Posted by: Editor | September 8, 2008

“Resurgent Taliban Because of Britain,” Says Karzai

According to a Times Online report, Karzai has blamed the British forces for resurgence of Taliban. Karzai says British Prime Minister Gordon Brown has threatened him to withdraw British forces. Currently there are over 6,000 British soldiers stationed in Helmand, the biggest opium producing province, which, according to UN Office on Drug and Crime, contributes around 50% of world poppy production.

Karzai’s accusation seems to be a rebuttal to Gordon Brown’s statement that the Kabul regime has links with warlords and the drug trade. The real story behind Karzai’s accusation is that he plans to reinstate former Helmand Governor Sher Muhammad Akhundzada, who was dismissed under British pressure after British forces had found nine tons of heroin and opium from the Governor’s basement. He has also been backing Taliban fighters and drug gangs.

Why does Karzai want to reinstate a drug trader as Governor? Akhundzada’s successor, Muhammad Daud, a man strongly opposed to the Taliban, was appointed governor after British officials lobbied hard for him. However, Karzai soon dismissed him, giving in to the pressures of the Taliban and the druglords.

Karzai's Brother World's Biggest Heroin Supplier

Karzai's brother is said to be the world's biggest heroin supplier.

Karzai himself has ties to the international drug mafia. In an investigative report titled ‘Karzai’s Brother World’s Biggest Herion Supplier,’ the Daily Mail reported that Karzai’s brother and former governor of Farah Province, currently Head of Anti-Corruption Authority, Izzatullah Wasifi is a long-time druglord. Wasifi was arrested by the US authorities from Caesar’s Palace, a luxury hotel in California, in 1987, and imprisoned for three years.

After becoming president, Karzai appointed his brother as the governor of Farah Province. Later he was appointed as Chief of the Anti-Corruption Authority, with full authority to control heroin production and trade. According to the Daily Mail, after being appointed the Governor of Farah, Wasifi created a big network of drug traffickers, allying with four other governors.

Senior US counter-narcotics official Thomas Schweich, in a 7-page long article on New York Times, revealed that Karzai Government is deeply involved in protecting drug trade. According to Thomas Schweich, the most effective way of eradicating poppy is aerial-spray of herbicides, which Karzai has always opposed.

Thomas says “Jabar Sabit, former Attorney General, told me he has a list of more than 20 senior Karzai Administration officials who were deeply corrupt, tied to narcotic trade. Karzai had directed him, for political reasons, not to prosecute any of these people.”

Last year, Karzai rejected a US plan of spraying herbicides on heroin and poppy fields, saying it would harm fields. This was a pretense that he used to protect the drug trade and his brother’s mafia. It is now clear why Karzai blames the British for the Taliban insurgency. The fact is that British troops are keenly striving to eradicate poppy cultivation, and in their efforts, they have ocassionally obstructed Karzai and his druglords.

But it is beyond understanding why the Bush Administration, despite Thomas Schweich’s reports, do not pressurize — or even take action against — a narcotics supporting President. If not his ethnocentricism and double standards in public policy, the international community should at least notice his ties with the flourishing narcotics trade.



  1. “But it is beyond understanding why the Bush Administration… the flourishing narcotics trade.”

    Much like asking why they never cut ties with Musharraf! After all, he was a dictator.

    This is a war for securing short and long term interests. The US and allies will struggle to find a more trusted alternative to the Karzai administration, or the Karzai gang, if you would like to put it that way. Karzai is already at odds with many in the EU and beyond.

    As for established hypocrisy, turning a blind eye towards “World’s Biggest Heroin Supplier” is no better or worse than turning a blind eye to the track record of World’s most notorious Islamic warlords and UN-accredited murderers by putting them in charge of an ‘Islamic’ democracy.

    There are no standards, no ethical benchmarking in this game except that ‘all is fair in war’.

  2. There is no doubt that Hazaras have benefited a great deal when the USA kicked out the Taliban.

    The US supports the process of democracy…even its superficial. Democracy means higher numbers of votes translates into bigger voice and support.

    Since all Western sites (bbc, cnn, cia factbook etc) claim that Hazaras are only 9% of the population that is why we are still not getting enough development funds and say in the central government.

    We have to play within the system of democracy and ensure that we increase our numbers. This can be done by forging a Turko-Mongol allaince with Uzbeks and Turko men.

    Uzbek, Turks and Hazaras all hate the Pashtuns and have been sidelined by Tajiks. We should come together to eachothe’rs support.

    1) We should start this by supporting Dostum for his presidency candidacy. Kharzai is facing severe problems in getting support from Hazaras and Uzbeks.

    2) Furthermore the registration process for elections is going ahead at snails pace because of law and order situation. And this is where the Pushtuns are high in number and support Kharzai.

    3) The Tajiks will support their own candidate. This will ensure that Pushtuns and Tajiks neutralize each other and this will mean that the Turko-Mongol alliance will have a very good chance.

    4) A Turko-Mongol alliance with Uzbeks will also provide the opportunity to Hazaras to have access to the borders with Uzbekistan. Since Hazaras are all located in the central highlands this proves to be a big disadvantage in terms of Trade and in time of War.

    5) Religiously as well Uzbeks revere the shrine in Mazar Sharif further bringing the two people (uzbeks and Hazaras) closer.

    I hope that Hazara leaders will look into the merits of such an alliance and ensure that the future of Hazaras in Afghanistan is secured from the yoke of Pusthun dominance.

  3. Right said Haider. We are same like Uzbeks, Turkmans and Kyrgyz. Our Leaders MUST do this alliance. Just to be more visible and in such way we can be more powerful accessing our rights. I hope one day we will be having borders with Uzbekistan.
    Best wishes.

  4. In the last elections Hazaras supported Kharzai’s candidacy for the presidency. This resulted in superficial benefits for Hazaras…we have a vice president and also a federal planning minister.

    In my opinion, these were all ceremonial positions as Hazaras really felt neglected after the Kochidogs invasion. It was a litmus test which proved that Kharzai was simply impotent and didn’t move against his Pushtuns.

    This should teach us a lesson and Hazaras should now openly support Dostum for presidency.

    Pushtuns and Tajiks will neutralize each other and the Hazara-Uzbek alliance should be the gainer.

  5. it is very great game which every one of us cant just imigine and today it is out of any control or source of hazaras……………..coz we dont have any sort of leadership
    our so called leaders dont miss even a single point scoring moment or event… they are playing is first generatrion of hazaras in cities and politics even today we have got 50,000 mullahs but i dont have any calculation of 50 P.H.Ds or 50 among hazaras i dont know why we have been left to live in such hard compiting world………we even dont have a small number of emergency devoted progressive personlas or at least a gang of bad boys in kabul who simply give protection to our small and weak business community in kabul……..although we are 40% of kabul……….
    I hope this will remain here

  6. The latest news on the Taliban insurgency as reported by BBC news:

    As per this news item:

    1) Britain should not expect a complete decisive victory over Taliban
    2) Britain should discuss security matters with the Taliban
    3) Certain legitimate elements of the Taliban represent the positions of the Afghan people and so should be a part of the country’s future.
    4) If the Taliban were prepared to sit on the other side of the table and talk about a political settlement, then that’s precisely the sort of progress that concludes insurgencies

    As much as this is disgusting it should not come as a surprise to us. The British (and West) will always side with the Pushtuns in Afghanistan as they do not have a choice.

    They will never support Hazaras (because they suspect us of having links with Iran because of religion) and they will never support Tajiks (as they suspect them of also having links with Iran).

    This leaves only Pushtuns and the Pushtuns know that they are indispensable.

    This situation is dangerous when we take into account the fact that NATO ensured that Hazaras are stripped off all weapons and now they want to sit down with the Taliban and reach a political solution!

    The day might not be far off when NATO thinks of inducting Taliban in the affairs of the government and then leave it up to them to run the country again.

    On many occasions before I have stressed the need to forge an alliance with Uzbeks which ensures that we have access to the borders. In exchange for supporting Dostum for his presidential candidacy Hazaras will gain security in terms of trade and defence from Pushtun aggression.

  7. Well my friend u r right it is Iran which we are a frenchise of but also if we find our turk brothers of central asia then it will also damage Britian and European also Russian interests…… In whole of turkic family i really think we Hazara are not only the suppressed one but the intelligent and brave one along with saljuks of turkey…. and if we are left to grow we can not only be link between chinese Aighor and mongol turks but also to kazaks tatars and Azers to turkey saljuks as we today even have almost ever tribe from other turkic nations among us ….. and world and specially irani brand of islam wont remain
    able to confuse us on how our deaths will occur and what would happen after that …
    Our basic vision or frame of seeing things and specially dealing relations should be considered and simultaniously change….We need to change our mind set towards every thing we care for or we think of……we have to define our priorities first and solve those all gradually..
    we should always get out of our houses with an ambition and make every one related to us to think the same way.. we have to walk through every situation together and for that we have to start to set a hazaragi mind set ….and for that we should communicate as many persons as we can……….listen to what ever they say……..
    together we can and together we will… we are not killers of eachother as european nations are…..we can and we will even if u and i dont remain……this pashtuns are not a big issue or factor they are good to give tension to Punjabis and others in hindustan and to protect our interests coz they are always for sell..important is to order or rows and columns and to consider our frame of vision…….not to practice our bad practice experience not to believe unbelieveables and betrayels of past……we should be optimistic…..

  8. The only difference between Mongols and Turks is religion. Unfortunately!! And in the heart of Sunnies look at Hazaras, they at least had picked Sunni sect if they were to become Muslims. This also shows the independent nature of Mongols. And shows the brave nature of course to chose such a conflicting sect. Any way, I am not proud of it. I regret the day in the history when Mongols and Turks fought the war based on Religious differences. The Turks lost of course but it weakened the Turkic family. Today, Hazaras are far away from their Turkic kinsmen just because of sectarian differences. Iran had divided us in he past and till this day we are labeled Iran-Nawaz nation and nothing but damage we earn out of it. We were different from Turks in the past because we were non-Muslims and today again we are different because Turks are Sunnies and we Shias. What a misfortune! I agree with Bamian’s wisdom. But we should educate Hazaras and Turks that religion is a tool for putting differences between us. It’s a corruption in fact. And even the non-muslims don’t want Muslims to abandon the religion of Islam. What a foul world!!

  9. I will have to agree here that national alliances are beyond religions as religion is a personal issue. We can see broad alliances globally that are oblivious to religion and is based on mutual benefits and interests.

    If we look closely at the enthnic distribution of Afghanistan…Hazaras are based in the center and are flanked by Pushtuns to the East and South East, Tajiks to North East, Uzbeks to North West and Aimaks to the West.

    Since the political and economic landscape are dominated by Pushtuns and Tajiks therefore all the other ethnic groups have an interest in joining hands in order to protect their interests.

    I have highlighted the importance of forging cloder ties with the Uzbeks in my comments above…as this benefits both Uzbeks and Hazaras. As this gives Uzbeks greater support numerically and gives Hazaras access to the border.

    Aimaks are also ethnically very close to Hazaras. In fact i presume ( i could be wrong) that Aimaks are Hazaras but belong to the Sunni sect of Islam and have been labelled as a seperate group ethnic group by Pushtuns so as to reduce the population of non-Pashtuns by dividing in to seperate groups.

    The alliance of hazaras, Uzbeks, Turks, Aimaks will only be workable once religion is not sidelined (as i mentioned it is a personal issue). I hope Hazara Leaders of Afghanistan are alreadly thinking on these lines.

    P.S – In my opinion, Hazaras should unanimously support the candidacy of Dostum for presidency. As we have to realize that the masses in Afghanistan will never accept a Shia president. Therefore, if Hazaras play their cards wisely they should support Dostum and ensure that Hazaraistan gets benefits in terms of development funds from future president Dostum.


  10. In the name of Bamiyan…….
    haider is right …….and Aimaks are hazara…..also a number of hazara tribes who are majorly of shia sect have sunnis in them…..
    Hazaras should now raise the issue of state independancy………so hazaras from out side afghanistan could invest in provinces of their autonomous ……. if bamiyan province is libirated from kabul govt’s influence than hazaras abroad can think to invest on roads and other resources of Bamiyan………we dont need kabul govts charity….. lands that belong us is not as big as kazakistan…….our own private sector can build roads from kabul to bamiyan to chagcharan and herat ……..than traffic from kabul to herat will flow from bamiyan on that road our private sector will earn more than dubai and washington…if and only if bamiyan govt and ghor govt give security/garuntee and have their own security/garuntee……… as well to mazar…..
    this will bring our friends closer once uzbeks and turkmans access our land and we access theirs than no differences will remain……..we can do business and can take our goods to markets …also our minerals….and tourism too will expand…this is a conspiracy of pashtuns in afghanistan who does not want us to get properous in so many years pashtuns have not put a stone on stone as a indicator of way……
    they wil always try us to think on religions and other fake issues…hazars sould worship dogs …but now it is time to wake and fight for our independancy … least state independancy….
    ba amman e Bamiyan……

  11. Dear Haider, Aimaks are Hazars. Don’t be doubtful. It is just misfortune, what else I can say. Islam has divided us. One shia the other sunni! Who say I will burn in hell???? Well, I want to burn this way not beeing a stupid. At least Mongols didn’t fight by making the religion a tool of war. I am so proud of Chengiz Khan. Fought purely on his men power and tactics. I call for the whole Turkic family reunion. I wish.
    Hazaras, don’t get killed for a nonsense cause of Shiaism. Say bye to it. Be yourselves in all dealings. Believe yourselves and trust. It is you who go to work and earn. No one give you.
    Brother Bamiyan, good ideas. Well done.

  12. A correction in my previous comment – in 2nd last para , i meant that ‘ religion should be sidelined if we want alliances to work’.

    I really respect your feelings of revolution and freedom for Hazaras in Afghanistan but i feel that these ideas impractical in this day and age.

    Hazaras are an integral part of Afghanistan like any other group and should remain a part of it. We are in no position today to stand up and go down the path of violence. This will only wreak havoc, destruction and despair to the Hazaras as all odds are against it. We have no national or foreign ally who will come to our support.

    Furthermore i think that Hazaras are too engrossed in being proud of the fact that we are Mongol and Changez Khan descendants. It is nice to know one’s roots and history but to just sit and bask on the yesteryears glory days will not take us far my friends. Changez Khan did a magnificent job…fine get over it…what are we doing today?

    My viewpoint is (others are most welcome to disagree with it) that Hazaras should learn from the Chinese.

    The Chinese were pushed around and subdued by Japanese and British empires and after the Communist revolution they were a closed economy until recently when they have opened up to the world. There approach is that they will not engage in any violence or military adventure for a 100 years at least and will solely focus on the economic development and prosperity of their nation. They realize that they have lost 50 years because they were isolated and have to catch up to other powers.

    Look at them now…they are about to take over Germany as the 3rd largest economy in the world and soon will over take Japan around 2020 to become the 2ng biggest economy in the world. They have become the 3 nation on this planet to carryout a space walk and so much so that the entire world is now looking at China to bail the Capitalist economy shaken by recession…what an irony as a Communist country is coming to the rescue.

    Hazaras should learn from them…and go down the path of development, peace and prosperity instead of wars, destruction and doom.

    Hazaras have to focus on attaining education (instead i see Hazara boys just loitering around on the streets and sitting on ‘labay tarra’) wasting their future and that of the nation. The biggest dream that they have is to run off to the west and get busy in menial labor. Its a pity but its the reality.

    Hazaras in Afghanistan should focus on:

    1) Education
    2) Economic development
    3) Attracting foreign investment
    4) Involving NGOs
    5) Gathering Political Strength

    Once we attain all of this then Hazaras will be in a position to ask for Provincial Autonomy as independence is simply out of the question. Hazaras have to stay within the system and learn how to master it.

    Once we educate ourselves, get economically powerful and have a political say then autonomy will follow us…

    It is easier said than done…but the question is do we have a choice?

  13. Hazaras won’t progress unless they stop following Mullas, Shiaism, Iran, Arab stories etc. What about ourselves? What are we? Should we stop thinking about inventing much better refrigerators because its already invented? Hazaras think that Ali was successful so no need to go further, it’s better to die for him or his children! We are fools.
    Dear Haider, If I had no links with GK or even if I was not Mongol, still I had admired him. Because, on the other hand Muslims do jihad and loot the disbelievers! At least GK fought for wealth and territory expansion without using religion as a tool. Just like Mulla omar and his dogs who said kill Hazara and go to heaven. And by the way Being Shia or Being Sunni we still hate each other and all the other humans who have other beliefs. So, I personally quit and live a free mans life. I will judge by person himself not his/her faith.
    Another thing about Shia faith. It says hide your sect in time of danger! What a coward sect it is! Shame on the person who lies about his core belief on which his whole life is built. No more about it from my side. I am done with it. Hazaras have suffered by the hands of Muslims not any one else.
    I wish every Hazara wake up with a fresh free mind.

  14. In the name of Bamiyan ……..
    fellows it is good hear different …… really we dont need any ism but these isms exists which we can’t deny …… this all will remain untill we don’t provide an ulternative/substitute ….. and it should only be mazarism ……. leaving all isms we can struggle for our provincial autonomy and no one will stay odd at our this stance……..this suits tajiks and uzbeks and all other minorities and they are making 65% of afghanistan in real…….
    they will support us and hazaras ,tajiks and uzbeks all can have a common presidential candidate on this common agenda …… defeat ur failures through the democratic means ….. provincial autonomy can be the hottest topic and issue of this 2009 election …..and who ever ( presidential candidate ) raises this slogan / issue
    in this election will at least gain minorities vote and confidance ……… without having a political presence and value no one will listen us or give us any sort of importance and this is the only backdraw of ours in Afghanistan …..we have no political direction and whom we are favouring is unknown to the rest of the world …… no one knows why to trust and build a relation with us ….
    we have to be focused … of charity wont produce an army of PHDs and profassionals …..or can feed the hungary hazarajat but will ruin our values and moral …… economic development is neccessary but we dont have the faculty for that …we have to talk to foriegners or hazaras in foriegn but they will only come to us if we really got a value and importance of us……
    we have to pin point the real issues instead of walking and (joughool ) on fake and dummy issues ….. raising voice for provicial autonomy is something every hazara agrees and can come forward and out for …… it doesn’t need money or self sacrifice compale muhaqiq’s and dostums and abdullah abdullahs …. to raise this slogan..this will only show the political maturity of hazaras specially and uzbeks and tajiks too ….
    it needs no fund raising….nor faculty members for developed countries ….. no special technics….it is simple to demand and mobilize people …..this will show the friends and foes of hazarajat ……we are in middle of Afghanistan but it doesn’t mean that we are surrounded by our enemies our friends are on western and north western borders also our own tribes are their no matters they are of any religion or sect it is our mutual demand and interest and forefathers binding us which we all respect which ever religion we either belong ……….

    this election is time to prove our awakeness
    gouftay mourda ki ……. “da marg bigar ki da dard qanay shouna ” ……..

    my friends can comment but only this time and only for this sake I request all my friends to please please take this words to who ever stake holder of Hazara u can access …it is a request from every hazara is a responsibilty ….I hope pashtuns wont kill another 70 % of hazara for this demand …… and todays hazara isn’t afraid in presence of so many news channels from a new massacre ……….
    Ba Amman e Bamiyan………………..

  15. I have lived with Turkmens, Turks of Turkey, Kazakhs. All goes fine untill they don’t know about sectarian differences. And when they know that it’s shia, they really go different. As if they don’t trust shias. Well, most of the Turks don’t care about sect differences. But Ozbeks, Turkmens and Kazakhs do. Turks already dislike Iran. And when they know about Hazaras being shias they just change. I know it’s not a brave man’s character to change his faith according to majority but when I observe myself and Majority Hazaras, I find that we are not so religious at all. So why not just kick the a77 of Shia sect and just accept any thing else. Nothing will change of course because we already are not so religious so why a label of Shit e on us????? I am just afraid about Hazaras reunion with it’s kinsmen. It seems a lengthy process to convince all mulla minded population of Hazaras, Ozbeks, Turkmens, Turks, Kyrgyzis, Kazakhs to unite on a platform of nationalism instead of religion.
    Hazara Nationalists should do more about it in Afghanistan. There must be cultural shows, programs in Bamian. And these programs should be carried out in Neighboring countries, Kazakhistan, Mongolia and Turkey. Only Mongolia can bring others (Kyrgizistan’s, Azerbayjan’s, Turkey’s, Turkmenistan’s Kazakhistan’s ) attention towards Hazara Mongols. Some one from Hazara political parties read our ideas? Or we are just firing in the air?
    Our (Hazaras+Turkmens+Ozbeks) only chance lies on union. This is the last one. Believe me. Hazara nationalists must act quickly before it’s too late. Or the current situation is paving a path for Taliban once again. USA sees itself failed till now against Taliban. We must be careful.
    At least Hazaras can cut their relationship with Iran if they cannot quit shit e.
    ın the End, I personally want to live with all in Peace. But if there is no Peace then I suggest to be a hardline fascist. Just to survive.
    Best wishes.

  16. In the name of bamiyan………
    I have agreed with a allama sahib that after I gather all the street dogs ….. he will give a fitwa that dogs are halal to eat….but he is demanding 1 million rupees annd i want to give 5 lakhs only….he says i can make a crore from his fitwa… suggestions please……

    Joor e maida tawan e gardo……
    and hazaras are jour e maida thats why no one want to own them ……

    we have to prove our political location and existance in afghanistan …..most of my friends have better and degreed knowledge but all they lack is the path …………..I hope we will define our way at ours instead people arround us make us to choose one…..and thats been happening so many years…… nationalism is like petrol just show it fire and let it at its own……..Hazaras are intelligent people they understand very quickly if they left at their own……Hazaras can demand only or can discuss among them that what if they ask for rebordering the provinces of afghanistan………just discuss i want every one with himself in toilate if u are afraid some where out …while sleeping …… what if provincial autonomy………………

    some one at least oppose me with a reason..
    Ba amman e Bamiyan…..

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