Posted by: Editor | December 14, 2008

Ismaili Hazaras Celebrate Birthday of Hazir Imam

ismaili-hazaras-celebrate-aga-khan-birthday-1Kabul — Ismaili Hazaras of Kabul celebrated the 72nd birthday of Hazir Imam, Prince Karim Agha Khan, with reverence and festivity.

Approximately 5,000 men and women of all ages, wearing festive clothes, attended the celebrations held at the Ismaili Jama’at Khana in Taimani.

Other attendees included Ismaili elders and spiritual leaders. A number of high-ranking government officials and members of Parliament from various ethnic groups were also in attendance.

Participants gave speeches about Prince Karim Agha Khan and the Ismaili faith.

Approximately 90% of Afghanistan’s Ismaili population consists of Hazaras. Prince Karim Aga Khan, the 49th Ismaili Imam, is the current spiritual leader of the Ismaili Shias.

The Aga Khan Foundation, the global Ismaili humanitarian organization, actively works in Hazaristan and other areas in Afghanistan to improve the people’s quality of life.



  1. mubarak bad to all ISMAILIS
    Every one should have the right to live and practise their life according their beliefs, weather they are hazaras, tajiks, uzbaks ,pashtoon or from any other ethnic group or races.
    no one has the right to say or interfare about beliefs of someone.

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  3. We pray for our beloved Imam to give us his Zahiri and Batini Deedar.

  4. The Ismaili Hazaras should register themselves as Hazaras; and believe in Hazara nationalism. Otherwise this means that Hazara population will decline and so will our vote bank.

  5. An atmosphere needs to be created which will encourage the Ismaili Hazaras to declare their Hazara identity without any fear and hesitation.


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