Posted by: Editor | April 14, 2009

International Donors Fund on Political Basis: Bamyan Residents

Residents of Bamyan muddied road protesting discriminatory reconstruction.

Residents of Bamyan muddied road protesting discriminatory reconstruction.

Bamyan: Hundreds of Bamyan residents covered the two-kilometer paved roads of the province with clay in protest against the biased attitude of Karzai in the distribution of funds and reconstruction projects.

Large numbers of people collectively worked to clay the road, the only stretch of paved road in the entire province,  constructed last year by USAID.

Bothered by the lack of reconstruction, a participant told Hazaristan Times, “We will start the reconstruction of our province voluntarily, no matter how long it takes.”

He continued, “Karzai is prejudiced toward our province. He has been making fake promises of building our roads and providing electricity to the provincial capital, but has met none of them. We have the spirit to build our province because international donors work and distribute funds on political basis.”

Talking to Radio Bamyan, Governor Habib Sarabi said, “I have been trying to get some fund for reconstruction of roads in Bamyan city, but haven’t been able to.”

Bamyan is the most peaceful province of the country, where more than half the population lives below the poverty line. The far-flung highland province suffered the worst of the Taliban when thousands of people were slaughtered. Today, after seven years of international efforts, residents of Bamyan complain of the lack of reconstruction — and of bias in allocation of funds.

The residents’ concerncs seem to be legitimate. Recently, $328 millions was approved for reconstruction projects in Helmand, the Taliban stronghold, where 80% of world poppy is cultivated. Bamiyan has yet to see such huge allocation of funds.

MPs in the Provincial Assembly of Bamyan say international funds are distributed on political basis. Foreign aid organizations such as USAID or CIDA work in the areas where they have military presence.


Cartoon by a local artist in Bamyan, depicting the recent protest of Bamyan residents.



  1. Az dist kho mandi az khudai kho mandi …..

    Allah u Akbar
    Gomeini rahbar

    Allah u Akbar
    Gomeini rahbar

    Taqleed azki dare ???

    Az Aghai e sheikh muhammad asif e Mohsini …
    chan imam dare ..
    chardeh ……
    e sezdaoum , chardaoum shi ki shoud …????
    sezdaoum Goemnie …
    Chardaoum Qaandhari ….

    kho kho …. az spin boldak seedha quetta boro da surai nimak azounji e kadkarbalai zawar shah mustaqeem taftan bor az taftan zahidan …….. toukh agar aggo daur e dega rafthi bazz card e sabz e behisht tu ra kinsil monom …

    boro dega …
    chagha ……..

  2. Yaara Haad Shod…. We Should Retaliate !! It’s The time To Do What We Have Been Waiting For This Long Period….. Rise Against Religious “Devils” And Prove Them We ARE !

  3. Hi there,
    Thanks for article. Everytime like to read you.

  4. […] interest in the construction of Highway, nor has the Government in Kabul been seriously interested. In a protest demonstration in April, the people of Bamyan put clay on the two-kilometer paved road in the entire Bamyan. The people said international donors fund on […]

  5. Salam Dostan

    We the people of Afghanistan especially Hazara should be very proud to had this great civilisation which uniqe simillar to Egyptian Phyramid and Rome and Greek or China and India.

    We should work to reestablish our treasurey and show it to the region and world yes we were civilised and we will establish another one as we did it before. We should not limit ourselve to just readig or writing commets. Each one of us have responsibility to acheive our target.

    Bamyan must establish again through the help of Hazaras all around the world starting from inside the country,people from Quetta,Karachi,Iran and all around the world by encouraging International Communities .Because this great civilisation belong to us and we must establish it again if we leave it to the others then the only thing they can is destraction!!

    Hazara should work and preserve their cultural heritage regardless of the location where they leave. Thinking about empty slogans of Mulla from Iran or ISI of Pakistan will never bring fortne for us nor it could bring in the past other than disasters and misery.

    Long live Hazara civilisation

    Ahmad Australia

  6. Salam

    It is shame and disgrace to see Bamyan the centre of civilisation like this. It is shame for all of us. We are all responsible. We should ask the goverment and Khalili and all the puppet and Shekam dost Hazara leaders. What they did for Hazaristan and Bamyan ???

    Being a Bacha Berish of Karzi and Kharzi will not solve the issue of Hazara nor it could do it in the past. Stand up on you own feet and trust Allah and the loyal people of Hazara who never let you down. But you leaders always let us down to ground of shame and Khowari.

    If you are a true leader so why you are not doing something positive for Hazararistan and Bamyan…?? Why and Whay???? Bamyan and Hazaras were civilised 2000 years ago or more than that .Bamyan is the symbole of that. Now one 21 century durig Karzi we have no betumen roads ( Sarak Pokhta) people mading the road .

    Shame on you and shame on you. Karzi and your puppet Hazara leader…..


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