performing “Hazaragi Arts” on International convas. Hats off to you all.

  8. Hi Hamid jan can u have a concert in Norway plzzzzz? plz plz plz plz plz

    I am ur BIGGEST fan:)

  9. salam khowara / berrara
    ommid warem ki concert sakhizada khoshi tan amada basha. oh waqean yag setara hasta hamrrai oh khandanai ki dar sydney kard.

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