Posted by: Editor | April 18, 2009

Wahdat and Junbish Ally for Presidential Race 2009

Mr. Muhammad Muhaqiq, head of Hizb e Wahdat, Noorullah Sadaat head of Junbish e Milli annoncing their alliance.

Mr. Muhammad Muhaqiq, head of Hizb e Wahdat, Noorullah Sadaat head of Junbish e Milli annoncing their alliance.

Kabul: Hizb e Wahdat (People’s Unity Party) and Junbish e Milli (National Movement Party) of Afghanistan have announced their alliance to support a unanimous candidate for the presidential election 2009 due in August 22, 2009.

In a press conference in Kabul on Saturday, 18 leaders of both the parties said they would announce their joint support for any candidate by the next week. Head of the Hizb e Wahdat, Haji Muhammad Muhaqiq told “based on broad mutual understanding and cooperation, both the parties have decided to go all along.” Neither of the parties will have presidential candidate from their own party members, but would jointly support any candidate. It may be mentioned, leader of Junbish, General Dostum is in Turkey since last couple of months. He is said to be in self-exile.

Head of Junbish e Milli, Noorullah Sadaat told media that his party does not support the presidential candidate announced by National Front, an alliance of different political parties in Afghanistan. He said “Junbish is a member of National Front, but it will go all along with Hizb e Wahdat led by Ustad Muhaqiq.” He added, both the parties would jointly campaign in villages for the presidential and provincial council elections.

The National Front is divided into three groups. Its spokesman, Mr. Sangchaaraki last week announced candidature of former Foreign Minister, Abdullah Abdullah. But another member of the Front, Mr. Qasim Fahim, former Defense Minister and current Security Adviser to Karzai, opposed Abdullah’s candidature. Another faction of the Front led by first Vice President, Ahmed Zia Massoud also opposed Abdullah’s candidature.

Its most likely Karzai run the 2009 elections with Fahim as first vice president, and Karim Khalili as second vice president. Though Junbish and Wahdat have not cleared whom they will support, but its more likely they would announce to support Zalmay Khalilzad, former US Ambassador to Afghanistan and later UN. Mr. Khalilzad has neither confirmed his intention to run the race, nor rejected, but he is expected to participate.



  1. salam qumai gul…
    good to see hazara unity in afghanistan and i hope next president of afghanistan i will be any hazara inshallah…

  2. Salam to Hazaras:
    This will be great campaign for the presidential Election.

  3. Finally , We are seeing some Possitive Politics.
    We need to have allies to succeed.

    From Kabul.

  4. […] it’s not clear how united the opposition will actually be. Meanwhile, two Hazara parties have agreed to support a common candidate, but it’s not clear whom just yet; the Hazaristan Times […]

  5. A Hazara-Uzbek alliance is very encouraging news indeed.

    It makes simple mathematical sense:

    Pushtuns – 40%
    Tajiks – 30%
    Hazaras – 20%
    Uzbeks – 10%

    *Figures are an estimate of course!

    Now lets see:

    1) Pushtuns and Tajiks have been 2 dominant groups traditionally. Pushtuns having the upper hand

    2) Pushtun and Tajik votes will cancel eachother out!

    3) Hazara and Uzbek combined have 30% of all the votes.

    4) Pushtuns will still have a 10% lead – but keep in mind that southern Afghanistan is Taliban territory and they will not allow voting and election to run smoothly.

    So my friends, this is one of the rarest chances we will ever get as a nation to make a big time political comeback!

    All the above will simply work if:

    a) Each and every Hazara and Uzbek vote is not wasted and united behind a single candidate

    b) Tajiks and Puhstuns do not form an alliance.


  6. […] is why news of a possible alliance between Hizb-e Wahdat and Junbish-e Milli is so significant: it might represent a large enough bloc […]

  7. […] is why news of a possible alliance between Hizb-e Wahdat and Junbish-e Milli is so significant: it might represent a large enough bloc […]

  8. I am ver happy with such improvements

    A Hazara-Uzbek alliance is very encouraging news indeed.

    but I would like to see Tajiks also in this unity…

    lets show the pashtoons that Governing is not the way that you did in past years,,,

    lets show them that you could not do any thing for Afghanistan but (mad the Afghanistan as an International dustbin)….

    happy to see reply

    • @ Khalil:

      Having Tajoks in the alliance will be very fruitful for all.

      However, in my opinion Tajiks had good oppoortunties in the past and they mishandled both.

      First, was when Habibullah (Bache Saqa) took over the thrown, the Tajiks should have used diplomacy and gained support from other ethnic groups and stood and fight rather than give up the thrown and run away.

      Second, was when the Panjsheris lead by Massoud took over Kabul in the civil war. Rather than inviting Hazaras and Uzbeks to join them they sided with Mulla Salfi and this resulted in the Afhsar massacre.

      Even during the Karzai administration, the Tajiks are busy in infighting in which Abdullah Abdullah is against Qasim Fahim!

      Hope Tajiks can get unity amongst their ranks and side with Uzbek and Hazaras.


  9. […] perché la notizia di una possibile alleanza [in] tra Hizb-e Wahdat e Junbish-e Milli è significativa: potrebbe rappresentare un blocco […]

  10. but this hazara-uzbek unity group have not nominated a candidate yet?

  11. salam qauma
    im very happy to see hazara-uzbak unity It ll be a good step for the turkic people of afghanistan
    hazara+uzbak+turkman zindabad

  12. I appriciate this allieance and encourage to extend this allignment.

  13. the only way that hazaras and a uzbeks can can get their political right in all meaning, is to stand shouder to shoulder in any time and part of afghanistan.

  14. Zenda bad Panturkism

  15. salam to all afghan’s,,
    i read some comment’s of ppl….but i can’t understand why we afghan people always create difference between each other…why…?? we are all afghan’s …& we should vote for a person who has the aim to change our afghanistan, we should not think wether he’s pashtoon or hazara or wtever..we should change our selfs we are all afghani’s…because if we get united we will have no more problems ….

  16. Hi, cool post. I have been thinking about this topic,so thanks for blogging. I will certainly be subscribing to your blog. Keep up great writing

  17. this is a very good news for uzbeks and hazara people. We always been ignored by the past governments, even recently Karzai’s pupet government had done nothing for uzbeks and hazaras. im not trying to be racist.

    We need the system to be changed! I think The only solution for afghanistan’s problim is capitalism, where each province would have there own power to control things and help &build that region. At the moment central government hardly control kabul.

    But the question is who is nominated for Junbesh and Wahdat supporters to vote?? If anybody has any news about this , please let us know.

    Best of luck for all of you!.


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  19. […] Alliance Deal with Karzai June 14–Mr. Muhaqiq of the  Wahdat-Junbish Alliance, that announced to support Karzai in the Presidential Race 2009 , on Friday in a public gathering […]

  20. This is indeed good news and it will be interesting to see what happens in the coming times. I have always thought of Uzbeck as the only group of people i Afghanistan that we can coaparate with and they are the only people who has not discriminated against Hazaras. We need to fight opression and we need to fight poverty and we to need to educate our people. Every one of us who has the oppertunity to education in abroad has a deuty to contribute helping our hepless nation Hazaras any kind of help in the form of money or education. We have to use the oppertunities that we have but unfortunately alot of the hazaras in abroad are to keen to work. They have a tendency to give up education and has no interest at all. We need to realize that our people in Afghanistan has only us to help them. That is why i strongly recommand each one of you to study don’t give up education under any circumstances as it is the key to not only a better future for yourself but you will help alot of others as well who is really in need of help. I could go on writing thousands of pages about why education is important, anyway i will not take much of your time but i really hope that u guys understand what i am trying to say.

    Kind regards Shukria Jaghori

    Regards Shukria

  21. […] and Junbish parties had announced an alliance last month. Majority supporters of both the parties are Hazaras and Uzbeks, two of the largest […]

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