Posted by: Editor | February 3, 2009

Elaha Sorur Receives Death Threats

Elaha Sorur has been receiving calls of death threat.

Elaha Sorur has been receiving calls of death threat. (Image courtesy AFP)

Elaha Suror has been receiving death threats for her participation in Afghan Star. Here are some snippets of a report on Elaha Suror by AFP.

Born in Kabul and named Mariam, she spent her first 14 years in Iran, living a “normal life” with her father, a former pilot in army and now businessman, and her mother who stayed at home with six children.

With the stage name of Elaha, she is a charming contestant of American Idol-like “Afghan Star” this year. The 20-year-old is steadfast in her dream of becoming a singer and inspiring the women of war-torn country to make their own destinies.

Moments after she was eliminated form the fourth season of “Afghan Star,” Elaha Sorur was shown live on television, slumped on the floor behind the scenes, her body heaving with sobs, her head on her arms.

The invasive camera of Tolo TV caught it all, the sound turned up to catch the loud weeping of the deposed favorite. It was a dramatic development, totally unexpected from a woman who endured death threats to become the only female left standing among eight contestants. Since the start of the hit show three months ago, the pretty Hazara girl has seduced fans–a new urban, Westernized, internet generation that has emerged since the 2001 fall of the Taliban.

The previous Thursday she again charmed an audience of 400 in a hall where the programme is recorded twice a week. In a long coat and denim skirt, with red boots and a colourful scarf covering her hair, Elaha sang the lyrics of star Farhad Darya, who was the guest of the day. “Time passes, the season of the flowers too / Time passes, it will return, but the young will have aged,” she crooned into the microphone, smiling and rocking her body in time to the music. There was high praise from Darya. “I admire your courage in a country where tradition keeps women in the home. Elaha, all Afghanistani musicians are with you!”

Judges and fans were unanimous: never has a female competitor shown such talent.

She told AFP in an interview before being knocked out of the contest that returning to Afghanistan handed her a double handicap: being a woman and wanting to sing–a deviant activity, according to the country’s radical Islamists (that have already threatened Elaha).

“But I am hooked,” she said. In 2004 she joined group of musicians; four years later she auditioned for “Afghan Star.” The young woman admitted her life had changed radically in the past three months.

Had her 10 minutes of fame yielded any love letters, even marriage requests? She laughed: “Yes, that has happened.”

But not everything has been good–one anonymous caller threatened to throw acid at her, she said. Even in her own family, an uncle made a death threat against her because of her chosen path.  But she would not be deterred. “Nothing can stop me from offering my music to people. Music opens the spirit, helps it to grow. And I want Afghanistani women to never have to be ashamed of being women,” she said. ”

At the time of the interview, she was sure she would make it through to the next round. Just a few days later, her hopes were crushed. Supporters have several theories: rivals launched a voting campaign against her; there was pressure from conservatives; her supporters were lax about voting.

When the verdict was announced, Elaha was stunned, and the tears rolled down her round cheeks. But she was still able to say to the audience: “You will see later who will be the star. You will hear my songs!”

Elaha Suror can be back! In Afghan Star’s wildcard round, one of the eliminated stars can be voted back in. To read how you can help her be back, read the rules.


  1. “You will see later who will be the star. You will hear my songs!”

  2. Salam Dears

    My dear Ellaha you will be the star one day and famouse singer and we will hear your voice. Unfortunatly it is only about you as Hazara girl or woman. All women in Afghanistan,third world country,Arabic idealogy of extremist religion mullas and traditional society has no value and opportunity for women at all. I as man always feel sympathy and shame to treat our mothers and sisters like that by not giving them any kind of chance during their life time. We keep our women as slaves,Kanez,commodity,Segha Baray Akhonda… And the most important thing we all men and women raise and brought up by our mothers women. But unfortunatly always we suppressed our mothers and sisters.We men can do any rezalat if a single woman wants to sing then we start theatining them by death. This things come from religiouse and dogatism phelosophy. Even our religion is based on Badawi Arabic culture who wanting to do their girls (Zenda Bagor) and that culture continues. How many femal singers have our fellow citizen brothers Pashtons,Tajiks… Other nation in the world even Arabs,Egyptian who were Queens before Islam in Mesr 5000 years ago or Shama Bodha statues in Bamiyan was a femel from our own Hazara or Turk mongolian central asian race.

    We brought up by women. They carry us nine months feed us with all of their body and energy. giveing us two years milk and clean our dirts. then give us the greatest eternal love for ever.Unfortunatly again we use and abuse them. I as man and respecting my mother and sister can not give myself permission and jarat to opposs my mother,my sister and the whole women. God bless you and all women of Hazara and other nations. Continue your way all nation developed Hazara also must go this way soon or late. We did not born for qarn hajar we want to live the way should and want to live. Mullla,traditional thinking did not brought us any fortune in the past nor they can bring in the future. Yes if you women go and become their seghayee wives regardless of their mordagawi then it is OK. Go ahead my dear sister no one has the right to stop you Allah created men and women as equal. We all pray the same men do not pray more than women. Marg bar Artejae Seya banam Mazhab,traditional,qawmeyat wa ghayrat kazeb key Arabha,taliban,mulla hay iran wa al-qaeda da bayn mardom rawaj karda ast.

    Marg akhari bar Aftaba sazan key hech kar baray ma mardom Afghanistan nakarda da qarn 21 we are living under the cheragh mosha wa alekain! even in our capital kabul. Even they were not as a cat (Peshak ) to cover their shits in allover. Have a look to the dashnabhay domanzale Deh Afghanan and the whole system of our severage system in Kabul and all over the big cities.
    It was also the neglect of Pashton traditional monopoly government. Just sing and be happy. To the all women of Hazara and Afghanistan participate to every aspect of life with dignity,honesty,Paki wa Sadaqat ba nezam khanawadagi,searching for education and skill living and earning Abromandana Emrar Maash like your male brothers.
    long live equality and social justice,tolarance,brotherhood as our great Mazari said.

    Ahmad Australia

  3. salam
    i m azizullah living in pakistan i want to say my opening about song or singer . dear elaha singing is skill and i m not against of this but for our nation and our religion it is a ashemd and becouse we are not like other people of the world .at 1st we are mulsim and second we are shia and it is too bad for hazara girl to be singer in afghanistan special . and your dress style was also not good therefore people become against you . i adovice you to be like real hazara girl and be in hajab . we cant be like british people . not also not to be try . i become so happy when i was listened that u neckout form afghan star compition . plz dont try again to partisipate in afghan star .

    • HI mr. azizullah iam glad u said ur opinion but i believe everyone has the right to live their life in their way. now its the 21st century and ur thoughts are of 1st century. i accept that islam says to the woman to cover all their body bcs of the men,
      i believe we should be proud of elaha soror of what she is doing. everyone cannot reach that stage. iam ashame that we have people like u in out community with the 1st century thoughts.

      hope u dont mind.
      kas da gori kas na moraaa
      try to understand this sentence it might be helpfull for u.

  4. Ee kudam ahmed astah ki seegha ra bad mouga ..
    yag Ahmed e dega az Australia ki astah wo kho Seegha ra da Quran nesho dad moura …chim e koor e azmo ra waz kad … khoud shi amo lafzayee seegha ra da Arabi menay Quran ki mekhana da nazar azkhoud kho Sawab Hasil mouna …Agar ami amo Ahmed astah kho Akhiri khat e Munafiqat astah ki darao singing ra baien e Islam legitimize mouna ..yag na mahram doukhtar ra dabelay stage rou baroue ye khalq mayra ki behanoo ….. wa dil mardoum ra khoush ko e art astah …
    wah wah …..beshak ki lalayeoo

  5. wallah chandan khandan namokad e dokhtar da hisaab e music e waqai …magar jurrat dara ki da stage ammad … dil azma ham ghamgin shoud waqt ki e out shoud wa gouft ” bisyar gapha shinedoum ” (Az mardoum wa baien e family hatman ) ….she should know that still Afghanistan and Iran influenced hazaras are not that matured ..quettagiha ham da e masla extremist asthan …
    waqt melagah …bisyar bejirgeyaa e dega da rah astah hanouz … dil khou bayad mo perakh bigri …

  6. Aziz jan ras mugya
    e chizi bad nista ke yak dukhatre hazara singer basha magar i raqam ki ellaha aghai kala mopsha e digga bekhi az marz kharij asta
    digga ech hazare rasti ghayratshi tahamul namuna ke yak tajik ura bugya ena dukhtare hazaragi ra sai ku
    khuda iran ra sarnagun kana wa mullahai ke shaitan astan una ra ham
    magar hazara hanoz musalman asta wa izat ghairat wa namoos daran kase ke izat wa namoosd nadare khodkhura hazaragufta na metana
    bamiyan birar mardoome quetta fakhre hazara jahan astan ma khodim az afg astom magar da hazarai quetta fakhar munum da extremisti wa qaumparasti una fakhr munum misle hazarai iran soost pust khu nistan

  7. Aziz jan va Jawad Jan :

    “zan” Ezat o namooos “mard” niyasta! Era bofamin , Zan khod shi yak mojod asta raqam mard, na az mard kam asta va na az mard ziad. aga e du mojod different qualities dara e matlab niya ke yak shi superior asta va degary inferior.

    Da Shakeeb Hamdard ke first Afghan Star bood Jeans poshida roy stage moraft , hech kas nakhoon khora shikh nakad ke E bacha Azra mosalman asta va nabayad jeans bopsha… yak nafar nagoft ke kalay azragi bopsha pas chara da kalay Elaha janjal migrin? moreover, Religion, appearance yak masala shakhsi yak nafar asta!

  8. dostane aziz lotfan lotfan bare Elaha jan sms konen ray beten ke Elaha jan yak chance diga ham dara ke ba Afghanstar pas biyaya faqat ba sms shoma niyaz dara ba hami hafta kasani ke as Afghanstar out shoda bodan pas miyayan wa yaki as una metanan ke pas ba Afghanstar biyaya lotfan lotfan bare Elaha jan sms konen ke ba Afghanstar pas biyaya
    bare information ziyadtar ba ii site boren boren wa video haye jadide Elaha jan ra bibnen wa sms yadetan nara

  9. aziz and jawad and people who belong to similar schools of thought are the most ignorant, least enlightened and vigurously fundamentalist people of society. while people like elaha and hundreds of thousands of others move ahead, these people drag them back in the name of religion and by claiming that ‘zan’ are somehow men’s property and should obey them and the codes they impose and that for some reason religious people have the right to decide the future and fate of every human being. nonsense!

    elaha is a human being, she can dress, sing and dance however she wants. religious nuts should not decide her life and future. she is talented and now famous. she is worth more than a thousand mullahs and fundamentalists combined.

    if you have strong religious conviction, keep it to yourself. others are more comfortable and better off without religion and without the death threats that come about as a result of it.

    come out of the ghettos before you all become religious!

    i wish her all the success in life and in her career

    elaha’s fan

  10. سيصدو پنجاه تن مرد و زن و پسر و دختری که فرهاد خان کرنيل، از مردم
    طغايی بوغا، وغيره مردم جاغوری اسير و دستگير کرده در غزنين فرستاده بود، حکمران آنجا بکابل فرستاد. مردان شان همه بقتل رسيدند و زنان و دختران و پسران شان از بيست تا بيست و يک روپيه بنام کنيزی و غلامی به امر امير عبدالرحمان خان فروخته شدند. پول حاصله از فروش آنها و اسرای بعدی به مصرف دولت رسيد..

    مطلب ذیل از ویب سایت کاتب هزاره گرفته شده است.

  11. I feel so sorry for few guys who think of a girl as an object! One thing I must say to these corrupt mulla minded people: According to you shameless Mullas, if you see a woman with out hijab you lose your control? What kind of corrupt minded creatures are you? Have you ever thought of a woman as a human who can think, who want to run freely outside without any fear of getting raped by so called Mullahs of modern age? If you are religious be religious and if you see a nacked girl just close your eyes if you have no control over your cheap selves. Isalm says control yourselves no matter what you see. I think, Mullahs must be kept inside hijab and inside walls in order to have them control their weak insides.
    And to Hazaras as a whole. This Hazara girl is a Rose of freedom for all Afghans. Especially for Hazaras. We all must secure her and let her be the star.
    If these so called Mullahs want to kill some one they must kill the owner of heroin fields. They must kill those who being Muslims have raped thousands of women and boys. And those who killed Hazaras for being KAFIRS.
    Elaha Sorur is our Star. Just like Nikpai who won the first olympic medal ever for Afghanistan!
    One day we will get rid of these Mullas. I am hopeful.
    Shaman as always the Wind Master.

  12. kho birara sayiiya asta shuma ham khuwarai khura amitr kala da janshi dada da peshi mardoom biraqsanin taza yak chand sal shuda da europe amaden tamam chizai shumo az yaad shumo rafta Nawjawana gharbe kabul khodon khuro bare amzi roz qurban kadan ta dukhatre azra da peshi awghana wa tajika biraqsan na
    khuda shumo ra muafaq kana

    • Jawed, tu eto yag raqam-e qap mezani ki honar wa honarmandi kodam kar-e kharab asta. Elaha jan kodam raqasa nesta, wali yag honarmand ba sadai besyar zeba wa khoob. Enami qag tu shud ki zanha hech kudam kar-e digar nakona. Amazi khatera ki zanha dar afghanistan hech pishraft namokona.

      It’s because of thoughts, theories and people who oppose women to be artists and musicians that Afghan women, and Afghanistan as country, are very slow in becoming successful and making a name for themselves.
      Azizullah and Jawed Jan, please think about this.
      And if you must know, I am also Hazara and I was DEVASTATED when I found out that Elaha was eliminated from the show. Lima Sahar, who made it into the top 3 the year before didn’t even have any musicality. Someone has compromised the voting system and has played around with it.
      What a shame! This girl could have really made a name for herself and Afghanistan world wide.

  13. hi dear Elaha Sorur i wish you be back to afghanstar.
    Good luck
    love you

  14. Elaha, do you know how many little girls you have inspired? You are becoming a role model. Don’t give up. Every freedom loving people in the world are with you. Go get’em!

  15. Elaha surur,
    You do not need anyones approval to be a singer especially those who conspire against your race, but your ability has aready approved being a new star.
    This is fact, everyone is now your fan
    do not change your mind, being a singer is a great thing, do not mind the society you live and people around you keep on threatening you.
    They are the people who make our society backwarded 100 years.
    Thats why they are called extremist and Aqab manda.


  16. Elaha Don’t lose your confident go a head and Forget about those people who have negative mind, in fact because of them still we have a back warded society.
    And we proud of you and we wish you best of luck and I personally wish you lots of success I pray that you could touch they Sky.
    Once a gain for our people they are like this and they never want freedom for females.
    Best of luck.
    And I love you!

  17. salam ba elaha jan omid varam ke yak rooz royi estij kan sard beti va hamye hazra hara shad besazi marg bar shoma be sovadaye ke tvhain mikonid

  18. i always wished to see some thing good some thing deferent from my country . after watching elaha jan in stera afghan my wish come true . i admir her and i am proud of her talent. i saw other singer in stera afghan , but i did’nt see any thing deferent about them .because all afghani singer stund like a stone and never move during singing , but elaha jan is doing exactly what a singer supposed to do.

  19. dear elaha plz dont cut our nose more then this improvement of any nation is not in singing song or dancing infront of everyone so whoever want to give develop to his or her nation he or she should get high education and try to get famous personality in other filieds like doctor , engineer , priminster not a famous singer or dancer .
    so elaha jan i appreciate u to get high education and to become any faithfull person for our country and also for our nation .

  20. hello. Elha jan . hope you are still with same curage that you were . one thing i tell you that i really tried alot to call you but could’nt .
    i wanted to say to you that it’s was a game all over you, cuz you were really the one and the only cute singer… and how it was a game? why you gave him a flower ?and why did you accept that song ,,,lap’am bar laban’t …..? why they did take out Gulzari and why they made a compitation again between you and Gulzari.?on the same day when they wanted to take you out they brought all well singers in low positions . right? why they gave you that song …..lab’am barl’ban’t …. to decrese you’r popularty among afghanistanis. why they made compitaions between you and Gulzari to tell to all afghanistanis that really people like Gulzari, Not you. but in fact all afghanistanies loved you .and you know what.the plane worked.and that song really decresed you’re puporilty among the people. befor i myself used to love you’re voice , now i say just you’re ok . …… but still i say May Allah beless you . you are the best singer. and i know you personlly won’t read my this mesg….. but it’s for all those ppl those love you alot.

  21. well: kas hai ka sar hajab elaha etraz mekuna/ ghald astan . yak awaz khwan bayad amito basha. wa ma bra aziz jan . yak savol darum aya khwhar tu yak dr ast ya yak engeriner.? ma doctor ham zarurat darim wa awaz khan ham . fahmidi . behtar ast ka deed gahi khud ra baaz kuni nesbat ba dunia

  22. elaha jan salam.
    to ra az dur mibanam&magar az nzdeg mishnawem.
    to bahese aftekhare hazara hasti man besraer khosham…
    rhze hazre reza (GERMANY)

  23. Elaha sorur has been familiar and famous among all her fans and now there there will be nothing to stop her. Every body know nowadays worlds are going forward not backward. These people who are against music should know they will fail in their way, because they illiterate or maybe Mullah.

  24. I personally don’t belong here. I work here in Afghanistan and i heard alot about this afghan star competition. Your discussion about this contestant is interesting for me. Because most of you guys/gils are in the favour of this female artist and few of you are against her. Its good to see people are broad minded heading towards modernization and pulping themselves to the western cultures.

    Well, in this competition i saw some of her clips on the net, those people protesting in this forum against her cloths and her make over, is just fine i think, you can’t see her body parts. But what i get, the real cause of the protest may be because those clothes she had, were not of her native culture, that’s it.

    But i m a kinda person who thinks on reality first and then the change. You must see the ground first and then make your mind if its gonna change, if it does then you are changing the whole of your nation BUT slowly and gradually.

  25. im Hamed and living in Iran.i belive that Elaha did a great and inceridable work for Hazara may ask why.because she showed to all people around the world that Hazara tribe respects much more than any of other tribes in Afghanistan in case of women rights.she opened a new view a new way of looking in women characteristic among people of AFG. she massaged to those who still dont bilieve in their talents and ablitis to move forward and find themselves . when other tribes people dont let their women to get education and even not going out of their home Elaha (Hazara girl) showed how much Hazara women can be so sivilized and developted . she is still on her way to grow up in music world and i wish the best for her.
    she is really proud of any Hazara and even Afghan .
    anyone who has ideas opposite of mine can contact me . i am ready for disput and talk abluot Elahas work any time .

    • You are great and right. Through out history, Only the Mongo_Turks havs this attribute. To share with their females. Like the true NATURE!!!

  26. ur the best elaha jan ur voice nad so preety keep it onnn i love youuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  27. hi my dear Elaha jan you are the best i wish yoou were be lucky for always i am proud to be hazara and i love you from swededen

  28. apoyen a Elaha Sorur.. tiene una gran voz. yo que no soy arabe ni musulman, me llena de orgullo ver a una mujer con tanto talento, fuerza y corazon. y me gustaria verla cantar muchas canciones por muchos muchos años.

    support Elah Sorur .. has a great voice. I’m not Arabic or Muslim, I am proud to see a woman with so much talent, strength and heart. I would like to see her sing many songs for many many years


  29. Salam dustan. I heard some thing about elaha that she has been killed . Is it right. I hope I hope it should be wrong. Pls if anyone recently knows about her tell wether she is alive inshallah

    • Be Good! Never rape a women, don’t be a fortunist! EARN IT!!!! BE A MAN!!!!

    • salam duste aziz, I know u have recieved ur question abuot Elaha sorur. but I wonna tell u that be sure she is alive and never leave her music, never think we leave her lonely, we are always with her…….

      zabih ullah
      her nearist friend

  30. sorooor u an excelint singer

  31. I love You Elaha Jan.
    i recommend u to escape to peace lands(europe)the only place where women are counted as human.u r a human and u decide what to wear and what to do. i have become totally tired of these…………..dont forget that they are the folowers of bastards mohseni,khomeini,khamanaye,kazimi,balkhi,anwari…….the peope who have always tried to destroy….attacking on marefat is an example or insulting Baba Mazari

  32. Navid, one brain one world! Never forget this fact.

  33. Elaha jan Hi
    I am an Afghan girl living in Vancouver Canada.
    I listen to all your songs in YouTube almost every day, no matter I am at work or home. Your songs make me cry, why you didn’t get the first place?
    Don’t care about a person who pushes you back or dislike you. You are the future…… make the future for you and all other young girl like you.
    Hopefully you will have another chance in the future. I vote for you to be back. 🙂

  34. I love all your songs you are amazing

  35. Hello everyone!

    I respect Elaha Sorur. She is a bright young lady who can see the world openly and broadly. I really support her. I want her to be a singer as she really deserves it. She is the most talented singer among all of the contestants. It is her right to choose what she wants to do in her life. She has not done anything wrong that she should be threaten for. Her hard work and talent should be appreciated. So please DO NOT force your choices on her. We all Afghan men and Women have to support her. I would like to be in contact with her so is there any way to get connected with her?

    Elaha jan wish you all the best! You are one of bravest young women of Afghanistan. I am sure you will bring a positive change to our country soon.

    Sahar from Canada

  36. Elaha jan, don’t be discouraged by some unwelcoming comments. Keep working hard. You make me and most Afghans proud. KEEP IT UP! You deserve the best!!!


  37. salam chuter hstay elah man dustit darm elah sorur shama khali qasheng maykanit .hi elah sorur h r u i love u and u r singing very nice i will suppurt any hazara artist thanks from aziz mosini jaghuri .uk .

  38. hey ellah…
    with the voice and confident that u have inshallah one day u’ll b on the top..
    i listen to ur longs everiday and they are so touching
    keep it up
    ARozoyeee moffiqaiyat.

  39. Elaha jan , keep going ever and never
    lesten to that words ,
    I remener in old days when Ahmad Zahir was alive , he had some problem with Afghan people
    even he was a man , he had alot against him that
    why a son of prim minster is a singer ?? I heared
    my self from so many people ,, that is part of our
    culture ,, it`s in all over 3rd world , good luck .

  40. If art is to nourish the roots of our culture, society must set the artist free to follow his/her vision wherever it takes him/her. “John F. Kennedy”

    Too bad our society drag artists backward, which mean the roots of our culture will be dried out.

    Let’s support our artists, our women and our nationality.
    If all other women can sing why not and afghan Hazara women.
    Aren’t they equal to others?

  41. salam…

    i love Elaha Sorur’s voice.

  42. Hi to the guys who read this massage: i thing Elaha soror is one of the best singer in afghanistan between the ladies and men. she needs to be proud of hazara :personly when i listen to her voice i realy thing tha she is the best one i know some people dont like you but it ok dont worry you are the best in afghanistan and you are the bravest as well.thank you all

  43. just listen to her and enjue

  44. hi freinds,
    and dear elaha dont worry non can defeat you, you are da best singer of afghanistan!

  45. I wish she shoot out of afghanistan as soon as she can for her safety and security before anything happen to her or forcefully fade her talent honestly she can raise better out of afghanistan for the afghanistan and have more progress. her voice rocks. in an ignorant society of a many fanatics not worth risking her life as her life is so valuable to the nation it is sad and petty to see such talent in afghani particularly hazara female fades out. really sad

  46. I would like to say just be winner all the time and be proud yourself don’t care about the people what they say. It is now our time time to wake up and think do something good. Our people is still sleeping in 1st century. We need to stand by our own and not be ruled by others. If my country wasn’t that backward NO other foreigner would come and take a sheet in it.

    I am so proud of YOU Elaha jan.
    Hi five!

  47. Hi Elaha,
    you are doing good . keep it up. wish you the best.

    shamem Sinna

  48. yes! she the best singer in all afghan star rounds and series. she should hav won the first place but unfortunatly she didint. she had two mistake 1st she was a woman and second she was hazara.although we see in other countries the idea and thinkings are going decreas but unfortunatly in this country this kinde of things are increasing day by day. there the people were voting to the voice and the abelities they were voting to the ethnicities and sex( i mean male or female).i hope the day will come that the people of this country will vote not to colour,religion,ethnics and sex.but vot to the person who is able,professional,and con be usefule for them.i thing she was leterated,professional and the most important for a singer she had the best voice.

  49. sorry i have mistaken in my above text. i wanted to say that ther people were to the ethnics, sex and religion not to the voice. this kinde of ideas are i mean thinking about ethnics and reliogion are decreasing but in our afghanistan its increasing. and were the reason she lost. one she woman and the second she was hazara.

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