Posted by: Editor | September 19, 2008

Severe Drought, Harsh Winter Bring Starvation to Central Hazaristan

The New York Times reports about drought in Hazaristan

The New York Times reports about drought in Hazaristan

Carlotta Gall of The New York Times has reported on severe food insecurity across the central provinces of Hazaristan. Here are snippets of the report.

“The British charity Oxfam, which conducted a provincial assessment of conditions in the province of Daikundi (Hazaristan), one of the most remote areas of central Afghanistan, has appealed for international assistance before winter sets in. Time is running out of to avert a humanitarian crisis, it said.

“The assessment is echoed by the border region, including in Bamiyan province. In all these 30 years of war, we had not it as bad as this.” said Muhammad, a-60-year-old farmer who lives in Yakawlang, in Bamiyan. “We don’t have enough food for the winter. We will have to go to the town to look for a work.”

First-ever female Governor, Habiba Sarabi.

First-ever female Governor, Habiba Sarabi.

The Governor of Bamiyan, Habiba Sarabi, has repeatedly complained that because her province has been one of the most law-abiding and trouble-free, it has been forgotten in the big distribution of resources from international donors.

Donors and in particular the United States government, have spent far larger amounts in the provinces in the south and southeast to help combat the dual problems of insurgency and narcotics, she said.

Hasan Samadi, 23, the deputy administrative of Yakawlang district in Bamiyan Province, said “the economic situation of the people here is very bad and the government is not focused to help.”

“They focus on other provinces and unfortunately not on Bamiyan” he said.

Daikundi, adjacent to Bamiyan, is one of the most underfinanced provinces in the country. It receives hald of the budget to its neighbor to the south Oruzgan, which has two thirds the population and a poor record in combating insurgency and cultivation of the opium poppy, said Matt Waldman, a spokesman for Oxfam in Kabul.

Hazara families living in makeshift homes along a mountain cave complex on the outskirsts of Bamiyan. The Hazaras are on of the larger ethnic groups in Afghanistan. Photo by Moises Saman of NYTimes

Hazara families living in makeshift homes along a mountain cave complex on the outskirsts of Bamiyan. The Hazaras are on of the larger ethnic groups in Afghanistan. Photo by Moises Saman of NYTimes

In Daikundi, 90 percent of the population relies on substance farming, yet the provincial Department of Agriculture of only $2,400 for the whole year, he added.

The imbalance in aid to the provinces is being corrected now, Governor Sarabi said, but in the meantime it has put great strain on the people in her province.

She estimated that a quarter of Bamiyan’s population would need food aid this winter because of the draught. There have already been local conflicts over water supplies in two regions, she said.

The barren landscape of Hazaristan reflects the problems that are anticipated for this winter. Last year's harsh winter and the drought reminds of a terrible situation. Photo by Moises Saman of NYTimes

The barren landscape of Hazarista. NYTimes

Children on outskirts of Bamiyan. NYTimes Photo

Children on outskirts of Bamiyan. NYTimes



  1. It is appaling to see the state of affairs in Hazaristan and with the advent of winter the situation will become worse.

    I fail to understand what our leaders are up to? We take pride in having the first women governor in Afghanistan’s history, but we should also expect the governor to ensure that funds from the centre are diverted to Hazaristan.

    I have time and again stressed that Hazaras should get in a union with Uzbeks and Turks to ensure that the Turko-Mongol alliance comprising of Hazaras, Uzbeks and Turks will be able to safeguard the interests of their people.

    Kharzai and the Pushtun dominated administration will never come to the rescue of the starving women and children of Hazaristan.

    Oue leaders should present our case to the West and NGO’s to get more aid. It seems that some how the masses of the Hazaristan are the biggest losers:

    1) Hazaras have been disarmed – so we can’t protect ourselves against invasions (like Kuchis dogs).
    2) We are the most peaceful region in the entire country therefore we do not get any attention or aid.
    3) We do not plant poppy in our fields – therefore the west is least bothered.

    We should appeal to the New Zealand government for economic assistance and then development and uplift of our human resource in Hazaristan. We do not need New Zealand troops but what we do need is New Zealand doctors, teachers, enigneers (building infrastrucutre) NGOs (teaching people skills).

    Our leaders are clearly knocking on the wrong doors if they expect US or UK to come to our help. They are invloved in this reason for purely political and economic reasons.

    New Zealand on the other hand is more inclined towards humanitarian assistance. We have to urge the NZ governement to help out the poor people of Hazaristan before the harsh winter sets in.

  2. Hazaras should not under estimate themselves. We must beleive in the power of struggle. Small groups of educated Hazara youths in Afghanistan can work for the needs of Hazaras. With out any action no one would come and help. One of my Mongol friend’s advice is: Make yourselves worthful and present something in response to the help gained from developed countries. What are the interests of foreigners (Foreign Countries) in Hazaristan? Think about that. Hazaristan must have some minerals and could provide some other natural resources. Factories can be established in vast Lands of Hazaristan. Menpower is already there that is Hazaras. Such ideas from my side right now. We can think of more. Start from small scale to larger ones. But start is must.
    Best wishes. Thanks.

  3. Hi Shaman,

    I think the idea is right (of presenting options how to make Hazaristan economically self-reliant) but we need some serious thinking to do over the approach. We as individuals can pitch in ideas but its the job of the Government to carryout a serious assessment of the situation. Ms Sarobi’s administration should engage professional firms specializing in economic development from foreign countries and also involve Hazara students so that they learn from the experience.

    An in-depth study is required which will provide options and solution for the uplift of Hazaras in their own homeland.

    I hope that the people in power (who are responsible for the lives of all Hazaras) are already looking into this.

    We have to keep in mind that we have to start thinking and more importantly start acting to ensure that we Hazaras lift ourselves because no one else will come and do it for us.

  4. give falling a hard push u cant make anything get going Mr Haider coz Iran is too near to hijack any progress in hazarajat……coz imam ali is to come in the graves to compunsate hazaras and all registerars are irani shits…. so dont even think to unite with uzbeks and other turks basically mongols too are turks and being anything hazaras are turks……but still their is a confusion of God which is not hazara nor turk but Arab…… plz consider it ….. it is nationalism not religion…….be focused….on a single ship ……not one leg in national ship and second in religious one ……. u can revive huns,changez ,taimor,ghori ghaznavi or ask for a plot ,falte banglow in heaven the so called……….
    here we are living like shit with which face will we (our hazara muslims Shia+Sunni) will enter heaven……….
    I hope this will remain here…..

  5. It is actually really easy to put a big name like beloved “Hazarastan times”, but i think it is a bit hard to keep it uppppp as it is. so what normally people do , they think before they start doing something, and they always try to be proactive in case of any challenge, i hope you guys have done the same.

    thanks very much

  6. In the name of Bamiyan…
    How much does governer Sarabi has authority in bamiyan ….if she has why she asks central Govt..
    ask any country to explore mines and minerals in Bamiyan ….. make deals ….and have the mony for food shortage ….Bamiyan is a quite province any one can come to explore in such cionflicting Kabul why they dont shift the capital to Bamiyan which has a natural peace and learning atmosphere……if i m wrong than why the people of Bamiyan fight for …..they dont have the authority of their rights and independancy and pashtuns are fighting for arabic influence and independancy in afghanistan shame on all stakeholders of hazarajat ….. they are all aulad e aapa………

  7. Dear Friends, I think there are only few people who agree with us (Me, Bamiyan and Sajjad). And we don’t see much people with their ideas!
    I can’t explain how much I hate this shit religion of ours. Isn’t it strange? The same Islam says Humans are Ashraful Makhlukat and the same Islam calls Ali the Lion Of God. Why, A human or an Animal? Hazaras please, wake up. Wake up before it’s too late. You are free people. You are not slaves of this religion. Get out and do something. Like Sajjad said, go to moon, be an engineer. Don’t wait for Ashura and Imam Mehdi. like Muslims say, Hamza was going to have the nick name of Lion but he died! Don’t waste you time in stories. We have enough damage. Iran which spread shit religion even don’t practice this sect like Hazaras do!!!! ???? I think, we are not the only responsible community for this Shite sect. Don’t spill your blood on dirty dusty grounds. You are humans. Higher than any lion. Don’t get killed for beeing Shias. Be nothing but Hazaras. Listen to Bamiyan and Sajjad. Like Bamiyan said, every Hazara should have an ambition and a goal. Our duty is to educate Hazara individuals. It will take long time before Hazaras start believing themselves instead of Imams and garves of their Imams. So nonsense. Hazaras were 60% of Afg. population and now only 20-25%. Why people lack food and why Iran is not sending food for Shia Hazaras? I wish we could only fool Iranis the way they fool us. They love and respect Pashtuns more than Hazaras. Any way lets come back to practical works:
    For action and practical work we must have some coordinators in Bamiyan Hazarajat and Quetta. In Hazara news Pakistan I and Bamiyan had started some paper work. Our idea is to contact Hazaras who are in Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan to open bank accounts. All Hazaras who are abroad then send money to these accounts and from there, invest inside Hazarajat. We need coordinators. The question is how to start? Lets take some necessary steps. Ideas please.
    Let not this project go away undone. Best wishes.
    Powerful Shaman

  8. Shaman – It is very unfair to call Shiasm a ‘ shit religion’ – very unprofessional on your part!

    You and someothers may have your view points on religion but going to the extent of disgracing it by using such language is deplorable. After all keep in mind that this is the religion of all the Hazaras in Quetta.

    I have mentioned before that religion is a personal issue. One may have his own views and also express them but not in a manner that may sound insulting to others.

    I think the approach should be to invite ideas by stimulating the minds not by insulting others.

  9. In the name of Bamiyan…….
    Aai birar aazra khoori mardoum astha tha ki khoor shi nadi sarkhalas na mouna……….wa topic shiasm az gouftho ham niyaa…… khoud tu ki na boud sag am ghao mizna ….. ee kho yag bisyaaar kalan framework wa idealogy astha … ki misl e yag maar kulcha zada da gird e kamzoor wajood e hazara …… ya chagez e zalim ya hussain e mazloom yak shi ….har du e azi ra shanay kamzoor e hazara baal na metana ….. shit na ki qand bashad ……..

  10. I believe in myself. Do you want to test my belief? I say let this happen and see it happens. I think logically. All religions are to govern population much easier. That’s all. But, unfortunately, I see no one understand that. When ever a citizen of Pakistan is killed, if he was a Hazara, the news is made like: A Hazara killed and later the lines read …. Shia minority!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Aren’t you fed up? Why these news are not written like, ” The bloody notorious terrorist killers kill another Pakistani or Afghanistan citizens? If we don’t change, one day no one will know any thing about Hazara but we will be known as Shia! Can you understand? Pashtuns have been doing this and see there are many types of Hazaras based on nonsense religious differences. And there are cases where Hazaras deny their identities as well! Religion is nothing but a poison to damage relationship. Like today, many terrorists hide behind the shelter of religion.
    Dear Haider, I respect all Hazaras and all humans but I must tell the reality. Religions are made to be helpful for humans not to kill them.
    A new born baby has no crime to be hated on the basis of religious differences. Hazaras face double atrocity. One for Being Shia and the other for being Hazara. All Hazara youths waste their mind fighting these differences with atrocities.
    Is religion so important? Should we just accept death because we have done our religious job? I say, be free. Ask from yourselves any thing you want. If you are failed after struggle, then no problem. Try again. It is the hard work that give you reward not the religion. What religion does is whenever you meet some one you see if same or different religion. Haider, have you ever seen hard core Shias or Sunnies? They don’t eat from non Muslim’s hand. Even don’t touch them. I have witnessed it. Can you be a real Shia or real Sunni? If you say yes, then you have no rights to use any technology, any food, any medicine made by non Muslims. This is valid for a non muslim too. So better is to be a good Human instead of being a religious maniac.

    Dear Bamian, one little correction. Changez Khan was not Zalim at all. He was mazlum and he struggled hard and kicked asses of all his enemies who bullied him. Why Hazaras don’t understand that shia, sunni (all the remaining 70 sects) are the production of political ups and downs. So, I say, make the world accept you as you are. Shia, Sunni, Hindu, Jew, Kafir whatever. Long long way to go. For this world to understand.
    All of you must be asking what to do then? My answer is: Never let some one ask you your religion. If some one do ask, ask him what he wants you to believe in. He must stop asking you another time.
    Best Wishes.

  11. In the name of Bamiyan ……
    i mean the same ….as hussain too was not mazloom ….. facing zulm and not standing infront of zulm is sin in shiate and shias wont call him mazloom if they understand ….. coz their imams are masoom and it is ignorance for them calling their imam mazloom …….. changez needs no defination …… he is an hounourable person …. he is …..

  12. Interesting discussion, Hazara will never wake up till the day they stop saying “Ya Ali Madad” i am a bit confused with this.ya ali madad. he was the same person as us. the only difference between us and him is that he is the inventor of Pan-Arabisim. what we do is that we just give more values to that school of thought asking for more terrorists. Stop Asking Help from Terrorists who always tried and tries to terorrise you. Hazara Gundumi Rungi tho naazum ma thaarikh pur az jungi tho naazum.

    Shammama Haafiz

  13. ….. whatever we have a long way ahead to go …….. till when will we keep telling our surrounding that we having been ruling …. we must know that people around us know us more than we do ….. they have been observing and serving us for centuries …….thats why they are so cautious about their relation and our relations …they are observing our every move and making us to move of their desire …… it is we unawared of their characterstics and behaviors …as they were never that important to be observed … but it is an accident of history that it is reality now…….we are late ….. but we can change it …… coz we have the capacity …. all we need is just to make a mind set that we want our kingdom back ……..

    history tells persians , Jews and pashtuns are of same family and geography some 3000 years ago……. i have found a mutual habit of conspiracy among them ……..they all are master in conspiracy …….. where ever they are and what ever they …whether they are rich or poor ,lives in a city or village , they are fond of playing with others matters, culture, history , relations and idealogies …… i really do not deny their experience in (specially) human psychology ….(although we keep calling them animal but it is a fact) ……politics, their hard work and fighting capablities …….. but the sense of conspiracy is unique in them ….. i have no match in this subject (conspiracy) for them in all other nations of this small glob…….
    if they have no one else around them they make game of their own people …….thats why they are hated the most in developed and matured nations (Germans, japanese , seljuks and even arabs ).. and it is the height and standard of intelligence for them ………………. the most appreciated and practiced hobby among the three conspirates ……….?

    ……… it is their intelligance that today people in bamiyan the makers of largest budhas are compaled and made to beg for food …..

    Bamiyan where thousands of monks used to come for higher studies and every one of them had at least 3 men to serve …….. now the locals can’t find food ………… why we people dont address our hardships and our empowerment ….but for an arab’s cilaphate 1400 years ago …….or we living in fool’s heaven …..and who has made us to do so …….

    as this can’t be projected on main page to comment ….If i have explained my views plz comment every one who reads it ……and correct me if i m wrong some where ……

  14. I agree with you Bamiyan. We all must have a mind set.
    At least Hazaras can ask the Arab Syeds to secretly sneak in to the Taliban and Al Qaida lines and take the revenge of Hazara Massacre by at least killing few heads. Can Syed Arabs do that for their beloved Shia Hazaras? At least Hazaras can’t reach them easily because of our appearance bur an Arab have the opportunity of resemblance to other Arabs already in the army of Taliban and Al Qaida. I think, this would be a nice Business. Killing a million Talib or terrorist means nothing comparing to killing the few main leaders. Or the Shia Pashtuns can do that for Shia Hazaras. Am I wrong? While all these things are not happening and instead Iran helping Talibans, why we Hazaras atill claim to be Shias?
    Just like Hazara said, we know only one way of progress and lazy escape, that is to limit our goals and say Ya Ali Madad. Instead of saying Ya Ali madad, we must say I WILL DO IT. I want all of you to practice on I WILL DO IT. You can even cure a sick person, just be sure of yourselves. We all have power. We are the ones who make stories, who make Gods, who make Ali. Did some one from Space come and said, hey this is Ali. He is your Imam. So die for him.
    I am so sure that Iran funds the terrorists who target kill Hazaras. Because the same Iran is helping Taliban. And, to secure Iran, Iran can even help Al Qaida (The core Wahabis). Who knows, may be they are doing it secretly or in directly.
    We Hazaras must get out of this religious mess. Hazaras’ own Shia religion is full of bloodshed and terror. On the day of Ashura, Hazaras spill their blood, cut their bodies. Isn’t that Terror???? Think sincerely. We need a good self cleaning, and after that we can work hard. And then we will be successful. Just don’t accept right or wrong just because we are Hazaras or Shias. We must accept all good and bad only if we deserve them. Don’t accept the things you don’t deserve. Even a cheetah’s prey after a long chase say, okay, it’s enough I deserve a death. But not before getting exhausted. We Hazaras must work hard. And search for all the means to come closer to all other Turkic nations. Just throw a glance on Afganistan Map. Look at the map where Turkic tribes inhibit. It is almost Half of Afghanistan area. Our mind set should be: We are same and we cover half of Afghanistan area. And we have borders with Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, and our Shia enemy Iran. And we must teach people that Turkic people have many religions. Muslims, non Muslims, Shamans, Budhist, Communists, Non-believers etc. But we are same Turkic brothers/sisters, sons/daughters and fathers/mothers.
    My message to Pakistan and India: Why don’t you feed your poor people instead of investing on arms? Especially India, Where people born on footpaths and die on footpaths. Isn’t it shameful? Having nuclear weapons won’t feed your poor population. Invest on them and reduce the number or robbers, thieves, Bandits, murderers, terrorists, militants. I hope my message reach to them. And stop being enemies to each other and live decent lives.
    Bamiyan and all other friends, thanks for your time and mind.
    Best wishes.

  15. I have gone through all messages and come to the conclusion that the discussion is getting nonsense as people on the one hand claining tolerant and educated but at the same time using unacceptable comments very personal issue of religion particularly by two writers who does not have the courage to give their real names or with their religion they have changed their names as well. Progress can be made if we focus on issues rather than non issues. We should try to calm down people by guiding about todays need which is education not by saying bad their believes. I am sure these guys are happpy with their OWN adapted believes but they don’t have any right to say any thing bad about others belive. stick to your thought and use your wisdom (if you have?) for giving guidance on….how to get todays much needed education.
    take care

  16. My friend is wrong in saying that education is all we need ……… it is our recognition we need…..and these sects of non sense arabs (actually the makers are not arabs …arabs are the tool only but still they benifited it the most )are ruining it ……. my culture, my heritage my language the names we used to….like i m not very happy having the name of sajjad hussain …. We want our independance and our lands back not because i want to be the president than….but to feel the freedom of my senses …….than education and creations will come when i m ready for having that and playing with that ….i have seen in iran and pakistan that our boys are not given admission in colleges and univerties just because we are hazara not because we are shia and iran is a shia state and hazaras living there too are shias why they dont give us admission….what is education any body knows ……is it only writing ones name or a metric 10th pass ? please yaar dont fool us …..and if some one is considered educated is it education advocating 1400 years and killers of my forefathers is not acceptable to me coz i belong those who defened my terrritory not those who invaded …… it is simple to understand …..we were invaded than turned to islam …i m proud being the soul and blood of the makers and protetors of bamiyan budhas i m with those 2 who have not their original names …… buddhas were destroyed coz the protectors were sidelined and arbic and farsi
    joint venture sons were given the name of my nation and were introduced as hazara ….. they were imposed as a our well wishers ….. and all they did well is seen by every one ….such hazaras still exist and they want us to infect with their germs and visuses of evil….to make us slave infront of Irani fars…..i simply say stand on ur own feet …. word PHD has been used very much and we can see PHDs still favouring the Holy horse ….. I must say that the inside hindu of every shia is not yet dead ….
    hindus too believe cow as mata ….as devtha not god ………. tausilis and asadis have made people to do a number of shits………
    My name is written Qasim if u r original hazara plz do write and dont escape untill u make us understand or we make u and dont make ur mind any thing wong about us …….it is simply discussing …. use the harshest words……. but discuss with a clear prespective wether u r hazara or shia………as hazaras have sunnis and etc and shias have punjabi ,qandhari and etc…..
    one cant be both.. dont try to ride two horses
    at a time ….shias should have an arabistan
    and hazaras a hazarajat………

  17. I am getting mixed emotions from reading some of the comments posted by some of the participants. I do appreciate Shaman for stimulating our minds by introducing or inviting us to think differently. However, I get confused when he insults ones faith especially the Shia sect. I do appreciate when Shaman asks us to not say bad things about the other three Sahaba’s but feel disappointed when he uses profanity towards the entire Shia faith. I am not a religious person at all. In fact, my life style doesn’t make me a model Muslim. However, I have been blessed to have friends from almost all walks of life. This has opened my eyes and mind to appreciate and respect people of all faiths. If we truly love our Hazara nation then does is really matter if that Hazara is a Shia or Sunni or perhaps an atheist? If we start to pick and choose who should or shouldn’t be a Hazara then I am sorry to say that we will continue to keep ourselves from making any sort of progress. Hazaras are not the only people in the world to be persecuted because of their faith. In fact we are one of many. We all know the story of Jewish people and how they suffered for centuries because of their faith. They didn’t even have a place of their own until about 60 years ago. They knew that they were being persecuted because of their religion yet they didn’t blame their faith for their problems. I am not here to suggest which religion is good or bad or if we should have any religion or not. My point is that if someone is persecuted because of his or her faith we should blame the perpetrator and not the victim. For example, if a woman is raped by a criminal should we blame the woman for this crime? Should we blame the victim for being a woman which led to her being raped? Should we ask the victim to change her sex because she was a woman and therefore got raped? If we want to think logically then please let’s think logically. Of course I am fed up with news reports saying “Hazara, a shia minority” but it is not our fault that journalism and the society in Pakistan and Afghanistan is based on stereotyping? If we were to change our religion I am pretty sure the news will read something like this “Hazara, a christian minority or perhaps, Hazara, a Shaman minority.” The point is that we have no control over the ignorance of others. This is not to say that we Hazaras should all be only Shias. What I am trying to say is to let people choose freely their faith. If we love humanity than we should respect everyone as a human being and respect their religion. The reason I hate Al-qaida and Taliban is because of their ignorance and lack of tolerance toward others. To use profanity towards the faith majority of Hazaras believe in shows that some of us lack tolerance as well. I also commend all my fellow Hazaras for showing a lot of maturity by not getting offended. At least it shows to the world that we are very tolerant people. No one here issued fatwa or called some of the comments as blasphemy.

    Dear Shaman, although I disagree with some of your writings I agree with most of what you say. I like your posts because you dare to think differently. Two of my favorite quotes are “WE CANNOT SOLVE PROBLEMS WITH SAME THINKING THAT CREATED THEM.” and “INSANITY IS TO KEEP DOING THE SAME THING OVER AND OVER AND EXPECT A DIFFERENT OUTCOME EACH TIME.” These quotes could be from Albert Einstein but I am not sure. Basically, the essence of some of the things you write can be summed up in these two quotes. Yes, I am not happy with the status quo and we should start evaluating our priorities. We are not Arabs and we are not Persians. We are Hazaras with our own rich history and we should feel proud of who are. It would be great to form an alliance with all Turkic tribes so we can free ourselves from the bad influence of Arabs and Persians. Starting a university in Bamian is a great idea. But to have everyone on board we must make sure that we are all on the same page with each other. But if we insult each other we’ll be creating doubts in other people’s minds about our sincerity. That is perhaps why you are not getting lots of response about this project. But lets not give up and lets talk about it some more.

    Dear Shaman, I hope you are not offended by some of my comments. One thing we can do here is to agree to disagree with each other. I think we can afford to do this. Do you agree? Also, please, please, please be Shaman the medicine man and not Shaman the witchcraft.

  18. Wow!!! I really enjoyed the last comment, this should end the insanity going on so far and open the logical discussion.

  19. Dear Sajjad I will not answer your question wnether I am hazara or shia as I have enjoyed Jaah comment and got the real sense from it. I hope you understood. Though I like I do like my name…as it is my name.

  20. You r right …. as jaah is totally addressing shamman … shamman better answer ….. but people who have demands from a holy horse …. from a grave …… kissing hands and demanding forgiveness for world’s of unseen ,giving their 5th daughter to the agents of 70 fairies and 72 fairy type boys as a ransom …..and alot a more that u bette understand doesn’t make any sort of sense …….i have not asked wether u like or do like ur name …..there are a lot more written …. i dont like any religion because that belong to u or some one else whom i dont like …… but because it makes no sense doing all that rub and waste ….
    where logic says that when a man worships a horse justify that saying it is his personal issue ….
    at least i can say to my self that it is not a man should do…….. man has got mind to think ….. being a malang e maula is not literally ,or logically correct …… wether i like that or do like that ……
    thanks for replying…

  21. If someone is going through metamorphosis, should take sometime to settle down, before embarking on preaching their own NEW idealogy to masses. Malang-e-mola is not a BIG issue for the nation. All nation have Charsi, Sharabi, and many more categories. This will go in parallel. They will create problems but probably will be leiminated slowly from society.
    We should strive adessing real issues with clear minds. Having ideas like people here will be suitable for individuals but probably not for masses. We better not touch the religious issue as change will come gradually. People like Shamman and Bmayan will come forward but definitely will take time. I hope I was able to convey my message.
    Kind regards,

  22. Dear Brothers, I didn’t insult any Hazara, Any Turkic population or any other nation. Don’t think that way. For me and for all of us, the important thing must be us. My mind set has changed gradually. Jaah, I liked your evaluation of my all posts. I am aware of it. In the beginning of my posts, I demanded all Hazaras to pay respect to all Sahabas. That’s right. And later I just did some deep research on Shia faith. And I concluded these facts:
    — Shias escaped from Arab Countries and took refuge in Afghanistan among Hazaras. I went back among those escapes the refugees and found out their psychological status. They did the following things:
    They started to become the rulers of the people they took shelter from. And slowly turned the people against the Sunnies. Why? Just to revenge their own fall. What is Hazaras fault here? It is not the war of Hazaras. We can’t be the tools of one Arab sect. See the history. Most prophets came in to Arab world to show them the right way. But still, they can’t see the right way. Most terrorists are Arab! Any way, it is up to individual on how he/she thinks and see things. My heart aches only for our new born hazaras who with no intentions accept the religion. And find themselves in a dirty world of religious conflicts. Dear Jaah, I am not talking to any other nation but Hazaras. No one can stop me from out side to stop addressing my own people. It will take time. Slowly, steady, we will be part of Turkic big family. And the Turks, Kazakhs, Turkmens, Kyrgyz who are also Sunni Muslims, prefer Shamans over Shias. And say Shias are cowards, and that Shias hide their sect in time of danger!
    Qasim, you chosed Qasim and I chose Shaman, Batu, Batoor, Kabul, Chengiz…. This is a free world. I only ask Hazaras to force their minds and accept things after enough research. It is hard but it will give you freedom. I don’t say Islam is bad. Believe me Islam is very good for Arabs. Only Islam can control Arabs other wise today all the humans of the world were in greater danger of terrorism. Islam controls a huge number of population who other wise had came out of the limits of Humanity. I say, we can be HUMANS with out any belief. When a man dies, people can talk to his spirit and confirm support to his family. This will calm down his spirit. Otherwise, the rest only will frightens the dead man’s spirit.
    Dear Jaah, it is matter of chance to born Muslim, non-Muslim, Shia, Sunni. But we are Hazaras first. And who are Hazaras????????
    Look at Jews. They don’t accept any one to become jew! They are another fanatic. They think all the other people are idiot. You gave me their example of not quitting their belief. Tell me one thing, do we live for beliefs? In an environment of prolonged danger, threat and in- security, humans always created beliefs. I only know this. If I was not born Muslim, I had never used the name ya Allah in times of danger (Knowing that Allah used to be the Arab’s largest Idol’s name) but may be calling Ya Chengiz, and still had escaped a disaster. And had a strong belief in Ya Chengiz. I won’t talk about sect or religion any more. My last post in this regard. I addressed my own Hazara people. Change is coming. I know.
    The Summary of my posts regarding religion is:
    If we are to be Shias, then we must respect Sunnies. Otherwise, we better chose to be Sunnies or something else other than Shia.
    Jaah, I belief in brai’s powers. All kinds. What ever Human brain is capable of. Like mine 🙂
    Best Wishes from Powerful Shaman.
    Ya Ata y

  23. but here somewhere some one had written that if yazid was only sharabi ,zani and qimari than who remains after we limit, sideline sharabies ,zanis and qemaris from juloos of ashura…….charas was not available than for yazid..
    and what u really think are our genuine issues…
    so we too could get some idea…….can chaool sarkhaga and nazar o niyaz e muhaaram develop a better society and nation……or from charity we can build and run a university of our own……
    what should we do…….
    I hope i m not making any controversy……

  24. There are outsiders who are more concerned to what Hazaras should believe in! Even Hazaras themselves don’t think this too much that the care takers do!

  25. Daiyar i have been studying and gathering these meterial to contribute … if u are in position i really would like u to put it
    on front page so we could address issues out of hazaragi religions and faiths ..As you have not posted any new news or article
    consider my effort as an article others will contribute more than i have on this …thanks

    today 27 Octobar 2008 some 500 pashtuns of pakistan afghanistan gathered in a hotel in Newyork to celeberate 261st birthday of
    Afghanistan and condenmed the governments both side the durand line for their anti pashtun policies .they were gathered on a slogan that
    afghans below or above that line is one what to do ? lets do some surgery of durand line..pashtuns (Afghans) accross this
    line call it black line … it or it is the white elephant ….thats blessing pashtuns both sides….
    What is durand line ….it is the out come of the agreement between Abdur rehman and Mortimer Durand (the foriegn secretary of
    british government of india) to protect the british indian territories from russian influence .
    It also shows the type of relation between the great afghan king Amir Abdur Rehamn khan and british government (kapir parangi)
    After creation of pakistan it was declared as border between the two countries…which afghan king zahir shah didn’t accepted
    and started funding local tribes of pakistani FATA to fight against pakistani Govt …..
    But a large population of pakistani pashtuns could not make their minds to support that underground war against pakistani government
    as they were realizing that it would be hard for them to survive with their small and barren piece of land they called pashtunistan
    and they had not enough means to run their daily lifes in that case ..for most of food items they were depanded on punjab and sindh and
    they had a large population working out of their lands in pakistani cities ..going with afghanistan meant to be landlocked .but here the port of karachi
    vast plains and cities with equal opertunity of trade and jobs were awaiting they were the rulers other side in Afghanistan
    it was pakistan they had to discover. the durand line which is considered a border between two countries could give them
    an alternate source of income still is not more than a document as we can see that it is not blocked anywhere and pashtuns dont even
    realize it’s presence but the other nations accross it….and where they smuggle mass amounts of drug and amunation they also
    smuggle our fellow hazara brothers specially and other nations generally …..
    Durand line is not only a trade route but a card that our fellow pashtun brothers play with quite intelligance in politcal and
    militant way with other stakeholders in two countries … also they benifit from a number of other countries ….durand line
    has another good use in days of election where a commn pashtun can vote both sides of the so called border …
    Also they are free from all sorts of taxes in both countries where others have to pay ….the killers and gangster are given way
    and shelter in lawless ares of this border …vechiles snatched in lahore and karachi can be seen in kabul and in every other part of
    afghanistan next day .. kidnapped persons from parts of pakistan are released from kandhar or near this border which is reffered
    as black line by our pashtun brothers … every common pashtun living near this border has nationality and even government job
    both sides …
    Now are the pashtun intellectuals and leaders really want this border to be ceased …..Or
    are they really want to quit a nuclear capable country and be land locked leaving a large number of pashtuns in
    pakistani punajb and sindh and balochistan ? here Balochs wont let pashtuns to merge the four pashtun divisions of balochistan and 5th quetta in
    that greater afghanistan ….also tajiks ,hazaras and uzbeks will try their best to secure their inerests… will they have a global recognation and
    acceptance after doing this …. ?what about karachi port ,business and pashtuns ? and the transport business across pakistan and what about pashtun investment
    in gawadar ….. china,india, russia and iran also tajikistan the nearest different nation will be observing all these ..

    where hazaras stand ?????
    are we in position to raise such issues …and comment….are we given the right to express…
    do we have leaders and intellectuals who slap a single card on so many faces …… ?
    Ba amman e Bamiyan …..

  26. I am confused here. How can a single person be expert of everything…….religion……politics…economics. Are we not making the simple readers confused with these IDEAS. It is probably the reason that only few people are giving the same comments, while I am sure this page is being read by thousands which is reflected by the number of visitors.
    We are saying bad our current religion, current political status, current social norms……….and seeking refuge into the idea of becoming Shamans. How many of us know what Shaman is?
    I don’t know anything. I am expert inmyown feild but I do not qualify (in my mind) to throw my IDEAS for the general public. I am using my own expertese in the way which is beneficail for masses. Its becoming an intellectual act to attack first the religion than the prevailing social norms.
    As it is easy to sit in the warm houses in front of the computers and just type in…… many of us will chose togoback and offer our KNOWLEDGE sacrificing the LUXRIES of living in western countries………if only half of us say us……things gonna change…………

  27. Well guys if we are afraid of dying as shia than what is the gaurantie if we change….we will not be killed in the name of hazara. …than what……..can we change our hazaragi as well……..????????????
    Pashtuns and others target our NOSE more than our RELIGION.

  28. Dear Bamiyan, all the problems in both Afg and Pak is due to this line. Pakistan doesn’t want to solve this problem. So many problems are created in Afg just to keep it unsolved. This line compels Pakistan to have Pashtuns be the rulers of Afghanistan not any other ethnic group. Because, according to Pakistan other ethnic groups will join hands with India against Pakistan. This is unfortunate of Afghan population. Pashtuns fake Islami Sharia type rule is very important for Pakistan but Pakistan itself never want Sharia or cannot offord it.
    Any way, the Durand line must be established with sixty feet deep and hundreds meters high wall. Then there will be two different nations created. Otherwise Afghanistan can not be a country. Pashtuns can rule this way only by killing all the other ethnic groups. And that is not possible. I am sure Pashtuns have some logic and manly attributes towards other ethnic groups.
    This is reason I always insist on the idea of good Pakistan and India relationships. It will ease Afghan tension as well. And right now, both have nukes so end up friendly before turning each other in to dust.
    A separate Pashtunistan is possible believe me. Just like a separate Hazaristan is possible. But, I am in favor of mix culture and blend of many ethnicity. This could only be possible if Pashtuns accept the existence of other ethnic groups and follow their DINS truly which asks them to respect humans of all colors and beliefs.

    All the world should see the conflict like we see.
    Pakistan and India relationships influence Afghanistan. One must tell Pakistan that their Din_Brothers, the Pashtuns won’t work against Muslim Pakistan by joining hands with India.

  29. In the name of Bamiyan…
    Qasim jan tajiks and uzbeks too belong the same religion of taliban why they are killed and looted …
    it is interests that matter …. hazaras have 46% sunnis among them whose intrests and existance can be assured only joining hand with shia and non muslim hazaras whom they are living thousands of years together … …it is nose that’s couted …. and it would be a blessing if everyone start righting …..u too r writing than ? it is good .

    and secondly pashtuns in afghanistan can wish for independant pashtunistan but pashtuns of pakistan will never be ready for this accident …

    what makes this idea feasible….?

  30. Qasim, I accept dying for being a Hazara, not as a shiite. CAN YOU UNDERSTAND?????

  31. no one can change his fore fathers and that’s what i m saying …..everything else is change able …… even noses are changed today but not ancestors …
    but if one has no ancestors or cant recognize them ..
    or cant tell / define .. one can feel pity or sorrow …
    what else …. that makes us to think and find things and logics and reasons where ancestors are not that important …..we have changed so many idealogies but have failed to change ancestors …. we are still fighting their fights their culture their name their honour we have nothing of our own but it is they who have given us every thing ..without them we are an abuse …..
    nothing more …… we have raised on their name and we have to again and again in that every field which is known or unknown ….advocating others issues and reasons are done by professionals who are paid for …they are called advocates and mullahs ….. whose source of income is known ……i m and a number of other individuals are advocating the common and mutual ancestors and history as it is our responsibility and the reason we are in this world.
    My father use to say bachem ma naam gir mekhaoym jahan gir na …..agar jahan gir shoudi dega thalay tu……

  32. Its not the question of like or dislike do die as HAZARA. Every hazara has this pride to die as hazara. My question was demanding an unemotional answer. This does not matter whether we change or not change our religion……..our enimies will take ur as HAZARA. They will never take you as sunnies (converted sunnies)……….and accpet your existance…change their thoughts. So why to go for this 360 degree change, instead we can work on ways/means to bring all types of Hazaras together and encourage people to stay united and work for……… educating our girls and boys……which is being done silently……I am optimistic……..I know hazaras working in respectable positions in fisrt world countries…….although their numbers are not huge….but still sizeable. Guys stop frustrating others……..I love you all i just wanted to focus our energies on things which are DOABLE.

  33. I really love ur this post …… Qasim…..
    so lets talk different … I have seen different things like ..
    1…Durand Line
    2…Provincial Autonomy
    3…Rebordering Afghanistan Provinces
    4… Education (silently)
    5…Shaman (religion)

    Others like abey mirzas and woman drivers are not important to me coz world is filled with such things..
    why not first hazara male / female President of Aghanistan ….
    First steel mill in Hazarajat daray haji gak
    First Hazaragi Computer Game
    Baba mazari space shuttle
    Khaliqo Settalite for weather and communication
    Hazara Agriculture Society
    Hazara Exporters Intenational
    Hazara pailochs of Mazar ,Herat and kabul
    Hazara home industries Association ….
    and alot more
    which one is DOABLE first hand …if only one it is more than enough ……

  34. well each one is DOABLE in the long run. Time is changing…….Hazaras are getting education in many disciplines which ultimately will fuel all these thought/projects. We should not waste our youth and talent by reacting hastely….which we have done….unfortunately….in every occasion demanding thoughtful approach….like the recent incident of Hazara town Quetta…..resulting in the lose of many youths. My point and idea is to avoid frustration and to believe in your strentgh and talent and …..LAGA RAHO HAZARA BHAI.

  35. Best wishes to all humanity and power to learn human values.
    All of you in the Peace and protection of the Mother Earth.

  36. In the name of Bamiyan………..
    what is Doable on short run?????????????????
    luxury life
    motorcycle and a kamar barik wife , hanna urak
    siyal dargi
    can we name something short and doable ??
    At least propigate
    all those mentioned different ….

  37. You are right all these are again human needs and characters………and DOABALE.
    Guys! what I meant ……don’t get frustrated….nothing can be achieved by short cut…….we have to work hard…….and focus on good qualities of our nation which is HARD WORKING…….anyhting can be achieved…….even Mazari space shuttle…….try to encourage our youth to become….teacher, lawyer, doctors, journalist…….give them ideas and ways to get scholarships……and than they will be back with immortal energy….which will bring the change……

  38. Dear Bamian, I go against religion just because they are all basis of hate. But I never go against Humanity. What if all the freedom, wealth, land and everything except humanity and justice we gain? It’s nothing. Pashtuns had all these but they had no justice and values of humanity. I think, we are teaching all the people from our posts. Believe me. Justice, wisdom and humanity are must.
    Rest the religions are all same. Muslims holy day Friday, Christian holy day Sunday and Jews’ holy day is Saturday. All copy each other. And almost have the same origin, that is Jerusalem. There is no universal rule that the whole world population accept one of these three religions. We are free. I have my own religion. I know there is a power but it is not Allah but any thing else. Have no gender, and is out of our understanding. We humans are here to explore the nature otherwise one tiny virus can kill a very big human and the humans won’t know the reason of the death.
    What religious people do is let everything for Allah or God. In Baluchistan, Ziyarat, the earthquake leveled the whole houses and many died. Why? Because there were no measures taken. Knowing that it is a Quake zone! Did Allah come and help? No. Because Allah has given brain to us. If we don’t build strong houses they will fall on our heads. Look at Japan. Magnitude of 7 earthquake hardly scratches some ones skin. We are lazy people. Religious hatred has taken us backward instead of forward. Muslims afraid of Jews, Christians and they are afraid of Muslims. And the bully Islamic mulla militants are taking themselves and every one else to stone ages. The sittuation is so worst that the West bring alteration in Muslim beliefs by developing Wahabism for Muslims and now fighting with the same monsters they once made themselves. And for Hazaras, Iran did all the worst. Revolution of Iran and many Hazaras died for Iran during Iran-Iraq war. Why? And same thing in Quetta. The July 6 incident was the result of nonsense IRAN-Wahabism conflict. If there was no Iran there was no Zia in Pakistan. See when Mehdi comes!!! I will ask him: you world of examination took many lives. Even the life of ones who were still in the way of exploring the world! Nonsense.

  39. Well if we blame others for our GHARIBI than do we the right to live………have we done anything good for US. Or we were waiting for a brain like your’s to come and guid us…………it amy be the case…….you are changing the mind of the people

  40. Hi All,

    Like the other posts this one is also still revolving around religion. Please note that this debate will never end and a lot of precious time will lost.

    I have mentioned before…religion is a perosnal thing..let it be personal. Stop the debate of right vs. wrong and focus more on practical issues as Qasim mentioned.

    All our efforts and time should be spent on the development and uplift of Hazaras. Broadly speaking, we have have two main areas:

    1)Hazaras in Hazaristan (Afghanistan)
    2)Hazaras in Quetta

    I will highlight the salient features of Hazaras in Quetta in this post (will write one on Hazaristan later):

    a) Hazaras in Quetta are educated and Urban based hence aware and demand mroe from life
    b) There is no central leadership or association
    c) They are migrants so do not possess any ancestral lands which can be used for farming or other sources of income
    d) Unemployment is high – and most want to go abroad to make a future and do not see a future in Quetta, Pakistan.
    e) They are politically are sidelined

    This is basically the same situation which the Urdu Speaking community was facing before the advent of the MQM – the only difference being that Urdu Speaking people were at the helm of political affairs before the Punjabi-Pushtun booted them out through the quota system.

    If we look at the MQM critically, we can learn much from it…

    a) it is a secular party and enjoys the support of all Urdu Speaking people regardless of religion and sects

    b) it has a clear command and control structure and has worked vigoruously to voice the concerns of Muhajirs and give the political clout and all of them beleive in Altaf Hussain’s leadership

    c) they have a strong financial funding network based on racketing and contributions from overseas Muhajirs

    d) All the Muhajirs support the party (except for those who support Jamat e Islami) therefore they are very popular amongst the masses

    e) It has evolved from Muhajir Qaumi Movement to Mutahida Qaumi Movement – that is from a nationalist ideology to a mian stream political party.

    Learnings for Hazaras:

    1) We need a strong leadership (just like altaf hussain) upon whom there will be a consensus.

    2) We have to move beyond religious differences and foucs more on the upliftment of Hazaras

    3) We need to devise a methodology through which we can fund community projects. Somehting like what the Agha Khanis are doing (but the unfortunate part is that for this we will have to seek Irans help which comes with its conditions).

    4) We need to guide and educate Hazara youth. Hazaras need to educate themselves in fields that matter and not in fields like Political Science and B.Coms which are useless degrees. We need to have a central scholarship fund for those students who can get admission in Universities like GIKI, IBA, LUMS.
    For this we should make an Educaiton fund which will establish guiding and coaching centers which will prepare Hazara youth to get into Defence Services (ISSB), Civil Services examinations, Entry tests for colleges and even help them prepare for GMAT/ GRE etc…
    The successful students will be requested to contribute (financially or by other means) to the Education Foundaiton once they are professionaly established in their fields.
    We can have proper audit for the funds to ensure judicious spending and put in place controls

    5) In order to ensure that we have a political clout we should ensure that a certain percentage of Hazaras youth are inducted in the armed forces and civil services. This is very important if we want to establish ourselves as a successful tribe in Pakistan – integration with the establishment.

    6) Our youth should focus on the getting employment in the corporate sector in pakistan…we had a banking boom (before this economic downturn) but Hazara youth were not prepared and missed out. We should educate and prepare ourselves for the next economic boom.

    This mind set of wasting our early school life and then running off abroad for menial labour jobs should be discouraged. Afterall Quetta is a our home now and we have to establish ourselves here.

    Hope this all makes sense…looking forward to some contructive replies on how to promote the idea of Education Foundation as this will be the basis of Hazaras Renaissance in Quetta


  41. Haider thanks for nice comment. I totally agree with your opinion. We should encourage our youngters to focus pn there education and should provide them carrier guidance and help them chose the right and worthy course particulary applying and preparing for GRE etc. Guys in HAZARA STUDY ABROAD are doing a great job. they have very good knowledge. I encourage my yougsters to be a member of this blog…..may be for fun and you will get a lot to know.

  42. In the name of Bamiyan…..
    Guys even if u are muslim quran says to think and think deeply ……as far as mehdi is concerned he came and died in an accident near mastung hitted by a tractor …….
    I really had no idea about shamans or shamanism but after reading about it in wikipedia …. i really want to read and learn more about it …. because i feel something missing in me …something i m frustrated for …something that stands the hair on my body …. may be it is it …i have tried to play rabab so many times but with a tune of my inner and couldn’t but i after hearing a shaman dutar tune felt thats what i was trying to play ….. i want to go back …where i belonged …i dont think it is a sin to make some one think his way …. coz it is not his but a way he has adopted …. muslims and their believes are alot more than shamans but i m sure this is what our ancestors belonged weather they were mangols or after mangol turks ….. Qasim lalai it is ok …..we are not fitted in these molds …..may be me and a few people ….. i really have no belief in humanity …i m a racist … but lets see why shamans insist on humanity …humanity is what every religion has taught and i hate religions as they try to chain me .. i m free as wolf ….but the humanity of shamans may defer may not as they emphasize on soul more than body …. I have my concept of soul which is different ….i say soul is the power of electrons which evolve in an atom and my body too is made of atoms of different elements …the electrons of these elements can interact and communicated not only with in my body but with out side world too as in larger frame we are again the nearest and interconnected is only point of reference and once own knowledge and practice ……
    I went too out
    but believe me i think so ….telling u my story is not confusing u …but making u think differently if it is not possible for u than let at least for others may be even all ur surrounding but still i m like a guest and u too so why to get frustrated and take any sort of tension ….. i really wanna go back to my ancestor I kick every promise made by leaders and intellectuals of this sect because they cant accept me with my being….. every fifth of my belonging belong them they are good i m ugly … i m the sheep sacrificed for their will …
    it is not blaming but the truth … we were mislead
    ….this sect and religion really dont belong us …
    it is from somewhere in Arabistan … everything is created there and for them ….even the house of God is there ..all the prophets were from there…Imams from there ..rules and culture from there the arabic language is holy and lands are holy ..we are just son of the bitches here being cut down …..Yes we have done good couldn’t u see Bamiyan Budhas but it was 1600 years back before 1400 ???? it shows the glory of
    our ancestors ..cant u see us fighting till today with empty stomachs ….fighting is good with a reason and we have the reason our ancestors and our glory ….it honours a man and a fighting man honours a nation …. it also honours the death ..which normally blesses the soul from a dirty body …it is not getting personal weather if some one on a web page is saying but to understand and talk generally ….I too dont agree on the point of Humanity as it is why we were looted …. it was humanity the first pashtuns kochis could land and graze the lands of my ancestors …they were too good with humanity than but what happened next …such shits like humanity should have a chain arround its neck ……..but today it is the diplomacy card …
    thats why i m quite …..

    I have said and read so many times on this pages that plz dont advocate the 1400 of is not our glory or our issues …..
    Ba amman e Bamiyan

  43. In then name of Bamiyan …….
    well guys i think we should not leave issues undiscussed and unsolved …..why not religion should be audited and reviewed … at least we could know the pains and gains… secondly about hazaras in quetta Haider has shown the one side of the coin …
    other side says that nawab khair bakhsh marri thinks hazaras the establishment hand weather it was english or todays punjabi pakhtoon establishment … pashtuns both side border can black mail hazaras on the basis of this hazargi population …. Hazaras are a good business for them on the way of spinboldak and chaman .. we never were a nation neither are ..we are a community in quetta as we dont fit the definition of nation ……as far as education in pakistani institutes are concerned so i dont think we can raise such amount of khairat as our social norms has totallly changed …our priorities are changed and even there this religion has a great influence …..
    I know a man who gave Jan ali changazi 600,000 but didn’t cure his father’s eye costing 150,000 in election days ……
    and the nation we have raised on chaooll sarkhaga and chaool mah e muharram is infront of all of us …..All we need is a strong and independent hazarajat which can back us where ever we are ..which is our garuntee…. come lets talk talk for an economic boom..

    I hope few people despite us who are writing are reading this comments ….tell what industry can we develop in our hazaragi society in quetta which DOABLE measures can make our society a better place to live ……..

  44. Analysis: Costing our Afghanistan policy

    Najmuddin A Shaikh
    Daily Times (Pakistan)
    October 31, 2008

    The writer is a former foreign secretary of pakistan .. copied and pasted from

    We must recognise the nexus between criminal elements in the two countries. Smuggling of drugs and other goods has created a Pak-Afghan mafia whose interests are best served by instability in both countries, or at least in the belt in which they operate

    What should be the nature of Pakistan’s interest in Afghanistan? Most people are prepared to concede that we wrongly used arguments such as ‘strategic depth’, the absolute necessity of having a friendly government in Kabul, and protection of the interests of Afghan Pashtuns etc., to pursue unrealistic ambitious policies that have led to the current sorry state of bilateral relations. It has created a critical situation, especially in the tribal belt.

    Our interest, if we define it correctly, is a stable Afghanistan, which does not have the desire or the capacity to foment trouble in Pakistan; provides a market for Pakistani goods in legitimate trade; is not a source of narcotics; provides a transit route for trade between South and Central Asia; and which may continue to raise the Durand Line issue for domestic reasons but does not allow this to affect bilateral ties in other spheres.

    We need to assure the Afghans that we respect their independence and sovereignty, and that we have no ambitions to influence the political set-up in Kabul or dictate the nature of its relationship with the rest of the world so long as this does not impinge on Pakistan’s security. Further, we need to assure them that we will continue to provide transit facilities for Afghanistan’s trade with the rest of the world, and most importantly, that we will take all measures to prevent the use of our territory for attacks on Afghanistan.

    The costs of our Afghanistan policy have never been computed honestly. Admittedly, a great deal of damage was done during the Afghan Jihad, which we had supported for our own security. Better controls could have reduced the cost to Pakistan but our flawed policies led to the rise of the Kalashnikov and drug culture and the breakdown of law and order that continued even after Soviet withdrawal, multiplying after the rise of the Taliban in 1995-96.

    Today, we have far more Afghan refugees than the 2.5 million acknowledged. 35 percent of Afghanistan’s opium transits through Pakistan with perhaps half that remaining in Pakistan, creating more domestic addicts. Goods worth around $5 billion from all over the world are smuggled into Pakistan from Afghanistan. Vast quantities of wheat are being smuggled from Pakistan into Afghanistan as Pakistan imports wheat at much higher prices to meet the consequent shortages. Some, if not all, of these costs would be reduced with adjustments to our Afghanistan policy.

    As I stated in my last column, the situation in Afghanistan is not likely to improve in the near future. What we do in the tribal areas and in combating extremism within Pakistan’s borders will have an impact in Afghanistan, but it will not be decisive. We have to do it nevertheless for our own survival as a moderate, tolerant state. We must also help combat terror in Afghanistan, as it is in our own interest.

    For an Afghanistan that does not have the capacity to foment trouble, there needs to be a drastic improvement in the situation. Afghanistan’s army, largely officered by Tajiks, will increase to 134,000 with coalition support. The coalition will have to continue to support them financially as the costs of such an army will far exceed Afghanistan’s total annual revenues.

    This would be an unwelcome development for Pakistan’s security. Further, it would also ensure that Afghanistan remains unstable and unable to provide safe transit routes or the good governance needed to curb illegitimate trade.

    The development of a new relationship will take time and may face many setbacks. We must accept that over the past three decades, feelings towards Pakistan, especially in the Pashtun belt of Afghanistan, are not friendly. The Pashtuns attribute many of their problems to cross-border infiltration.

    Moreover, we find the most vehement opponents of the proposal of recognition of the Durand Line as the border in the Pashtun belt. There is also opposition to the replacement of the current practice of allowing free movement across the border with normal documentation requirements.

    We must recognise the nexus between criminal elements in the two countries. Smuggling of drugs and other goods has created a Pak-Afghan mafia whose interests are best served by instability in both countries, or at least in the belt in which they operate. These elements terrorise the local population as much as the Taliban, and like the Taliban, offer employment opportunities in sorely underdeveloped regions.

    Taliban participation in the government of Afghanistan, in the unlikely event that this does materialise from recent talks of reconciliation, may bring a measure of stability to the country, and is therefore to be welcomed. But it would mean that we would need to be extra cautious over cross-border movement.

    The Taliban are no longer (if they ever were) a nationalist movement intent on establishing an Islamic government in Afghanistan alone. At the very least they will want the benefits of an Islamic government to be available to their Pashtun brethren across a border they do not recognise. What this could mean for us is apparent from the transformation of the initial demand for sharia in Malakand and the observance of Islamic codes in the tribal areas into far more ambitious plans for the whole of Pakistan.

    Apart from formulating and implementing a new Afghanistan policy, the first step we need to take is to assure the people of the region that we are not going to draw a distinction between the ‘foreign’ militants and the Afghan/Pakistani Taliban in the process of eliminating terrorism. We will, however, be prepared to work on settling local grievances with ‘our’ Taliban who are prepared to renounce violence.

    The people must not feel that there are Taliban that are perceived as ‘friendly’ and therefore are beyond the power of the local authorities. They must also be sure that local officials have no ambivalence about the implementation of the new policy. The trust of the local people must be won, and they must be provided protection from Taliban intimidation and predatory raids. They must also be assured that any militant training camps that they identify will be eliminated.

    Parliamentary debate must have no ground for statements like “There are still training camps, still [terrorist] sanctuaries, still cross-border movement in the tribal area…there is duplicity, at some level, in our policies.” (Bushra Gohar, senior vice president, ANP) The credibility of the government’s commitment to the campaign must be unquestionable, as must be the protection and assistance that is offered to those prepared to take on the Taliban.

    While the army is battling insurgents in Bajaur, local authorities with the assistance of the army should locate and deport the 55,000 illegal Afghan refugees we have belatedly acknowledged to be in the area. Similar exercises will be needed in the other agencies and in Balochistan.

    Similarly, the priorities of the notables and elders of this populace must be respected in determining the economic development of the area, the prong we talk about most but one that seems to be showing least results on the ground.

    One focus of our diplomatic effort has to be ensuring that feasible, if modest, development plans owned by the local populace are presented to donor countries for the funding needed to supplement our national effort.

    Perhaps we can ask each tribal elder to nominate youths who can locally, or in the settled areas, be given vocational training and be paid a stipend, start work-for-food programmes in areas where feasible, with programmes following in troubled areas once they are cleared of ‘miscreants’.

  45. Well if we can not spare money for our poor youth than those who have money should strive to achieve the best and I am sure with the amount of money flowing in these afluent youth can be tomorrows doctors, enginiers……..i like to see to the bright aspect….i take them as important part of our society……..the poor youth will show their talent and overcome the obstacles and will be able to give/donate money to the ones like them……..guys everything is DOABLE………we should also focus on the bright aspects of us…….STOP saying bad everything currently we have……..

  46. Friends,

    It is a free world…

    – those who want to go back to ‘where they belong’ are free to go
    – those who want to make religion a sticking point in every debate and question Islam and Shiasm’s credibility are free to chose whatever religion they want.

    The real question is ‘How is this helping the Hazaras based in Quetta’? Should they just pack up and go back to Afghanistan? Should they stop practicing their religious beliefs? Should they adopt a (as some writers in this blog are commenting) totally new religion beyond Islam. This will surely help Hazaras…first they were being persecuted for belonging to a different sect…after adopting the new religion Hazaras will be branded as heretics!

    Bamiyan suggested that we should carryout out an audit of Islam…my friend as far as i am concerned you can carryout an autopsy of Islam. But I will still ask “how will this substantially benefit the Hazaras in Quetta?”

    Lets stay within the realms of pragmatism and not lose touch with reality!

    In your previous comments Bamiyan, Shaman, Sajjad and few others have questioned some practices that have become a part of Hazara Shias in Quetta…a few examples like Zuljinah, the concept of Taqayiah were raised and questioned.

    I agree with you guys that some practices are questionable and need to be corrected. But i do not agree the approach that you guys have taken which is out rightly and blatantly targeting these practices. We have to keep in mind that religion is a topic which arouses emotions of the masses…this can not be changed in a day or two. It is going to be a long and evolutionary process and the only way to bring this change in mind set is through enhancing the awareness of the people and educating them. Once the understanding of the people have developed then let them choose whatever religion and religious practices they may adopt and you should be tolerant. At the moment it is because of the lack of awareness and illiteracy that people have adopted various religious practices.

    Bamiyan – you are totally right in saying that Hazaras of Quetta are a community and will never become a nation. You are absolutely right in saying this. But then you wander off when you imply that we should only focus on the development of Hazarjat (i prefer to call it Hazaristan) because that will only help us in times of need. I differ from you viewpoint here.

    Yes no doubt that we are a community in Pakistan and a nation in Hazaristan but does this mean that all Hazaras in Quetta should pack their bags and simply move back to Hazaristan (Hazarajat)? Which is not even capable of supporting the existing Hazaragi population that resides there? we will simply be a burden on them and also lose out whatever we have in Pakistan. So in the end every Hazara will be a loser!

    I will again emphasize, lets not lose touch with reality!

    According to Bamiyan, Kahir Bux Marri says that Hazaras are a tool of the Punjabi-Pushtun establishment as in the past they were the tools of the British.

    My response to this is: “so what?” – Hazaras are recognized as a local tribe of Pakistan as per the laws (thanks to General Musa Khan) and no one can take that right from us

    Let Kahir Marri say what he feels like…we should only focus on our development and education. Why do some of us have a tendency to say ‘no ‘ even before we start something?

    The point is people will talk…Baloch will talk, Pushtun will talk, Baruhis will talk…and if we stop to answer everybody we will be wasting our time. They talk because they can see what potential we have. Hazaras have done a remarkable job in Pakistan in many fields and others are jealous because they feel we are usurping their rights. But like i mentioned before ‘it is a free world’ and who ever works hard gets what he wants…so lets stop cribbing about
    1) our religion
    2) Hazaras being a community
    3) Other raising fingers on Hazaras

    the list can be endless and we will get lost if we give importance to these things.

    The bottom line for Hazaras in Quetta is that we have done a remarkable job so far…how can we sustain this? Because a successful and thriving Hazara community in Pakistan will be in a position to help its brethren in Hazaristan.

    The answer in my opinion is ‘Education’. This will help in raising the awareness of the people, getting them employment, improving the financial situation, help us get jobs in the military and government services and help us integrate more in Pakistani society.

    Bamiyan – you also mentioned that you know some one who donated 600k’s to the campaign. There maybe a thousand more people like this amongst Hazaras in Quetta – but does this mean that we do not even think of improving the Hazaras plight because of some people? The point is my friend all we need is a few dedicated individuals (like yourself )and we can make a difference.

    Qasim thanks for mentioning the ‘Hazaras Study Abroad’ website. Indeed a great effort and service to Hazara youth. Another impressive project is the ‘Marefat School’ check it out on You tube.

    Just a thought – Imagine a school which takes in 100 talented and deserving Hazara students (from poor families) in Quetta. Educates them from class 5 till college with quality education. Out of the 100 lets see a break up:

    20 Opt for the military
    20 Opt for civil services
    20 opt to become doctors
    20 opt to become corporate executives
    20 opt to become engineers or go abroad for PHD’s

    We will be making a 100 strong alumni of successful professionals who will donate to the establishment once they start earning and it becomes a financially self generating system. A 100 established families! Apply the Multiplier effect here and imagine the state of affairs in 30 years!

    The catch here is that initially we need the infrastructure ( it doesn’t have to be a lavish set up), motivated people (who are educated and able themselves) who will dedicate their lives, and initial financial backing.

    Rome was not built in a day!


  47. In the name of Bamiyan ……..
    it is good to hear …. but marris are among and in only few stakeholders in Balochistan cant deny them ….they are the owners and its their right to say ‘ now leave’ we should be thankful to them for their hospitality after cruelty of Abdurrehman till Taliban … thing else Hazargi masal astah ki da zameen e degroo derakht kisht kadi aawaz e tawar maya…we have to understand ….still my words have another aspect that Balochs wont make us ,force us i mean all of us to leave coz they also have relations in kabul and any kabul will never be in position to place so many wounded hazaras in any part of afghanistan …this will make our population in afg …and we all will be going to cities there …we will be better knowing nationalism than other hazaragi masses we will be the victim of nationalism can be reversed expaling us calling shia but this is not possible coz half baloch is shia …. nations all around us want us to be divided in pieces so we could not gain that strength that be asking bamiyan provincial autonomy ( bamiyan is symbolic ) all i m saying is to be ready and prepared coz ( az bar e yag shoom sokht shar e rome ) one wrong move and everything is gone see our geographical and survival location in quetta …All of u please once see in google earth where we locate in quetta who are all around can we make a simple decission of ours at our own ..we have always been dictated ….i really dont want to be the only allama iqbal of hazara nation …every one plzz sar darag kin dega ….and it is not our talent we have few hundred babus (metric pass only ) why cant we have these babus in Afghanistan coz of always afghan Govt. but here we take the credit and name these babus their talent …no way it is punjabi (khwast) (aashrwad) will …we should make it clear also others behaviuors make us to emphasize on educaton.. our educatoinal percentage is higher but even after having the minister of quality education we lack professionals and even if there are some they mostly were funded by their family ….masses may think unnecessary things important but they never were and are ….masses should not be once concern coz 100 donkeys cant make a man…..and its because of masses we are here our decission making body and elite is ruined ….. yesterdays daikho (paid farmers ) are the decission makers today…. they have no love of land they were rental and they are rented ..not only they but their every belonging ..sar khalas kin dega ….they wont wish to go back as his yesterday bites him ….those who have been ruling and had something of his own even four goats and sheeps
    and 1 acre of land he will be dying for where he was king of …….where he had authority ….it is all about feeling it …. one who is having an eye on chaool e mah muharram and second on a widow cant feel it …. it is something 100 litres of vodka cant provide ….. but for son of daikhos it is good ..they were slaves and dictated and they are first it was me now it is punjabi son of the bitch …..but i used to honour him by taking him to hazaragi fights so he could die like i do … but now it is not more than zalalat …doing a numbre of shits and their is also story of a karbalai who earned millions now have a banglow in gulistan town but his wife dont want him to sit beside her as he seems too old and the aajai is still acha khasa fashioni …….. thats why karabalai saab has connections wih some ayatullahs who find him seegha and seeghay bakira and etc …..
    Guys i really want to fulfill my job …i only raise questions and i dont think i m more than a dog of hazaragi herd …i have the job to bark only…
    Ba amman e Bamiyan ……

  48. Haider after knowing the pains and gains at least we could know what we are supposed to do now ..reviewing is something which every mind holding does after a certain period …and everything is reviewable …
    what will make people to fund for upcoming generation and till today how many hazara boys have benefited such programs ..this is not the solution …a generation cant be raised on charity funds.
    see what happened to taliban they too used to beg their fellow brothers ..we had one madrasah here in marri abad …
    we should not teach our youth to beg but to snatch if he is compaled ….
    and we should keep it in mind that everything is not for masses ….son of daikhos should be purified and washed to reach some where …and this day has to come after all white is white and black is black …..colors can be changed but not gens ..the behaviour of turkics will always remain turkic …..we are thousand faces but a single soul
    and i m voicing my nation …. although there are some blunders our ancestors has done by giving refuge to holy shits …but still i m not only optimistic but can do what i m supposed to …

  49. If we kept digging for what has been burried long time ago by majority, it will waste many more years to come. We should keep our goal simple…educate our current and existing lot…if we continue creating confusions in their minds it will take them to the land of nowhere…and we will be lost once again.

  50. Bamiyan, do as all the wise men did. Don’t be religious but use religion as a tool to herd the sheep.
    What else I can write?

  51. To few of those who made nonsense comment about other’s faith, I think it is better to learn something about what you write here. Do try to use the right language instead of offensive. Hope you do not repeatn nonsense wards again,Shamman!!!!!!

  52. Bamiyan –
    No doubt that Baloch are the natives of this land but one of the laws of evolution is ‘survival of the fittest’. The Baloch have till now a very unimpressive record in terms of developing and raising their standards. They are slaves to their Sardari system which will keep the Baloch masses poor, uneducated and deprived off their rights so that the Sardars can live life of luxury.
    Hazaras should respect Baloch, but only to the extent to which they deserve. For example if tomorrow the Baloch asks Hazaras to leave and vacate Quetta, our answer will be ‘NO’ as Balochistan is a part of Pakistan and will remain so and we are equal citizens compared to any other ethnic group.
    We can learn a great deal from the Urdu Speaking community. Every major ethnic group (Punjabi, Pushtun, Sindhi) hate them and want them to leave but they have proved their mettle and have really done a remarkable job. One of the main reasons behind this is ‘education’. Urdu speakers are one of the most highly educated people in Pakistan and they have excelled in all professions.
    You said that ‘one wrong move and everything will be gone’ – my friend since my childhood I remember that the odds were always against Hazaras but we have managed to survive and thrive as a community. So we do not need to worry a great deal that tomorrow Hazaras will lose everything in Quetta.
    You also mentioned that a generation cannot be raised on charity and that our youth should snatch! In my opinion education through charity is infinitely better than restoring to violence. There is nothing in educating our youth on charity and donations from our own blood.
    A solution oriented approach will be very beneficial to the nation rather than an alarmist approach.

    Shaman – your suggestion of using religion as a tool to control the herd is very surprising. If Bamiyan chooses to do this then there will be no difference between Bamiyan and the like of Tawaslee & Fazlur Rahman.
    Why does every other Hazara want to be a leader? If everyone is a leader then who will follow?


  53. Dear Haider, I didn’t suggest it. I just threw light on the current affairs. And Ali shows how terrified he is now and getting inside the shelter of name and religion. Mr. Ali, I will write whenever religion hurt Human lives. Whenever it is used for political gains. Whenever it fooled us. I will write about the facts and right.
    May nature bring peace and harmony on this planet. Trust in Nature and believe in it if you want to believe in some thing. May not a mother cry for the lost of his beloved ones. Her painful tears can burst the world in to pieces. Depends on the true nature of the mother!

  54. Man nobody is saying Hazara to leave Quetta. People like few here are just throwing their confusions here while sitting in their dark and offensive hideouts. I would request and suggest and agree with Haider’s views that…we should focus on EDUCATION. Its education which has made nation to be couragous and be in forefront. Although it needs patience and consistency in our mind and souls. Lets not allow the few people to confuse our long suffering nation.

  55. Now that Obama has won the US election and the hope is that ‘Change will come to America’ – change in their mind set, change in their policies, and change in their approach – we Hazaras should try our level best to take advantage of this.

    Keeping in mind that Obama plans to withdraw troops and end the war in Iraq and concentrate more on Afghanistan and beef up the US forces there. This will result in increased focus by the US in Afghanistan.

    I hope that Hazaras leaders and elders in Afghanistan will realize this opportunity and try to take full advantage of this for the nation. They should immediately send out a letter to him in whom they should obviously congratulate him on his victory on behalf of the Hazara people and also explain to them in detail the plight and issues Hazaras have faced because of biased and blind support of the US for the Pushtuns.

    They should welcome him to Bamiyan (the land which now depicts the ugly nature of Taliban who destroyed the thousands year old statues of peace) and explain to him how the US will benefit if it supports all the locals of Afghanistan especially the sidelined Hazaras.

    This may sound like a long shot…but in my opinion it is worth an effort!


  56. In the name of Bamiyan ….
    Na khourda shukar nakin …barish na kada paicha kho baal nakin gouftay mourda astha taqseer e azma niya ……..bakhshish agar dago belagaa…

    Secondly i m neither a balochi advocate nor a hazargi leader if i and shaman do agree on few things …..and that create an environment that really doesn’t make us that important … i personally will bark where ever hazargi interests are damaged or there is risk of damage ….

    Thirdly what my fellow brothers really mean from education …if some one plzz let us know what defination has UN released for educated and EDUCATION this year so we could know … I already know one thing that a metric or FA pass Babu type with shorthand and typing skill is not an educated ….
    Do we really have access to what is called education (amo dard khor shi) in tweenty first century ???? as a nation

    Can master baqirs and master khadims educate our nation ….??
    Only school yazdan khan is enough …and musa college ……?

    Is our nation really commited to somewhere that belong them and they belong there ….
    Have we created that state of mind ….
    Here we the commentors who really is son of watan and not quetta born ….where are they …?
    can’t they understand ….
    Qasim says dark hideouts ….? what does this mean ??? are we thieves ???any one whom Qasim really mean ..??are we really commiting sins ……?this faith is really more important than me and 54 % of other hazaras who have no attachment to it …..????
    these gods and godsess the deads can bring change ????? or the holy horse ???or this syed e shash pars and other fraudis who think them superior than all other creators and human beings ..
    what i m saying is really untrue ..they really dont preach the band e amirs laila majnoi chirt o pirth a real event of history can they prove it …???
    they really have not been doing blunders …???
    or the shit masses of ours is afraid of worlds of unseen and horrifying ….. ??? or it is their ignorance that is ruining the culture and belongings of my ancestors ….. I really am ashamed of such blind followers ..they really have nothing in their minds even those they are following are ashamed of them coz they have not been preached but are sword commited such cowards may need hideouts …..???I m coz i have not only the reason but reasons …..???I really want to discuss ????and every one like me can ..
    we are superior coz we are original even if we are black we are original balck if gray original gray and if yellow original yellow ….?
    what about those who are yellow and pretend to be brown and white …….?????

  57. Dear Bamiyan, it is unfortunate of us that we are corrupted. Have you read about Ata Turk? The founder of Today’s modern Turkey. He tried his best to bring his nation out of Arab influence whether it is culture or religion. And he was failed to do so. His Arab influenced population and the Pashas almost lost the Turkish areas to invaders, because they didn’t listen to Him but the Arabs. And at last he was compelled to act like the rest to gain attention. But he never became like them. If he was not around today’s Turkey had not been the same Turkey of today. Just like Pakistan and Afghanistan. Today, both these countries are at the edge of collapsing and dis- integration just because of Arab Influence. I don’t want to ask people to hate Arabs but I only want to let them see what they do to the rest with their influence. A kind of hijacking cultures and slavery. Hazaras need to purify themselves and act in their natural ways towards Pashtuns, Balochs and the rest. I am sure things were different today If Iran and Wahabi Saudi Arabia had not their black influence on Pakistan and Afghanistan. One prepared Shias and the other prepared Sunnies. As if they have different creators!
    I wish us freedom of thought and everything. No slavery of any kind.

  58. To Bamiyan and Shamman …… you see any bright aspect of current Hazara?
    Reading your comments creates confusion, disappointment and hatred. We really don’t need peoples creating any kind of hatred….either in the name of religion or other names.
    I don’t know your qualifications but referring to baboos and making fun of them is really not comendable. Sons and daughters of those Baboos have done far better than others. If they have not been able to get good education they realised and strived for the next geneartions.
    everybody knows what education means. We have to make good use oof available resources and strive to build new and better schools and colleges.

  59. Why should every simple thing be converted in to a complex philosophical dilemna?

    The approach is simiple:

    Emancipation through Education!

    Education is imparting of knowledge to minds that want to learn and develop into better individuals who can actually add value to the society and become a better person.

    Qasim is right in saying that there is nothing wrong in being a Babbu as long as you realize and invest in your children so that they can have access to a better life. Being a Babbu is far better then being a quitter!

    When i said we should establish an Education Foundation in which we impart knowledge i did not really mean that we will churn out FA’s and BA’s who have are unemployed and frustrated.

    The idea is to select talented and bright children from poor backgrounds (who otherwise will not get an opportunity) and give them access to quality education and knowledge.

    We can the following:

    1) Standard syllabi as proposed by Federal board, Cambridge system – this will esnure that when they finish their college they will be eligible for admissions in universities

    2) Nurture their creative skills – this can be done by teaching them arts, music, literature etc. so that they can also become thinkers, writers, poets and be a part of the intelligentsia in the future

    3) Ensure Physical Fitness – Provide them opportunities so that they participate in sports and physical activities so that they become the masters of a healthy body too

    4) Inculcate Values – teach them values and build their character so that when tomorrow they enter the professional world they will be ambassadors of Hazara nation and display the values of honesty, integrity and live a life of principles.

    5) Give them an identity – teach them about Hazara history, Hazaragi Language, Hazara culture so that they an identity and feel proud of being a Hazara.

    The list and opportunity can be endless…the potential is immense. If a 100 children can be taught the above, we will have a 100 families that will be settled…and support of these 100 individuals towards this noble cause in which they can support maybe 500 more children…and the cycle will keep on moving and eventually change will come.


  60. In the nameof bamiyan ………………..
    We all are talking from a period we should join each others comments with previous ones and conclude ……..
    Baboo is not educated (mostly) but a literate …. and literate is bettre than and ignorant …. a great number of such baboos have more affection towards the holy horse than others …… and they really are inspired of jadoo tona ….
    Loving and hating is human behaviour it is what we learn from our surrounding I m a human not the unrealistic and unexisting angel …..
    every one including me acts and reacts like every other human …if some one harm me how can i love him ……

    Haider’s 5 points are good but the first 4 are day dreaming and 5th is what i m doiing already if i include the only point in fifth one removing others influence from hazaragi …… and what happens if i have no degreee from school yazdan khan or musa college or balochistan University ……

    Ata turk is great he can be an inspiration but he has never been towads hazarajat or hazara as we were in irani influence ……

    I think i m more critic but all i mean to be independent …..
    we should start from 0 and 1 …instead building catles in air …….
    and should quit day dreaming …. if some one wishes it is great …..

  61. this is what i could not post last time coz of an interruption …..

    I m shocked when we are compared to karachi wala muhajirs ….they are 150 lakhs and we are 5 lakhs ..they have left everything for pakistani but we are still doing bamiyani politics …they are muhajir and i literally claim lands from indus to tataristan …our political and historical realities are 180 degree different from each other …..from last 300 years they have been serving britons and we have been fighting them …they were in cities and we still are in mountains …they knew about pizzas and we are facing food shortages …. we have been ruling them and now its their turn to take revenge …. and we are their mutual (Punjabi pashtun muhajir all subcontinent ) target and enemy till today they have not forgotten and specially our believed irani fars our past and history it is we unawared …sunk in irani brand of munafiqat where prostitution is called seegha ……..? ??? guys the glasses over ur noses really need to be cleaned …… ?? they have Universities of International level ..they have access to Americas and europes …We all know Dr. Aafia siddique ( Bagram air base prisoner No 650 ) ….she was and is a middle class but is a neuro scientist …. Musharraf’ was a middle class his mother was MA …..whose mother here is MA ….and Balochs are not as idiot as we they really live in tents but are fighting for their recognition and authority …we the educateds (as we are mentioned) ( not me ) cant understand fighting recognition and self land authority worths more than fighting survival … those who call them Hussaini really dont understand the philosophy of death and honouring death which hussain ( A.S ) really honoured …… they can only make noise …they even lack information ….knowledge is not understandable by them ……I really cant do anything by even being an aethiest to personalities and characters but those who attach seghas and such blunders to the ones for whom they show respect and attachment …they are actors not charachters……………..
    Ba Amman e Bamiyan ……….

  62. Bamiyan is right. Read his lines with clean minds. His claim of territory is also true. If some one dare to deny it today, he must dare to deny it in the future against his wishes.
    The only difference between past and present is amount of gun powder in the possession of us and and our enemies. Take gun-powder out and rest remains the pure men power. In the past we had organized ways. We had techniques to keep our enemies at distance. But today, as we can see, Hazaras don’t have more interest in weapons and gun powder. We were minorities in the past as well but we were well disciplined. Today, the conditions are changed. World super power favor democracy, and will act against any force which is against democracy. We can be part of that force which we are already in Afghanistan. What we see here the number of AK47’s. Hazaras go for books rather than AK-47s. This is the fact.
    We can work on reasoning. Reasoning can solve things out. Once, our brains accept the clear reasons, it can follow any logical way. Reasoning can defeat our enemies.
    I wish we had the means to contact our leaders through our posts.
    Qasim, Haider, and many others who come here and share ideas are the bright aspects of Hazaras. I contribute my own life-earned experiences and you do yours. Isn’t it a shameful act to see a horse as a holy thing? As Bamiyan said, is this faith more Important than us? We will never succeed unless we believe in ourselves instead of horses, dead, graves, mullahs whats so ever. Because to believe ourselves we have to MAKE ourselves, Work hard for ourselves. And to act on, we must not act cowardly. How to make a Self? Did angels come to Ein Stein alone to bless him all the knowledge? Or was he Muslim? Or was he Christian? Or Jew or what?
    Thank you. Take good, responsible care of yourselves.

  63. In my previous post, one correction. The force we should be part of is the force of democracy. Don’t misunderstand.

  64. Well Ei Stein was Jew, that does’nt mean if we want to be like him we have to change as he had not changed his religion.
    I do not understand the stress on changing our religion. Do we have any other discipline for our majority to replace our current daily practices….
    like death, marraige, how to dispose our deads, what should be done in the time of stress as majority goes for prayer in the mosque. What is the replacement for holy horse and where karbalai visit for building his moral and what the young people should do if their parents wants to visit these places….send them to bamiyan to bow in front of destroyed Budhas as they were built by our ancestors……….
    Thats why i requested not to convey your confusion to make other confused, instead we should use brains in creating harmoney and guiding people towards ways of prosperity.
    After studying so much and coming with ideas like these in actuality is a waste of time,,,like some poet said..

  65. Salam

  66. Hi Ed…is there a word limit on the comments?

    I am trying to post a comment but the message it gives is ‘discard’?

    Please advise

  67. Dear Qasim, Ein Stein was born Jew but he didn’t die as a Jew. For him all religions were childish. He regarded his own Jew religion as childish superstitions. Any way, in short, my demand from this world is to bring a religion which would be indisputable and free of conflicts. Because all children born same. They don’t deserve religious conflicts besides ethnic conflicts. Don’t forget my point that all three religions (Islam, Christianity and Judaism, Descending order, no preferences) have same origin and that is the Jerusalem, center of all problems. OKAY dear???

    All I want is: No grouping based on Religion and Ethnicity. Out of it, there will be wars forever till the time Earth starts to cleanup the mess. I am hopeful for a common democratic LAW system worldwide. This law should control all human acts and dealings and punishments accordingly with no Execution Penalties, because Human lives and Brains are precious. Not the Robots!

    This is my last post hopefully, about religion. Rest depends on the masses of the world to think about. Good Luck to all humanity including myself.

  68. I have read Bamiyan’s comments with a clean mind as suggested by Shaman (btw i have always looked at it from an objective point of view). My response is:

    1) Bamiyan says in the start that although Baboos are illiterate but they still believe in ‘Jado Tona’ which is magic in other words. He is right in saying this and one of the ways through which we can change is

  69. by providing our youth education and knowledge which increases their awareness and they will stop believing in ‘Jado Tona’.

  70. there seems to be some error and i am not able to post my entire comment.

    Will try to resolve and get back soon

  71. I have read Bamiyans comments with a clean mind as suggested by Shaman (btw I have always looked at it from an objective point of view). My response is:

    1) Bamiyan says in the start that although Baboos are literate but they still believe in ‘Jado Tona’ which is superstition and magic in other words. He is right and one of the ways through which we change this is by providing our youth education and knowledge which increases their awareness and they will stop believing in ‘Jado Tona’.

  72. sorry guys still not able to post the entire thing.

    apologize for any inconvenience

  73. Well its probably not the right forum to demand and persue an idea of common democratic LAW. One should seek a forum where all stakeholders can listen and answer your questions. One should not try to practice his IDEAS on its poor nation just like TALIBS goes to smaller mosques and practice his TARZ KHITABAT. We have already suffered a lot. I hope you will go to a bigger forum of your OWN statue and keep us with our own ideas. I hope you got it.

  74. My Job is Done.

  75. In the name of Bamiyan ….
    Where have i suggested to change any religion …
    come on guys…
    shut the shit….

  76. what is up …. why cant we discuss something else …. ..something progressive towards our independance and prosperity….our religious friends have anything to put on board …… can they talk different …instead waiz o nasehat …. which really bores…

  77. You guys are aflathoon and rest of the people are idiots. You are proposing to change from shia to sunni or change altogether to escape the pursecussion.
    I am no one to favor religion, i have asked few basic questions from these guys asking for 360 degree change.
    independance, prosperity and and progressive thoughts are restricted to you guys.

  78. Gentlemen,

    If you wish then please check out my response on under the topic ‘strong quake jolts quetta, many dead and injured’.

    I am sorry for the inconvenience as I was facing some technical problem in placing it here.


  79. In the name of Bamiyan …….
    guys da dil kho nagreen ….. it is ok …but still it really is fun to make fun of horses and graves and specially holy ones and making fun of holy lands to holy …!!?? …..plz let me know where have i suggested to change but have criticised changing ….even my ancestors ….when they changed ….i think haider birar is posting from brori …thats why he is facing so much technical problams ….. well i wont pray coz it has no benifit at all …and khuda nakana ki hazara azma idiot shouna …even this is a way to progress ..but still there is a qoutation that wise men always agree and fools do not disagree ……but still i want every one of us not to take it personal … as i m to sleep in my own grave …. i hope my friends wont quit posting their ideas …i m just arguing ….and one must be responsible as a number of people are reading oour posts …if my friends quit people will i dont know think what ….???

  80. Hi to all,
    I am muslim(shia), Bamiyan is rite, dont be personal. every one has thea rite to ask any thing and rise the point… it is time for our youth to realy wake up and find them self. Wht if my biro become suni or hindo etc but stil he is human and my blood. open ure mind and heart to accept any thing from ure biro…

    Haider Biro Graet job u did in earth quick,
    check this ppl out, those who cant help them self, one of our wel wisher friend country making them again fool… i think u can do some thing for this ppl too…

    one thing iam not proving my point or my self its just an other side of picture…

  81. I have read Bamiyans comments with a clean mind as suggested by Shaman (btw I have always looked at it from an objective point of view). My response is:

    1) Bamiyan says in the start that although Baboos are literate but they still believe in ‘Jado Tona’ which is superstition and magic in other words. He is right and one of the ways through which we change this is by providing our youth education and knowledge which increases their awareness and they will stop believing in ‘Jado Tona’.

    2)Bamiyan reject the first four points by labelling them as day dreaming on my part. My suggestion is that he should firstly check out the example of Marefat School on and then he can visit any established school and decide for himself whether this is mere day dreaming or is actually being practised all around. They actually teach this to students in all good schools and we can provide this to our youth so that they can become well rounded professionals.

    3)Kudos to you my friend for actually believing point 5 and that you are apparently doing this. But don’t you think that actually teaching young minds in school will prove to be more beneficial then just writing on blogs?

    4)Bamiyan asks what difference does it make if one doesn’t have a degree of any sort? The difference is between a life either doing menial labour in the West or actually being employed as a technocrat in a reputable organization. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a degree you can always follow the example of Kimani Nganaga Maruge (check

    Now coming to Bamiyan’s second post (which he was unable to post because of an interruption) my views are given below and before reading keep in mind that my I had kept the Hazaras of Quetta in mind when I posted my previous blogs about Education and emancipation. Trying to put some facts straight

    1)Bamiyan claims that Muhajirs left everything for Pakistan when they migrated and Hazaras are still busy in Bamiyani politics. As far as my knowledge is concerned, the Hazaras of Quetta who also migrated in 1890’s left Afghanistan to start a new life in British India. They made this there new homes and it has been more than a 100 years now.

    2)Bamiyan claims lands from Indus (which is actually land of Hindus) to Tartaristan (which country is?)with a population of 5 lakhs in Quetta! Day dreaming or realistic? You guys decide. We can claim the moon too like 03 Yemeni men did when they sued NASA for landing on the moon (search on google) but what difference will it make?

    3)Bamiyan claims that Muhajirs served the British for 300 years (just some facts the British declared India their territory after the Mutiny War of 1857 before that it was the East India Company running the affairs of the crown in the sub continent – so from 1857 till 1947 is 90 years not 300!). Bamiyan also claims that Hazaras have been fighting the British. I would suggest to him to do some research on Hazara Pioneer which served the British Army.

    4)As claimed by Bamiyan that Muhajirs are living in cities and we live in mountains. Quetta is a provincial capital of Balochistan and for all practical purposes a city.

    5)Bamiyan suggests correctly that Muhajirs have access to Higher education and Universities. My question is what is stopping Hazaras from getting admissions in Pakistani, American or European universities? I know many Hazaras who have worked hard and gotten admissions to pursue higher studies and the concept of the Education Foundation was to provide more opportunities to Hazara youth!

    6)Bamiyan is giving the glorious example of Baloch fighting for their recognition and authority and the ‘educated’ Hazaras cannot understand this. Just one point ‘If the Baloch had focused more on getting quality education since the past 60 years they would have been in a far better position than today and could have suggested their case strongly’. No one is suggesting to Hazaras to give up the struggle for recognition but the point is that an educated populous will be in a better position to do this.

    7)Nice to see that Bamiyan respects Imam Hussain (A.S) as he has added (A.S) after his name.

    The point here is that we should be less emotional and more practical in our suggestions. Some writers seem to have more love for Turks and Atta Turks…the reality is that the Hazaras of Pakistan should be Proud Pakistanis as this land has given to us everything and if a few of have failed to achieve anything even in Pakistan then it is lethargy on their part . The association with Mongols and Turks sure helps us feel proud but the fact is that neither Turks nor Mongols will ever come to help Hazaras of Quetta and we have to help ourselves.


  82. Hi All,

    Just managed to post my comment.

    The debate and exchange of ideas should go on as this a healthy exercise.

    I am ever willing and available to pitch in my ideas wherever i feel i can contribute anything of value to the beloved readers.

    I hope none of my comments are taken on a personal level and translate into hard feelings. I am just trying to present a balanced view on things.


    P.S- F.Y.I I am unfortunately not posting from Brewery.

  83. well its not the question taking it personal or sleeping in your own grave. Posting here affetcs thousands….but only few comes forward and express concern…this is reflected by the the number of hits this page is getting….lets encourage people to open up and say. I don,t have the ZOR-A-QALAM and knowlede which you guys are blessed with…..but do try to learn from you all.

  84. Hi Haider Shib,
    very nice comment, can i ask wht u do and whea you live Que or any other part Pak.
    Thanx if u dont mind to ans.

  85. Loving Turks means Loving Hazaras. And I don’t deny the fact that Hazaras are proud Pakistanis. Hazaras always pay their rent wherever they live with enough amounts.
    And one more thing, Hazara youths are working for bringing the “Bache Kakas” together. It is more than simple association. I am hopeful.
    And Don’t worry, I am not fascist. I love all humans who respect Hazaras.

  86. Hazaras of Pakistan are not paying rent, they are living in their own homes. We are not KOCHIS. This should be the message to avoid ANOTHER confusion. Your message is not different than a fascist anti-hazara. I have doubt if you speak FOR hazara.

  87. Mr. Qasim, every body pays to live in this world. Don’t take the simple meanings out of the context. What I meant to say here was to show that we don’t beg in Pakistan but earn our lives. And no one have the right to ask us to leave. I request you Qasim, please if you can’t understand and have no zor’e qalam, keep silence or think a little before opening your mouth. We are working for future not for some one year time period. Hazaras must know that, following Iran won’t help them but take them backwards. And tell you that I am not trying to be leader. I just want to change Hazaras’ view towards matters. Hope you understand. A sleeping man can not be confused!

  88. In the name of Bamiyan…..
    means i m not proved as preacher of religion or faith changer ……
    now come to the real talk …….
    1 . 360 degree is same as 0 degree it is 180 degree opposing…..
    2 . My friends should know that Agha khan 1st met british employees in 1841 in grishak Qandhar … imigine when they may have come …it is unfortunately written in pakistan studies book 9th ,10th that british ruled only 90 years .. first anglo Afghan war happened in 1839-40 …first hazaras were employeed from kabul in 1830 by british ….they had come all the way from india to Afghanistan ….plz see the maps….and we should read books other than pakistani filtered and washed ….they only show the pakistani side …and i m sorry to say that the bache daighos are more pakistani than actual pakistanis …bache daighos i thinkk need no definaion …. first hazaras has come before 1890 and it was …but what happens they have MIGRATED …we still have names of our taifas associated to us we are still daichopani dai zangi and dai kundi and etc ….
    3. those who have come in and before and also before pakistani independance we can count them on our fingers ….masses and who are called hazaras coz of there poverty and badbakhti have come last 30 years …. and pakistani Govt has declared them refugee ….
    4. degree holders are naroow minded and are laker ke faqeer mostly not all ….and if we interrogate it we will find that every scince and art is developed out side degree providing places …. such places really make good monkeys who can act as they are said ….
    5. It is really making fun of quetta …calling it a city it is better to say …Andhoo main kana raja..
    az besagi shaghal koutal kadoo….. it is not a city ….where a charsi mawali is made nazim aallaa…..

    5 . hazara pioneer’s headquarter was in Quetta and it was established in 1904 …. it had only 25 % hazara in it rest was 25 % brahui …and 50 % other pnjabi and Tribal pakhtoons….it had 125 and 126 regment name …these two were two different rejments….but with same composition ….

  89. 6 … If some one think i really m very concerned of 5 lakh hazara in quetta than it is wrong must first know what is hazara…what is turk and what is mongol …than it would be easy to talk and understand each other small eyes and flat nose doesn;t mean hazara …..and it is not necessary to to be a shia as well ….one must know befre hazara who we were …where we belonged …what we practiced ….who we were …i have always said that it is our ancestors what ever we have today so why we should not study them ….limiting hazaras to quetta what will be the effects and after effects …..
    7 ….I think me and evry one else should start to know why were we displaced …..what was the causes and what are the effects….the creators of budha are really that ignorant that they cant make a city of their own …were we that unfit ….??
    8.I really cant understand what benifit really are we given by pakistani authorities ….instead using us for their stretegic depth in Afghanistan ….I think i should not illustrate stretegic depth …and our brigaders and mejors and Cornals were spying Bamiyan and rest of turkic belt …
    and it is the only reason our brothers on hazara land hate we hazaras of quetta …..
    A punjabi friend of mine said about Spying for ISI Dalali main munh bhi kala aur hath bhi kalay ….it is the real face of junior hazara pioneers of modern age …they have spied their mother …and it is the common mother of every hazara ………hazara from tataristan to newzealand ….
    for my terms one should know history with a little geaography…

  90. 9..As far as indus is concerened one should about muhan jo dhado ,haddapah ,mehar garh ,,taxila ,,at least about the khan before 1st Baloch khan of Qalat….than will know who i m and who we were …..

    After knowing about khan e Qalat (baloch) He will definitely know about todays Balochistan issue and Pakistani establishment and Balochi education …..making of old sardars to todays sarkari sardars ……

    Also one can find Hazargi issue with education …Khaliqo the mard e maido …. jahannom raseed e Nadir shah was admited in Kabul university as a son of tajik …..

    After learning baloch issue we will find our stupidity infront of Balochs and ofcurse will know of our ignorance and day dreamings ….
    We will learn how education is easy to access instead making chandah commitees ……
    How a smallest coal field can educate thousands …
    how we can all get education without fighting for a single paisa …… and without making any confusion …..

  91. I think I have talked on everything haider had mentioned but not the baboo……
    well for a baboo we should evaluate or do a simple surgery of baboo without emotion or taking care of him ….
    baboos mostly belong poor families who cannot continue their studies after metric and start finding job in sarkari clercki offices … their they have to listen abuses of their senior officers and also junior ones if they are baloch and pashtuns coz they have the stronger jack ….they want to growup being inspired of their officers and coz of siayli gird o gosha …..also they face religious differences hatred so they become more religiousin bughs e umar ..thinking the pashtun officer as Umar e waqt….and thinks him self the geniuine Ali ‘s Follower by being silant as Ali remained 14 years ….thats why they start doing tawaaz and start kissing the holy horse and the parcham e Islam …..and lie on Imam bargah Floor for kissing the doorstep …i think it is inffluenced from indian drama serials …. they i think also try to find the bell (ganthi) and hano maan baghwaan …. (Tawsalli) ….they also convvince them self that in next world they will be given all they wanted this life ….th beautiful pari paikar kamar barik hoor not one but 72 and for original baboos 72 chokraas (ghilman) ….but here a confusion takes place as these baboos cannot collect enough money for their marriges iin this gala khourdoo and high kharcha environmet they start to find pari roukh zawoustoo and burbandi (equalise) that in muharram by crying for Hussain (A.S) and beating him with the knives(kardi) and be realdy to kill that every son of the bitch who talks against his way ….he really is frustrated which we can see in Ashoura Day ….. He is not only angered on others but also on him self ….
    for a single pack of wine or a cigratii he is ready to do anything …..but from inside he really is very weak …….I have read here that if such sharabis and Qemaris and zanis are banned in Ashoura who will remain ….few boys of age 5 ….
    I want to come on a conclusion ……I think every one should agree not to be munafiq ..I m reading Nihj ul nalagha from last few days there Ali only is concerned and angered on his fellows not on Muiawiah and his companions ….there he says to Muiawiah that u are not more keen than me but i m bound to my family and back ground and cant
    go against what i have said and cant do the munafiqat which is ur superiorty weapon ….His fellows were and still are munafiq hugely …. I m glad that i dont represent him ….. and i m not a munafiq …….but have respect for his views and vsions for the welfare and glory of his people….
    I also learnt that in that era looting (Maal Ghanimat )was the only source of income for Islam ….baitul maal was filled witth maal ghanimat …..

    Let me know if I have not answered any portion ….
    Ba Amman e Bamiyan ……

  92. Well said A sleeping man can’t be confused. I don’t wanna be confused anymore. I am fine with my current mind and soul and will not dare to write here.

  93. Dear Bamian, All you and I want to make Hazaras understand is: Raise ourselves. Get rid of corruptions. Alongside normal education, we also need to learn who we really were and who we are now. Our history is full of glory. From Hun to Changez to Otomans. We don’t deserve what we are now. Come out of slavery(Mental Slavery). Bamyan’s analysis can say more than enough and is almost the summary of whatever has been written here so far. We only need pure brotherhood among ourselves first and then with other communities. And our major target is Hazaras of Afghanistan. Strong Turkic bond in Afghanistan will result strong Hazaras everywhere. In Afghanistan, Hazaras must start learning Turkic Languages. Turkic books were requested by Afg. Hazaras in 1990. And 9 to ten books on Hazaras were given to Turkic communities for translation. I hope, it is still under process and progressing!

    All readers, never get an impression that we are spreading hatred. We only want to unite all Turkic peoples to avoid the Past bloody incidents. A strong union can safeguard our future generations and our prosperity will bring goodness for the rest as well. In short, no one need to worry. We are positive.
    Qasim, don’t go away. Come and share. All of us must try to be wise. Because, a wise man listens and picks whatever seems to him logical.

  94. In the name of Bamiyan ……
    Well guys i want to complete Hazara pioneers….
    About them I dont know what we feel proud on …as they served british occupiers in this region …they didn’t fought for hazaras or shias.. …I think those favouring them are very much influenced ,inspired ,impressed of slavery …that they are feeling proud or projecting those british interests rental dogs as heros or think they have done brillient …. they did a blunder that today we cant understand or define our positin in quetta weather who we are in quetta …. ..
    or after serving britians and pakistani establishment what favours were we given …even for any sort of tensions we are used to be sacrificed in quetta Hazaras here are slaves of slaves ….washington to islamabad and islamabad to Hazaras in quetta …we are sold alongside the durand line as goats and sheeps…….and every one is quite including the marefat schools and makers of such schools …..
    I just want to know or some one tell what is our postion in Quetta who we are as a people or community …I was alleged to be the changer of religion i think no one could prove that ….
    and Shaman u are in Bamiyan i think if u could tell today can hazaras eat the fishes of band e amir or still it is said that if hazaras eat those fishes they will get stomachec and only motabbar and holy syeds can eat those fishes ……
    It was used to be said some 10 years ago …is it still the same …and how much of the people still believe about the story of band e amir and maula ali and how many question the not coming of maula ali in this and perticularly in bamiyan region ……..
    Ba amman e Bamiyan ……

  95. Dear Friends and Bamiyan,
    Here in all our posts, no one asked any one to change religion. Once I said change the sect, and their my only point or objective was to reduce community built conflicts. And I said, become Sunnies so that we could embrace our other Turkic nations who are majority Sunnies and so become stronger community and so to secure our next generations. It is against my basic nature to promote religious based or racial based groups but there is no other way. For Sunnies, Shias are infidels unfortunately. All we did was to criticize few conflicts and some practices. Some one said Shaman does not believe in God. Well, I think in some ways I have much stronger belief in my Creator than any radical religious person. Our creator loves us a lot. And knowing that, we must love each other too. But, it has limits. When some one comes and kills you or your beloved ones then things are changed. The performer of such bloody act must be punished and stopped by force. Because the person who commits killing humans has no love for his creator. What I said is, all religions came to tell us that Creator exists. But what we humans do? We find useless conflicting objects. One say they pray with folded hands and the other pray open handed. For me if I was a ruler, I had put people to sit and pray any way they wanted. And I had asked them to quit few practices. Like Shias beat themselves up. Cut themselves. Making a holy horse etc. All these practices are to show that Shias are different and some times ridicules. If we do good to humans we do good to our creator. In Short, we must become good Humans.
    Bamiyan, you are genius. As you mentioned, people are made fools in many easy ways. Like the fish. Shias are told not to eat fishes without thin bones because Ali didn’t eat them. But Arab Sayeds eat them. I hope these Arabs would do good to themselves by mending their ways. Islam originated in their land but today they are not majority Muslims. They organize all terror acts through out the world. They play with poor peoples lives. One thing they must know that the monster they had created is going back home. And it will find his masters. No body escapes from nature’s judgment. We can only request Arabs to behave and respect poor humans. And I request all Hazaras to respect all Sunnies and their beliefs. Because we are good Nation.
    Bamiyan, the best practice in this world while we are alive is to deal all things with other human beings face to face. Try best to help them if you can. Don’t say leave it to god. Or I will be judged for my deeds tomorrow. Just try and if not, say some helping words or guiding words. And if some one do bad to you, don’t be afraid to question him immediately. It is shame to use religion as a politics or business.
    PEACE everywhere on Planet Earth.

  96. In the name of Bamiyan ……..
    Shamman u r in bamiyan there are a number of karez (i dont know the english word for it )those karezes can be used to grow fishes if small dams (let say big hauz ) are made infront of them …i have seen a number of Hazara boys in quetta specially in brori they all want to learn computer not advance farming , advance cultivation …untill hazaras dont come back to their lands there is no hazarajat no one to fight hazaragi …we should put suggestions to develop economic means an resources in hazarajat only tourism ,hoteling is not enough …we have to be prosperous inour foods first today majority of hazaras think from their stomach not by their brains …education is great but in this market economy and market society where ever thing including honour and martyrs are for sell ….we have to adress this problam on emergency basis …and should not do any sort of point scoring but suggetions doable by a common poor an needy least if he cant bring that stuff to market could benefit it himself and his family …the mighty men (Dau ) of hazarajat remains a bona now is simply coz of food shortages …although i m dieing for my land but have never been to our lands but have some information about it ….as u are there if u could only do some research while walking n you land about the nagra what uses of nagras milk can be our peple will benefit ….see if there u find mushrooms (khillai) they too are sold .. anumber of such other things can be ….if u could ask old hazara men about the karez engineering and reserve that in ur mind ……..we will do our best ..
    and we will fight till our last breath for hazara and hazaraland …..what if i m not available to fight physically …. i will do what i can in my limits …and as i m dedicated and devoted and valunteerly doing …no one can ask me to do more …..i know only one thing if hazarajat is burnt no one will be seeing me standing on the wall of hazarajat …….and for others i can say if for sometime a hen stands on a castle it doesn’t mean that the castle belongs to that hen ….castle is ours and will remain ours ……
    Ba amman e Bamiyan ……….

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