Posted by: Editor | January 18, 2009

Appointment of First Female Mayor a Symbolic Move to Mask Discrimination?

Azra Jaffery, the first woman mayor in the history of Afghanistan says safety has deprived Daikundi of international aid.

Azra Jaffery, the first female mayor in the history of Afghanistan, says lack of safety has deprived Daikundi of aid.

Kabul: The first-ever female mayor in the history of Afghanistan has been appointed in Daikundi Province of central Hazaristan. Selection of Azra Jaffery, the new mayor of Nilli District cum city, is a positive step — but only apprently so.

According to the new consitution of Afghanistan, mayors must be elected by popular vote, but the Government has not conducted no elections for this position so far. And appointment of Azra Jaffery, as always, is a symbolic move by the current administration to cover up its inefficiency and failure. There is no visible development work in Daikundi, the poorest province of the country where a humanitarian crisis caused by acute food shortage and heavy snowfall is on its way. All the roads connecting Daikundi to other parts of the country are blocked by snow and the Government has taken no serious notice so far.

Selection of Azra Jaffery as the first woman mayor in Afghanistan may bring some reputation to the corrupt Karzai administration, but it won’t heal the pains of Daikundi residents.

We welcome Azra Jaffery and her sincere ambitions, with the knowledge that she won’t be able to turn a stone in Daikundi. Nilli, where she has been appointed, doesn’t have an inch of paved road, no electricity, no sanitation facilities or any other amenities of a city — how could it be called a city in the first place? If the Karzai wants to urbanize Daikundi, why do its residents have to struggle to survive the deadly winter after two terms of him in office?

Daikundi is one of the safest province of the country, but safety is its downfall, ironically. While talking to Reuters, Mayor Azra Jaffery said, “Insecure areas get the international aid, development, military presence and most of the money…but unfortunately this money does not reach Daikundi.”

If there is no international aid to Daikundi and no attention from Karzai, will Azra be able to do something? Anything?

Says Azra, “Daikundi is a province that needs every type of help available. We need roads, schools, libraries, jobs. My town needs roads, engineers and construction. We need to get on with this work.”

Talk of crying for the moon.

The corrupt ‘democracy’ under Karzai Administration has been using shortcuts to fame to cover its unpopularity. Through such symbolic moves, it wants to hide its policy of discrimination and lack of political interest in Hazaristan. Has the governorship of Habiba Sarabi brought any change in the lives of the downtrodden people of Bamiyan? No, but it has given some reputation to the Karzai Administration for appointing the first-ever female governor in the history of Afghanistan. Mrs. Habiba Sarabi is a hardworking person, but she is vulnerable to the discriminatory aid distribution policy. Bamiyan has been deprived of any considerable development project. Only two kilometers of roads are paved in the entire province. The project of road construction from Kabul to Bamiyan, Daikundi and Herat has been pending for years due to the corruption, lack of interest and abundance of discrimination from the current administration. Italy had long ago announced huge funds for this road construction project, but Karzai is taking no interest to start it, pretending Taliban insurgency along the route.

The limitations to Sarabi’s performance in Bamiyan are very much likely to be faced by Jaffery in Daikundi. While her selection as mayor may be groundbreaking and historic, Azra Jaffery won’t have many accomplishments for it on her resume. Thanks to Karzai and company, that’s just how politics are right now in Afghanistan.



  1. Salam Dear my sisters and mother

    My dear Ellaha you will be the star one day and famouse singer and we will hear your voice. Unfortunatly it is only about you as Hazara girl or woman. All women in Afghanistan,third world country,Arabic idealogy of extremist religion mullas and traditional society has no value and opportunity for women at all. I as man always feel sympathy and shame to treat our mothers and sisters like that by not giving them any kind of chance during their life time. We keep our women as slaves,Kanez,commodity,Segha Baray Akhonda… And the most important thing we all men and women raise and brought up by our mothers women. But unfortunatly always we suppressed our mothers and sisters.We men can do any rezalat if a single woman wants to sing then we start theatining them by death. This things come from religiouse and dogatism phelosophy. Even our religion is based on Badawi Arabic culture who wanting to do their girls (Zenda Bagor) and that culture continues. How many femal singers have our fellow citizen brothers Pashtons,Tajiks… Other nation in the world even Arabs,Egyptian who were Queens before Islam in Mesr 5000 years ago or Shama Bodha statues in Bamiyan was a femel from our own Hazara or Turk mongolian central asian race.

    We brought up by women. They carry us nine months feed us with all of their body and energy. giveing us two years milk and clean our dirts. then give us the greatest eternal love for ever.Unfortunatly again we use and abuse them. I as man and respecting my mother and sister can not give myself permission and jarat to opposs my mother,my sister and the whole women. God bless you and all women of Hazara and other nations. Continue your way all nation developed Hazara also must go this way soon or late. We did not born for qarn hajar we want to live the way should and want to live. Mullla,traditional thinking did not brought us any fortune in the past nor they can bring in the future. Yes if you women go and become their seghayee wives regardless of their mordagawi then it is OK. Go ahead my dear sister no one has the right to stop you Allah created men and women as equal. We all pray the same men do not pray more than women. Marg bar Artejae Seya banam Mazhab,traditional,qawmeyat wa ghayrat kazeb key Arabha,taliban,mulla hay iran wa al-qaeda da bayn mardom rawaj karda ast.

    Marg akhari bar Aftaba sazan key hech kar baray ma mardom Afghanistan nakarda da qarn 21 we are living under the cheragh mosha wa alekain! even in our capital kabul. Even they were not as a cat (Peshak ) to cover their shits in allover. Have a look to the dashnabhay domanzale Deh Afghanan and the whole system of our severage system in Kabul and all over the big cities.
    It was also the neglect of Pashton traditional monopoly government. Just sing and be happy. To the all women of Hazara and Afghanistan participate to every aspect of life with dignity,honesty,Paki wa Sadaqat ba nezam khanawadagi,searching for education and skill living and earning Abromandana Emrar Maash like your male brothers.
    long live equality and social justice,tolarance,brotherhood as our great Mazari said.

    Ahmad Australia

  2. Jan Brother Fakhar the chez

    The jahalat. Da Pasmandagi. Da Geress bandi.Da Khosri. The following of Farhang Zankosh Arabi ya Shia Iraq? The kodam she jan lali kho? Arabah khodshi roz da roz modern wa sar loch mosha baz ma as too ra mogya aga mard namaharam qad zan namaharam toor goft Khod wa payaghamber onara say sai dafa Lanat noma!!!
    Iran,Araba,Iraq,Tajik awgo,Sindi,Punjabi …….. chaqas khanenda zan dara? Are they all beghayrt nations? Elaha khod she mofama wa karshi ora dar to wa degro chekar? Ghayrat as too na zeyad mosha na kam atema!!
    Abe Mirza as Dawran Bakol Bakol wa Achol to mekhana Aya Azra beghayrat shod? Ametar degro tamam Donya beghayrat shod ? Where do you get this kind of thinking. This is not only about Yak singer Zan we Hazaras are always thinking like this to everything. Mogya yak nafar qomandan key mulla ham bood Yak nafar da marq zeda bode key to chara dest kho qad Saboo )صابون) shoshta. Mulla mogoft key payambar key Haft asmo wa haft zamen da roysh paida shod dest kho qad khak moshoshd wa to qad saboo and saboo is made from morada animals or dead bodies!!!!
    Kho ey ter mosha mardeqa mora tofang megra mujahid mosh.Yak roz key mulla Jeep Rossi ( Russian Jeep) ra sora shoda bod jehad mokad jeep mulla ra rocket mona kholasa mulla zenda momna.Mulla mogya key chara motor Jeep mara rocket kadi or mara qareb koshtadi. Oma key chob khordad dest kho qad saboo shoshtad mogya key Oh mulla Sahib ma goftom key tu gana kar nashni chara key Payghambar khoda motor Jeep sora shoda bod?!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Jawed jan to da aql da manteq eftekhar ko. tamam dunya khanenda zan dara belo key yak dana Hazra ham bash the qarn 21. Amwa agar ghayrat mokad mo wa as to emroz eter moft koshta namoshedy. Kohband feker nako chem kho was ko denya ketta tar azoya key mo as tu feker mony. Hazra Quetta baghayrat mosh degro beghayrat. Pas e jangha ra tamam she da Awghanistan Azra Quetta kada. Khaliqo,Mazari million and million shahid da quetta payda shoda Azra awghanistan hech kar nakada. To key khod khora azra awghanistan megre chara da khod kho eftekhar namony key laly khora baghayrat jor mony or khod ra begayrat. As khod kho hech chez nadara. Hatman dare lalema chara na ma mogom dunya moga. Firt discover your own gayrat then eftekhar to others. Hazara should all be proud of each other and support each other but not devide them as bagayarat be gayrat!

    Dowa goy shem

  3. Hazara in Afghanistan exclusively needs contribution by all means. This contribution should comes from bothe female and male side along with professional contribution. I see people from international community here working with organizations that is encouraged but I always speculate that would that we could get our Hazara joining this organization as high professional and skilled people to replace this expert staff.
    Through this comments I encourage all the skilled hazara living abroad to apply for the post as international staff for giving a supporting hands to the people governing here. Please also consider Afghanistan while you applying for the job arround the world because you can work for better for your community then others.
    Hazara needs professionals on Executive level in organization and in governament to advocate for them and get their right they deserve for.

    If that much of international staff from Japan, US, London, Singapores and almost all the continents can work in Afghanistan why not YOU.?

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