Posted by: Editor | May 1, 2009

Protest Against Judge of Civil Court Beaten by Masses on Bribery, Rape Case

Large number of masses rushed inside the Civil Court and tortured the corrupt Judge.

Protesters rushed inside the Civil Court and beat the corrupt Judge.

Corrupt Judge badly beaten by Masses for bribery and rape case.

The judge who was badly beaten by te masses for bribery and rape.

Daikundi, April 29 — People of Daikundi, Hazaristan protested the area’s Judge of the Civil Court, Ishaq Sherzad, who was beaten a couple of weeks ago for corruption.

Protesters said Sherzad is has raped a young girl and demands bribe money from people.

Protesters also criticized Karzai’s Government for lack of development projects in their province. They were chanting slogans and holding banners against the biased attitude of the Government, saying there is not an inch of paved road in their Province, despite being more peaceful than other provinces with big-budget projects.

Last week, Daikundi’s governor Mr. Uruzgani ordered the arrest of some people allegedly involved in the beating of the judge. For the last two days, the wives of these men and many other women have been protesting in front of the Civil Court against the arrests.

Large number of women protested on Tuesday against the arrest of their husbands for beating a corrupt and rapist civil judge.

Women who protested on Tuesday against the arrest of their husbands for allegedly beating a corrupt and rapist civil judge.

Protesters said that their pleas to remove the judge had gone unanswered. Finally, on April 4, more than 2,500 people stormed the Civil Court and smashed its doors.

Mr. Sherzad was hiding inside the toilet, but was dragged out and beaten by the protesters. The angry protesters stopped the Provincial Police Chief and his personnel from interfering. The judge was knocked unconscious.

Corruption and bribe-taking are rampant in Afghanistan. This protest is part of the several taking place lately by the people in various parts of the country.

Uneven allocation of development funds has caused agitation among the masses, who see not substantial improvement int heir lives after the ouster of the Taliban.

Thousands of people chanted against the corrupt judge and biased development in the country.

Thousands of people chanted against the corrupt judge and the biased allocation of development money in the country.



  1. […] Pic: via Hazaristan Times. […]

  2. Mob justice if not controlled can always get out of hand.

    Recent news about Afg election is that the strongest candidate opposing Karzai has withdrawn his candidacy. Mr. Gul Agha Sherazi has withdrawn his candidacy in favour of Karzai; this will not bode well for the poor masses for Afghanistan and especially Hazaras.

    Karzai’s relection would mean a continutation biased policies in Hazaristan.

    I hope the Wahdat-Jubush alliance can really feel a strong candidate who can win this time around. Also if they can reign in the Tajiks it will be a revolution for the poor!

  3. agar in roz pass sare koche ha nayaram bache hazara nestam in roz ra porsan me konam

    ta ki bale watan atish jang hast
    harja basham begam shish tonmo nang hast

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