Posted by: Editor | September 10, 2008

Sleeping Buddha Unearthed in Bamiyan

Bamiyan Buddha

Bamiyan Buddha

BAMIYAN: A 19-meter-long sleeping Buddha has been unearthed in Bamiyan, Hazaristan, near the giant Buddha statues destroyed by Tailban in 2001.

While searching for the fabled 300-meter Sleeping Buddha, an Afghanistani archeological team found the smaller Sleeping Buddha statue along with coins and ceramics dating back to the 3rd Century. The new find is being dubbed “Sleeping Buddha” because of its reclining position.

Parts of the new Sleeping Buddha appear to be damaged.

Recently archaeologists also found the oldest oil paintings in the world from the caves of the  destroyed Buddha statues. Since the ouster of Taliban, there has been no tangible progress on the restoration of the giant Buddhas, two of the tallest standing Buddha statues in the world.

Under a project funded by Japan, French archaeologists recently began working to restore some damaged parts of the giant Buddhas. UNESCO signed an agreement to safeguard Bamiyan Buddha last month.


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