Posted by: Editor | September 10, 2008

New Zealand Troops Popular Among Hazaras

New Zealand Defense Minister Phil Goff

New Zealand Defense Minister Phil Goff

Online: New Zealand Defense Minister, Phil Goff, has said New Zealand troops in Bamiyan are popular with local Hazaras.

He advised Robert Fisk — the famous New Zealand journalist who is currently writing a book about the war in the Middle East — to do some research in Bamiyan for his book.

“I would say Mr. Fisk should talk to the Hazara people whose civic leaders were executed in the marketplace, whose 2000-year-old cultural heritage, the Bamiyan statues of Buddha, were destroyed,” Goff said, referring to the massacres of Hazaras and the destruction of Buddha statues by Taliban.

“Talk to those people whether they want Kiwis [New Zealand troops] there — I have been there, i have heard what they say,” he explained the popularity of his troops among the Hazaras.

There are 140 troops from New Zealand, working with the Provincial Reconstruction Team to maintain security. They also assist Bamiyan Governor Habiba Sarabi, the first female Governor in the history of war-ravaged country, in development and administrative issues.

Unlike the highly protective foreign troops in the South of the country, the Kiwis in Bamiyan enjoy unparallelled security. They have even been known to indulge in wrestling matches with the locals.



  1. There is no doubt that Hazaras have benefited a great deal when the USA kicked out the Taliban.

    The US supports the process of democracy…even its superficial. Democracy means higher numbers of votes translates into bigger voice and support.

    Since all Western sites (bbc, cnn, cia factbook etc) claim that Hazaras are only 9% of the population that is why we are still not getting enough development funds and say in the central government.

    We have to play within the system of democracy and ensure that we increase our numbers. This can be done by forging a Turko-Mongol allaince with Uzbeks and Turko men.

    Uzbek, Turks and Hazaras all hate the Pashtuns and have been sidelined by Tajiks. We should come together to eachothe’rs support.

    1) We should start this by supporting Dostum for his presidency candidacy. Kharzai is facing severe problems in getting support from Hazaras and Uzbeks.

    2) Furthermore the registration process for elections is going ahead at snails pace because of law and order situation. And this is where the Pushtuns are high in number and support Kharzai.

    3) The Tajiks will support their own candidate. This will ensure that Pushtuns and Tajiks neutralize each other and this will mean that the Turko-Mongol alliance will have a very good chance.

    4) A Turko-Mongol alliance with Uzbeks will also provide the opportunity to Hazaras to have access to the borders with Uzbekistan. Since Hazaras are all located in the central highlands this proves to be a big disadvantage in terms of Trade and in time of War.

    5) Religiously as well Uzbeks revere the shrine in Mazar Sharif further bringing the two people (uzbeks and Hazaras) closer.

    I hope that Hazara leaders will look into the merits of such an alliance and ensure that the future of Hazaras in Afghanistan is secured from the yoke of Pusthun dominance.

  2. whats the art of pasting same message every where? come on with some ideas.

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