Posted by: Editor | September 11, 2008

Solar Energy Lights Up Qarabagh Businesses

Qarabagh: Solar panels have been installed in Qarabagh District of Ghazni province.

Bashi Habib, the Administrative Head of the Qarabagh District, said that about 150 solar energy panels costing $130,000 have been installed, reported Daily Outlook.

Bashi Habib, former Police Cheif of Jaghori District, hoped the lights would help decrease Taliban attacks at night. It would also help shopkeepers and business run swiftly till late in the evenings.

A strong opponent of the Taliban, Bashi Habib’s home in Anguri town of Jaghoori Disctrict was attacked last year by the Taliban. He escaped unhurt, but his wife, two sons and a guard were killed. After the assault,  Bashi ran a successful operation against Taliban fighters in Rasna town of Ghazni, killing several Taliban militants.

Former Security Chief of Qarabagh District Qayum Khan, son of Nasir Khan, a Hazara tribal elite, was killed last month in an attack by Taliban. He, too, was a strong opponent of Taliban militants. During his time, residents of Qarabagh were living peacefully as he had cleaned up insurgent strongholds in the area.



  1. wallah bashi habib kudam ziyad aadam tareef khoo niya magar ami kaar ee azi ami martika raa mard e maidoo joor kad……………
    zinda bad bashi habib…..
    tu sardar e qaum eee

  2. Salam tamam HAZRAS

    A very good news for all the HAZARAS all over the World.We are flying a super sonic speed jumping right from 19th century direct to 21st Centuty….
    Its a very fantastic achievement we are really doing very good in most fields of life, but our greatest failure is our “BE ITTAFAQI”.
    I am sure when ever we’ll “UNITE”, We’ll certainly
    have our own HOMELAND, in our Own hands.

    nisar ali nasir

  3. I don’t think we are worse than the others in Be Itifaqi………..there is huge be ittifaqi here in comments ……..but this is too an indication that we have started thinking…..our people have gone beyond limitations and exploring the world and one day everyone of us will be back with novel things….

  4. Salm tamam Qauma

    I do agree with brother Qasim, it is a very good indication, that we all have noticed the BE-ITTIFAQI and I am sure that We’ll also solve our this main problem with the same supersonic speed as we’ve done with our other problems.
    I think that the main root of our problem is LACK OF CO-ORDINATION, CO-OPERATION and CONFIDANCE.
    I am sure that as soon as WE solved our these problems we’ll be the best nation og the WORLD.

    Nisar Ali Nasir

  5. We should be proud of this man. Our be ittifaqi comes from the fact that we lack the ability to listen and accept the logical facts. Every one of us wants to lead and the out come is, no one goes any where.
    From the article came in my mind to share
    Some Turkic translations of places inhabiting Hazaras in Afg.
    Qarabagh=Kara Bagh=Black Orchard
    Will share more later.
    In peace, all humanity.

  6. salam tamam Qauma

    i think that brother Shaman has pointed the main main peoblem of US, Everyone of us want to lead which results, no one goes any where.
    and i also apperaciate the efforts for the saerch of Turkish words in OUR language.

  7. Well there is no harm in leading. It means we have daring people who likes to come forward, and evetually one of them will become Mazari. We have to accept each other opinion. We should practice the same Humanity which we are propagating here. We should show maturity in our writings and of course in our activities. Its easy to target people on the net considering I will remain anonymous, but believe me or not ”OUR MASTER THE INSIDE OUR HEART AND MIND WILL NEVER FORGIVE US” So lets not pull the rope in different directions. If we are MORE learned than anyone else than we should practice it here rather than playing the typical NAUSHUD BACHE HAZARA WARI.

  8. salam tamam Qauma

    Lets start something about Leader.

    What is the defination of a LEADER?

  9. Leader simply means to lead a team, group of people, a nation. Who can be a leader and what is requirement…thats the main question.
    Unfortunately in our part of the world one who is born in a rich, khan, sardar family becomes our leader by default while leader are made not born. Good leaders develop through a never ending process of self-study, education, training, and experience. Do we have or will have such a selfless leader? thats a wish.

  10. well done

    any other comment????????????????

  11. do you have any comment as well or you are posing as moderator/supervisor or examiner?

  12. your dafination is one of best written in books i want some thing practicle and i will share my views.
    so any other comments??????????

  13. Ba amman E Bamiyan …..
    being a leader is vey hard it really needs to be ready to shade ur blood …….for oppertunists it is a very very misadventure so be careful ….and accidents mostly bring leaders and mostly fake and engineered leaders ….
    pactised among hazaras of quetta …..
    “one who can divide or can create a distance between hazaragi arms and feet ,hazargi mind and heart ,between a broter and brother ,between two sisters ,between husband and wife ,between son and father ,between two neighbours …….on the basis of taifgi and party bazi and being less religious and more religious ..
    all are leaders …from a saddar e imambara to saddar anjuman e sar khaga and sadar e dokandara to saddar e bangia every where same is the defination …..
    But ……………still there is another very uncommon and unpopular type of leadership …
    leadership first before everything needs an idealogy and that should be mentioned …..for short term it needs an objective …..
    leaders are not made but they are born and the circumstances arround him / her polishes and narishes the leader’s thoughts and ideas ….
    As the leader of leaders baba Mazari mentions his very last 2 years and 7 months struggle ” where he refused not only Iran but all the powers in the region ” in his last speech ……
    Sallam bar Mazari Sallam bar dost darae Mazari ..
    Ba amman e Bamiyan ….

  14. well you are waiting to read other comments and than make one of yours……Naqal khori musha Nisar

    I disagree with Bamiyan….leaders are made not born…this is what modern world thinks…..Barak Obama is not a born leader….he has made himself a leader.

  15. well bookish definition is again a definition….as books are written by humans…….everything we learn comes from people expert in their feild…….me and you can speculate about it….as we have been doing but for definition we have to go through books…… looks like you have also read this topic in books…….if you want unbookish definition than reads bamiyans definitions………he has very well elaborated all the different types of leaders……..we still like your input……………………

  16. well we should try to have another Mazari for our current living lot……….who is next……..Khalili…..Mohaqiq…….Abdul Khaliq……Jan Ali…….Yousafi…….or anyone else…..or all of them……….

  17. i had made a comment yesterday which i not yet pasted ….that was very uncontroversial ….Editor u should not stop it ……

  18. i had made a comment yesterday which i not yet pasted ….that was very uncontroversial ….Editor u should not stop it ……

  19. In the name of Bamiyan ………..
    Else it is google chrome’s fault if my messege is not uploaded properly ………………..from there where mubarak disagreed with me ……
    Leaders are not made and they are born is as simple as i m of the hieght of sachin tendulkar if u provide me the same life tendulkar lived i still cant be as good batsman as he is ….. level of understanding things differ in different people … points of interest differ in different people ….one of my best friend says that i waste my time commenting in this blog and i can make money and other stuff if i use my this time and interest ..
    but i still do it almost wastes my 1 hour minimum a day ….he also says that one man cant do anything ….but i impact i know and it too is true that i cant change the mood of my people and society my desired way …but i impact as tausilli is impacting ….. every where when a voice is raised that do impact …. and only those raise voice who really have an understanding with his environment ….. some 50 years ago a balck could not sit on the seat when a white was standing in that bus but see now …… martin lother king (A balck dignity activist of america ) used to say i have a dream that my chidren be recognised of their character not color … leaders do give dreams and do no let to live in the same dirt …leaders are always to bring change ……… and today it is a copyright era ..No one can be Mazari u will remain mubark and nasir ali nisar will remain what he is …. names doesn’t make difference i will name my self yazid but will be giving water ….it is only character that matters and mostly leaders not only ours but of others as well are actors …..
    at last lets say every individual’s chemical composition differs thats why his previlliges and understandings differ …. Mazari will always live as a mark of our ambition and destiny …..he is inspiring and will be inspiring millions and millions as i qoute martin luther king one day mazarism will be taught in Universities ….. Mazarism will be subject in subjects ….as he is the leader of leaders …
    Infront of him all others who claim to be revolutionaries and leaders will always seem aajindai and bona …..Mazari says ” ma mekhawahim ki wazz thaan ra tagheer bedam ”
    Sallam bar Mazari Sallam bar dost darai e mazari …..
    Ba amman e Bamiyan ……

  20. it looks like we have to weight for our leader to be born………..if Muhaqiq is killed today (Khuda naqastha)…..his surmons will be told in the coming meeting of hizb like Mazaris………man leaders can be made…….no one is perfect we have to back our current lot……..we will get a Mazari from them………this is my vision……..i want to stay optimistic………

  21. not every one is opting to be a leader………we have few of them………..lets back them and make them a real leader…….a Mazari’s follower.

  22. In the name of bamiyan …..
    i think we have to sacrifice few of our mind sets before we move on ……….untill and unless the pashtuns are damandar and symbol of ghairat ,baloch symbol of dirt , syeds symbol of maghfirat and hindi serials symbol of life style shahrukh is considered hero we will remain where we are ………. lets suppose we back politically and morally jan ali changazi or khaliq e HDP non of them will become leader but we can make anyof them leader if we start giving them 5th (20%) of our earning every day ,week,month and year …this way they can ..i think any one can if they are made direct Agha khan ….. but for the post or seat of Agha khan what should be the criteria non of us can define and is not feasible ..
    one who is the most fittest for this job leads ….leading is natural like rain and the seasons …. one among thousands and millions emerge coz of his qualities ….see Hussain, Changez ,taimur ,babur ,ghaznavi ,ghuri ,Khaliqo..
    non of us even whole shiate can have the credit that coz of their back hussain become hussain .. whole hazara as a nation cant say coz of our back khaliqo become khaliqo or Mazari become Mazari
    it is their struggle and passion towards us … it is becausse of them that we are still living with the pride of being hazara ….. We should focus on making the word hazara an honour ..that being hazara be an honour ..and that could be achieved only when we talk of our heroes and of our leaders ….we have to recognise our land and our culture ….what ever at least infront of us our leaders be the only and most supreme leaders ….
    lets say Mazari the one and only inspiration for a hazara before anyone if i start naming than it will be controversial …..i not only mean the khominies and hassan nasrullahs but those before them even 1400 and 1500 years old ….
    Ba amman E Bamiyan …..

  23. you still owe the answer to the question……..should we weight for a leader to BORN……….or we should do something else…….everyone of us should behave like a leader…..which probably we are doing…….
    I personnaly think …we should avoid commenting on other nations…..

  24. In the name of Bamiyan ……
    i m clear in saying that we have not yet demanded our selves to be recognised as a different nation ….afghan means pashtun and it is said by tajik intellctuals …tajik intellectuals do not accept the name afghanistan ….as it represent only 35% of Afghanistan …..first of all we should make our selves to be a wholely and souloloy hazara …than we will have leader …coz than we will be adressing our hardships and failures while we can see one part of us Pakistan the so called …another part bache tehran astem … one part bache mashati …another part kabuli and aaoghostani ….shut the shit first hazara than austhraliai and kanadhai ………….
    ba amman e Bamiyan ……

  25. he( Nasir ali nisar ) was to define leader magar yag sallam ra da pounsdha jai paste kada mo ra bazi meda ….

  26. Hazara is a recognised entity………whereever we live our idendity is hazara…….afghan is Pashtoon…we are not defined/represented by this name……we have our idendity…we need to stand behind our leader…to get our rights…….I am still very keen to see nisar’s response on the leader.

  27. In the name of Bamiyan ……….
    Nisar birar da kitab e Ittehad e tajiraan e Quetta defination e Leader chi newishtha astha …astham ya da gouristan rai kada hazara ra da kitab khoo ..chara ki ittehad e tajiraan ham dominated by pashtuns astha ….. wa mind astu ham dominated by pashtuns asthaa …. toukh koo nau generatiion rasthi ki da khaao niyaa … history khoo ziyad khabbar astha azo generation e old kada ham …… wa sar tair ham astha …chara ke da pousht shi yag gala aaolad niya ki barai e azoo tamam rouz quran khouri wa gardan kulofthi kana ….. hawas tu basha dega …
    E barai e yag nisar messege ne asstha wa target nisar niya magar amo thinking astha ki hazara mardoum ra mekhayan ki demoral wa discourage kanah …ya da naam e mazhab wa taifa wa idealogies e nau nau misl e communism wa socialism bazi bidaa ..
    mo dega bazi na mokhri …… ra az har ISM tair …Awal Mazariism baad aggo dega ism …..wa barai e Mazariism bayad ki yag nafar az Afkar e Mazari ba khabbar bashad …..agar khoudoon shom khabbar na shoudeen mazari ra ma khuda jour noum ……
    Ba amman e Bamiyan …..

  28. This will be totally against Mazari’s personality and teachings……..He was a strong believer in Islam…..and he wanted hazaras idendity with islam. It will be unfair with him to make his personality controversial………lets not do that by saying mazari ra ma khuda jour noum……you think what you want to think about him but do not express every thing here…..for qauma

    you can teach us any aspect of his life and don’t indulge in useless discussion…… Nisar is not willing to contribute ….let it be his choice…….thanks

  29. salam brai tamam biraro ki manji azma ra mikhana wa EID MUBARAK tamam i azargoni jahan ra ma tamam hazara ha ra khosh daroom wa makhuum da aynda balda qawm kho kar kanum wa az qodrat i khuda kar kada raium da yag NGO’s ki balda zaousto kar mona mo yag child center da hazara town dara ki zaoustoo ra dars , honar , kisb wa kamal yad midi wa koshish daroom ta kad shimo ham yag jai shuda kar kanum bala site wa inshalah munum. wa yag mahrabani ki shimo inji manji azma ra ham ashtan i love u all hazara ” HAZARA are great ur great i m great”

  30. come on guys…eid is over…thukhum jangi is over……..back to busness………..

  31. In the name of bamiyan ……
    Yea …………………
    Ba amman e Bamiyan ….

  32. this is too much…… the name of………ba amman …………you are getting extremist

  33. yea

  34. salam ,
    we should favour and support mazarism ,thats our responsibilty .we have to prove our self in the world as a unique nation,for that we have to know mazarism and follow that..but not compare that with Islam or almighty Allah.hazara zinda badd.

  35. but mazarism is very simple love your hazara……..everybody knows….mazari name means struggle for hazara idendity… body is mixing mazarism with anything else……its you ba amane bamiyan… the name of bamiyan…..touching on hazara faith…..the great mazari did not said all these…….your inspiration is mazari…..?????//

  36. In the name of bamiyan …..
    Yes my inspiration is Mazari ….. it is not touching faith but touching once heart ……mind and soul ..
    every religion is copyright of a perticular ethnicity or lets say nation …. being a nation why we bind our sleves to Arabs or persians … if we have our own looks why not our own faith …. or own greetings …. and please dont mess with the idea of God ..its beyound everything….. not approachable .. and please dont take it serious coz it is good where u are …..u have heard of ba amman e khuda thats why bamiyan seems controversial to u as u resemble it with with khuda ….. but u cant understand it after it ….u only see the words not the respect and passion .. and most of all the reason …the reason after bamiyan ….. bamiyan is a piece of land I know …but is this out of autority ….this will be more complex …..i think we should leave it ..
    As i m known for issues and controversies …
    Ba amman e bamiyan ….

  37. Bashi habib is a man that we have to proud to him
    I recoganize or know him very well it is clear for successfully we have to gave a price we have to sacrifice some how if bashi habib lost his family I dont think it was becouse of economy his hitory is clear all da time Hi sacrifice his self for dignety of us we have to respect for all those who doing usefull things for our nation and for our country
    we must try to remove this derty discrimination from our country the people those who are moving
    against owr country they are innocint way ? becouse thiers mind is close they understand nothing they are akind of a toty they hearing the others and the others use them a kind of a things in other hands they are a kind of robat I wish that we can move in a correct way to be usefull for every one dispity we be careful about our own benifet( zinda bad kasany ki zinda ast)
    chon morda hich waqt na mimirad zindaha mimirad

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