Posted by: Editor | February 14, 2009

West-Kabul Residents Protest Discriminatory Power Supply

Masses under heavy rain protested discriminatory electricity supply in Kabul.

Masses under heavy rain protested discriminatory electricity supply in Kabul.

West Kabul February 14: Resident of Dasht-e-Barchi, West Kabul held a protest demonstration against the discriminatory power supply by the Ministry of Water and Energy on February 12. Despite heavy rain, large number of people participated in the protest rally holding banners and placards. They were chanting “”We Want Equality in Electricity Supply”,  “Down With Discrimination, Govt.” Some protesters were holding lantern as a symbol of protest for electricity.

Kabul has received round the clock power supply since last month when the new power line from Uzbekistan was operated. The net of electricity wires have been laid to all other parts of the capital except the Hazara residing Dasht-e-Barchi. People say present Government is continuing the discriminatory policies of former rulers. They not only complain about electricity but also roads, hospitals and other facilities. Major roads in Barchi are unpaved and there is no health facility other than private hospitals looting downtrodden masses.

The protesters disperced peacefully after three hours of peaceful protest in front of the Ministry of Water and Energy. Minister Ismail Khan promised electricity supply to Barchi would be the main goal of the Ministry next year.

Protesters chanting against discriminatory power supply in Kabul. Some are holding lantern.

Some protesters are holding lantern, as symbol of protest for electricity.


  1. My Dear brothers and Sisters

    Unfortuanatly deep discriminations are running against Hazara people in Kabul and all over Hazaristan. Even by paying the elecricity bills by people of Dasht Barchi again the Pashton and Ismail Khan continue to discriminate Hazara population. All Hazaras who are living inside or outside specially in Quetta should raise their voice loaud against these kind of discrimination. We should not forget about our mainland Hazaristan and Kabul capital of Hazara sacrifice. We should not neglect the welfare of our Hazara nation in Kabul and Hazaristan. Because if Hazaras are strong in mainland its branches will be strong everywhere.
    It is amazing people are not paying attention to the vital issues such as electricity and infrastructure on our mainland Hazaristan instead we are focusing on one single suburb in foreing country in order to put all our eggs in one basket.
    All Hazaras are responsible to raise their voice and push the government to pay attention to issue of Hazaras any where they live especially capital kabul.
    God bless all of you along rest of the humanity


  2. My dear berar Bamiyan

    I agree with you with no further comment. But this guys started insulting the whole Hazara of Afghanistan. In regard to the name of Afghanistan many people are opposing it must change. Even Dostum a close ally of Hezb-e- Wahdat at the beginign officially announced wellcome to Khorasan. It is along debate I agree Afghan means Pashton and all people of Afghanistan agree too including Tajiks ……. But unfortuantly still the official name is Afghanistan and nationality remains sadly Afghan or Afghani for all not only Hazaras for all ethnics.

    People who has fack sense of Quettagi and Pakistani mentality Khob bekhan do do dafa key khar fam shony Zoy

    In regard to their claim Hazara of
    Afghanistan makes them jokes. raped women of Dayzingi,even Hazarestan mothers including their own as Mukhtar claims! and so many childish Buzdil kamzor wa wayla. I also agree with you hazara were used as slave for Iranian or puppet because of our religiouse beleive and the whole nation of Afghanistan used and abused by many powers. But lets mention it is not only Afghanistan and Hazara of Afghanistan it is happening with all including jahangavi,Sepah Sahaba …….
    We hazara during moharram beat ourselves to dead for our Arabs Imams…….. according to one commentator why imam Zaman Mukhtar did not come to rescue him and stop killing of%62 Hazara including his forthfaters. and many other incedent Sultan Ali Keshtmand was eleven and half years Prime Minister of Afghanistan without any dispute.No one has a record like him even their own Pashton Prime Ministers. Then were was Mukhatar and other intelectual Hazara to support him. Lets not forget Keshmand is still alive in London . When he dies or to be killed then the first one Mukhtar and people like Mukhtar Hussain who told exremely abusive insult to the whole Hazara of Afghanistan will come forward to cry and insult. Yes brothers we Hazara have no Zenda Khob wa Murda Bad! The people in Marry Abad or Brewery go and ask and reasearch them with any Gharaz wa maraz. Who they are? Where did they came from and when? What is their tie and connection with Hazaras in Afghanistan or Hazarestan as we say?

    ای بچه و امثال ازی شیر خانه روبه سارایه.ده پیش اوغو،بلوچ ای دم ندره.ای فقط مرده کی قوم خود خو باکولون خوره دو و دشنام بدیه.ده پیش دیگرو کی رسید غیرت شی از کون شی زرد بور موشه .ازره اوغانستان خو اگه حق یا ناحق قد تمام زده اور میزنه.اگه ده خورده هشت زده. ای بی غیرت تا بحالی چند دنه دشمن خوره کشته؟ غیرذ از ی که ده نسل اور نبیره خو دشنام بدیه . ای آدم اور کسایی که همیتر فکر دره ده ریش بابی خو تف مونه اور میخنده.تو اول او مردم ره لالی اوغوستانی،شپش پر،کوهبند کوی مونی اور مزاق اولای مونی.اگر او تو ره گفت باز موی فلان جای خو میکنه زوی! نگی که نگیه توره.
    Sultan Ali Keshtmand Yazda wa nem sal Wazir Azam Afghanistan bod wa da hezbe-e- Democratice Afghanistan ham the second person was. Is he or people like him were besawad,jahil,badshakel,buzdil and kamzor like you.Regardless of Jihad Hazara of Afghanistan had thousand of Qomandans.Millions of Shahid.Milliions of soldiers who fought the Mojahidin including Rabbani,Masoud,holy Taliban the foster child of raciest pashton Nasirulla Babur. ( Babur was Turk mongolian established Kabul in 1500 ) Kabul comes from Qabul khan.
    You call baloch people Ganda and can not handle with them to defend your self then instead calling any rubbish on Hazara nation inside Afghanistan or Quetta pakistan and all over the world. Sema Summer who was the first Hazra woman graduated from Kabul University was anothe illitrate as you Mukhtar call him.Sham on you and people like you. Shoma haq daren chara key to Asl wa nasab khora ga gum kada bodi. To yatem key da dast hamsaya with fack sence of Pehchan,belonging and fack sence of Quetta is the center of civilisatin! all educated people like you who has one eye and limited knowledge and narrow mind have and the rest of Hazaras are kohband. Oh ba aql what is the Marry Abad mountain behind you? Are you not kohband and surrounded by baloch and pashtons. Felan to as khod to kada peshtar the mezan chawk gasaba mersa. Boro qadar peshi sho amora tay khak kano da jay daw wa dashnam Hazara of Hajarajat or Afghanistan. You and people like are brain dead forgot lots of things. Go and fuck study your history,background and deafet our common enemy not attack the absolute majority and isolate you and others like Buz Garg. When disaster comes then call on Hazara to help you and start telling them whatever you can. When the eney come to kill.Do they ask your fucking Pokhtagi or Khami Shenakht Card to or they ask you are Paka or kacha Hazara of Quetta? Sad afsoos dar sho wa emsal as shom. Khaliqo,Mazari,Gawsowar,from the left or right where they were from when you insult the Hazara of Afghanistan??????? Bogy zoy agar zebo wa manteq dari. To mardom bayad badtar as charsi begya. Charsi bechara chez kada wo del she qharib shoda ya shakar drug dealer shoda.Ama gayrat dara tora ra mofama da Austria wa Vienna neya wali farq Khar wa Kharboza ra dara. To qadar khak pay charseya namosh lalema.
    hayf azo talem wa aday pala leko wa zebon english key to yad gerafty baray daw wa dashnam Hazara Hazarajat ya Awghostani da goft as too. Barar ma da sar aql beya khar aly lagha nazo harkasra. Hazara Afghanistan nabasha to naswar ham namosha or babi to ham am zonji asti bedon shak!
    Mo ham da dan citizenship da jeb kho dara. Wali waqti Hazara wa hata pasmanda Hazra kho mengarney kor shoni key ora joke kane or da wa dashnam the public website bedi. Mo raqam as to be asl wa nasab neyaste. Mo khod khodar feday qawm kho kadi,moni wa baz ham inshalla monem aga zararat shod. Mo Sabr enghilabi dashti wa dari as dast nemeda. Ama to wa raqam az too ra ba khoda aga pashm ham hesab kani. Wa kesekey to wara daw zadi wa Awghostani wa Hazra neya gayrat nadari bayad to ra emonjo zenda da gor moked. To key eqas mardi boro defay kho ko. Boro da jay as mo Arabaha,ISI khohi koy key harsal khod khora baldeshy mekshi to the Zoban khod khod kho Hazra awghanistan wa mardom Hazara quetta ra daw wa dashnam dadi or rara baly kho basta kada. Maro ham ta key tanesty mayose kade enali to mofame wa kartoo lalema. Da jay azy key dega to the website beya mora daw da dashnam bedi ya wara da vianna daw deya. Boro the quetta az khane kho defa ko zoy.

    Dawoud Sarkhosh ra name she bale zeban kho nayar. To bacha bodi key beldi mardom kho mekhand halli ham mekhani. Dawoud is a singer not a politician as far as I know. Secondly if he ask for money to give concert then this is his only profession I went to his concert and he is great freind of mine and all of us. He has a family to support.His wife and kids need money.He had many moft or barazay khoda consert for his qawm all over the world especially in Mazar Kabul and mostly Quetta. Nane moft dega tora mellaw namosha zoy. paisa dedo chole kaw!
    Even you don’t know simplist think then your claim is on above to thosse be asl wa be nasab……… people who call themselves better than their brothers and sisters in mainland defenceless Hazaristan.

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  4. this guy whom don,t mantion his name,first of all mostly hazara who are living in quetta are from all parts of hazarajat.they are living in quetta with proud and degnity.we alway,s defended the rights of hazara,s who are living in many hazara,s were migrated during soviet occupation civil war and taliban.they had no problem in quetta.even they have better house and living standard than old hazara citizen.i think you have also lived in quetta and enjoyed all opportunities.look the refujees in should,t use bad words .even khanum sima samar that you mantioned.where did she lived during the war and starting her campain.who supported her for her great job .
    we are smal community but we lived with balouch pashtoon laugh on us because of our etnic base.the people like you should be thankful to us for our hospitality and kindness .

  5. Editor ::::
    update this site…
    put something new …

  6. سال نوهمۀ تان مبارک و خجسته باد هر روز تان نوروز هر روز تان پیروز شاد و موفق باشی

  7. سلام برادر قند امیدوارم که صحتمند بوده وآرزوی موفقیت برا ی تان می کنم جهان سپاس می کنم از شما که شعر های هزارگی را وب سایت تان عنوان کرده اید و زبان هزا گی را رشد می بخشیدمن هم یکی از شیر بچه ها ی هزاره هستم در آخر هم از درگاه خداوند برایت موفقیت مزید آرزومندم الله یارونگهدارت.

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