Posted by: Editor | November 29, 2008

Khalilzad Calls On Muhaqiq, Discusses Elections and Security

US Envoy to UN, Dr. Khalilzad called on Muhaqiq.

US Envoy to the UN, Dr. Khalilzad called on Muhaqiq at his residence.

Kabul: US Envoy to United Nations, Dr. Zalmay Khalilzad called on Muhammad Muhaqiq, at his residence in West Kabul on Wednesday, Nov 26. Dr. Khalilzad is member of the UN Security Council Fact Finding Mission on a visit of Afghanistan.

Mr. Muhaqiq and Khalilzad discussed the security and development situation of the country. Muhaqiq said presence of international community for more than 7 years could not bear the fruits as hoped by the people of Afghanistan. He added, however, that there are major achievements in infrastructure and development but security situation is deteriorating by the day.

Mr. Khalilzad assured continued US support to the people of Afghanistan. They also discussed the upcoming Presidential elections scheduled for September 2009.

Some political circles here in Kabul speculate that Khalilzad’s visit to Muhaqiq is part of American search for a new ally to replace Karzai, who has increasingly grown critical of foreign countries. According to the sources of Hazaristan Times, Mr. Muhaqiq does not intend to run in the elections for now, but he may bargain with a candidate on the political setup of the next administration.

Dr. Ramazan Bashardost, on the other hand, has already started campaigning for the September 2009 elections.


  1. In the name of bamiyan…..
    last 12 months in daikundi only 2400 US dollar has spended on Agriculture ….the promised Kabul herat road via Bamiyan and chaghcharan is yet not considered in 5 years ..only Bamiyan to Kabul is to be made for the coal and Iron fields of Bamiyan …..this will only strengthen pashtun hands and economy in afghanistan ….change we need in afghanistan not in America ….A powerless and puppit president should not be the destiny of a hazara ..instead we should struggle for our provincial autonomy …and rebordering afghan provinces ….. we should emphasise on a fair counting of persons in afghanistan where our true populas be defined with our ethnic recognition ….tajiks too have a large populas of shia and ismailia among them and are considered cousins to irani persians but they are not labeled shia tajik ….we hazaras the turks are always binded to Irani persians …..Khalilzad has come to buy the hazara from kabul to sell in Qandhar and from their to Quetta via spinboldak and chaman they always do ……
    So muhaqiq Hawas ti basha dega aan jaan e kakai …
    ba amman e Bamiyan …..

  2. the photo of baba in the picture has really delighted me ……
    Sallam bur Mazari Sallam bur dost dara e Mazari
    Long live Hazarajat ,Hazargi and Hazara

  3. mr bamiyan has the best solutions even for america, so i suggest mr khalilzad to plz cotact mr bamiyan instead of mr mohaqiq.

  4. bache reza…chota bacha … no ….baby..dont cry

  5. just normall worker in uk

  6. Guys please do not ruin this blog by talking MASQARA , i am not against hummer but this is MASQARA. So please lets be serious and give some analytic thought to this news. I think it is a good news, but we must be very careful of allies like this.

    Long live hazara

  7. what’s an abnormal worker?

  8. mongol u wanted to say something serious i think ?????

  9. carefull about what?????????????
    have WE any thing to loose??????????????
    it is a good thing that now even the uni world power consider US, and its reprasentative meets OUR leader…
    thanks to the sacrefices…

  10. In the name of Bamiyan ….
    Sorry to u guys …………………..nisar doesn’t know that the representative is kabul born pashtun …………and once ambitiuos to be president of Afghanistan but now considers himself king maker …..and by saying ||| have WE any thing to loose?????????????? he is neglecting hazaras as we dont have anything …. where every one should have to say that we have everything most of all a history and culture of our own ……
    Ba amman e Bamiyan ………

  11. which culture and which history????????????

  12. and it dose,t matter who is he?a kabul born pashtun or some one else, he is now special envoy of AMERICA.
    and offcourse his contury can mske any one the king just like karzai, so all considers him as the king maker.

  13. In the name of Bamiyan …..
    shame on the one who doesn’t know of his forefathers and the way they lived i know of mine and it deosn’t make sense to share it with that every one who relates himself to me and to those who belong me ….Go and ask those whom u think u belong ….if u belong me first prove … and beg me coz untill u do not question i wont tell ….
    it really is shamful u are about 40 and plus in age and still u dont know of ur history and culture … people arround like balochs has made their history and culture in last 40 years and u have not yet find that …….. and u call and critice me and other my fellows roshanfikr where u consider america the strange father of pashtuns and pakistanis father of Hazars too ….Hazaras are labeled and propegated to be binded to Pakistan and Iran but still we are not chained ….coz hazaras do not have the gene to accept chain wether made in pakistan or Iran or America or arabi around their neck …..
    We do commit our crime of being hazara but wont accept the chain around our neck….
    Long live Hazarajat …..
    Ba amman e Bamiyan ….

  14. yes shame one the one who knows our history and is proud of it.
    i think no sane man can be proud of our shamefull past,and you, you even can,t tell about your asliyat, some time you are trying to prove yourself as turk, some time mongol, trying your best to make any link with shash imamis and sunnis.
    just trying to bite any sane person with your one sided and nerrow mind, you are so imbigous that you even can,t mention yourself.
    you even can not recognise the sore facts of our socity, just barking against anyone some times youare against iran and all those practising islam are irani agents,pakistanis are also bullshit, and this is also a fact that, this country enables you with its education and addoptation that you are expressing your sick thoughts in this blog.
    you are a UNI world power in yourself just like the talibs and alqaeda challenging every one but when the time comes they all disappeared left behaind the common people to suffer.
    you are the same.

  15. Salam to all,

    Sorry i have not been contributing…was tied up with stuff.

    Will definitely pitch in my part as soon as i go through the discussion thread…which will be soon.

    regards to all,

  16. In the name of Bamiyan….
    Khai nisar bachesh tu khou bekhi hadh kadi ….
    i may tell u that i know u very vey personally … i dont want to have fame ..thats why i m invisible ..but if i put my name as nasir what really would impact …. can u find me than …..and even if u do what really would effect me…after this zatiyat i tell u that why i not be proud of my ancestors and history what wrong have we done in our past …. we have fought and in fights nations can not be defeated … i m sure and i have started our fight again with a different stretegy ….we have not accepted defeat yet … people like u do not effect coz u are those in between the agents …. i know my friends and foes …u even dont have qibla …. u r like mobile who ever chip is installed u get the frequency from them when changed/removed u do not recognise even ……. and ur same is not on me even on u as u know thats why ur Ittehad e tajiran mentality cant accept that ….it was the pashtun (Abdur rehman ) made khan ………sher ali khan father of yazdan khan and grandfather of Musa khan (genral Musa) who had ties and loyalties to Abdur rehman …. and as u defand the sons of the bitches …it shows ur mentality …. they were shits ….. i will repeat again and again . so every one in this forum know …… and it was coz of their past loyalties that musa was let to be a gosfandi general who was hijacked by the tausili shit ……and who made him to be burried in mashhad…..

  17. I know if even a single person in his family evalute their past would really kill all his family and would apologise all hazaras in written …. they were the killers of hazaras …no one can defeat hazaras but the khas khours who live among us ..
    U still dont know the relation between mongol and turk …as i have already told…..
    a nation can have link with other nations but not with faiths sunnies and shash imamis …. i dont accept anything not regarding my people ….and my people doesn’t mean shias or sunnis but every hazara who is a proud hazara ….not the misadventure of friday night …… and these common people are not common ………hazaras are atleast special to me they may seem common to U …….and we will prove …but will teach our new generations and specially ur children that their father was ashamed of being hazara …. I know hazaras have been not good to U a person…… thats why i can understand ….but i really dont want that editor do any deletion in my comment …..
    Nisar why u r ashamed of being hazara ……?
    What defact hazara history really has and how much of hazara history u really know …?
    and guys can come to ask u why have u said this any time in future ……….?
    U are dishonouring this site and every hazara by ur this comment ……?

  18. specially those who r commenting here ….
    U really know what have u said ……… ?
    U have put question mark on every hazara who is bloging here …….?
    Who are u to say that hazara history is shameful and one who know should be ashamed of hazara history …………..?
    I really Owe dishonouring Iran and blaming Paitsan and i have put reasons …Do u really owe saying we should be ashamed of our history ….
    I owe calling iran seegha khanna they have legislated it in their parlimant which is not untrue and is een practising their …is part of their social norms ….seems bad to us not to them …i have balmed Pakistan of playing with afghani people which is true ..and it is my suggetion to keep and have a distance from pakistan and Iran for our benefit and interest ……..U really will harm ur self id u keep bloging without any study and responsibility …
    I hope u will focus on my question marks more than Pakistan and Iran while replying ….
    Ba amman e Bamiyan ……

  19. Mubarak and haider saab have u read what nisar has written …

  20. you guys are using this blog for your personnal conflict. Nisar you are grown up, you should come with bright ideas and don’t spoil yourself. People will not buy your name, its ur ideas which will have impact. Bamiyan it would be nice if you can restrict your comment to the point…..don’t say I know you personnaly as your comments…..than is specific for Nisar….while people like me wont be able to give their input…..we can critisize comments without ging personnal………a thought..nisar still weighting for your comment on your own topic of leader…………?

  21. I think we should be affected by a single thought….I don’t think Nisar was clear in his comment……….I would like to read his elaborated comment about hazaras history……….for me our past was great……..we fought for our idendity like a brave nation……..thats why our enemy is so scareed of us…….hazaras are being evaluated as a group of people who lives in the past and future…..and forget the present………..?????????

  22. I meat we should not be affected…………in the above comment.

  23. Every one plzz read Nisar’s Comment above and comment …..

  24. Hi to all,
    I find alot of ppl like Nisar, who are ashamed.
    ppl like him think tht this generation is sleeping. dude come on and be real, accept ure past, so wht if tht was Bright or Dark, find the reasons “why” and u wil find out what is shame and whats not.

    I’ll tel you what is shame for u or for all of us, we never feel our own land (am not saying lets go), when a son of soul come and say this “a shameful history”. A son like him, remind me of wht Bamiyan says…

    history is pass for u But look at ure present. you mean you live in present, Did you realize your every step is making a history. can you tel me about your self (think me as x,y,z none hazara, and you are out of Que),
    x,y,z says: hey nisar who are you?
    x,y,z says: are you pakistani?
    Nisar says: am Human from Quetta, Ya am Pak.
    x,y,z says: Human in Pak never look like you, none of them.
    Nisar Says: Do you know Gen Musa Khan (then he (Nisar) come to finde him self in human again).
    Becaz just being a human is not enough for him.
    How ure present is makin ure past, and whats your present is planing for ure future…
    i realy feel shame. you make me shame full.

  25. Off the topic.

    I just saw the media briefing of Hamid K(h)arzai with Gordon Brown. K(h)arzai gave his speech in Pustho rather than Dari!

    This goes to show that he is trying to woe the Pushtun vote bank for next years Presidential election.

    Gordon Brown announced that UK will donate 10 million GBPs so that the voter registration process is accelarated.

    This is done because the voter registration process is very slow in the south of Afghanistan because of law and order situation. It is pertinent to add here that Southern Afghanistan is ‘Pukhtun’ land and K(h)arzai’s main constituency.

    One wonders why the British love the Pushtuns so much?


  26. In the name of Bamiyan …..
    coz they fakhtuns ,afghans really are fitted in the policy of divide and rule ….they have the sold mentality ….they can never be friends or foes … they are always with their interest and thats why they are surviving ….. pashtuns are necessary for british influence in this region ….they can be used against any one in this region … they are easy to bargain with …… this also shows the divide between America and britian as americans are fedup of this kharzai …. another example is the uruzgan issue …… between america ,britian , taliban and kharazai ….. but the upcoming president seems to be a tajik , or hazara …..
    Ba amman e Bamiyan …..

  27. The West (US, UK, NATO) wants Afghanistan to become a peaceful and developed state in which the people are tolerant, forward looking and prosperous. They want this so that they can control the geo-strategic, geo-political,geo-military affairs of the region.

    It is indeed an irony that the people (Pukhtuns) whom the West (US, UK, Nato) invested so much in and still are investing to make them open minded, tolerant, forward looking are hell bent on staying in the stone age, being extremists, intolerant bigots who will also not let other ethnic races to prosper.

    And whereas the people (Hazara, Takik,, Uzbek) who want development, peace and prosperity are consistently sidelined and ignored by the West.

    When will the West learn that supporting Pukhtuns is not only against their interests but also counter to the interests of Afghanistan and its people and the region?

    The Pukhtuns love to live in the stone age, live according to Taliban lifestyle,be against women’s rights where as all the other ethnic races Hazaras, Tahiks, Uzbeks are prosperous and want to learn and grow but the West isn’t supporting them!

    Hoping that better sense prevails soon.

  28. Regarding being proud or ashamed of our Past:

    There is no doubt that there is a lack of literature and research on the history of Hazaras but most scholars agree that Hazaras are decedents of the Mongols who have mixed with the local populace of Hazaristan.

    I for one, feel proud of our history and people. we are a talented race and can achieve wonders but unfortunately we lack one thing which is a must for success ‘UNITY’.

    I want to give an overview of why I am proud of my past and history:

    The Hazaras were rulers of their fate and lands until 1880’s when the British supported Abdul Rahman the Dog. He with the help of British fire power subdued the Hazara forces. As a result many fled and immigrated to British India, Iran and Central Asia. The ones who stayed back were persecuted and suppressed. Hazara lands were Pushtanized and Hazaras were subjected to slavery.

    This shows that the Pukhtuns not only wanted to conquer our material wealth like lands, livestock but also wanted to conquer the minds of Hazaras by subjecting them to severe persecution (slavery, genocide, rapes etc..). The Pukhtuns wanted to defeat the Hazara ideology and the proud and free mindset because it knew of the potential of this Mongol race.

    There is no doubt that the Hazaras suffered hardships and persecution for 90 years – from 1880s till 1970’s when the Communist regime came to Afghanistan.

    The Communist rule brought with it the resurgence of Hazaras. As under Communism all were equal citizens unlike under the monarchy in which the Durrani Pushtuns were the rulers and Hazaras were the slaves. The Hazara nation began to pick the broken pieces and restart a new journey.

    The 1980’s saw the Mujahideen war and this gave Hazaras the opportunity to arm themselves and come together as a people.

    Till the 1990’s the Hazaras were still an unknown people in the world, they were brought to the world stage in the early 1990’s by Baba Mazari when the Hazaras put up a brave fight and captured a huge part of Kabul. Now the world knew that Hazaras are also a force which cannot be discounted.

    The unfortunate curse of the Taliban dogs came soon after and Hazaras again had to live through hell. The good thing was that this was relatively short lived. In my opinion this Taliban dog rule had one benefit; it reiterated the fact that Pukhtuns can never be our friends. If any Hazara had any doubt then after the Taliban dog rule the Hazara mind was clear of any misconception of Pukthuns being an ally of Hazaras.

    9/11/2001 was a blessing for Hazaras. The new millennium will take the Hazara renaissance which started with in 1970’s with the Communist rule to new levels. The Hazaras are going through a political reawakening in which they are realizing the influence that they have. One of the best manifestations of this was the rally in Kabul by Hazaras against the Behsud massacre. That rally has sent shivers down the Pukhtun establishment which has realized that the Hazaras have regrouped and awakened from their deep slumber.

    It is after this Kabul rally that we see Kharzai extending help to Mullah Omer of Taliban because he now realizes that Hazaras have now realized their political strength, regrouped and now have the political acumen to muster up enough support to challenge him in the 2009’s Presidential election.

    Hazaras form the biggest ethnic group in the capital Kabul and also now have sizable representation in the Universities.

    The Hazaras should now focus on Political, economic, educational, cultural revolution for their people and should not let this opportunity get away…because after all we had to wait almost a 100 years for this!

    So all in all I am proud of my dear Qawma for not giving up even after so many hardships…

    I hope and pray that May this nation have unity amongst its ranks and then it can easily become one of the greatest nations in this world!


  29. thanks haider jan …..

  30. Thanks Haider for this mind opening comment. I would request to write more frequently like Bamiyan (may be less) but regularly…..people like me can learn from your comments alot.

  31. haider your stress on UNITY is understandable. the real question’why we are not able to afford this rare UNITY’. Don’t you think this is becaues of people like bamiyan who for very unknown reason….not allowing hazaras to unite.
    these people are dividing hazaras into different categories….mullas, ismalili, sunni shia etc……….see ismaili hazaras are litrally begging not to comment on their religious beleifs and leader………can we achieve unity by discriminating our people into these groups………never…..our hazaras are very innocent and poor people……they desperately resort to whatever religious source they have for begging for prosperity……..similar to our forfathers worshiping budhas….
    unfortunately our so called litrate people are creating more problems and becoming the cause of lack of unity……and sadly these are the people who dominates in blogs like these which is being used by poor hazaras……….shame on these literate ones……..

  32. In the name of Bamiyan …..
    Yar hadh kaden ….every lock has a key ….every question has an answer …..I have always said to lets discuss and choose the rightest path …. i m a single voice ………. now i m sure u people have understand the broken and unwilling heart’s phenomina ….if we left everything for your unnatural , undesired and ,unreason , and ununderstanable UNITY than this can coz the same scenerio (the Ismailia forum of this site) and for sure the worst as common people face to face will be more dangerous …..

  33. Thanks Mubarak for the kind comment. I will definitely conitune contributing as long as I think I have something useful to share with the Qawma and which adds value.

    As far as the matter of attaining Unity is concerned; I wold request you to watch the award winning movie ‘Mongol’. It is about Temujins journey from childhood till he became Changez Khan.

    One of the messages that came across was; that the Mongol sub-tribes always used to fight eachother and had differences on petty matters…there was a severe lack of harmony and as a result there was always infighting going on.

    This changed when Temujin came and brought every tribe under one umbrella…some came by choice and others were brought by force.

    I believe today we are suffering from the same issues…lot of petty matters have divided us and maybe we need a meesiah from within our ranks who will unite us. But I am sure this is not the solution as what if the messiah never shows up? So do we remain this divided forever?

  34. there is no use in opening every lock. If those locks are not causing problem then we should leave it as it is. Can we not unite just in the name of one HAZARA? Why you are trying to prove everybody wrong. This is merely nonsense. We leave in a society where everybody has slight differences whether it is religious practice or even the way we speak our language differently….dari on one hand which hazara of quetta can not speak properly….people from jaghori speak differently and ….daizangi hazara speak differently…..if we continue dividing ourselves for the sake of trying to answer every questions than we will waste lot more time…..can we not start our journey all together as hazara… might feel powerfull as you are able to create controversy almost on every topic….but the truth is that your comments are creating a sense of dishonesty and cruelity…… are just satisfying yourself….not thinking of peoples sentiments… you mentioned earlier you are an abuser….sorry to say this.

  35. In the name of Bamiyan ……
    Mubarak ….You are new u have not read my comments ….Once i had said about a channel which is to establish with cooperatiion of Iran,Afghanistan and tajikistan in persian …I had asked every one to please secure ur own kohbandi dielects weather it is jaghori or daizangi …coz i love the sweetness of each ones dielect etc in its original form …..All I m barking is that we should not leave our fathers (Even they are bad ,if Changaz khan Zalim,agar da sar mardoum mekh tap kadan , agar be ittafaq boudan etc ) for good fathers of others ( Arab Imam Hazir bashamol degai shi , Persian Agha Khominie ,Russian Marx ,etc ) and plzzz dont ever missinterperate me …..coz u dont have the thinking i have …if i start writing in my very mean way ….than u will ofcourse……………….!!!!
    and surely be deleted …… not coz they be vulgar but u people will not be able to …………..!!!!!
    calling eachother and tolerating with the ever shit ethics is not the solution …. but to accept each other with the plate shape faces and flate noses and even if they look like Qandhari and bangali …and making eachother understand our mutual interests and ambitions …. Ittefaq is not something we can buy from dokan babay wahida ..or chodi gali or dawood cloth shop …. for ittefaq we have to be ready for any sort of hurdles ….A friend of mine said that an irani was fighting another mullah type irani that u mullahs have ruined our lifes and our country ….the mullah said we have given blood and have struggled and still are …..mullah advised and suggested the other irani to plz arrange few persons and fight our government at least struggle for ur desired moderniastion we will accept …..but i think our people “””aadat e muft khourda ra kada …..change wa revlution ham mekhayan ki da rouz e haftoum e muhaaram kad daste bangashia da khannay aggo punjabi menay lifafa kad yag dana burger bida az pass shi yag coca cola ham …
    Ba amman e Bamiyan ….

  36. well i would request to forgive us from real dept of your thinking as we are not able to digest u r current amount of thinkings……….thanks for your consideration.

  37. your saying about arabs reflecting your thoughts about islam………just to let you know…..we as hazara love our religion…..this should not be discussed further….if you are not satisfied with u r religion and wants further clarification ….than you should go those who are expert in this feild and seek answer for your questions or dirt of your of mind…..we are satisfied with our religion and would continue to do so… can rely on u r brain o guid u thats fine……..don’t guid us……for us ur misguided or paid puppet of your masters.

  38. I dont know why u r that much personal ….I had once said the hierachy of any discussion …
    2…..non Issue
    You and people like u balme us of ur ignorance if u couldn’t answer the 12th Imam mistery it is not my issue i had redirected them towards you ….
    if they are ok with 49th and you people with 12th than why dont you people join and eliminate people like us … people really have become muft khor …coz u want solution of every issue and non issue in free ….like the meesiaha formula ….. this mesiha has influnced you people the most and i m sure that Haider was and is meaning the 12th Imam as mesiha …… tha he will come and will take people like tausili and you in the heaven where every where is muftkhori and Aiashi ….70 pari paikar hoor one side and 72 adam kosh zaozad ghilman another side…also wine and beautiful scenries …..but still it is ok …coz muhaaram is too near ….
    ghoushnagii chim khor bour kin …tammam saal ki curruption kaden saaf kin ….wa har kas ki tamman saal imambargah na raftha wa Biryani nakhourda da stock biryani ham boukhra wa sharbat ham ….noush e jaan …chim bakhil koor …
    It is really peak of Ignorance …..2 hazaragi zarbulmisl ……
    1…Halwa ra hakim khourd chaplagh ra Eetim Orphin ….
    2…. Zoor ki da khar na raseed da paloon shi Aaola shoudoo …..
    Har kas ki dil shi tehrani , Qummi ,francavi ,Islamabadi ,shoravi ,wa dega blah blah astha wouna agar shakal shi hazaragi wa aatay aabay shi hazara basham wouna hazara niya ……Hazara wo kas astha ki da zemeen e Hazarajat wafa dashtha bashad naki …barayee 10,000 rupee pakistani wa yag gandha noukari kad yag motorcycle kouhna …. ya yag hawli da chaooni wa yag lakh rupea wala gandha Gadi … zameen madar ra Agenti shi kana ……Wa lanat astha baray azoo nafara ki balday 2000 foot Aaoli Marri abad ya brori az thousands acre zemeen e hazarajat disbardar shouna ….halnakay tarikh gawah asta ki ami nafara az amzo tauluq dashtha bouda ……….Again it is not my fault that You both couldnot answer them …..i really would if that may had any connection to me ….
    Ba amman e Bamiyan ……

  39. I hope my friends will respond to my question if they had any knowledgeof what they are defanding and practicing

  40. In the name of Bamiyan …..
    guys plz dont blame me of ur Ignorance ..if u couldnot answer and i know that u people cannot answer the 12th Imam mistery including ur Ayautullah fayaz ….than it is not my fault ….
    If 49th and 12th Imam and guidance is OK than plz join hands and eliminate people like us …as You people have acha khasa side gir avilable here and everywhere ……they will give you voice and everything u want ……and who ever questioned simply throw them in tandoor ….. it is all u people can ……but still i m not the reason for ur ignorance about what u people defand and practice ….. I only want every one who is sitting in the car should check the car first weather it is Ok or not …..
    Ba Amman e Bamiyan …

  41. Baba Mazari said in a meeting with pashtuns and tajiks that “””questioning is not opposing “””….and thats what i have learned from mazarism ………….

  42. kas ki dil shi tehrani .francavi, shoravi , ya islamabadi bashad wo agar face shi ,aatah aabeh shi hazara bashad ham wo hazara niya …..
    Hazar wo kas astha ki da hazarajat wafa dashtha bashad ….naki barai chan qiraan Dalali kanah …
    Da dalali dist ham siyah ,roya ham siyah ….
    Ba amman e Bamiyan …

  43. Mubarak ….
    the above comment is answer to ur Unity in one name of HAZARA …coz calling a house home will never make that house home ….for making that home we hae to make or define our relations …else that will be more hotel than a home …..I think i have conveyed ….

  44. i have not asked the 12th Imam ,and gawarah …..Ur ittehadi and whom u want to unite with had asked …for having a relation u have to answer ….THEM

  45. It was your ill mind which triggered these discussion….which will lead us to the land of no where……..people like u exist every where……you even don’t deserve the thandoor.

  46. see everyone hates your ideas… one is answering here to your ill questions………

  47. Dear Mr. Admin,
    Kindly, delete the coments of the person who calls himself Bamyan. I think this person has to behave his comments otherwise he will eat himself.


  48. Mr. bamiyan do you realize this, tht wid your this kind of comments ppl are getting more towards his religions, you are doing great.
    I think bachesh you are against Hazaras… Just read my last comment in

  49. In the name of Bamiyan ……
    All i m saying is that the issue is how ever an issue and that should be solved anyhow ….but my friends cant get ….or they get but have no answer to ………i had made myself clear ….they said what they wanted to … it si ur turn ….
    but still i m really very very happy that u people at least have got some very minor idea that fighting the issue of few arabs and persian vis arab even doesn’t make sense ……but if we do any sort of struggle for our occupied lands will reward us more than this…… even if we all go under the umbrella of Agha sahib will he favour us claming and retaking our lands back ….Answer is One BIG NO ……coz it is not in his interest …….than what matters if e is Ismailia and u are shia and i m nothing else ……..
    I have said all times give me an answer with reason …..i will accept but u people always oppose me as an individual …….As far as mehdi is concern i hace answered his mentioned comment which he could not get ……
    it is false that we can live in our spheres and spaces religiously or (etc)ly …….as it is not possible if we do not influence others ….others will influnece us ……example is tulsi khalai ,kumkum baji and parvathi dedi ……there was time when our language was the certificate of knowledge for every indian …butNOW…
    here every one is trying to come in others space and sphere if not we should quit commenting here coz my ideas are effecting from others ideas i really m not in my origial space on some grounds i agree with mubarak and in some grounds i agree with ismailia …….it is not as simple ….
    the religion Budhism was and is a religion today but we were forced to be muslim …..which is good which is bad ..i m not concerned ….. the kochis we gave refuge are our lords today …..
    it is impossible if it possible than i should surely go to any cave in Bamiyan ….and expect u in any cave in ghor and mubarak in jaghori …..Mr. Quetta da ghar e rezai ……..
    My friend mubarak has really said onething very true that discussing Arabic folk stories with the persian texture will take us to the land of no where ………..and this is what i wanted to prove ………..what ever 40 chil dokhtoro too ad souls and were honour of some one ….khaliqo too was killed ver badly ..and mazari too ..than why not to cry for ourself ……for the symbols of our glory and struggle …..if bagh e fadak is given to Syed talib or syed muhammad ali today still pashtuns willl nt give back our lands …untill we make them to leave…..
    Ba amman e Bamiyan ……

  50. mubarak ::: plz dont write such comments …

    see everyone hates your ideas… one is answering here to your ill questions………

    coz i dont write what u and everyone wants to listen …i m not the marketing guy …..nor i want anysort of previlliges or votes from you guys …u must have misunderstood me as Agha nisar ali nasir too has been writing here and has shown his interest in a tallemi Wazifa …….i m not that guy..
    Sorry ……..
    never i like to call u people Qauma e Gul ,jour wo bazo birar , My great hazara nation , talented and educated people ….this is hypocracy and closing once own eyes infront of the black cats ……..
    We have to go a long way …………an in nation’s life ardships and hurdles come which could be recobered by reason not season ……
    Aadam kaar shi tadbeer astha naki taqdeer ….

  51. plz dont market ur brand like a darbari who praises to gain ..coz it is not suiting and is the behaviour of an Hazara ……talk facts the harshests……….but plz not personal ….

  52. Mubarak says ::::

    It was your (Bamiyan’s) ill mind which triggered these discussion…….
    means he wants the resolution of such issues in fookat bolay tu free …..oo birar e chaool e mah e muharram niya ……wants unity but do not want to discuss ……. i dont think the christmise chacha will throw such unity this 25th in a packet …..

    I had talked his imam he thought me one amongst you ….this is not my fault …and my questions have a ground to reality which u ur self can find if u try to …but plz dont ..coz u must have made an image of mine ….

  53. Baba Mazari said in a meeting with pashtuns and tajiks that “””questioning is not opposing “””….and thats what i have learned from mazarism ………….

  54. Whoever you are Mr. Bamyan, only I can say you are any jelous snake in any deep well which has started eating himself. I am sure by using this types of meaningless opinion you will go more frustrate and underpressure and finally you will get nothing.

    So, my suggestion for you is not to interfere in Hazaras affairs because they are growing and improving rapidly. One day you will recognize that you have become made and Hazaras will rule over the minds of Afghanistan.

    My suggestion for you is kindly, get education, improve your mentality and leave out shaitaniat.

    THanks. Your friend Mr. qta

  55. You did not got the idea of dear leader Mazari teaching saying questioning is not opposing…… are not only questioning ….but maliciously giving your opinion as well….which seems to have agenda or marketing sense as well. Our beloved Mazari never touched on these topics….was he less educated than you or he did not have the time or sense……I don’t think this was the case……he focused on real issues of ….getting hazaras together just in the name one nation Hazara……and his era was not that far and things have not changed that much……so thats the reason I and I am sure many readers here have questions about your mentality… may be a very hamdard and true hazara…..but you have filthy language ……sorry to say this

  56. In the name of Bamiyan ……
    Mr quetta ..who asked u to join this blog and in ur very first comment start advising me ….I know u r the same guy who can not answer and quit chaning his name ……….I m sure that u and ur freinds have no study on what u r defanding ( not defanding just firing in the air )…coz u people have association to chaool e mah e muharram ..
    if u people really had any sort of knowledge than surely would reply …..believe me i laughed on ur ignorance and bechargi and still m coz u people could not reply and i m sure u people can not ….it is an open challenge that u people cannot ………………..!!!!!!!!!!!
    As far as Mazari is conscerned I have said that “”Mazari honoured death “””…as till today death is honouring souls by pulling them out of dirty bodies …….. and i make u people sure and gawah that these words are not said for any one till today ….seek all the books …..if i name those no ones u again will be confused …Mazari is leader of leaders ……..he started fight with taliban for these mentioned people but u tell me who is guiding them ……who is bache khuda and blue eyed to them … really think they respect Mazari as I do or YOU do ……….it too is a fact that a number of hazaras were killed on Mazaris words …….if i belong that group of people i should be killed ………else …………!!!!
    Plz make sure that everyone having a hazarahi chehra and aatah ,aabah is not Hazara if his heart beats for aateh beganah………
    Sallam bur jurrat e Mazari
    Ba amman e Baba and Bamiyan ……..

  57. Mubarak i really dont belong this site’s managment so i act as an anchor person to question …..i do give my opinio coz such forums are for giving opinions ……You must have read Nisar Ali Nasir’s old comments he used ? the question mark symbol after every few line ….which i and some other friends corrected him …he had asked us aquestion on who is a leader i defined and anther friend but he still has not ……I think u have agreed to be the general secretary of his tallemi wazifa and he has asked me to be the genral secretary of Gharib mitao qarz do programme ………..
    Aadam bayad eatar bachaganah harkata na kana …….

  58. you are a nuisance………

  59. nuisance :: an act not warranted by law
    nuisance:: ????
    i was kiding in general secretary ….sorry for mentioned ….
    listen this song by akon “”we dont care”” it is a nice one ……

  60. Just to get the discussion on a more contructive path…

    Can anyone please let me know why Baba Mazari chose to side with Gulbadin Hekmatyar against Ahmed Shah Masoud?

    Siding with the Pukthuns against Tajiks – what was the strategy?


  61. In the name of Bamiyan ……
    I too wanna know the original scene behind all this ……….I can say that masoud was funded by iran and russia and hekmatyar too had and has ties with Iran and Mazari too had been in Iran …
    Fazlurrehman and deubandis/Taliban are connected to Pakistan and Saudi arabia ..and had fight with Hekmatyar and Mazari and Masoud …
    seems there was no stretegy they were forced to fight so they be weaken before taliban emerge .
    I think it was simply paving the way for Taliban ..
    and as far as Hekmatyar is concerned not yesterday nor today anyone accept him either pakhtoon or mujahid ……..
    In Baba / Hekmatyar vs Masoud fight, made Abdul Ali Mazari……,, BABA …..coz there he knew of the irani and pakistani policy about hazaras and specially for shia hazaras …… he was killed for his disobedience to irani and pakistani policy makers as he had started preaching hazaraism before any ism after this failed fight line ….as almost everything was engineereed from karim khalili to the supply of amunitiion / money to the photos of agha khominie …..No one could won such war where u cant believe on ur own shadow ….but the Great Mazari turned that moment arround and totally against forces like pakistan and iran with his spesches in Gharb kabul and all around Hazarajat ….it is a different hazara today than yesterday before baba …..Iran and pakistan was seeing his loyal interest protectors (Hazaras ) are near rebellion so they killed the rebel of all ……
    Baba ,Masoud and Hekmatyar …..these all forces fought against taliban ……….fighting eachother makes no sense ………when the common enemy taliban were on the door step and they for sure had information of taliban emerging in fewnext months from Quetta …….
    I can say so …..
    I really would love to see of our ismalia masoom cmmunity to share there views for the person who always talked / fought for their rights despite of any faith and etc …..
    I really wanna know some different views on this special topic ……
    I really thank haider for his fruiting brain coz I had never thought on this topic before and it really made me hung for a while and i have deleted what i had written two times …..
    Sallam Bur taddabbur Mazari
    Ba amman e Baba wa Bamiyan …..

  62. this above tpoic will for sure show u the love and affection of the mentioned people for their national hero and leader and towards their nation hazara … they may have been seeing all these naed eyes …..but whom they want guidance from has never been seen naked eyes to majority of them …and they want the zahiri and batini deedar ………I m seeing the batini deedar of Mazari in is dealings with the wolves around ……one who used to eat a dry bread with a cup of tea (without milk ) …..not the one who bet on race cars and race horses …….
    I know people learn with comparison or point of refference …….. it is a physics related theory ..
    i dont want to disrespect some one infront of someone else but tying to convey …..
    So i must not be apologetic ….

  63. The politics of Afghanistan is like a plate of Spaghetti that too with a lot of cheese on it because there has been so many twists, betrayals and shifts in alliances over the past 3-4 decades.

    It is amazing that the country is still intact and the geographical map has not chaged. The reason behind shifting loyalties and sides is because of outside influence (from neighbours to regional and super powers) and a non-existent central government. In these circumstances, shifting sides is a must for survival.

    I am not fully able to understand the reasons behind Abdul Mazari’s decision to side with Hekmatyar and Dostum against the Tajiks. For this to understand we will have to look at the situation prevalent at that time:

    An Islamic Jihad Council was formed to fight the Soviet occupation. This group was primarily sponsored by Pakistan, Saudi and USA. This group did not include the Hazaras Hizbe-Wahdat in its ranks. The Hazaras kept getting aid from Iran during the Soviet-era fighting. Each country had their own motives behind supporting groups:

    1) Pakistan did not want USSR on its door step
    2) Saudi wanted to promote Wahabism to the region and nullify any Iranian influence
    3) USA wanted to contain USSR
    4) Iran didn’t want a Communist country with its borders
    5) India didn’t want a Pro-pakistani government in Afghanistan.
    6) China doesn’t want a pro-Islamic government in its neighbourhood which will give impetus to the Chinese Uighurs
    7) Tajikistan and Uzbekistan have ethinc associations.

    The Iranians backed Hazaras through out the war with ammos and supplies but they realized that they are putting all their eggs in one basket and that supporting Hazaras will isolate them as other groups will be alienated. So they supported Tajiks and Uzbeks and Pushtuns (in the form of Hekmatyar).

    Four major groups were fighting eachother after the withdrawal of the Soviets from Afghanistan. They wanted to control Kabul to form a government. And each had foreign backing – the groups fighting for Kabul were:

    1) Hezb i Islami (Hekmatyar) – backed by Pakistan & Iran

    2) Jamat i Islami (Rabbani & Masoud) – backed by Paksistan

    3) Jumbush i Milli (Dostum) – Uzbekistan, Russia and Iran

    4) Hizbe Wahdat (Mazari) – Iran

    Rabani had declared himself president and Masoud was the defence minister. So in a way the Tajiks had outmanouvered everyone and captured the centre.

    The other ethnic groups (Dostum, Mazari and Hekmatyar) now joined forces to flush out Tajiks from Kabul.

    It will be pertinent to add here that Hekmatyar and Masoud had a personal rivalry going back to the initial Jihad days. The ISI was backing both individuals but they were more pro-Hekmatyar because the Pakistani establishment is Pushtun and because of this Masoud knew the real intentions of ISI about installing an Islamic-Pushtun government. Pushtun because Pakistani establishment is Pushtun and Islamic because they will not raise the issue of ‘Greater Pushtunistan’.

    In my opinion, both Dostum and Mazari decided in haste when they choose to side with Hekmatyar…but then I really do not know that real circumstances. maybe by that time it was clear that Iran was not supporting Hazaras and was more interested in the Tajiks…

    For me this is still a mystery…why would the Hazaras and Uzbeks decide to side with the Pushtuns against Tajiks.

    Commonsense says that Uzbeks, Hazaras, Tajiks and Turkomen will be allies against the Pushtuns but I guess commonsense is applied in common circumstances and not in these circumstances.

    Bamiyans argument of weakening the scenario and paving the way for Taliban and disobeying Irani and Pakistani dikats makes sense but then again we do not have any substantiating evidence to prove it.

    To me it is still a mystery…



  64. In the name of Bamiyan ……
    Haider jan thanks ……
    but i have another chain of realities …..
    Like it is wrong that Masoud really was fighting Soviets but he was facilltating them ….
    secondly tajiks were and are funded by persians from the very past as they are ancestral cousins ………and persians with tajiks have very bad memories with turks and changazi called / named hazaras ……. so it wont make sense that iranis were really laying all eggs or the bulky eggs in basket of hazaras …….
    3rdly the mentioned eggs were all conditioned and sophisticatedly passed through the holy hands of syeds and mullahs ….after giving them a good brain wash ………….
    Most of all see the after effects …..who benefitted it the most …..whose game plane was this …pakistani and irani establishment made a buffer zone for them and who knows how much give and take had happened …see when the planes crashed on the walls of world trade centre on nine eleven ……americans were in afghanistan next week …..and it is false that it really is taliban who are fighting Americans …………..
    I dont know why i give examples from here and there …but will focus on taking the discussion ahead ……..
    mubarak where are you…..
    Ba amman e Bamiyan .

  65. In soviet war iran had back channel understanding with soviets and iran had made hazaras not to fight Soviet ……….but the groups who were fighting from hazara ranks were amonated from quetta by Tanzeem ……which were handled by Brigadier khadim hazara the ISI officer in Balochistan for fighting USSR …….
    at that time Iran wellcomed hazaras in Iran so they could be used against Iraqi saddam and were given jobs and houses to live ….Saddam was backed by CIA america than for sure Iran had ties with USSR that time Iran had purchased ammunition from Israel even ……than for sure had militry and other sort of relations with USSR …communism never was and never is an issue …. it is fight of nations…….

  66. Can it be inferred that Hazaras never really fought the Soviets?

    I think this makes sense, because it is because of Soviets that Communism made its headway in Afghanistan and it is Communism that toppled the monarchy of Durrani-Mohammadzais. And because of this, the Hazaras were able to break away from the oppression of the Durranis. So in a way, Hazaras definitely benefited from the Soviet incursion and it made sense not to fight them.

    So the Hazaras used the Soviet war as an opportunity to arm themselves with weapons and ammunition as before this, no country was supplying or supporting Hazaras and we had no army or militia which would fight for our rights.

    The question that arises here is that, whether the Turko-Mongol suspicion of Persians was so severe that Dostum and Mazari were forced to side with Hekmatyar? Couldn’t they sort out their differences and unite so as to block the Pushtuns from taking over, which eventually happened under Karazi.

    Uzbek, Hazara, Tajik, Turk have all suffered under the Durrani regin. The interesting angle that rises here is that is a Turko-Mongol alliance with Persians possible?

    In this ‘fight of nations’, where do the Hazaras stand? What choices should we make, whose side should we take? Mazari made a choice when he joined Hekmatyar and Dostum against the Tajiks – but ended up paying with his life. Dostum ran off to Turkey and Hekmatyar to Iran.

    The great game keeps getting interesting!



  67. In the name of Bamiyan ……
    Most of all we have to understand that hazaras anywhere are hazaras and among them we have to develop a single thought about many issues ..
    like hazaras in pakistan have different opinion about pakistani establishment than hazaras in afghanistan both knowing the facts …same as hazaras in Iran about iran and afghanistan ,pakistan …………….My friends here want to have Unity on the name of One hazara but are unable to discuss the differntiating interests of different hazara and solve out one common reason with interest to Unite ….. We have to lean from what ever happened till today ..for learning we have to kill some of our deeep and beloved emotions …. and face the truth face the black cats …….we should not join anyone any where but our national interest …we are not a keep to any of them islamic ,shiate ,non islamic secular country of the world but are of our own kind ……….We on the very first hand have to make and keep distance from any of the power and or Super power …. than we will be able to call our self nation …..talking fact We are not nation and it is for sure …..We are a useless crowd …I have heard that in barchi Kabul 3 streets of gangster syeds have hijacked the whole gharb e kabul barchi …….who are backing these syeds …..and they are shia and call them syed e hazara ………..barai khuda nakhun e Aql ra begrin ……az puss e beganah Aqal aa Kul na gashthin ………….4 khanna syed ra mo Qabo na metani …….call our selves nation …..wa tammam rouz e Baloch wari jangara mardoum ra mazaq mouni ….
    Ba amman e Bamiyan ……..

  68. I don’t know discussing these issues would benefit us or not….but for sure Bamiyan is getting less poisnous and commenting relatively softly.
    I would still focus on the intrest of a common hazara. We can still unite in the name one hazara nation. You can not throughout aga khan from our ismaili fellows heart by commenting here….it will just distance them from us….by commenting on shiate part and questing 12th imam….again the common hazara is not intrested…..this can be discussed for the sack of discussion but will not change the nations life…..mazari was also an akhund and studied in houzias and turn out a real leader….i still belive we can unite in the name of HAZARA in the presence of all differences……you will have to realize and accpet this concept.

  69. One can believe that duniya da bal shakh e Gao mayee istada astha ……..

    today pop benidact excused literally to the scineitist Galilo that he was right in saying that sun is the centre of glaxy ……..400 years after he was killed by the psycho catholic church for his theory ……….

    har har waqt reason ammad Aqeda ra amitar palal mouna …….

  70. they dont talk not becoz they dont have interest but they are ignorant they dont know what to say …..coz I was on target they didn’t denied any of my points ….plz accept dega ….from betting on race horses to greshak Qandhar and Kerman …..they have interest in the meterial advantages they get …… chara ki goushna waqai mazhab na dara ……but still any one even they them sleves cant deny their ethnicity untill they are not totied fruited ……
    mubarak u too had uploaded an story from karachi about agha khanis ….what uis ur response about ur own comment ..thats still on the page …….lol

  71. Pakistan wants a Pushtun dominated government in Afghanistan whereas Iran wants a Tajik dominated government. For this very purpose Iran was supporting the Tajiks and Pakistan was initially supporting Hekmatyar.

    Hazaras are left high and dry in the middle. They are just used as scape goats and are not considered as important players by both Iran and Pakistan.

    I believe the Iranians tried to act smart here. They had control over Hekmatyar as well. This assumption is based on the fact that Hekmatyar took refuge in Iran after the rise of Taliban. Also noting the fact that Hekmatyar neither has any mass support amongst the Pushtuns nor the religious group.

    As the Kabul fighting started, the Pushtuns were also invloved in infighting and various Pushtun war lords (Gul Agha Shirazi, Amir Lalai and Mullah Naqibullah) were now fighting each other to control Kandahar.

    The ISI soon realized that the Afghanistan monster had too many heads and could not be controlled…since ISI needed a Pukhtun-Religious government in Kabul (Pukhtun because Pakistan is Pukhutn and Religious because they will not talk about Greater Pushtunistan and focus on the concept one Ummah) they introduced the Taliban with Saudi funds.

    This was a time when Hekmatyar was abandoned by the ISI and Pakistan had directly jumped in the conflict with Pakistani military strategists on ground conducting the war in Afghanistan.

    Hekmatyar ran off to Iran and Dostum also after losing the battle at Mazar fled to Turkey. The Tajiks retreated to Panjsher valley and defended it with supplies from Iran and Russia.

    The only people left isolated and alone were the Hazaras. We faced the brutal Taliban onslaught head on. Our leader was betrayed and martyred.

    The question that I had asked earlier was ; Why did Mazari chose to side with Hekmatyar & Dostum against Masoud?

    I have another answer to this:

    Masoud and Rabbani were very close to each other and both being Tajiks. Dr. Rabbani had very close links to the ‘Akhwan ul Muslameen’ of Egypt and is very religiously conservative. Dr. Rabbani had close links with Abu Sayaf.

    Hence, when the Tajik duo of Rabbani and Masoud took over Kabul they had given Abu Sayaf a free hand.

    Abu Sayaf is a Wahabi-Pukhtun Mullah…he unleashed a reign of terror in Kabul and was responsible for the Afshar massacre.

    Masoud, otherwise seemed to be wise man but he made a mistake in letting Abu Sayyaf to work on his side. As later, Abu Sayaf was involved in Masouds assassination.

    I believe, it was because of this sectarian issue that Baba Mazari chose to go against the Tajiks.

  72. In the name of Bamiyan ………….
    means pakhtun phenomina is all around …even on masoud side if he is fighting a religious warlod( Hekmatyar ) but have another religious pakhtun on other hand (abu sayyaf ) …seems they only wanted to kill as many hazara as possible from either of the sides ………if it was religious then why not pashtuns coz u cant prove masoud a religious person at all …….Or this was simply weakening these all warlords to pave the way for new blue eyed boys of Pakistan ,america and Saudi …….. coz these warlords all were president in their own spheres …and were creating probalm being used by every second stakeholders in the region and all were simply doing businese were not loyal to anything but money …..Pakistan wanted to have a road link to central asian states as a new market …..and had made acha khasa understanding with indian agencies but plane hijacking for maulan masoud azhar head of jaish e Muhammad worsened the situation ….America wanted a have the access on Oil reservorius and Arabs wanted to invest and share the profit with other stakeholders protecting their investment giving an islamic cover …… this invetment was initiated or started long before when money was injected in central asian states to form religious organisations to fight Soviets calling them kafir and communist non accpters of God ……….making fool of asian states on the name of Islam for protecting the investment on Oil ……. branding /making us a frenchise of Iran despite considering 46% Sunni hazaras …….and in this cheese game most of the
    shakhal ,pakhal khor hazara were used …..making Qumandans and ustads among them ……….calling us irani khas khour made other of our family uzbeks ,turkamans away from us coz they are dominantly of sunni faith ……( here i dont mean to convert to sunni but understand the genuine issues)
    frighting us from hells and promising us of Maula Ali in grave and Imam zaman will come to fight those whom we want to fight and will take our revange …..and that one man once had a dream and as he awoke took his horse and disappeared in the light of sun …….Imam had asked him to join ….Woww he is one among many soldiers of Imam ……Any one plz tell me that we people dont have such stories in our story lines ……(when i was religious i used to dream agha e khominie kissing his hands ….he giving me the balck and white pattu )
    But it is a fact that a number of persons have quit their homes insearch of wisdom to east and west and north to south ……..insearch of reason ….
    those who want unity in one name of hazara thinks Afshar massacre is something we shouldnot investigate or consider as it is not in interest of common hazara ….i think the mentioned common hazaras only want to have bar chak qift kala posh khatoo and Chaool mah e muharram yaad shi bakhair ….. common hazara seems to me syedo e shash pur …..khalai ghariboum ,syedoum aaolad e Paikhomber astoum , az iran mo ra bur zadah da khanna yag louqmay naan niya …bibio az 2 rouz a ki quran agar royee nimak ra dedashan da zibo zado kuja …har chi dashti da jaai mo manda yago joura kala kafsh kounay zaosthoun shom aggo paisay khums ,nazar wo nazarat yag chiz e kumak ko …khuda astu razi jad e amjad ma muhammad e mustafa wa Ali e murtaza astu razi ….khalai tu daman gir e amzi bibio moushni …..kumak ko …..fatima e zahra astu razi …..
    …(khairat na moukhran chara ki khairat balah bour astha …bala bour shi da hazara mersa ..balah da dam e hazara )
    this is the extreme balck mailing ……
    Ba amman e Bamiyan ………….

  73. About unity and solidarity across the world:

    16. If we could not gain our political rights in Afghanistan and do not establish our identity by securing our political status. No one will respect our brothers who are spreaded abroad. If the roots are strong inside the country, the branches will be also strong abroad.

    اگر ما در افغانستان به حق خود نرسیم، هویت پیدا نکنیم و موقعیت سیاسی خود را تثبیت نکنیم. کسی برای برادران ایکه در خارج پراکنده اند. ارزشی قائل نمی شود. اگر ریشه و بیخش در اینجا ارزشی داشت شاخه هایش هم ارزشی دارد.لذا یک ضرورت است که برادر ها در نظر داشته باشند که اگر کوچکترین غفلت در این ضمینه بکنیم باز اسارت سه صد ساله تکرار می شود.

    در بارۀ وحدت،اتحاد و همبستگی تمامی هزاره ها در سراسرجهان و افغانستان:

    17. All Hazara people have only one single choice. This is our unity and solidarity. For those who are in Europe and those who are in Pakistan and those who are living in Afghanistan. You all must become united by asking one single right, by having one goal. You should be aware the rights will not be given to you; the rights must be taken for you. Therefore, you must be prepared to take your rights.

    در مقابل همۀ مردم هزاره تنها یک راه وجود دارد ، و آن وحدت و یکپارچگی آنهاست، چه آنهائیکه در اروپا هستند، چه آنهائیکه در پاکستان اند. و چه آنهائیکه در افغانستان اند. یک حق بخواهند و یک هدف داشته باشند. باید آگاه بود که حق داده نمی شود، بلکه حق گرفته می شود. لذا باید برای حق گرفتن آماده بود.

    Sender A. Amani

    By: Afghan United Association in South Australia on February 1, 2009
    at 11:23 am

    Attention please the above quotes belong to Ustad Shahid translated by Ahmad Amani from the book of Ahyay Hoyat ( Identity Establishment ) this book is under work. Not finished yet.But you can buy the Dari,Farsi version from Afghanistan,Iran,Pakistan or anywhere else. God bless all of you


    Ahmad Amani

  74. Thanks Haider

    You are the best to write about our contemprary history in Afghanistan. God bless you man you have lots of knowledge just go ahead. Our young generation who brought up in Pakistan studying only Pakistan history don’t know enough about their mother land in some cases they are completly unfamiliar wiht their own identity and proud history and Turk Mongolian in details.They just think we were the most disadvantage and persecuted people without looking to our greatness in past history and many period and civilisation. They think it was a god giving opportunity to scape from Afghanistan and living in Quetta! specially in recent days of target killing!
    Now even being as an Afghani (Awghostani is a shame) as they think with looking to their forthfathers where did they come from and when?
    I like your writting it is very informative and usefull.
    Thanks for your time and effort to write bring down your writting to this website.

    Have a great time

    Ahmad Australia

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