Posted by: Editor | April 18, 2009

Hazara MPs Criticize Iran-backed Cleric

Hazara MPs ciriticized the Iran-backed cleric, Sheikh Asif Mohsini for the controversial law.

Hazara MPs ciriticized the Iran-backed cleric, Sheikh Asif Mohsini for rejecting amendments in the controversial law.

Kabul: A group of Hazara MPs criticizing Sheikh Asif Mohsini Kandhari , said the Family Law can and must be amended. Addressing a press conference in Kabul on Friday, some Hazara MPs  said a Mullah can not decided on how should a law be.

Sheikh Asif Mohsini Kandhari, a conservative Iran-backed cleric, had warned the Government not to review or amend the outrageous Shiite Personal Status Law. Pointing towards the multimillion dollar Iran-sponsored Madrassa of Sheikh Mohsini, the Hazara MPs told that the Government should keep a vigil look on the religious centers not to be used for political activities.

Sarwar Jawadi, MP from Bamyan (Central Hazaristan) and a member of the group of Hazara MPs told media that no Mullah has the right to pronounce Fetwa on any law.  Any individual should not be allowed to use the Family Law as a tool of political business. He said the controversial Shiite Law would pass the process of review and there is a legislature to do that.



  1. salam qumai gull…
    good on u hazara MPS snd keep it up…
    i requet every hazara not only from afghanistan but from all over the world should support hazara MPs and show their unity through protesting against the law…

  2. good step forward

  3. Dwon with mohsini qandhari

  4. Bache Ghandar
    hai ….

  5. – da best. Keep it going!

  6. As someone who recognizes names and not faces, who are the four MPs in the photo?

  7. Good to hear that there are a few civil and open minded MPs taking a stance against a coward “Mohsini” who decide the fate of all the Shiet and Hazaras. We Hazaras living in the 21st century should know and do better, regardless of these laws we know how to run our family and there is no need for a sick minded Mohsini to impose his interpretation on our way of life.

    It’s a shame and quite rightly condemned by the international community that these laws were introduced to the parliment and there was merely no debate but the bill was passed. It’s another tactic by Karzay to buy Shias’ votes and I hope our people will persist and not allow this bill in its current form to become a law.

  8. Budhay kandar…hai hai

  9. […] minority, the Shia—but the problem is serious enough, according to Hazaristan Times, to warrant a high level conference with Hazara Members of Parliament. The Hazara are the most numerous Shia minority in Afghanistan. […]

  10. […] minority, the Shia—but the problem is serious enough, according to Hazaristan Times, to warrant a high level conference with Hazara Members of Parliament. The Hazara are the most numerous Shia minority in Afghanistan. […]

  11. […] la Shia – ma il problema è abbastanza serio, secondo l'Hazaristan Times, da richiedere una riunione ad alto livello [in] con i membri Hazara del Parlamento. Gli Hazara sono la minoranza Shia più numerosa in […]

  12. Salam

    Some of the readers may think that this law is in accordance with Islam……
    this is a poison which is wrapped in a beautiful garnish of religion …….
    But observe deeply, an outsider (non-Hazara) challenges 6.7 million of population by imposing a law without the will of 6.7 million people……….
    This used to happen in the past that the outsiders (non-Hazara) passed these types of laws by sometime declaring us kafir (infidels), sometime education is banned for Hazaras both by force and by the cover of religion ………..
    But what happened was past ………
    This is now the matter of our nang (Honor) …….
    We know how to defend our freedom and our rights ……..
    Everyone have tried their best to declare us animals, barbarians, wahshi by keeping
    us apart from everything that belong to humans …….
    BUT we always fought for our future ……

    Long live Hazaras ……….
    Bedar Bashid ……..

  13. About the Imposed Sex Slavery Law:

    This is a “Lamha-e-Fikria” for HAZARAs that external forces are again in action and they are now dictating us that

    In the future they will say that HAZARAs cannot have more than one child according to religion and xyz law……. or HAZARA girls cannot marry HAZARA boys according to religion and xyz law as we have seen such type of marriage concepts imposed on HAZARAs (only on HAZARAs in the world) [don’t want to mention which one] before …….

    This time they are showing us “That we will tell you how many times you people have to have sex with your spouse … and without our permission you cannot do anything with your spouse”.

    This type of games always take place in different shapes and forms against the HAZARAs……
    But specifically at this point in time one thinks that why is this issue is raised against HAZARAS ……

    lets look at few of the reasons ……

    1. There is a tremendous fear and anxiety growing among the different people because of a sudden increase and trend towards education and in specific in HAZARA females as can be seen easily ………

    2. All the groups backed by different countries try to tackle this growing threat of education among HAZARAs in different way………

    3. Some through the religion … because an educated HAZARA nation will never submit to false
    concepts and religious slavery ….. and will never allow any external element to decide for their future ….. and HAZARAs will be independent in their thinking about their future and politics ……..

    4. To prove and show HAZARAs that you are still under our control …… and tell HAZARAs that you dont have any control on you life, religion, language, land and even family……

    5. To dishonor HAZARAs in the eye of the world ……..

    This is not a simple issue as it looks like ……. this is a matter of publishing the “Namoos” of HAZARAs on the media …….

  14. It is unfortunate for hazaras that we have used as condemn by Iran and his agents. Yes v r shia but first v r hazara and v r proud of hazaragi first. Look to this mohsini, this cleric have no racial background but under the shelter of religon he is looking for the leadership of hazaras. So Mohsini forget those time when Iran used us for their own interests. Death to Iran and death to Mohsini and Listen v r Hazara only

  15. I cant imigine that how hazaras are backward. A man mullah asif qandari, extremely not hazara but he is leading hazaras in the uniform and turban of religion. We condemn Iran and Irani state who exploited hazaras for decades. But indeed it is 21st century and Iran will not be allowed to intefer hazara politics or try to lead by such a non-hazara clergy. We wish iran should decline with all of its anti hazara nationalism. We are mongol and we accept the mongols even why he is not jew or christian but hate iran. Long life USA and death to Iran.

  16. sallam qowma gull this mohsini qandari was the enemy of hazaras in the past period we can’t forgot the trouble which we face in the past 120 years we should think about our enemy that who r the hand which make diferences b/w us. HAZARAGI ZINDABAD HDP PAINABAD

  17. in 7 shayatin hamesha barai tuman wa chuki qadi khone mazlom hazara baazi karda 01 palid asif mosini 02 alaudin brujardi irani 03 Docter Shah jahan Bayad 04 na said M.A javid 05 nasaid mustafa kazimi 06 murdar qayafa Akbari (panjau)07 Bad kirdar LOMU Shaikh Wasiq e munafiq ……az in 07 shayatin w Qatilha khaad porsaan shod (inshaallah)….DUAGOI mazloom QAUMI HAZARA……………………… INJANIB AATISH FASHAN

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