Posted by: Editor | January 5, 2009

Muharram Processions Amid Tight Security and Chilly Weather

Shiites mourning Imam Hussain's (AS) martyrdom.

KABUL, Jan 04, 2009: Shiites mourning Imam Hussain's (AS) martyrdom.

Mourning processions of Muharram are being taken out in Kabul despite -15 ˚C chill.

Security measures have been chalked out in sensitive districts of the country, with deployment of police personnel and other security forces in the wake of any untoward incident. In capital Kabul routes of the main procession would be sealed on the eve of Ashura.

The tight security arrangements apparently come in the wake of past violence in Herat that resulted in loss of life of Hazara mourners.

The main procession set out from Dasht-e-Barchi and ended in Cinema-e-Pamir. Other processions from different parts of the city later joined there.

Mourners chanted religious slogans, recited nauhas and mourned by beating their chests and backs. They also did kardi zani, a fairly new way of mourning that has been adopted from Pakistan.

Kabul--Mourners during Zanjir Zani (Beating with Blade)

Kabul--Mourners during kardi zan

Larger processions will take place on the 10th Muharram, which will mark the martyrdom of Imam Hussain (AS) and his progeny and companion.

Hazaras in Afghanistan have been subjugated and oppressed in the past, especially during the brutal Taliban regime. Thousands of Shiites and Hazaras were killed by Taliban, who had banned Ashura processions and Muharram commemorations.



  1. Ainaa ra chiz kada

  2. shahadath immam Hussain wa yaran ba wafayash bahama musalman ha thas a liyath migoyam. Ashura (perozi haq bar bathil) ba hama musalman ha wa azadi khahan mubarak bad! wa dar zimn da bare khon rikhthan kasani ki dar roz ashura az zanjir hayi thigh dar isthefada mikona, bayad bogoyam, ki dar nazar ma amo khon khod ra ba bank khon ba nami shohadayi karbala ihda konan, Khudawand ham khosh, shuhada ham wa banda gan khudawand ki namithana khon mowrid nayazash ra kharidari kona, ham khosh (ham sod ham sawab). umid daram ki dar Ashurahayi dega bakhair in rasm thagir kona.

    • salam ba hama

      wa ba aghai shereen
      waqeyan shuma rass megoyed tashakur watandar

  3. […] Here is a short write up of the Ashura processions in Kabul. The boldness narrative here slightly bothers me. Post a comment | Trackback URI […]

  4. Moharam: Shahadat emam Hussain baraie mandagari islam wa barai einke emroz ma hama musalman bashim ra barie hama tasaliat migoiam. Eftekhar daram ke shagerd ein maktab islam astam.

    Az peshnehad olamaie shia baray ehday khon bajae khod zane khili khoshhal astam…. enshaAllah ke ein pishnehad piroz bashad wa ba barak mah moharam wa khon shohadai islam jahan eslam sarfaraz wa doshman haiash sarnegon shawan….

    khodawand pirozi nasib hama mosalman ha konad wa enshaAllah hama ra ba rahe haq wa eslam haqiqi benomayad..

  5. salam all
    everybody knows that Islam is the religion of fairness, and everyone ought to know that Shia Islam by following the path of Muhammad’s (s) ahl al-bait is the most correct way of Islam. because no one else can lead you better into Islam than a person, who has been chosen by the prophet himself. and that was Ali(a). when a teacher stops his/her carrier, it will be best to let him/her- self nominate deputy. i think you can also let students choose the new teacher, but the one, who has been chosen by the teacher self, will be more competent, than the one chosen by students. so let us not say : ah, i my father and grand father were sunni, so i have to follow their way. no no, you can search about Shia, then you can decide, as I have done. in brief, i have chosen Shia after searching and I will never ever regret my decision. wassalam Amir from Denmark

  6. ای کاش ازین جهالت دور شویم!!!!!!!! آیا کاردی زدن کار انسان است؟ نه این کاره انسانها نه بلکه کار حیوانات هم حتی نیست.. انسانهای جاهل که خود را مسلمان نشان میدهد با عمل زشت و جاهلانه خویش کرامت انسانی را زیر سوال آورده وه به مذهب ضربه شدید میزند…..
    کاش این لکهء ننگ نابود شود …

  7. My dear brother I respect your Aqida and the way you want to follow religion. I myself also born as shia and I am Hazara. But there are many questions in my mind. Are we following the way to show our religion to the other muslims and rest of the humanity or not?
    We hazara people sacrificed many generations for our Imams and their way of life. Do they really care about it or not? If they care why we are always persecuted by any one even for fun. If they had power or miracle why they were killed and could not stop suffering themselves or us? If only Shia goes to Behesht what about the 85 or 90 percent of majority Sunni? Abdul Rahman killed %62 of Hazara and Shia why our Imams never could help us.It happened in Chandawol,Afshar,Mazar,Bamyan,Yakawlong,herat,jaghori,Urozgan, dara Turkmen and allover Afghanistan. Did they came to rescue our people who we are their faithfull and blind followers? Wehn Imam Zaman will come to rescue us? When everybody was killed ten times with humaliation,jonocied,torture,rape,selling us as Barda and Kanez.There many religion saying lots of things but as we say Dorogh Goy dorogh Zad qeyas gar Qeyas kad. These are always questions in my mind and I am sure you asked the same as well sometimes.
    If they have no truth and reality. Then why we Hazara should sacrifice our many generations for them. How many Arabs did come to help you when Abdul Rahman killed our % 62 people?!!!!
    What about Afshar,Chandawol,Garb Kabul,Mazar,Bamyan………… which Arab nation or country did come to rescue or at least called on them to stop their atrocities. None of them.Even one single nation!!! Even Jamhori Islami Iran which is more interested in their national interest,Nejad (Aryan race )) rather than Shia or Hazara people. Remember how they helped Masoud,Rabani,Sayaf,Sayeed who are Qawmay Khamenayee. Unfortuantly these are the reality agaist our Hazara people. Please think alittle bit like other nations. Please do not live stuped all your lives. We did not born to be killed,humalitation,tortur,bardagi wa gholami.Please look to the history of your Turk Mongolian forthfather. How they lived? How they rulled all over the world. Out of your borden and prison as Shia,Shia. If you put away the religion side then you are connnected with each other as one race,people,history and even Islam religion.

    Babur,Ghaznawid,Ghorid,Ottaman,Koshanis who made the Bamyan Bodha,Safawids…. Scholars like Jalaludin M. Balkhi Rumi,NEzami,Bedel,Shams Tabrezi,Abo Ali Sinna all of them were Turk Mongolian speaking adapted (Akhteyari )Farsi,Dari language. We Hazaras also are part of this Great race,nation,history , kingdoms and empires and civilisation. Babur made Kabul as capital his mother was from qabele Changis Khan and his father was from Timur Jahan Kosha. None of them were Pashtons,Tajks or Aryan. Offcourse they spoke and wrote farsi,Dari,Hazaragi like me and you even some of them were not able to speak in Farsi Dari. What is the meaning of Urdu? Urdu means lashkar,Fawj,Sepah or Army.
    My dears we forgot our history,glory,race,origin. Lost our real identity and strenght becoming like a Yatem who was raised by far far neighbours who raised us as their own foster child.
    Arabs,Aryans,Taliban,Pashton monopoly and now they are forcing their Wahabbi religion as they did it before. Pleas think hostorically,wise,politcally and some times use your brain. Beleive me it works better than Arabs who are not able to defende Palistain.Yes if you want you can do it like black American who lived as slave. Just 143 years ago Ibraham Linkon abolished the slavary and after a long time Amanullah Khan also abolished Hazara slavary in Afghanistan. It was just some more 90 years ago. Now have a look to the black people in America Barak Hussain Obama is a US president. They accepted him regardless of muslim father and Indonesian step father. But unfortunatly still we hazara never look to our race,history,background and connection with Sunni and Ismaeli Hazaras. Not looking the connection with Uzbek,Turkmen,Aimaq,qezelbash…. and other. Just sacrifice ourselves for arabs who order to destroy Bamyan Bodha. Why prophet Mohammad did not destroy the Ahram Salasa Mesr (Egypt).
    Are Dewbandis,Wahabis cleaver and more wise than Prpphet Mohammad? These are the bitter reality why they target Hazara every day because we are from a different race,ethnic,religion.

    Hazaras were created by almighty Allah not by raciest and extremist so called Mullah Ullama! Infact having enemity against Hazara is not a tribal isssue. It is against the creature of Allah.
    If Hazaras were wrong why Allah created them? I have lots of thing to say. But tired and don’t want to hurt your religious or racial feeling. But when I get pain I have to write regardless of being labled whatever you want to call me. It is time to change our way of thinking not using useless feeling and emotion which will not bring any fortune that could not bring in the past…

    Zenda bad Ensanyat wa haqiqat

    Marg bar jahalat wa nadani che ba name mazhab basha wa ya de cheza
    Zenda bad Hazara hamray tama ensanha wa musulmanha.

  8. Dear Bamiyan this nation need some one like to tell them the bitter reality.

    You are doing well. Our sleepy nation some one to wake up them from their Khab geran,ghaflat,jahaliat,Mazhab zadagi wa Arab Zadagi. Mo Mardom Hazara harsal many centuries without any stoping or thinking khod khora balde araba teka parch kada da sar wa sena kho kardi wa qami mezni. Da har gap key should mo awal jalso joloss mony.
    Nem feday iran nem feday ISI nem faday Arab. Tarekh,Shenakht,pehchan,zoban,culture,tarekh Bamiyan wa Koshanyan,Ghaznavid,gorid,Buburid….. nasl wa nabera khora pomosht kadi wa mono. Amdi khod khora da kon azi wa azo jalgah kada sat kho teer money. Imam jan Zamana chara bad as %62 koshtar abdul rahman nayamad…….. Mo key ameqas beldy araba khod khora paro pora mony. Yak roz amwa saday kho bal kada ya seriouse actinon wa tahdid kada doshmany mora? Not at all amy Iran faciest makar key shoar mazhabi medya amal nejadi mona chaz kar kada ta bahali.
    MAZHAB GHAYRAT NAWORDA MORA KAM KAM BEGHAYRAT HAM KADA. Russia is communist rulled the world.Changis Khan was not shia khata psht like us nor sunni muslim nesf donya ra nagerft. Vitaname defeated the American. Did our mullas or Sayeds went to give them Gayrat?
    Cuba could survive under the threat and golon America. American could not do anything till now. Did our mulla,religion and sayeeds went to show Fedal Castro how to resist and survive against them. I am not supporting from their ideology nor want reject but just bringing them as an example to learn and bring new ideas to get rid of this continues humuliation,massacre and killing. Arabs always massacred us even their goog one historically. destroyed every sence of glory,history,race,language,culture and finally issued fetwa to destroy our symbole Bodha statues………..

    I like your comment we are a nation of espand badra. Mulla wa taewis sayeed wa per moredi. The bigest companies in the world like Sony,Toshiba,toyota.Mersediz,holden and ford,finance companies, banks millitary powers.bussiness and A to Z from west or East north or south. Why they grow without our silly beleive and stupidity.
    Where did get knowledge,ghayrat,talent,education,peace,prosperity,unity…….from.
    We need more critics Naghad to wake up us from the deep shit we are facing. Where did our struggle ended in Afghanistan and where did end up our sacrifice for Pakistan? What is our main reading,speaking,writting lannguage and importantly our alphbet… We have nothing in our own minds,hearts or pockets. We are like Toti parots or as you said we are like dead plastice mobile any one come and put and simcard or give us frequincy then we intentionally or unintentionally respond to them. I need biggest change and Khana takani and setups our minds. We could not survive nor we can continue by being prey for our enemies to kill as in humuliation every single day during the history. We are Turk Mongolian Central Asian Hazaristani nation with our great history no nation had before nor they can get. Baz mulla wa so called roshan fekra key shast eda mona key na mazhab khob gayrat mayra oh be bakht sada ghayrat khoda dadi ya heywan ham ghayrat dara togh ko sher,palanng,gorg……..mar morgh wa basha kafar none kafar. Aga shoma mazhabeya wa mullaha aga rasti ghayrat daran taref china,india,America japan,vitname,Venesvilla,europe chap togh ken chem shemra as pass sar shem bore kada wa mona. You are beghayrat and making us beghayrat to be your slave of your useless idealogy and makari to get some khoms wa zakat,sahm imam wa gayra. Imamone as mo tamamshi Naft Petrolum (Black Gold ) dara da Iraq,Iran,Soudi tamay imami as Soudi,Iraq asta.

    Why they are not giving us Sahm Naft (Sahm Black Gold ) aghay shaikh ?!!!!!

    How we call ourselves educated,smart………. with all of our stupedity. What did the Iranian mulla by giving shaer Islam Maraz Nadarad!!!
    How they behalf with Hazara refuges even Hazaras going from both sides with legal document. What they call how they behalf. They call you the remainders of Changis Khan who killed all raciest and Zalem iranian Padshas. They call us moghol and turks. Turks Moghol, Hazaras were created by Allah not by their choise. We are proud and it is prevelge for all of us to have such a great history and connection. There is no sham of being Turk Mongolian Hazara,Tatar,turkmen…..

    Being a Hazara was crime and shame before in their minds not in our minds.Especially after the struggle of our National and religiouse leader Mazari. Not any more at all. Being slave of Arabs and ghulam of their thinking and phelosophy is Halal and OK. With out that one we can not enter pradise and go to Jahanam instead knowing our race,background,culture,zoban,glory,connection as Haram and crime!!!!!!?????
    Hazara must establish themselves along other nation. But relying on others in the past and present did not bring us any fortune nor it will bring in future.


  9. assalam o alikum to all the muslims,
    i just want to comment son HAZARA MAZLOM thoughts. Allah almighty is here besides every one else but he help those who help himselves. in the same way imam Hussain (a.s) had the power granted be Allah, that he could fight against his opponents. but it was the jehad to save islam. as we all know that Muhammad (saww)has said, Ali, as, is with haq and haq is with Ali. and Hasnains .as, are the lords of janati people.
    so be polite talking about any sacred personality and just sonsider what we are doing.can face the imams,as, on the day of judgment. infact we are can’t face our parent, even.
    Allah ba sadqa Muhammado ahle baite Muhammad,as, ham pa karam farmaey. aameen.
    Allah hamio nasir

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