Posted by: Editor | April 26, 2009

Mohaqiq Outlines Joint Charter of Demands with Junbish

Kabul, April 24 — The first joint convention for presidential campaign was called by  Hizb-e-Wahdat (Unity Party) and Junbish-e-Milli in West Kabul on Friday. Leaders of both the parties spoke to the large number of Hazara participants.

Noorullah Saadat of Junbish said they would support Wahdat and both would endorse a unanimous candidate for the presidential race 2009. It has been reported that Ismailis of Afghanistan have also supported the Wahdat-Junbish Alliance. An overwhelming majority of Ismailis of Afghanistan are Hazaras.

Chairman of Wahdat Party, Mr. Muhaqiq, said both the parties share common goals and would support the candidate that best promotes them. Mohaqiq reiterated his commitment to the alliance despite being approached by several elements, including Karzai, asking for his support.

He enumerated the joint charter of demands, reproduced in part below:

Decentralization of Power: Provinces should be given more power. Governors and district heads should be elected by the people.

Balanced Development and Reconstruction: Development and reconstruction should be fair, and funds should be allocated based on need rather than ethnic or political considerations. The Hazarajat Highway from Kabul to Herat should be built.

Muhaqiq condemned the government’s attempts to block reconstruction projects funded by international donors  in Hazara areas.

Equitable representation for Hazaras: Mr. Muhaqiq said he contested the Presidential election of 2004, gaining 12% of all votes. He added that other Hazara leaders such as Vice President Khalili, Mr. Javed, Akbari and Anwari supported Mr. Karzai, which diverted 10% of Hazara votes. All in all, Hazaras constitute 22% of the electorate and should therefore be given a share in power and resources accordingly.



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  2. Mohaqiq is accordance to the present affairs. the need of time and on the spot. Hazarajat has been neglected by the present government and other sector by discontinuing the development assignment in great Hazarajat areas.

  3. this negligence will continue until and unless we are “” da ling shaitan e kochik Iran “””

    For being hazara being shia should not be a condition among so many conditions ……..

  4. Without provincial autonomous we can not compete in 21st century ………….
    provincial autonomous is our right ……

  5. we will always be with HIZB-E-WAHDAT and JUNBISH-e-mili for the comming presdential election this year and mola will hepl our hazara inshallah.
    thanks to hazaristan times

  6. So by sitting outside afghanistan; how can we actually help hizb e wahdat?

    • By not pushing irani and shiagi agenda in Hazarajat and in Hazaragi …

  7. Not all Hazaras are shia. Not all Shias are Hazara. Hazaras are Shias, Sunnis, Ismaelis and …

    We are all one Hazara and Uzbeks are our Turkic brothers.

  8. This alliance although a good development but is too late. Elections will be held in 3 months and gul sherazi has also withdrawn.

    This wahdat-junbush alliance should have taken place at least a year before.

    The result will be that Karzai will win (unfortunately) and Hazara-Uzbek alliance will fail to win and get disheartened.

    Good alliance; poor timing!

    • what if Hazara Uzbek choose another strong American pashtoon Zalmai Khalilzad ….. the maker of Karzai as Presidential nominee ….

  9. Then let’s just hope that if Zalmay Khalizad is the chosen Hazara-Uzbek candidate and if he manages to win then he will not turn his backs towards Hazaras-Uzbeks.

    Time will only tell…

    • Yea time only tell …… ki doom e maar ham maar astha ….amotar ki sar shi ….
      wa Azkhoud azkhoud a Beganah Beganah …….. ki bekhi khuda ham shouna …
      Beganah Beganah moumnaa ….

  10. There are news that Junbesh-wahdat, will support karzai in upcoming elections?? IF this happens, that would be worst for uzbeks and hazaras.

    Anybody has any information about this??


  11. Mohaqiq and Khalili made their worst mistake ever by supporting Karzai (talib and his team of talibs) by an empty promise of Karzai. It is time to change, and so no to Karzai.

  12. Asalam o alikum,
    I would like to write about the presidential election of Afghanistan , in this election hizb e whadad decide that they will support karzai , and i also read the condition that the leader of hez e wahdad and jubesh e islami agree to support the karzai , but before this decision they should know about the last time of karzai as president of afghanistan , what he had done? for the afghanistan . karzai is hidden taliban , and behind the seen he was supporting the taliban , so it would be batter that in place of this they should fight the election against the karzai, i hope that the afghan people support the both , or if they had some problems they should support the Dr Abdullah Abdullah ,
    i hope that the USTAD HAJI MUHAQEQ do well for the Afghistan .

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