Posted by: Editor | April 24, 2009

Worldwide Protest Against Mohsini/Karzai’s “Rape Law”

Kabul: Hazara diaspora living across Europe and Australia have organized protest demonstrations against the “Family Law” that restricts women rights in Afghanistan. UN says the law legalizes marital rape. Read more about the law in below posts.

Schedule of the protest demonstration on Saturday April 25, 2009 is;

London: In front of the Embassy of Afghanistan at 11 AM

Copenhagen: In front of the Danish Parliament at 3 PM

Vienna: In front of the Embassy of Afghanistan at 1 PM

Rome: In front of the Embassy of Afghanistan at 1 PM

Munich: In front of the Consul of Afghanistan at 1 PM

Adelaide: Australian Hazaras would take out a protest rally on April 26 from Victoria Square to the Parliament of South Australia at 1 PM.

All the members of civil society, women right activists and supporters of democracy are invited to participate in the demonstrations.


  1. Aow mashallah:
    Ami yakjaie shodon mo ra yak jaie mirsina, tazahorat da tamai goshe dunniya itahad mardom awaree HAZARA ra nishan midia.
    Tashakoor az tamami shim
    Fakhr darom ki Azra astom

  2. […] FT Alphaville added an interesting post today on Worldwide Protest Against Mohsini/Karzai’s "Rape Law"Here’s a small readingKabul: Hazara diaspora living across Europe and Australia have organized protest demonstrations against the “Family Law” that restricts women […]

  3. salam qumai…

  4. Once again all Hazara approved they are united across the world and the will remain forever. We all support our women and children rights an a resoanable way because we all male or female raised by women . How can we ignor their rights. Mohsini was issued decree to call our leader Mazari and his followers who were defending Shia and Hazara Mahareb and mabahudam to legitimaise our killing by Sayaff Wahabi,Masoud and rabbani since 1992 till 1966 then joined our enemies . How can be honest now to propose and pass the fair Shia Law for us?????????????

    How was our enemy and many times he proved his enmity. He can not fool us by making the bigest Masjeed in Kabul. All monafeeq they made many Masjeeds but they are like that prostitues womean who was doing kar Khairati and making instead masjeed in order the allah should forgive her sin. Down to the hypocrate Mohsini. Don’t blame our kandahari shia unless they are not support dog face mohsini. they are our brothers.
    The shia should be pass but not ridiculouse and outrageuse like this to deprive women’s rights and blackmail Shia and majority Hazraras.

    God bless all of you be wise and be your own destiny master don’t let it to people like mohsini or Afghan Parliament.

    Ahmad Adelaide

  5. salam qauma jan qandam:

    it is really good to arrange such protest demonstrations, because u know it has got many good reasons:it shows our unity and brotherhood in all over the world,it shows our unanimity and being one voiced, it shows that hazaras are really a bright and alive nation, it shows that we know who we are and what are our rights and defend from our rights and as well as from the rights of our mothers and sisters, it shows that we are bright thinking people, it shows that yea in this world there is a nation by the name of HAZARA who are living like LIONS.

    long live HAZARA QAUMI DALER

  6. Sallaaaamm!! How are u hazaras of the world Festival i would like to thank those hazaras who really have cared and shown that they do care about our motherland Afghanistan.
    I live in adelaide australia.acuallu i could go to protest but i have heard so much about it. Long live hazaras of the world

    By Omied shojayie(urizgani)Australia

  7. سلام عباس جان دیار لطفاٌٌ گزارش تظاهرات ادیلاید آسترلیای جنوبی را چاپ نمایید.ممنون از زحمات شما عباس جان.

    با احترام به تمامی شما

    احمد ادیلاید

  8. salam every afghan and muslim i pray for peace, stability and security to be for ever in our courntry, no war no war, long life for our beloved country afghanistan

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