Posted by: Editor | September 14, 2008

Hameed Sakhizada Announces New Album — Exclusive Interview, Pictures

Hazara Star, Hameed Sakhizada giving interveiw to H-Times

Hameed Sakhizada announced in an interview with Hazaristan Times that he will release his first music album soon.

By Reza Taj and Daiyar

His magnificent melodies and revolutionary songs brought fame to this tall, charming young man. The emerging star, Hameed Sakhizada, is predicted to easily secure a prominent position in the country’s music world. Already starting off his professional music career, Sakhizada is set to release his first album soon — likely around the Eid.

Sakhizada’s Hazaragi pieces in Afghan Star not only brought renown to the Hazaragi music tradition, but also to him as a musical virtuoso.

This newborn voice of Hazaristan is winning the hearts of thousands across the country after he became prominent during the second season of Afghan Star, where he finished second.

He recently had a journey to Pakistan for the recording of his new Album, likely to be released as a surprise to his fans on the Eid. Hazaristan Times brings you an exclusive interview with Sakhizada. Enjoy!

Hazaristan Times (HT): Tell us a little about yourself, your childhood and your education.

Sakhizada: I was born in 1984,  in Karte Sakhi, Kabul, to a poor family. I am the youngest child of my parents. My father was a carpet-trader. My childhood witnessed the destruction of the war-ravaged country, during the “Jihad” years. After my 5th birthday my family migrated to Pakistan as refugee, like thousands of other families. Due to severe financial crisis in my family and the hardships we faced as refugees, I could only continue my studies till middle school at Noor High School, Quetta. I joined my father in his Bakery [Naanwayee] to lend him a hand in meeting our financial needs. The days as refugee were with many difficulties and tremendous hardships.

Hameed Sakhizada interveiw

Hameed Sakhizada talking to Hazaristan Times.



HT: How were you introduced to the world of music?

Sakhizada: Unlike most other singers who are products of a musical tradition in their families, there had been no singer in our family, nor had there been any interest in such a career. But I was interested and devoted to music since my childhood. I remember imitating my favorite singers when I was just 8. I used to play dambura late at night in my father’s bakery after finishing the day’s work.

HT: Were you encouraged by your family?

Sakhizada: Music was considered something like taboo in most families at the time when, as I mentioned, “JIhad” was everywhere. So the conservative outlook of society was a hurdle in this regard. So I was not encouraged by my family at all; rather, my father used to criticize me on playing dambura. It was my friends who encouraged me a lot when we used to go to picnics on the mountains to play dambura, since the society and family didn’t have positive views on this.

HT: Whom did you learn music or dambura from?

Sakhizada: Initially I had not joined any professional organization to learn music. I used to go to Ahang Arts, upper floor of Tanzeem, to practice dambura with Manzoor Ali Lali, Mir Hussain Changazi and others. Later when I took it a more serious interest in music, I went to Ustad Liaqat Ali Latifi, a prominent music teacher in Quetta, Pakistan. I started learning classical music professionally from Ustad Latifi. I am a student of his until now.

Hameed Sakhizada talking to Hazaristan Times

Hameed Sakhizada talking to Hazaristan Times


HT: When did you perform your first song?

Sakhizada: I was nervous to face the stage the first time. My friends took me to stage, insisting to perform. The first time i came on stage was Omagh, an annual festival arranged in Tanzeem-e Nasl-e Nau Hazara Mughul, in Quetta.

HT: Tell us about your likes in Indian, Hazaragi and Dari music?
Sakhizada: In Indian music I am fond of the legend, Muhammad Rafi. I like Ustaad Tawakuli’s Hazaragi songs. I am fan of Dawood Sarkhosh. In Dari, I listen to Farhad Darya.

HT: What do you do in your spare time?

Sakhizada: I regularly go to Dehkada [Hazara Dehkada Foundation, an organization of Hazara artists in Kabul, working on Hazaragi music]. Most of the times I am among friends. I like playing snooker.

HT: When did you and family return to Kabul?

Sakhizada: My family repatriated back to Kabul in 2003. But I continued my music classes and practice in Quetta, Pakistan. Later in 2005 I moved to Kabul and joined Hazara Dehkada Foundation under Ustad Tawakuli, a shining name in Hazaragi music. Dehkada is an organization of all Hazaragi singers, including prominent ones like Aman Yousifi, Syed Anwar and others.

Hameed Sakhizada talking to Hazaristan Times

Hameed Sakhizada talking to Hazaristan Times




HT: How did you get on Afghan Star?

Sakhizada: The process of Afghan Star had started. I asked my teacher, Ustad Tawakuli, and other friends for suggestion whether to participate in the competition. They suggested and encouraged me to participate. I got into the process and reached the Top 20 Round. Later it was all in the hand of viewers as to whom they wanted to see as their Star through their SMS votes.


HT: Tell the readers about the experience of contesting Afghan Star. Any memorable stroies?

Sakhizada: Afghan Star was a nice and unforgettable experience as it introduced me to the world. During the contest I tried to do my best singing the viewers’ favorite songs. It was them [viewers] who voted me to 2nd position. I do not prefer positions because I think when people like what I sing, that is more than any position for me.

Coming to the memories of the competition: the Third Round of the competition was very tough. We did our best. I can never forget any moment of the process. During the voting days of the Third Round, a girl called me from Mazar. She asked, “Sakhizada, here in Mazar other competitors are distributing SIM cards among people to gain votes. why don’t you?” I said, “Let them do so. I neither have the financial means to do so, nor would I like to buy the title of Afghan Star. If people like my songs, it is more than stardom for me.

I can never forget the crying voice of the girl. Her emotions would always be respectful to me.

On the other hand, I was dismayed when the situation got political. Contestants were considered as representatives of their ethnic groups. People started taking it as an election, vying to elect the candidate from their ethnicity — talent was totally ignored.

At par with some common people, the political bigwigs and Government officials started lobbying for their favorite contestants. This disappointed and almost broke me.

I also pay my special thanks to all my supporters and fans around the world and inside the country who voted for me. My special thanks go Tolo TV for organizing Afghan Star.

HT: When are you going to release your album?

Sakhizada: Because of the strong demand from the people, I moved to Pakistan right after Afghan Star to record my new album. Its audio recording is complete. I hope to release it soon, likely on the Eid. It includes Hazaragi and Dari songs. Nowadays i am working on its video clips.

The Album is not titled yet. It includes the two famous songs of Afghan Star, “Mother” and “Ya Mawla Ali.” Other songs are Hazaragi and Dari.

Editor’s Note: Dear readers, accept our apology for not disclosing the full details of Sakhizada’s new Album because of legal restrictions.

Hameed Sakhizada's interveiw with Hazaristan Times
Hameed Sakhizada




HT: What are you future plans?

Sakhizada: I will continue entertaining people as long as they appreciate my talent. I also do not want to be limited to the people of Afghanistan; I want to sing for the world.

 HT: Any message for the readers of Hazaristan Times?

Sakhizada: My message for everyone is to never loose hope and spirit. I would like to tell all those financially poor people, who are deprived of a realistic chance at their dreams, to give everything their best; the results will be positive.

You can — and I will — prove to the world that being poor will not deprive us of reaching the peak of our potential.



  1. salam
    ein mataleb shoma khili jaleb va khandani hast mitanid ein sait ra beh dari ham nashr konid ta kasaei keh mesl ma engilisi zeyad namifahmand estefadeh behinah konnd.
    ba tashakori farawan

  2. Hi,
    First very wel done and great work by Hazaristan times to bring us our Celebs and our own stars. hazaristan times great job.

    Our upcoming star singer best wishes for you, and ya his songs are nice.

  3. Hameed Jan you are our beloved singer among all news young Hazaragi singers. Inshallah you will be our next Dawood Sarkhosh in the coming future. We will support with all our resurces. Just keep up your hard work.
    Wish you all the best for your bright future.
    Your Qauma from Norway.

  4. Aao zanhai e hazara khaliqo zaido ra bund kadaa……. kudam madar khaliqoo zaida mitna ya naaa…..
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    khudai e buzurg e hazara…..

  6. salam

    its great, WE need success in every field of life.
    Society is comprised of every person and profession in the world.
    just a request to everyone

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  11. Ba amman e Bamiyan ……
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    and it is the start of new Hazargi Era and glory where we are not depandent on sar ghobis to come from Qoum and najaf ….. Bamiyan will be the centre of Mazariism …..
    Sallam bar Mazari Sallam bar dost dara e Mazari
    Ba amman e Bamiyan …..

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  15. Hamid Sakhizada i like your song the way you are singing

  16. Good luck.
    I wish you all the best Hamid Jan

  17. Hey Hamid, How are you? I hope you are going well with your music studies. I went through your webpage, it was really nice. It’s good to know about someone’s life. itsn’t it.
    please SMS me back on my yahoo ID.

    Your Faithful
    Mohammad Yasin Sharifi

  18. I really like every one of my nation to be on the top. As i wana see Mr, Hameed as a successful singer in Afghanistan and also Afghan Super Star and in all over the world but i wana describes one thing for Mr, Hameed that he should not sing a song only in Hazaragi also he should sing in Dari in a reall words of Dari if he wants to be AFghan Super Star,
    so i wanted to comments or describes about Mr, Hameed so all the best dear wish u a good luck.

  19. Hello dear friends:
    in the past hameed sakhi zada was the best person in the society but not now nowadays he is the worst person in th world………. after he got his certificate from afghan star he did not serve the nation ,, biysar khodkhora maghror migra…..

  20. keep it up sakhi we love youuuuuuuuu

  21. Hey Hamid, How are you? I hope you are going well with your music studies. I went through your webpage, it was really nice. It’s good to know about someone’s life. itsn’t it.
    please SMS me back on my yahoo ID.

    love sahar wish u all the best 4 ur future.

  22. i like the way u sing i wish u all the best in future

  23. Hi everyone !
    This is Hamid Sakhizada’s webpage, visit and enjoy his musics.



  25. salam ba numyadgi azdostani shoma az mississauga CANADA barayi hameed jani sakhizada taqdeem ast. bad az salam arazoi mowaffaqeyat dar zamenayi honari museqi shoma mekunaym. wa hamchoneen arazo dareem ki aahanghayi doganayi shoma ra hamrayi ilaha suroor tamasha kunaem.
    ba omaid dedar.
    dostani shoma az mississaugai CANADA

  26. hay hi hameed jan how r u man hahahah i read ur interwe but i got a special point on it i hope i come back to kabul and see u then i tell u any way now i moved to USA just from 1 year i am in here i couldnt see u cuz u were with ustad liqat in sindh hamid as will passing his love and regart 4 u and we r waiting for ur album harryyyyyyyy up man ………..

  27. Hi Hamid,

    hope you are in a good health,

    It was awesome to have you here in Australia, in our state Melbourne and having the honor to have a dinner with you, it was a privileged to be at your concert and listen live to you……
    I am speechless to point anything about your talent, voice, attitude, your are just gorgeous, the most adorable singer in the 3 or 4 years of Afghan Idol. It is not because you are a hazara,it is because you deserve it.

    Wish you all the best, can’t wait to have your new album released.
    And also wishing and hoping to see you again in Australia
    Bulbul-e- hazaristan

  28. salam ,hamid jan
    man fatima nabawi astam,
    az italia,
    man ki ziyad ba sadayi shoma ashnayi ziyad nadarom,
    chon ki man dar italia dar shahri rom zindagi mekonam,
    inja afghani kheli kam bod,
    dast rasi ba miusic afghani nadashtom,kholasa mowafaq bashin,khoda yaro madad gari tan!

  29. Salam 2 everyone
    Especially 2 HAMID SAKHIZADA how ru brother and how is going everything?

    Hope Ur fine and everything is going well.

    I’m Aalia from Australia

    Brother Ur the BEST AFGHAN SINGER….. Keep it up

    I really like the songs u sing however my Dari is not good but still I like ur songs especially “MADAR” I love… this song just can’t stop listening 2 it..

    Any way brother

    Hope 2 c u again in Australia. :):):)

  30. Dear Hamid!
    I, the Buryat-Mongol from Ulan-Ude (Russia, Republic Buryatiya) very much am interested in history хазарейцев, including culture.
    Whether you sing songs in the Mongolian language, if yes answer please.
    Yours faithfully Ulzutuy

  31. Just saw you on Afghan Star. You have a beautiful voice. Though I don’t understand your language, I love your music. Looking forward to your tour in the United States!


  32. Dear Sakhizadeh hope u will be ok and have nice time. i,m happy so much to see you again on the TOLO stage with super star.i hope you will be our super star in it is a kind of insignia for addition it has a heavy gift from Azizi Bank for the super star.i wish all the best for you.Your friend Aziz.

  33. salam Hamid jan ma yak az amo dostai tu hastim omid war hastim ki jor wa sar hall bashi ma Tell nr tu ra da kar daram agar mosha amo ra bere ma E-mail kani
    zaman Ali from Austria

  34. salam Hamid jan ma yak az amo dostai tu hastim omid war hastim ki jor wa sar hall bashi ma Tell nr tu ra da kar daram agar mosha amo ra bere ma E-mail kani
    zaman Ali from Austria

  35. when is ur new album going to be release?

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