Posted by: Editor | May 19, 2009

Forgotten Evil Behind Taliban Insurgency

Iran supports Taliban insurgency to oust US forces from the region.

Iran supports Taliban insurgency to oust US forces from the region.


The latest report by the US State Department says Iran is still the most active state sponsor of terrorism in the world. The report details that Iran’s state-sponsorship of terrorism in Palestine, Lebanon, Iraq and Afghanistan has threatened security in the region and efforts for promotion of peace and economic stability.
Of course there is no doubt the Iranian Quds Force of the Revolutionary Guard conducts the planning, financing and support of terrorism through terrorist groups such as Hammas and Islamic Jihad in Palestine, Hizbullah in Lebanon, Mehdi Militia in Iraq and Taliban with some other factions in Afghanistan.
Coming to the Iranian-hand behind the Taliban insurgency, in June 2007 the Director of US National Intelligence, Michael McConnell had told they have compelling evidence that Iran is supporting terrorist groups in Afghanistan. Prior to the presence of international forces led by the United States, Tehran used to sponsor and support the anti-Taliban Northern Alliance. But when the US forces landed in Afghanistan, national interests of Tehran took a turn in Afghanistan. Many Taliban leaders had reportedly escaped towards Iran, where the old-enemy was warmly welcomed. It was also reported in media that some Al-Qaeda leaders have escaped to Tehran. The Iran-Al Qaeda connection was revealed in early 1997 when Osama Bin Ladin in an interview had suggested an alliance between Taliban and Iran for their joint stance against the Untied States. Evidence in this regard was revealed in 2002 when after a military operation in eastern Afghanistan in March 2002 more than 40 American soldiers were killed in the Shahi Kot Mountains. Several documents and lots of ammunition were recovered from caves in the mountains. US military told in April 2002 in Kabul that unused Air Iran tickets and some bills of a hotel in Mashad were also recovered from the caves.
The US has been accusing Iran of meddling in Afghanistan by playing a double game. Tehran is at the same time supporting the Central Government in Kabul with helping in reconstruction of the country, while on the other hand it has been accused of supplying arms to the insurgents.
In 2007 NATO seized a cache of Iranian-marked weapons being supplied to Taliban through Farah Province that borders Iran. NATO had said that the field analysis of the weapons showed the arms were similar to the ones used in Iraq against the US forces by insurgents. Prior to this another cache of roadside bombs were captured in Helmand. It was assumed to have been supplied from Iran. Last year the British officials in London charged the interpreter for NATO’s Commanding General in Afghanistan with passing secrets to Iran.
All the above-mentioned cases were let go away with some condemnations and statements. The issue was never raised on high diplomatic levels. Its mostly because media and analysts have been questioning the US and NATO allegations as part of the campaign to support military option against Iran regarding its nuclear issue. Under this myth, most cases of the evidences and proves of Iranian support of the insurgents were blamed as fake.
In September 2008 BBC’s Kate Clark revealed the Iranian arms and the intensifying Taliban insurgency. A Taliban commander while talking to BBC had admitted the arms supplied from Iran have revolutionized their fight against the US. The commander had said, “There’s a kind of mine called the Dragon. Iran is sending it and we have got it. It’s directional and very powerful.” The commander had further revealed that the Iranian arms were only available to special groups, who had “good contacts” with the Iranians. “There are people inside the state in Iran who donate weapons. There are also Iranian businessmen who sell them,” he had added.
Gulbadin Hekmatyar, leader of the insurgent Hizb-e-Islami had lived in Tehran for quite long time following the ouster of Taliban. Its much likely Tehran has been heavily supplying insurgents through Hekmatyar’s Hizb-e-Islami.
One should not expect Tehran to remain neutral in the war on terror both in Afghanistan and Iraq. Iran feels being surrounded by huge US troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. Iran is playing its best to oust the US and NATO forces from Afghanistan as soon as possible. It succeeded in doing so in Iraq. Tehran pressurized the Shia leadership in Baghdad to compel the US troops announce their withdrawal date—2011. They have been arming and financing Mehdi Militia of Muqtada Sadr to fight against the US troops.
As the Taliban commander talking to BBC’s Kate Clark had said, “Taliban’s aim is to force the American army leave Afghanistan as soon as possible.” Taliban insurgency tactics have proved they fight in a way to compel military strategists think of an exit strategy—what Tehran wants.
The new US Military strategy in the front-line of the war on terror in Afghanistan had been focusing the safe havens of Pakistan’s Federally Administered Tribal Areas causing the deadly insurgency. The US military and intelligence officials have been claiming to have overwhelming and compelling evidences of Tehran’s hand behind the Taliban insurgency. They should have brought those evidences in front of the UN Security Council to raise the issue on a high diplomatic level. The allied forces in Afghanistan are fighting under a UN mandate and if there is sufficient proof of Tehran’s meddling in Afghanistan, it should be brought in front of the UN



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  2. شیطان بزرگ چطور از شیطانی باز مایه؟ چطور فطرت خو ره ایله مونه؟ خمینی سرچشمه ازی شیطانی استه اور ملاهای چوچه ای وایرس ره تید مونن.

    اگر میخایین که ای چشمه خشک شونه ده ضد خرافات اور ده ضد تما ازی ملاها ایستاد شین ورنه یاد شم باشه…

    … ای آتش یک روز خانه شمو ره هم در میدیه

  3. There is nothing new in this article which warrants it to be called ‘news’.

    It is a fact that every nation pursues whatever is in its supreme national interest and also the fact that there are no permanent friends nor enemies.

    What I don’t understand is that why can’t Hazaras can have a good working relationship with the Iranians? Just like the Tajiks and Uzbeks.

    Keep in mind that USA is a visitor in the region and Iran is a permanent neighbour.

    It is funny how we take a few classes at English Learning Centers and we become Westernized athiests who hate Iran and Islam!

    I can only pity those who call Hezbollah a terrorist organization!

    • “WOW” Mr. Haider as you said,

      “It is a fact that every nation pursues whatever is in its supreme national interest and also the fact that there are no permanent friends nor enemies”.

      Then how can Iran be your permanent friend or its just your inner extremist shiagi.

      Wa haider jan fikr-e khob ya bad az zuban(Langauge) na maya, faqat da damagh wastha dara. Zuban(Langauge) sirf yak wastay paigham rasani wa guft o shenid asta.
      Changes are not becaz of english langauge.

  4. Mehdi,

    Its funny how you mentioned just one part of my comment.

    If you truly believe that labelling Iran as the sworn true enemy of Hazaras will do any good to us – then I think this is irresponsible behavior.

    As I said, Iran is a permanent neighbour, whereas the Americans will eventually leave. Therefore it is imperative that we have a ‘good working’ relationship instead of an antagonistic one! Tajiks, Uzbeks and even Pushtuns benefit from Iran.

    It is weakeness of your faith unfortunately which prompts you to label me as an ‘extremist shia’ – i wonder how you reached this concluson with your ‘fikr e khub’ Mehdi jan!

    Let me be absolutely clear – Hazaras should pursue whatever is in their supreme national interest – and antagonizing a permanent player in the equation is not fruitful!

    Yes I adhere to the shia sect of Islam – but I do not agree with the Iranian model of governance where Mullahcracy is calling the shots. Mullahs should have no business in running the affairs of the state.

    Summarizing it – Iran; due to its size and influence in the region cannot be ignored and Hazaras should have a good working relationship with it.

    And about new neo-philosophers that I was refering to as Westernized Athiests; I still think that a lot of our youth have a lot of free time to induldge in frivolous debates on bad mouthing Shiasm – I think they should all focus on constructive thinking and work for the betterment of Hazaras and Hazaristan.

    • Every one understands that every country pursues its national interest but i think very cunningly Mr. haider is trying to cover/safe gaurd iranian national interests …. i dont know who haider is for doing al these where he claims hating mullahcracy and the style of governance in iran ….. although iran was some time persia and another time khurasan and with so other names … tomorrow they can choose”” rouba istan “” as name for their motherland …..than …. ??
      barai khuda az Iran garai baaz biya wo bachaa …. roue tu khuda ra bingarnaa.

  5. I agree with you on one thing – that there is nothing new in the article. It is an age old story, but then again, this wasn’t meant to be news, it’s a commentary based article, something you fail to notice; most probably because you did not pay enough attention during your ‘English Language’ classes.

    a- All people pursue their self interest(s). There could be long term neighbors in place, but there are no long term states. The hypocrite and bruttal regime in Iran is as temporary as the American presence in the region. I can’t wait to see the day when Akhonds are chased through the streets in Tehran and Qom under a rain of rotten eggs and tomatoes.

    b- Hazaras have tried having good relationship with Iran, mostly by being puppets. I am not sure if you are old enough to remember the 8 parties of god that were created and for a long time sponsored by Irani intelligence agencies throughout the bloodshed in Hazarajat and Afghanistan. You would be impressed to know that thousands of human beings lost their lives during the reign of ‘khub shiagi faith’ in Hazarajat, schools were burned down, teachers were slaughtered, school girls were rapped, all political opposition crushed and so on so forth… Then came a period where Hekmatyar and Massoud replaced Mazari as Iran’s favorite and it was followed by rain of rockets over the Hazara neighborhoods and massacres in Afshar and Karte Seh, not to mention the never ending conflict in Yakawlang, Jaghori, Qarabagh, Daikundi, Shahristan and other towns across Hazarajat where groups set about to decide who was the best Shia. I won’t even bother detailing the treatment of Hazaras in Sang e Sefi, Tali Siyah and other concentration camps around the Islamic (Shia) Republic.
    But then again, if your ‘faith’ permits, you can always jump in to that hellhole of a country, any time you wish to. I will cheer you all the way.

    c- It is not funny, you have a lame sense of humor. It takes a lot of reading, understanding and courage to stop being a puppet and part of a mass of political tools. Taking English language classes is only a start, the real struggle is afterwards. It is not a point of view for every one. Besides, English language classes do not produce khudkush attackers but Arabic Islamic classes do :). Had it not been for the few English language classes, you would not be going through the contents of this and other websites.

    d- You can pity us all you want, but we do not pity you. You don’t deserve it. We oppose Taliban of all faiths, uniforms and origins. They are all terrorists whatever label they may have. If the historic suffering of human beings in your own country and it’s neighborhood has not taught you that, it can not teach you anything else.


  6. @ bamiyan – if everyones knows then why don’t we practice it?
    This is typical mr. bamiyan in action – side step the issues and make your own conclusions! What makes you think I am pursuing Irani agenda – I made my stance pretty clear; now all you need to do is open your eyes and your mind while reading! In unambiguous terms again I will reiterate ‘ I oppose the talibani shia state of iran’. and support all measures for betterment and uplistment of Hazaras and Hazaristan!

    I am afraid that a few individuals like your self present a very dubious stance when it comes to pro-western thinking which may be detrimental for Hazaras.

    @ Monk –

    Agreed that this particular write up was an Op-ed and not a news item.

    However as for your other claims and comments taking them one by one:

    a) agree with you on this point – just because the Irani regime has politicized Islam and has tried to subdue its neighbours. But till the time they actually go away; one should act smart and be diplomatic about it. It is a conflict b/w USA and Irani Mullahs – why should we take sides? Let one win and the other lose but Hazaras should be the winners regardless of which side prevails.

    b) we were puppets because we let ourselves to become one! And also because we didnot have any ‘outside’ support in the soviet conflict – why forget that? In afghanistan every group has a foreign backing and this comes through diplomacy.
    The excesses you mentioned are truly reprehensible acts but then again they need to be verified by a credible source.

    c) this mainly includes diatribes against me – so don’t really want to indludge in that – whatever rocks your boat!

    ‘khud kush’ attackes for your information is not only an Arab phenomenon as you mentioned but was actually started by Tamils! So don’t try equate terrorism with Islam. This is a misleading argument as the biggest terrorist in the world is the USA itself. But one has to really have enough maturity and sense to actually see through all the propaganda in the media both electronic and print.

    d) thanks for not pitying me; I feel very fortunate indeed! – I’m just wondering how come you use the term ‘we’ when you want to mention yourself (Bamiyan also does this)? – there are only two sides: people who are pro Hazaras and people who are anti Hazaras.

    I have made it clear which side I am. Which is, for the betterment, interest, upliftment and development of Hazaras all around the world – and I am afraid that by following just one
    Anti-Iran stance (your stance) we are playing in the hands of the Americans who are notorious for harming their allies in the longer run. And I want all innocent Hazaras who might be misguided by your views to be aware.

    I also oppose taliban of all sorts – from wahabi, shia to zionists and Americans!

    As long as Hezbollah is concerned, it is a national resistance movement of Lebanon which also has a fan following amongst Lebanese Christians and Sunnis. Something which can be an inspiration for us.

    • the way haider understands my typical style same i do ……understand some of very [DELETED] mentalities …….. Who try to prove themselves champion of knowledge above classes of english language and are inspired of every arabic name like soommooon ,bookmooon and ummioon types ….. it is because they hate Yazid without any reason and knowledge same Omar and other persons but love Hassan Nasrullah and hate zionism as Zionist have killed 62% of their people same Americans ( i dont know why ) ???? they may hate Tamil tigers as well who recently were defeated almost by Srilankan Authorities and may be kurds and Kashmiris as well … what about Indian muslims ????
      and are we and special He( haider) is a party to discuss these all and show his concern towards zionism and national resistance in lebanon .. leaving our khuwar gharibs in caves of Hazarajat and torturing english language classes as some questions are raised for Holy Land of Iran ………
      i dont know why we people in general lack patience to hear of others point of view as well but put fitwa of kufr …. making some of us as fitwaproof ……

      noosh e jaan kas hai e ki dist da maal (material + physical )(tuman + seegha ) e irani rasada methana …. chim e bakheel noqli koor ba istila ….

  7. سلام قوما. راستی سپاه محمد ره ده پاکستان پورومشت کدین؟ از خاطر امزی پارتی استه که امروز ده پاکستان آزره بخت گشته کشته موشه بخاطریکه سپاه محمد استه که ده مسجد وهابی ها و اهل تسنن بم میله و ازو باد که کشت و خون شد اونا هم مست موشه و میه ده منطقه آزره و هر کس که ده گیر شد بلده رضای خدا هم که شده موکشه. خدا خانه ایران ره خراب کنه. ده هر جای چنگو استه

  8. @ Bamiyan:

    The self proclaimed half-baked neo philosophers that I mentioned in my previous comments are exactly people like mr. Bamiyan.

    These people sidestep the logic and try to push forward their own myopic ulterior agenda! Lets take a look at what assumption he has made in his latest comment:

    “leaving our khuwar gharibs in caves of Hazarajat” – where as i clearly mentioned that we should work towards the development, upliftment and betterment of our bretheren all over the world and in Hazaristan.

    Typical mr. Bamiyan trying to senstationalize things and get away with illogical argmuments.

    As for ‘fatwa proof’ – it seems that everything Pro-Western is kosher and anything anti-Western is termed as treachery by your ilk! So you are simply propogating the West’s line and point of view instead of working in the interest of Hazaras.

    You have over-simplified the equation by saying:

    Iran is bad and USA is good!

    In my opinion both are bad but we have to be diplomatic and try to get benefit from both!

    Lets not forget how the American used the Kurds in Iraq – they used them against Saddam but didn’t give them a free Kurdistan.

    Lets not forget how the American used Dostam when they invaded the Taliban – Dostam is now in self-exile in Turkey!

    The Americans will always side with the Pushtuns as they have a slight numerical advantage and because of their influence from Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.

    Lets not be naive thinking that if we tow the Pro-Western cum secular line then we will benefit from the West – they will use us us and abuse us and then abandon us. And when they abandon us, we will be left high and dry because because of people like you we would have already antagonized and alienated Anti-Western powers like Iran and Russia.

    No country will ever come to our help.

    – Pushtuns are supported by Pakistan, Saudi and USA
    – Tajiks are supported by Iran and USA
    – Uzbeks have the backing of Uzbekistan (largest country population wise in central asia) and Turkey.

    The bitter truth is that Hazaras have no significant international backing – and this is the sole reason that we have to be diplomatice and carryout a balancing act by not being provoking any major player in the region (Pro and Anti Western powers).

    But thick skulls like you do not seem to be able to understand this simple common sense and mislead others by pushing a one dimensional pro-Western agenda!

  9. In the name of Bamiyan ….
    haider says “””No country will ever come to our help.The bitter truth is that Hazaras have no significant international backing “”””
    if no one is to come for our help ………..
    than why u are glorifying hizbollah and Iran . Who is Sheikh Asif of Islamic republic of Iran ….. and who are you ????????? telling us and convincing us to be on foot steps of Iran and specially convincing us of their being major player …….. ??
    in return of 4 rotted tents (4 khaimeh ganda) of 1400 years old of Arabs … iran has cut our centuries old historic ties with central asia ..whom we belong and they belong us ……. i dont know why your eyes cant see larger central asia and their resources and face but Iran … who call us Afghani e Khar where being Afghan is bigger abuse than being a khar ……
    at last who is self carving himself by calling others english language chaap …..
    humiliating his own people as they have raised few questions or wanna do some catharsis of the word Iran …. why u want to stop them ….
    abusing iran is fashion not because of American presence but Iranian attitude towards our people.
    About american being good why dont you accept that when iran was a major player and Taliban and others ruling we had not the mass now we have in Kabul it is american blessing …. we have experience of few decades of Islamic republic of iran in Afghanistan … that is very terrible .. but in last 8 years that USA is here what major loss we really have experience ????? Any Afshar ??? Bamiyan Massecere ???? Mazar Massacere ???? loss of Uruzgan land ???? loss of Daichopan and Qandhar ???? loss of Budhas of Bamiyan ????
    What ????
    what real reservation you and people like you really have from USA ??????? enjoying freedom of your being …..???? Hazara budan jurm nist … khoosh tu na mayaa ???? aslan Hazara astey ham ya naa ???? az USA chi mushkil dare day tu wo birar …… ??? Gas ya pipe e Gas as tu astah ??? azki yaaa ??????
    We have been saying marg bar America marg bar Shorawii , marg bar Israel ???? why ?????? and why not marg bar Iran …???? why not …..
    for iran i have a reason of tella siya and talley safid ??? in Guntanamo bay your uncle is prisoned or were prisoned when you were saying marg bar america ???????
    what is wrong in saying America is good ?????
    may be they build us a University in Bamiyan ..or Dasht e Barchi ?????? see what Iran has made in barchi … Madrassa e Khatim un nabieeen ???
    today when a fool like Asif Zardari is saying to stop madrasaa activity in the country made on name of islam ???? see Iranian gift in our neighborhood ?????
    Ba amman e Bamiyan …..

  10. Bamiyan – ( a pity that you have kept such a good nick for this blog; indeed a shame for the glorious valley).

    Again you are misquoting and misguiding the readers (az adat khou majbour aste!)

    When did I glorify Iran? Yes I admit that I said that we should have inspiration from Hebollah because they have a following which transgresses religion (shia, sunni, druze, christians)something that we Hazaras should learn.

    When did I say that we should follow in Iran’s foot steps? Either you cannot comprehend this language or you really have a hidden agenda

    For Iran; my clear words are: “that the mullahcracy is unacceptable and Iran is bad”

    I also said that Iran is a big regional player – and that is a fact. Whatever you say will not change it. As it is part of the Anti-West block which also includes Russia and China. And for your reference Russia is going to be the biggest player in central asia!

    Histroy teaches us that USA is a good tactical partner – but in the longer run it will be harmful…lets not forget what Georgia went through recently. NATO just stood by and watched Russia crush the Georgians!

    So instead of boot licking the Pro-Western Block and openly criticizing the Anti-Western Block – we should play it tactfully and maintain that fine balance.

    We can all see what the American backed administation of Karzai has done for Hazaristan – zilch!

    So stop begging as no one will come for our help and we have to help ourselves!

    • In the name of Bamiyan …………

      thanks alot …………… but please add how iran saw hizbollah of lebonan and palestine Hamas crush ……………………………….. and who we are to be a party in anti or pro western or American agenda …. i m with you …. lets not be a party .. as we do not fulfill the requirments …but we can question those who wanna implement sex Laws on our people ??? wanna interfere in our night matters can we or not ????? if it is religious and good for people can it be questioned or not ??? or jibrael has taken these laws from 7th sky ( Holy land of Iran ) ……….. ??? and what is wrong in saying Forgotten Evil Behind Taliban Insurgency (Holy Iran)is iran not ?????and issue like this “””Forgotten Evil Behind Taliban Insurgency (Holy Iran”””””is really rotting from last 1400 years ???? is bagh fadak bigger / larger than Holy land of Iran ??????? we listen remix , solo , Dj , Bhangrha and a number of other types of same happening every year are we not ??????
      How can we help our selves when we donot have a definition or reason for our being … but attachment to holy lands , and refference to some holy individuals ?? like Qandharis ….falana mourda ,,, bache kakai e falana ,, bache ammay falana ,, shoi khuwar e falana ,,,, bache mamai e falana bache birar e falana ???????
      if no one is to come to help us than what happens if Iran is a major regional player or Pakistan ???? what happens ????? who garuntees that after eridicating us from root in this region ………Pashtun or Aria ( pashtun + fars ) affair will let Uzbeks in Uzbakistan and Turkamans in Turkamanistan live a tension free life ??????? they will not extend ??????
      can u realize the mentality of the people who think Australian residance visa as life time achievment ???????
      Or we really the Loodis , Achoots ????????
      chara khooolokh eishthhaa az Aaao tair shouni …………………..
      At last even if i be stopped will thinks get better ….???
      what a single voice of mine can effect the mass of Harkatis of Sheikh Asif Qandhari ???
      even if i got an agendaa what ???
      what can i do ???
      can i make madrasay Khatim un Nabiieeen in Dasht e Barchi ?????
      about whom i say one person educated from that madrassa who have asissted in making of a toilet ????? How usefull they are just imigine ??????
      Why my friend is afraid (pourdha) if he has not done /ate any thing ???

      Ba amman e Bamiyan ……….

    • قند ابغی،

      تو که اگو چیز لکهایی مونی، میخانی ام که معنی مدیه یا نه؟
      موگی که ملایت اور زورگویی ایران ناقابل قبول استه اور ای ره هم موگی که ما قد ازینا دوستی کنی.. جان تو جور استه؟

      خوب گفتی، مان مونوم که ده حساب روز خو هوشیار باشی لیکن اگر دوستی هی کدنی باشی چرا اگو دوست ماکم اور هوشیار تر پیدا نمونی. از چین، از هندوستان اور دیگه ملکای هوشیار چیز بدی منگرنی که اونا ده حساب تو هیچ نمایه باوجود که اقرار مونی که ایران هم برای ازی استه که تو ره اور ای مردم ره ده نام مذهب استعمال اور استحصال کنه اور هر دو روز بعد چند حرامی ملا ره رایی کنه که ده آزره اور غیر آزره هر دو ملای شی ده تایی کمبل آدم هم کار دشته باشه. ایران قد ازو حرامی خمینی اور خامنیی خو ده حساب ازخود خو نموفامه تو ره خاک حساب یاد مدیه؟

      اوقس ده خدا نزدیک استه، جوهری هتیار ره چیز مونه؟ چره اگو دعا تعویز نمونه؟ بکواس استه تمام شی. فل بکواس.

      اونمو حال ره که طالب ده سر ازمه از تو تازه کده بود، اونمو حرامی گری اور خونخوری ره براداری حزب اللهی شی ده دیگه کنج دنیا کده. دل خو خوش نکو قند لالی، یک بار بورو بنگرنو – اونا اونمو رنگه حمایت سنیا اور عییسایا ره دره، امورنگه که آزره های سنی قد طالب اور مسعود حمایت موکدن. بورو یک بار سن لبنان بورو، منگرنی که انگور شیرین استه یا ترش

      ای بیغیرتای مردار نام شی رنگه رنگه استه، کار شی امو بربریت استه.

  11. salam ba tamaame doostan karbar

    First of all, I would like to praise you all for being so proud of our Hazara nation and that you all actively participate in issues matter to hazara and hazaragi. However my atmost appreciation go to Mr. Haider for his detailed explanation of the dilema and his knowledge in this regard and for being so polite and rational.

    I actually, to be honest, couldn’t resist taking part since it’s a hazaragi issue so I really felt the urge to write alittle, however I am a little too late, you may not be able to read my comment but some one might, you never know!.

    I undertsand that issue of hazaragi is so important to us that we even unknowingly tend to give less importance to idealogy.We as hazras, I mean the majority of us, think or believe that if we promote, cite and give slogans as to define our race with the given name(Hazara) will strenghten our position within Afghanistan and in the international level. This particular theory did benefit us in the post conflict era( 1843-2001) however, it also carried a high degree of risk in comparison to its’ little benefit. Its’ benefited us by bringing all hazaras together, and damaged us by labelling us az hazaras, meaning (a thousand) and this very word (hazara) refers to a thousand soldier of Mongolian Army which invaded Afghanistan in late 12th century, and this broadly within other tribes in Afghanistan means we hazaras are invaders and we are outsiders.

    I always wondered what we hazaras might have been called prior to being called hazara.
    Today, we proudly and very ignorantly believe that we are hazaras. This really irratates me since all facts and historical sites and discoveries that have been carried out in Afghanistan very loudly shouts and gives clear indication that we are natives of this troubled land and have always been for thousands of years, and I am telling you, this is a proven fact.

    I believe our arguments in relation to our lineage and rights of life in Afghanistan should be based on the facts that we are native of Bamyan, Wardak, Behsud, Jagoori, Ghazni, Balkh, Mazar-e-Sharif, Parwan, Uruzgaan, Daykondi, Kabul, Jalal Abad and so on… and once we had kings whom ruled this terretory.

    And maybe, even if we should accept the given name to our race as Hazaras, we should not go on the world stage proclaiming we are hazaras. We ought to present ourselves as native Afghans, Aryans and Khurasannis, this clearly give us an upper hand to other tribes in Afghanistan, merely because the others do not have such a deep root than of which we do.

    And in this battle of race we must have an idealogy that is acceptable in the region as well as in the international level for our benefit, one which we already have, the majority of us are shia muslims with some minority Ismailies and Sunnies. And our religion is a great one since it teaches you all the right thing a society should have. My argument here is that some of our youths prorities nationalism over Islamic Idealogy. In my view this is sad to see and hear this, we have been practicing Islam-ism for many centuries, it has defined our way of life and thinking and we truly believe this is the rightous path towards Allah and its’ teaching in terms of day to day life style is very healthy in comparison to other relgious beliefs or idealogies. National-ism, this particular argument does not benefit us, this is by far the most failed idealogy since we do not have any known terretory or a state that is recognised by the international body. We are known to the international society as a minority group of people living withing the recognised borders of Afghanistan. Therefore the nationalism slogans will not apply to us and it’s meaningless unless we put oursleves for a separate state, a country of our own and maybe call it hazaristan which I am sure will not happen. On the other hand slogans of nationalism benefited no nation in the world, it seggregates them, it certainly isolates them. There is a whole range of this type of nations who once used to describe themselves as so, but today they call themselves a multicultural society instead.
    Idealogy has a great importance to all nations even in the west, all leaders of the western world should show strong religious belief and be a regular church goer before they can win the post presidency. I don’t think any one can recall any western president to have been athiest and have become the the elected president of the country just by being nationalist.

    Herein, I absolutely support Mr. Haider’s argument that we should find ourselves allies, maybe it can not be a permanant one and actually nothing is, but atleast we can join in the process and be part of the decision makers and not to follow the decisions made by others and thereafter struggle to amend their views or deeds. whatever Iran or USA do or their foreign policies and internal affairs are, should be none of our concern only and only if it envolves us or risk our interest within or outside of our country we should take steps to prevent any harm that might be inflicted upon us.
    And it’s comletely true everyone either indiviually or as a nation seeks its’ own interest, as the saying goes( there is no free lunch in this world), and it is true.
    We should start to take charge and be the lions instead of victimising and keep going on about how we were opressed through out the centuries, and on some occasions call names and to show obvious hatred to any particular nation or country, these sort of behaviours never have been considered wise.
    We also should learn to take advantage of every given moment politically, economically or regionally by whatever means possible, we should be ruthless in this game because today the question is about survival, and everything is fare in this situation. We should forge ties with as many country as possible to further our interest, especially Iran because its the only shia country that exist and morally support our practices if not practically because that suits them better we can’t force them otherwise, and there is nothing wrong with that.

    One more thing and I will call it a day!

    I have neither objections nor rights to say don’t leave such and such comments, I just tried to express my view and certainly not trying to enforce it upon you, so don’t be offended dear qawma.

    • My dear please review our condition in mentioned few centuries and compare the discoveries who loudly shout to today with respect to your comment .. ……..
      thank you

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