Posted by: Editor | February 9, 2009

Murder of Pakistani Hazara Leader Follows Worldwide Protests

Martyred Pakistani Hazara political leader Hussain Ali Yousufi.

Martyred Pakistani Hazara political leader Hussain Ali Yousufi. (Photo by Entezaar)

Kabul: Hazaras in Kabul held a memorial ceremony for a murdered Pakistani Hazara political leader, Hussain Ali Yousufi, Chairman Hazara Democratic Party.

His assassination followed voilent riots in Pakistan and peaceful protest demonstrations across the world. Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari and Prime Minister Gilani condemned Yousufi’s murder. Hazaras in Pakistan in recent years have been under target ethnic and sectarian attacks killing hundreds.

Chairman of Hazara  Democratic Party – Pakistan, Hussain Ali Yousufi, was a prominent politician and leader with deep influence on Hazaras across the world. His assassination was followed by protest demonstrations in Pakistan, Australia, UK and Afghanistan. A peaceful demonstration will soon be held in New York.

Angry protesters taking dead boyd of Yousufi in Quetta Pakistan.

Angry protesters carrying dead body of Yousufi in Quetta, Pakistan. (Photo by Hazara News Pakistan)

Large number of people particpated in martyred Yousufi's memorial in Kabul.

Large number of people particpated in martyred Yousufi's memorial in Kabul. (Photo by Katib)

Hazaras in Afghanistan arranged two separate memorial events regarding the murder of Yousufi. These events were attended by Vice President Khalili, opposition leader Muhammad Muhaqiq, Hazara MPs, intellectuals and others. The speakers  said even though Pakistani Hazaras are geographically distant, they share a common history of suppression and subjugation with Hazaras in Afghanistan. They said Shaheed Yousufi was not only the leader of Pakistani Hazaras but his efforts for Hazaras around the globe will be unforgettable.

The memorial ceremony’s resolution demanded of the Government of Pakistan to immediately bring culprits to justice and form a neutral judicial committee to probe Yousufi’s murder.

Ex-Prime Minister Sultan Ali Kishtmand in his message expressed grief over the assassination of a Hazara leader of international caliber. Secretary General of Hazara Democratic Party – Pakistan, Abdul Khaliq Hazara, made a telephonic speech to the memorial event last Friday. He said Shaheed Yousufi’s vision was Hazara unity across the globe.

Hazara daispora held protest demonstration in Australia.

Hazara diaspora held a protest demonstration in Australia.

Hazara diaspora in Australia staged a protest demonstration in front of Pakistani Embassy in Canberra. The protestors were holding banners and placards reading, “Stop Genocide of Hazaras in Pakistan.”

Protestors also presented a charter of demands to Pakistani High Commission. Representatives from the protesters called on MPs to ask Australian government to pressurize Pakistan to probe Yuosufi’s murder.

Hazara daispora in London protested in front of Pak Embassy.

Hazara daispora in London protested in front of Pak Embassy.

Hazara diaspora in UK also held a protest demonstration in front of Pakistani High Commission in London on February 8. They  demanded from the Government of Pakistan to take serious notice of the target killing of Hazaras in Quetta. The protesters handed over a charter of demand to the Pak Embassy.


  1. […] a memorial ceremony for Shaheed Yusufi, in which prominent politicians and leaders gave speeches. Don’t miss the full report on the event on Hazaristan Times. Following are some pictures of the event, taken by our contributor Murtaza Sharif. .gallery { […]

  2. Thanks dear hazaras of kabul. This should end the negative comments coming from few colleagues regarding silence of hazaras in watan towards miseries of hazaras in pakistan. Shaheed hussain ali was a reason for unity in his life and his shahadath is w\even more powerfull stimulus for much needed hazara unity. zindabad hazara dar har kunj-i-dunya.
    I see a bright and prosprous future for all hazaras around the world.

  3. My dear brothers and sisters across the globe
    Now I am convenceid we Hazaras are all ONE AND UNITED AND YOUSUFI PROVED TO HIS ENEMIES AND STUPED PEOPLE HE WAS A NATIONAL LEADER IN HIS LIFE TIME AND AFTER LIFE. My heart is in peace. Let’s do our best to be more united,organised and well aware to defeand and fight against our common enemies. Mr. Khalili,Mohaqiq,Gizabi,women MPs male MPs,and the great man who was eleven and half years Prime Minister of Afghanistan Sultan Ali Keshtmand and others are United and expressing their condolence and support to their brothers and sisters in Quetta.

    Long live Arman Ensani wa Hazaragi

    Amani Australia

  4. i was i am and i will be really proude of being HAZARA and haveing such leaders….

  5. zindabad qahraman yousuffi wa zindabad mardumi hazara dar sarassari jahan.

  6. Untill and unless we do not get united, our misiers would be increased and we continuesly being targeted by our enimies. Hazaras of the world unite

  7. I request from Hazara’s living to all over the to be united and to work for the nation .

  8. Salam to my nation.
    Really appreciate and warm thanks to Hazaras of Afghanistan and our beloved leaders…….

  9. we proude on u shaheed hussan ali yousofy u are still alive.. nd tax 2 kabul hazaraz.thay show there unity with us.

  10. salam brara,
    It makes me feel so happy to c all being united.
    I really proud of kabul hazaras for the support the shown.
    I must say one thing God Bless Hazaras and God bless leaders of hazara.

  11. salam to all great hazara people!
    Today the time cam that we should be together and forword the messege of our great leaders by our unity and defeat enimies by right ways.
    And we should prove that we are the people that we wants peace and we will follow our leaders ways………..

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