Posted by: Editor | April 7, 2009

Hazara Leaders Condemn Karzai’s “Rape Law”

Hazara politician Mr. Muhaqiq

Hazara politician Mr. Muhaqiq

Kabul: Haji Muhammad Muhaqiq, Prominent Hazara politician and Head of the Parliament’s Committee for Religeous and Cultural Affairs, has strongly condemned Karzai’s “Shia Family Law,” saying it never reflects the faith and aspirations of Hazaras–majority Shia population of Afghanistan.
While speaking at a conference in the United States, Mr. Muhaqiq demanded that the notorious bill be annulled. He said, “Hazaras comprise the absolute majority of Shiites in Afghanistan, and they strongly oppose the law. We have played an important role in promoting democracy and stability in Afghanistan.”

Hazrat Ayatullah Muhaqiq Kabuli Opposes the Law
The prominent Ayatullah Hazrat Muhaqiq Kabuli has opposed the provisions of Karzai’s “Shia Family Law.”

Hazrat Ayatullah Kabuli is a Hazara Ayatullah, high-ranking religious leader.

The bill was initially drafted by Sheikh Mohsin Qandhari, an Ayatullah of Pashtoon ancestry, whose bill was perceived to represent the aspirations of the Hazaras. However, the bill has met with condemnations from prominent Hazara political as well as religious leaders.



  1. Has Mohsini Lost His Reputation Among Hazaras Of Kabul?

  2. did he bache Qandhari had any reputation among Hazaras of Kabul ????
    should Hazaras of kabul give bache Qandhar any sort of ground among them ????

    • I Agree With You That They Should Not … But He Was Seen As A Respectable Person…… Although To Extent I Know ..

  3. i too have heard of his influence and thats because of his Qalay Khyber ( madrassa ) among poor people who cant afford to offend the supreme powers of this Universe and are ready to give their fifth daughter in ransom to the holiest dick holding people of this world ……….
    the respect we observed for this person (Bache ghandar ) is injected in our people by some of our psycho , Kaasa less , paskhorda khor , watan farosh and tuman dost individuals …….
    billions of billions is spent to design and build bache Ghandar’s respect ……..
    We both should not be jealoous for the respect he got ……….

  4. Yeah Thats True……. We Should Not Be Jealous …

    Bamiyan Birrar, I Want You To Join Facebook too. I don’t Know If You Already Have But I Want To Request You For helping Us Out In Editting The Article About Hazaras on Wikipedia…. If You Are Interested….

    • Well i will be pleased ……can i have your email id please ….

  5. go biraro go………

  6. Gufthum bisyar khob kar mokunin….apprreciate your efforts…..

    • Only Appreciate !! Join Us Too …. Be A Contributor …

  7. islamic fundamentalism and iran murdabad

  8. Ask Everyone Who You Think Has Knowledge About Hazaras And have Good Writting Skills To Join Us . On Facebook šŸ™‚


  9. This is a sort of the same message that we would hear it before 1940’s. This Pashtoon would never led us leave with satisfection.
    In order to avoid such voilence we have to choose our own Shia hazara to represent us for such announcement.

    Mohsin Qandahari is a pashtoon ancester and would never work for hazara but yeah for the benefit of their own Shias.

    Thank you

  10. I am a hazara and a religious one. but I should say that I give no shit about lunatics like mohsini who has been busy betraying the hazara cause for more than 30 years. I oppose this bill because it does not reflect my values and my hopes for the future of my people. for me Hazara comes before Religion. we have been Hazara fore more than 3000 years and we have been muslims and shias for 1000 years. our culture extends beyond a single religion and so does our history.

  11. we condemn this law
    it is totaly against hazars
    we must stand togather against this law
    all hazara people in the world , organisations and all institutes togathrly work on their side to oppose this law

  12. Salam Qooma

    All of you have batter knowledge, then me regarding That first of all we are HAZARA, then Shia
    So our identity is HAZARA, and our Belive is Shia, so i hope we would’nt for get our identity being HAZARA

    So Asif Khandhari is an identity, of KHANDHAR, and KHANDAR is a place of Pushtoons hope it will work for my listners

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