Posted by: Editor | April 15, 2009

Hazara Women Protest “Rape Law”; Mohsini’s Men Attack High School

Hazara women protesters chanting against Sheikh Mohsini and the "Rape Law"

Hazara women protesters chanting against Sheikh Mohsini and the "Rape Law" he sponsored.

Kabul, April 15 — Large numbers of Hazara women staged a demonstration against Sheikh Mohsini and the “Shiite Personal Status Law” in front of Mohsini’s multimillion-dollar madrassah. The demonstration was in response to Mohsini Kandhari’s continued defense, despite heavy criticism from the people and the international community, of the law he drafted.

Hazara women collecting signatures against the law.

Hazara women signing a petition against the law.

The protesters were holding banners and placards against the law, and chanting slogans such as  “Down with Mohsini,” “Down with prejudiced laws” and “We oppose Talibanized Laws.”  When the protesting women started  a petition in front of Sheikh Mohsini Kandhari’s Madrassa, a group of female students from inside the Madrassa came out and started chanting in favor of Mohsini.

The anti-law protesters made their way out towards the Parliament House, located behind the Madrassa. Hazara women demanded that the Parliament repeal the law that violates their basic rights. Protesters believe that although Karzai has ordered a legal review of the law, some high-ranking officials at the Justice Ministry support Mohsini’s view.

Yes to Law, No to Petrification

"Yes to law, no to petrification" reads the banner

Attack on a School:

Meanwhile, supporters of Sheikh Mohsini’s Harkat e Islami have attacked the Lycee Ma’arifat  in Dasht e Barchi, Kabul, injuring two school employees and causing damage to the school.

A group of 50 to 60 attackers smashed windows and doors of the co-ed school in West Kabul in response to open condemnation of the “Rape Law” from the school’s headmaster, Mr. Aziz.

Students remained trapped inside the school for about an hour until the security forces arrived and cordoned off the area. The security forces took Headmaster Aziz to safety.

Officials of the school said Mohsini ran a message on his TV channel, Tamadun, accusing the school of teaching un-Islamic topics, including Christianity. School officials believe that this incited Mohsini’s supporters to attack the school.

Mr. Aziz had called a press conference in the afternoon. But sources say that Mohsini used his influence to block roads leading to the school, preventing journalists, MPs, civil society members and opponents of the law from attending the press conference.

Hazara women protesting against the "Rape Law" in front of Shiekh Mohsini's Mega-Million Irani Madrassa

Hazara women protesting against the "Rape Law" in front of Shiekh Mohsini's multimillion-dollar school, known as Irani Madrassa.


  1. This Son Of Kandaharee Is Going To Be killed By Me.. He Is Our Real Enemy.

    • he is the same rascal, who broke the news of Russia-Hazara pact in tehran in early eighties, on independence of Hazarajat. otherwise by now almost 25 years would have past of our independence. this kandahari is to be kicked in his butts, damn irani kasa lass.

  2. My Request From All The Hazaras Is That, It Has Reached The Height…… Lets Take Actio. Today They Have Attacked Our Top School. Tomorrow They Will Attack Our Homes.

  3. Bamyan birar say everything u want against iran and the non-hazara afghani shias or mohsini the son of bitch because they are really our enemies but please dont say anything against islam Maybe u r not muslim but here are some people who love their religion……and dont say anything against hazrat ali because the brave boys of westkabul ll be the first who ll punish u for this

    • may be let me convey i my self will go to them and say hay this is mean and this all was for you people so you could have bettre education and leave the phenomina of shakh e gao mahi …… is ok …
      Hazrat Abdul Ali Mazari had said in gharb e kabol that “””” khoon e ma az khoon e shuma rangintar nest mekhayoum ki khoon e khoud ra da jam e shouma berazanem “””
      it will be an honor …………..

    • Bachem, Mard Agar Mobodeen Nameshteen Qandaharee Baya Da S.I. Shoum Kar Dishtaa Basha. Saba Yak Rule Pas Mosh a Key Tashnaab Raftaa Che Che Karaa Bayaad Kanaa “Hazaraha”

    • Re: Jawad

      There has been a big misconception. Bamiyan hasn’t said anything against Islam or Hazrat Ali.

      “Khoon” means “blood”

  4. ای فطرت مذهب استه.
    انسان ره اوقس خر جور مونه که او خود شی مایه اور موگیه که ما ره سوار شین.
    ای فطرت مذهب استه که موگیه ما ره آزادی مذهبی بدی. خود شی آزادی میخایه لیکن دیگرا ره نمیدیه.
    آلی شمو که ماین ایقس جیخشور مونین، شمو کلو اسلام اور عربی موفامین که محسنی قندهاری. هزار بار بوگین لیکن محسنی پیداوار امزو مذهب استه که میخایه عقیده تاریک یک نفر ره بل تمام منواو کنه.

    اینا ماین صرف از طالبو گیله مونن. اینا خود شی طالب استن . شمو یک واری رفته سون امزو مدرسه والا سیل کین. فل سعودی عرب یا قم – ذره فرق ندره.

    اور امو حرامیا که از ایران خوب موگوفتن، سیل کین نه. عقل کورای خر. سیل کین چطور ده یک طبله هزار زن آزره رو ده سرک آوردک که نه. ده ذریعه امزی مذهب اونا ره غلام خو جور کده که نه؟

    باز ام ماین اور موگیه که اینی طر اور اونو طر. در بدین امی ملا ره قد مدرسه شی یکجای. طالب استه، طالب خر.

    بخدا یک مشتهد ده ایران گوز بزنه، شمو حرامیا از دو روز بی خاو موشین. وجدان ندرین. وجدان شم ره دین اور مذهب قورد کده.

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  6. Cape Breton Island,Nova Scotia, Canada
    ( ‘ global is local ‘as we say these days )-
    stumbled across Hazaristan Times on-line and what an eye opener it is for me .

    Hazaristan News should be linked with as many on-line sites as possible to give Westerner’s your perspective – particularly about Women’s Human Rights and the Hazaras philosophy and approach to this subject in Afghanistan.

    What a refreshing change to read your Editorial , what a beacon of Light and HOPE for all of us . Thank you so much !!

    Sincerely, Barbara

    • khanay tu kharab….
      let them know how to do this and they will do the rest ….

      • I appreciate you replying Bamiyan .

        I have sent several enquiries to computer literate friends of mine for advice on how to link the Hazaristan Times, hopefully they can advise and I’ll forward information.

        In the meantime I expect the Webmaster for the Hazaristan Times has a browser for internet access , for PC’s ( Personal Computers) Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome

        and for Mac’s ( MacIntosh ‘s APPLE computer)
        Safari, Explorer, Firefox ( they are all free) and might be a good source of information on sites that tell you how to link .

        • thank you very very much ……..

  7. Retalliate. Retalliate Against These Dirty Fanatics And This Is Our Only Way To success. Do What Christians Did To The Church… Separate The Mullahs from “HAZARA POLITICS AND EDUCATION”….

    • add sayyed to mullah also. its time to get rid of these twin manace which have been anti Hazara. azrah-azragi zinda bad

  8. You are right hajeer Sultan:
    while reading your points, I remembered one of the sentence said by Shaheed yousofi as “Clerics should take one side either politics or Religion, They cannot play with both side”. This define the perfect law.
    Yak masl asta da Azragi
    “Ardo dawor e joiee ra na charoo”

  9. برادران و خواهران عزیز
    این همان آیت الله محسنی قزلباش که خود را گاهی برای فریب پشتونها پشتون و پشتو زبان خطاب می کند. و برای ما هزاره ها و شیعه ها آیت الله و …. معرفی می کند.در زمان جنگهای تحمیلی سیاف و ربانی ما را استاد شهید مزاری و همه را محارب و مباهدم خظاب میکرد تا سند شرعی و حقوقی برای قتل و قتال مردم هزاره و شیعه برای سیاف وهابی مسعود و ربانی و شرکای جنایتکارشان مانند مولوی خالص و دیگران بدهد. به نظر من آزموده را آزمودن خطاست. تا ابله در جهان باشد محسنی در نمی ماند.چرا مردم ما از این شیخ منافق و ریا کار که بار ها دشمنی اشرا با هزاره ها ثابت کرده است قطع نمی کند. بگذارید این خر پشتونگرا و مردم فریت که همه را فریب می دهد تنها بماند.آیا هزاره عالم و آدم ندارد که ما از این شیخ…!و حرامی پیروی کنیم؟!!!! این برای مردم ما شرم او و خجالت است. که تنها مسجد درست
    را در نظر بگیرید که تمام ابوسفیان و دیگران خیلی مسجد درست کرده اند.
    مرگ بر و شرم باد بر دلال مذهبی و شیخ ریا کار دشمن هزاره ها

    احمد آسترلیا

    • Drod bar kasani ke mardome mazlum va del rahme mara ke salhast fribe shayatine atraf ra khordaand va az mardome HAZARA faghat so estefada kardaand ra hemayat mekonad! marg bar doshmane baba mazari va nang bar kasani ki jorat ba khod namidehand ki ghateline gajeaye AFSHAR ra ba mohakema bekashanan! drod bar to ay javane HAZARA
      Abolfazl Stockholm

  10. Women of Afghanistan, I salute you for standing for your rights against Islamists

    • Not Women Of Afghanistan…. Brave HAZARA Women ( Qalakha E Sia E Iran Not Included)

  11. Hi there,
    I have already seen it somethere…

  12. dear contributors,
    Such acts are not to be faced blindly. We all know that who is the back seat driver of Sheikh Mohsini. This is ofcourse Iran. Iranians are too clever, cunning and political. They do what they need for their national interests.
    Here we read some v v harsh comments, it is good to express ur feelings but in a way that our people must get logical awareness and be ready for tomorrow in order to stop such bull shits.
    We must not blame all qandharees, good and bad people are found among all the nations.
    We must follow the path of Hazrat Baba Mazari R.
    that our awareness will be the way to our success, and this awareness is being spreaded among our people. Still we have to do alot.
    Sheikh Mohsini is the person who had said in Peshawar agreement in the time of Baba that hazaras are not our problem, we are talking of our pashtoons right.
    He is too clever fox. We must act more logical in front of the world. this is the time to prove ourselves more logical in the eyes of the world and in the eyes of ourselves.
    Tatar Ali Azad, Quetta

  13. Salam

    Some of the readers may think that this law is in accordance with Islam……
    this is a poison which is wrapped in a beautiful garnish of religion …….
    But observe deeply, an outsider (non-Hazara) challenges 6.7 million of population by imposing a law without the will of 6.7 million people……….
    This used to happen in the past that the outsiders (non-Hazara) passed these types of laws by sometime declaring us kafir (infidels), sometime education is banned for Hazaras both by force and by the cover of religion ………..
    But what happened was past ………
    This is now the matter of our nang (Honor) …….
    We know how to defend our freedom and our rights ……..
    Everyone have tried their best to declare us animals, barbarians, wahshi by keeping
    us apart from everything that belong to humans …….
    BUT we always fought for our future ……

    Long live Hazaras ……….
    Bedar Bashid ……..

  14. About the Imposed Sex Slavery Law:

    This is a “Lamha-e-Fikria” for HAZARAs that external forces are again in action and they are now dictating us that

    In the future they will say that HAZARAs cannot have more than one child according to religion and xyz law……. or HAZARA girls cannot marry HAZARA boys according to religion and xyz law as we have seen such type of marriage concepts imposed on HAZARAs (only on HAZARAs in the world) [don’t want to mention which one] before …….

    This time they are showing us “That we will tell you how many times you people have to have sex with your spouse … and without our permission you cannot do anything with your spouse”.

    This type of games always take place in different shapes and forms against the HAZARAs……
    But specifically at this point in time one thinks that why is this issue is raised against HAZARAS ……

    lets look at few of the reasons ……

    1. There is a tremendous fear and anxiety growing among the different people because of a sudden increase and trend towards education and in specific in HAZARA females as can be seen easily ………

    2. All the groups backed by different countries try to tackle this growing threat of education among HAZARAs in different way………

    3. Some through the religion … because an educated HAZARA nation will never submit to false
    concepts and religious slavery ….. and will never allow any external element to decide for their future ….. and HAZARAs will be independent in their thinking about their future and politics ……..

    4. To prove and show HAZARAs that you are still under our control …… and tell HAZARAs that you dont have any control on you life, religion, language, land and even family……

    5. To dishonor HAZARAs in the eye of the world ……..

    This is not a simple issue as it looks like ……. this is a matter of publishing the “Namoos” of HAZARAs on the media …….

  15. […] high schools in Afghanistan currently enrolling over 3000 students with 56% boys and 44% girls. The school was attacked a month back by the supporters of Sheikh Asif Qandhari for criticizing the “Rape Law” […]

  16. Sorry to be marked by Iran because Iranians did not help us just we had the mark of being Shiite like Iranians. I think that religion is not the way of connecting to other countries, intstead the idea of progressing the world or accepting demoracy is very important in the modern world. For example, democracy has been progrssed very well in Bamyan which thousands of female students began going to school and the governer is a lady. Therefore, the above reasons reveal that Hazaara people do not have any close relation or connection with Iranian and many people do not like the word of Iran.


  17. Sorry for two comments the same time!

    The picture that is onr the top gives me the day which I heard about the martyr of great Mazzari. I was in Bamyan and I heard that great Mazzari has been arrested by crazy Taliban and terrorist. I did not feel ok because I did not sleep, just thinking what will happen to our people after Great Mazzari. My father helped and said lets go and not think more because there is no way, just Almighy God will help Mazzari and there will be no danger for him. We were listening to BBC and we heard that great Mazzari has been martyred by terrorists. So it is the only sadness impression for me whenever I look the photo of Great Mazzari, I remember the night.
    God bless you all because of putting the pic on the top


  18. I belive Mohsini should be excuted becoze he is promoting terorist idiology within the afghan comunity , he is a real therat to growth of democracy in afghanistan so it is vital to say for the redevalapment of our country man and woman shold shold work hands and hands not other way a round

  19. salam for all ahle tashayo, ma khodem hazara hastom. hazara awaleen karshi azi khatir kharaba ke bajaye mazhab qaum ra khosh dara wa hame awaleen qaum hastad tamame firqa as ahle tashayo moga ke hazara kafir ow zalim qawm hasta. tajurbae 30% hazara comunist ow esahi shuda boden e yak misal maloom hast baray mo wa shomo lehaza kodam shaikh ya hazara ya kandhari agar haqiqat moga bayed taslim kanem agarna tanha momnem
    wa ba e tariqa behurmati sheikh ra kardan jaez neya

  20. […] “Death to Human Rights” and amongst other things ransacked a local school, pelted women protesters against the law with stones and condemned others to an eternity in […]

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