Posted by: Editor | September 8, 2008

Karzai’s U-turn From NATO and the U.S. Gets More Acute

Kabul: Karzai just moved a step ahead in his campaign against NATO and the United States, strategically started right before the next Presidential elections to remedy his broken image among Afghans.

A BBC Persian report says that Karzai, while addressing parliamentarians, Government officials, Jihadi leaders and the masses at the ceremony of the 7th anniversary of the former Jihadi leader Ahmad Shah Massoud, said “some foreigners” nowadays are “conspiring to disunite” the political leaders.

Karzai further said, “From what I have learned in the last six years, I would advise everybody not to fall prey to the conspiracies of the enemies of Afghanistan.”

Who are the “foreigners” and the “enemies”? Karzai did not mention this — explicitly.

However, on his recent visit to the victims of the Shindand air strike, he said, “My relations with international friends and foreigners are not good.”

By the nature and venue of the comments, it is only logical that Karzai meant to target NATO and the United States.

According to BBC Persian, it is the first time for Karzai directly blaming foreigners (NATO and United States) for the disunity among politicians and former Jihadi leaders in Afghanistan.

Steering away from the international forces constitutes a u-turn in his policies. It all has been happening after — according to him — his relationship soured with “foreigners.” Given that his popularity among his contstituents is touching its nadir, it is not surprising that he is resorting to this measure to help bolster his campaign for the upcoming presidential elections.


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