Posted by: Editor | October 21, 2008

Abey Mirza: Mother of Hazaragi Folk Music

Abey Mirza, the legendary melodious voice of Hazaristan.

Abey Mirza, the legendary melodious voice of Hazaristan.

She was imprisoned due to her melodic and touching voice breaching the centuries’ conservative socio-religious restraints.

Her name unpublicized at the initial was Gul Andam but reached the peak of fame across the far-flung villages of Hazaristan as Abey Mirza, reflecting the outlook of a religiously dominated society bound with the so-called culture and tradition shaped with religious prejudices, ignorance and male dominance.

She not only existed but remained in the epoch of the minds of people during an era when male singers were intolerable and celebrity was infamous as something defaming that happened to someone licentious.

The slender scrawny woman with wrinkles on her face, kindly looking eyes with wiry eyebrows, high and wide forehead named Gul Andam but famed as Abey Mirza was born in Nawdeh village of Malistan District Ghazni. Unfortunately her date/year of birth is not known accurately. Nowadays she is passing through her despair days of 70s.

The Hazaragi version of Lata, Abey Mirza never sang once jailed for three years under the monarch of Zahir Shah. The only Hazara female singer throughout history and even yet today can be approached only through Audio Tapes


  1. Dear Berar salam

    Many Many thanks for building such a useful blog, I really appreciate your hardwork, Please keep up the good work, I wish everyone would do the same for the people they belong to.

    Abbe merza is one of those whom are downloaded in our hearts and minds, We will never forget her, if we forget her, The History won’t.


    Bilal Nawrozie, UK

  2. زنده باد مسیول همین سایت که چنین گوهرها را به نسل نو می شناسانید
    این نوشته ات واقعا یک حس جدا برایم داد که شاید در الفاظ بیانش بی حرمتی نسبت به حس ام باشد و آنطور که میخواهم نمیتوانم بگویم

    دوست دارم این زن را به نام “گل اندام” به ذهنم حک کنم تا به نام ” آبه میرزا” و این زن هم گل اندام است و فقط گل اندام خواهد ماند…همین

  3. i appratiate it.she was great hazaragi singer.

  4. She was like GULPARY of the day , most of us critisizing her, some day there may be some one apperatiating her and sambolizing her as a fme or even celibirity….

  5. Well its not fair to take both of them similar…its unfair with Abey Mirza.

  6. Nisar Ali Nasir,
    It is very unfair to compare Abey Mirza wth Gul Pari. What she is doing is waste of time. Gul Pari should have been sober and serious in her acts. Gul Pari can not be even compared to FArkhonda, the girl in Tashki Tashki video of Taqi Khan. She has acted their wonderful but what Gul Pari is doing is all childish and stupid!

  7. Salam Dears Elaha and Abi Mirza

    My dear Ellaha you will be the star one day and famouse singer and we will hear your voice. Unfortunatly it is only about you as Hazara girl or woman. All women in Afghanistan,third world country,Arabic idealogy of extremist religion mullas and traditional society has no value and opportunity for women at all. I as man always feel sympathy and shame to treat our mothers and sisters like that by not giving them any kind of chance during their life time. We keep our women as slaves,Kanez,commodity,Segha Baray Akhonda… And the most important thing we all men and women raise and brought up by our mothers women. But unfortunatly always we suppressed our mothers and sisters.We men can do any rezalat if a single woman wants to sing then we start theatining them by death. This things come from religiouse and dogatism phelosophy. Even our religion is based on Badawi Arabic culture who wanting to do their girls (Zenda Bagor) and that culture continues. How many femal singers have our fellow citizen brothers Pashtons,Tajiks… Other nation in the world even Arabs,Egyptian who were Queens before Islam in Mesr 5000 years ago or Shama Bodha statues in Bamiyan was a femel from our own Hazara or Turk mongolian central asian race.

    We brought up by women. They carry us nine months feed us with all of their body and energy. giveing us two years milk and clean our dirts. then give us the greatest eternal love for ever.Unfortunatly again we use and abuse them. I as man and respecting my mother and sister can not give myself permission and jarat to opposs my mother,my sister and the whole women. God bless you and all women of Hazara and other nations. Continue your way all nation developed Hazara also must go this way soon or late. We did not born for qarn hajar we want to live the way should and want to live. Mullla,traditional thinking did not brought us any fortune in the past nor they can bring in the future. Yes if you women go and become their seghayee wives regardless of their mordagawi then it is OK. Go ahead my dear sister no one has the right to stop you Allah created men and women as equal. We all pray the same men do not pray more than women. Marg bar Artejae Seya banam Mazhab,traditional,qawmeyat wa ghayrat kazeb key Arabha,taliban,mulla hay iran wa al-qaeda da bayn mardom rawaj karda ast.

    Marg akhari bar Aftaba sazan key hech kar baray ma mardom Afghanistan nakarda da qarn 21 we are living under the cheragh mosha wa alekain! even in our capital kabul. Even they were not as a cat (Peshak ) to cover their shits in allover. Have a look to the dashnabhay domanzale Deh Afghanan and the whole system of our severage system in Kabul and all over the big cities.
    It was also the neglect of Pashton traditional monopoly government. Just sing and be happy. To the all women of Hazara and Afghanistan participate to every aspect of life with dignity,honesty,Paki wa Sadaqat ba nezam khanawadagi,searching for education and skill living and earning Abromandana Emrar Maash like your male brothers.
    long live equality and social justice,tolarance,brotherhood as our great Mazari said.

    Ahmad Australia

  8. sallam birar gull wa aghai go!!!!!!!!!
    Omid monom ki alaik kanid
    Kho! birar Gul wa aghai goo,
    Omid mosha ki az comment ma azura nashanid
    dear Aghai wa berar plz abi mirza ra qad Gul pary campare nakanid, Khuda ra maloom ki gulpary baba wa aikay kho ra da kuja basta kida wa gana merdoom ra copy mona,
    oqs nang nadra gul pary tora guftoon shi raqam Kher ast.Gul pary mikhaya ki da film industry promot kana,oo raqam lomdi lash mokhra
    Abi mirza lata hazarajat bood
    Abi mirza lata hazarajat asta
    Abi mirza lata hazarajat momna
    Aabi mirza tarikh hazarajat ra roshan keda wa nam shi da record book nowishta shoda ki az tamam hazarajat yek khatoo da kudam zaman ki da az ooo wakht kher ha ki da sar takht badshahi bod ki azara bodo guna ast,gana mikhand,
    tooo lalai ki ora qad gulpary campare moni
    togh kano ki tora qad yagoon diga capmare nakana khoo lalai wa aghay
    plz cycle ra qad truck campare nakanoo
    wa abi mirza ra qad azoo dokhter lochak compare nakanooo
    Hazara zinda bad
    hazarajaath zinda bad
    Abi mirza zinda bad
    naam abi mirza ta sallha zinda momna wa gulpary ta ki zinda bad azo namshi ra da azoo dunya yad mona shaitann
    Khuda hafiz
    Ya Ali Madad
    Pune, India

  9. I am looking for her songs if some body give any links please

  10. i like y our music your sincerly ghazanrar rezaye in sedney bye

  11. i do appreciate you abey mirza jan i like your musics alot but you become very old now you have to make alot of music after this yours sincerly ghazanfar rezaye bye

  12. just a correction of place of birth,.. she has born in Lalchak village of Malistan not in Nawdeh, but she is satying in Nawdeh….

    With warm regards


  13. Dear brother thanks for the writing about the biography of the mother of folk musik of hazaristan (abe mirza) but some thing which i want to inform you that she was not born in the valley of nowdeh. Actually she was born in the valley of “lalchak” and married in nowdeh.. now her brother and her family are still in lalchak of malistan…. i myself belong from the same place “lalchak” and i have the correct information about her.. plz correct that.. thanx

  14. Proud of such hazara women, god bless her and thanks for creating such a nice blog

  15. I wish I would have located your web-site quicker! I had about 25% of what I was looking for and your website has that, and the rest of what I had to have to complete my research. Thank you and keep up the good work!

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